جوتي ” برشلونة دئما يريد مثل هذا التحكيم “.

Speaking former player of Real Madrid Guti via social networking Twitter about the level of arbitration in the game, and prescription Bsi, also adding Barcelona in the Clasico beat Real Madrid by virtue of "Barcelona always wanted to like this arbitration."
أنشيلوتي : ضربة الجزاء لـ كريستيانو شاهدها الجميع ماعدا الحكم .

Ancelotti: We have provided a perfect second half.
Ancelotti: We had many chances to score.

Ancelotti: a clear penalty for Cristiano and everyone he saw, except for referee, who is not called.

Ancelotti: I am not talking here about Adriano that another incident.

Ancelotti: the game was where many of the errors.

Ancelotti: I put Ramos in the balance axis.

الماركا : أنشيلوتي يحدث ثورة في التشكيلة ويخسر .

Held coach Real Madrid Ancelotti great revolution in the lineup Real Madrid tonight, turning Ramos to the center and the presence of Carvajal in the right-back given space for Neymar, who upset defending dramatically while not Welsh Bale in a timely manner and lost Ramos place for illarramendi to back Ancelotti to their tactic old but lost.

Video: a clear penalty to Cristiano Ronaldo against Barcelona.

ريال مدريد عاجز على الفوز مرتين متتاليتين في الكامب نو منذ 48 عام .

Saturday defeated Real Madrid at the Camp Nou against Barcelona was dressing can achieve the expected 48 years ago to win at the Camp Nou twice in a row after winning last season 3-1 in the King's Cup, the last time the White omitted the club won twice in a row in the Clasico at Camp Nou between 1962-1965 and means Maigarb the 50 years
غوتي :” هذا الشعار كبير جداً، إنه الأكبر، مدريديستا إلى الأبد “.

After the Clasico match publish Real Madrid legend Jose Maria Gutierrez is described via his social networking site "Twitter" and wrote: "This is a very big logo, it is the largest, Madridista forever."
الفقرة التحكيمية من الماركا .

Controversy arbitration must exist in every Clasico , judgment Andiano Maienko he had many lapses in this game, the first half was the referee calculated Penalty for Khedira after touching Adriano for the ball but the referee deemed unintentional , Cristiano Scurry from the left flank and played a cross for Khedira and intercepted by Valdez 's settle in the hands of Adriano, the second mistake was Ramos had to be the referee sent off while the case the most controversial was the intervention Mascherano on Ronaldo as the payment was illegal and there was a penalty and clear , Baby also enter the Fabry and it was worth a penalty , if in total expulsion for Ramos and a penalty for Fabry , Ronaldo and Khedira

الحكم ألبرتو أونديانو يفسد الكلاسيكو بالتحيز الواضح لبرشلونة !!!

Judgment Alberto Ondiano the spoil Clasico clear bias for Barcelona after not awarded a penalty kick for Real Madrid in the first half after touching the ball with his hand Adriano and other penalty in the second half after obstruction of Cristiano Ronaldo

فلورنتينو بيريز يظهر للجماهير أمام فُندق الفريق .

Noon Real Madrid president Florentino Perez moments before the masses huddled in front of the hotel in which you reside Real Madrid Mission in Catalonia to focus on today Clasico, President of the masses and appeared to greet and sign and pick up souvenir pictures with them.

 المناخ في برشلونة أثناء المباراة .

Projected climate in Barcelona during the match (at six pm local time):

Temperature: 21 \ 22 ° C
Wind speed: 10 km \ h
Humidity: 85%
The expected rate of precipitation: 20%

 إختبار إيارامندي . [ تقرير ]

After Pirlo and Bugba and Vidal, preparing Asier Illarramendi to cope with Xavi and Iniesta and Busquets in the face of determined and tested Asier , potential and will be Barcelona is the real test for the young Spaniard and without Xabi Alonso seems Illarramendi is the closest to the start of a fundamental , Illarra will begin Rebekah Khedira and Modric with mobility Di Maria will be Illaramendi demanding grant the balance of the team in the back and the front line and distribution play a fundamental reservation center before the return of Alonso.The young man rises coordinated gradually after getting rid of the injury and problems physical , the player performs well in the last games where he became a key player in the scheme of Ancelotti , the young would be subjected to test the toughest in his career where will face Barcelona in the Nou Camp also his mission will be monitoring Xavi Hernandez and entrusted the task of monitoring Andres for Khedira .While Busquets observer will be by the attacker is either Bill or Benzema , visit Aaaramendi the the Camp Nou with his team Sociedad were bad as they lost 5-1 , while in his team Alonoita the stadium won the match and tied the match .
بيليغريني :” ليس من واجبي أن أُقيم مسيرة مورينهو مع ريال مدريد “. 

Before facing the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho tomorrow in the Premier League against Chelsea and Manchester City asked City coach Manuel Pellegrini for the Portuguese coach and asked him to evaluate his performance with Real Madrid after he left the club and Chilean Pellegrini replied : "I'm and Mourinho different lot , I do not tell you that I am not impressed with Jose , I am a different person and I have a Style different , not just in football, I do not know him as a coach , I know his career Yes he has titles are many and maybe there are different ways of thinking about professionalism , he has his style and I respect him , it is not my duty to set up what he did with Real Madrid , has finished his career at Real Madrid and I am too, so my opinion on this matter is not important . "
بنزيمة سيكون الورقة الرابحة في يد أنشيلوتي .

Waived French striker Karim Benzema from his position essential for the benefit Welshman Gareth Bell, Welsh will start the game, but Benzema will be the trump card in the hands of the Italian Ancelotti and wait for entry in the Clasico , Ancelotti explained if offensive players when he said: Murata now is the best for Madrid offensive , Benzema has done good defense against Juventus , but Clasico needs a lot of physical work .Karim Benzema has moments featured in the Clasico where he scored the fastest goal in 6 minutes , Benzema to Aigb for a variety Ancelotti , where he played in every game and lost his place only in the game of Malacca in favor of Murata, wasting opportunities Benzema received a thoroughly great for the Bernabeu , where he received whistles many a moment otherwise in Juventus match after wasted for unrealized opportunity in front of goal but does better than match the Camp Nou to reply to the public

 Arbeloa and Neymar

Neymar dreams of playing in the match Clasico, the player was close to Real Madrid, but he eventually signed for Barcelona until 2018, at the Confederations Cup and faced Neymar Grimah in Madrid Ramos and Arbeloa and his friend in Barcelona Pique, Neymar play much defense Spanish and caused the expulsion of Pique and get Arbeloa onBat warning a strong start from the middle of the pitch forced Arbeloa's disability, after the nightmare of the Spaniards in Brazil in the Confederations Cup Satusband Neymar and Arbeloa again in the Clasico, Arbeloa seemed weak in the face of Neymar del Bosque has replaced him in the game


- Cristiano is frightening!!

- Scored 10 more goals than Messi this year, scored more goals than in the Champions League, but

  more than goals for Barcelona in the same competition. .
- Record in last 6 Clasico 

the Camp Nou Stadium. .
- Martino: "select the squad that will play the Clasico before we travel to Milan." .

- Ancelotti: "Everyone nominated Barca to win and this is not a bad thing." .


- There is no price!!

- Clasico more stars. .

- Millions of new contracts, the existence of the two stars: Neymar and Bale
 of and the presence of Super Stars Messi and Cristiano. .
- Martino: "We are going to face risks, but we Barça." .

- Ancelotti: "We will try to play beautiful football and impose our personality and our style." .


 التشكيلة المتوقعة للقاء برشلونة وريال مدريد

The eyes lovers charming round on Saturday towards the Camp Nou to follow Clasico land which will bring together a team Barcelona and home to Real Madrid in the framework of competitions tenth week of La Liga Spanish, in the face of strong promise of excitement and thrill of view of the history of the great enjoys games Clasico and the level of competitionHigher between them, in addition to the large number of stars that the wealth among teams.
And now you, the expected composition of both teams in the Camp Nou match:


Diego Lopez
Marcelo - Pepe - Ramos - Carvajal
illara - Khedira - Modric
Ronaldo - Di Maria
Potential changes may sandwiching Ancelotti Isco rather than Aaaramenda - Bill instead of Di Maria - Murata, instead of Benzema


Adriano - Pique - Mascherano - Alves
Iniesta - Busquets - Xavi
Neymar - Messi - Sanchez

Possible changes
Perhaps the Tata Martino involving Fabregas instead of Sanchez - Alexandre Song instead of Busquets - Theo may offset Neymar

bale neymar

Conflict within the conflict will be between Welshman Gareth Bale and Brazilian Neymar where will prove each and every one of them Jaddarthma carry T-shirt , the duo will play for the first time in his career in the game the biggest in the world, Neymar undoubtedly will begin primarily in squad Tata Martino, where he became a player does not affect the composition of Argentina will play on the left side and offset Arbeloa , who managed to stop the international stars like Ribery and Robben but mostly Arbeloa suffers from technical players while trying to compensate for his speed intelligently and tactically , the main center for Bell so far is not in mind when he said Ancelotti, the player is ready , but so far things are not known Until now, the emergence of Bale with Real Madrid was not Bmaver good enough, Bill has a great opportunity to be present at the Camp Nou and play seriously and nicely presented himself at the Camp Nou .

Video: Promo Clasico - Barcelona x Real Madrid

وصول الفريق لبرشلونة . 

The mission arrived Real Madrid airport Il Pratt Barcelona was received by about 600 fans lined up at the airport, players team showed their reaction to public support for them that they signed their images before they go to the Hotel Fira Palace hotel, which will focus the team even before tomorrow's game hoursfew, Real Madrid will travel to the Camp Nou tomorrow when they face Barcelona in the tenth round of La Liga.

Afternoon , the Argentine coach Gerardo Martino " Tata " at a press conference to talk about the latest developments in Barcelona before the Clasico , Tata talked about tomorrow's game and said : without a win against Osasuna and Milan things seem difficult but we will try to be quick in front of goal . Martino asked about the price and the Bill and what is the price of Messi said : Ancelotti said he could play tomorrow , and must play a judge . He also asked for the sitting Cesc and Puyol on the bench in order to equip them for the Clasico , he said: I do not know where it comes from conclusions , all I know is that I was only thinking of Milan . Martino asked about the readiness of pique for tomorrow and said : Yes it is ready. And the adoption of Madrid's Cristiano Martino said : Do not leave spaces in front of Bill and Ronaldo , De Maria , Benzema and I hope that we do well. And as a result Clasico said : There are a candidate to win the team , we have two mega quiet and of course I want to win . He asked for a way off Madrid 's Messi said : We do not like to play violent , in Paraguay played 3 times in front of Macy 's and I could not stop it. And Ancelotti and Clasico said : For the first time Sadrb game of this magnitude , coach Ancelotti a seasoned expert in these confrontations, so I think he is tense and I hope to come up with a positive outcome . In the latter asked Tata start b Xavi and Cesc and Iniesta in the middle and said : Yes, it is possible to happen.Supplement :What you have to do to beat Madrid?
It 's a special game and I'd like to win it , I do not think we Favorites to win the match , the two teams are equal players with very distinct , and the best will prove it on the pitch .
Do you fear the hardness of Real Madrid?
The only thing that concerns me is that Barcelona play good football , do not care Berkshire Hathaway , Madrid and this debate do not care and far from me .
What we see from Barcelona ?
It is clear that the presence of players such as Ronaldo and Benzema Woody Maria Pyle means risk great , Acunnina it to انكون Barcelona if they do not respond to your opponent and avoid loss in our court because it would be very serious.
Is the match against Madrid is in the tournament itself ?
Separate the two teams throughout the year , but regardless of Shahu happens with the rest of the clubs in the league 's goal Barcelona and Real Madrid are La Liga and this is clear to all .
Cristiano Ronaldo.
I do not know any of the Monday Messi or Cristiano is the most decisive factor in his team, and but important Alaaban and them will be in for a good night will decide the outcome of the game they are also surrounded by senior players help them in that
أوزيـل :” أتمنى فوز ريال مدريد بالكلاسيكو “.

From London told the player the former Real Madrid and Arsenal are currently Mesut Ozil and talked about the match Clasico tomorrow and wished success to his former colleagues, the player and the emergence of media, said: "I want to win Real Madrid in El Clasico, I have many friends in this team."
ronaldo pique

The newspaper El Mundo Deportivo Catalan that Barcelona player Pique recovered from the problems muscle faced recently and kept him out of training his team in the last two days and had joined the day to train with the group and will be ready to share with his team tomorrow to face Real Madrid at the Camp Nou.

مورينهو :” أُريد فوز ريال مدريد و لكن الكلاسيكو لا يُهمني، سأتناول العشاء مع عائلتي “.

Asked former Real Madrid coach and now Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho during a media appearance today for tomorrow Clasico match between his former club and Barcelona at the Camp Nou and Mourinho replied: "No I'm not interested in, if you ask me if I wanted to win one P Yes II want to win the team, but I will not lose my cool on Saturday before important matches on Sunday, I'll have dinner with my family and then Sakhald to sleep, "and when asked about the team that wants to see a winner Mourinho replied simply:" Real Madrid "

أنشيلوتي :” للفوز بالكلاسيكو علينا أن نلعب بشجاعة و شخصية كبيرة “. [مؤتمر صحفي] 

The back of the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti to the media in the press room b Valdabebas day before the match Clasico against Barcelona in La Liga , the coach talked about the first Clasico to him: "I've seen all Alklasikoat past , and I pay my money to watch them on television , tomorrow I'm lucky , I watched the games many in my life , but this game more games I enjoy this slideshow, with Mourinho managed to Real Madrid at the end of improvement much after they started badly in careers in these games , but in previous years they have good numbers , players know this game and tomorrow I am nothing to do with me Bmejryatea " , and is a candidate to win the team : " I do not know , everyone believes that Barcelona is has a preference , and that is not bad for us. "

Ancelotti spoke about the opponent and said: "philosophy of Barcelona is still as it is, has joined Neymar and their attack has become stronger than it was last year, which fronted with Paris Saint-Germain ," and his team says: "The team is very excited and focused on the game all it has, I am confident in my team because the last match played at the Camp Nou won out and was a big game , they're very excited , "and talked about Bale : " I do not know if it will or not because the team did not train after today, we will conduct exercises and then Satkhadd resolution, Bale get time to build his fitness , the error of the press conference organizer Carlos Carpajosa , that puts the conference before workouts, we 'll see if Bale will be ready or not. "

And for the attackers Benzema and Murata : " Murata better than Benzema because he defends better and ran over in front of Juventus , tomorrow we need to skill , not physical strength only, and we also want to experience in games like this, I can not say yet will play in the attack ," and the timing of the match: "The match comes at a good time , it's a very difficult match , but we have evolved a lot in the last week , our all-round development , we can play well ."

And for Xabi Alonso says : "For us it is a very important player , especially in the application of the game plan , it is true , and that he lived a difficult period, Aaaramenda played very well , but it young and does not have a great experience , I liked Chiara against Malacca and Juventus , in the games Previous center performs well and gives the team balance, they are doing an excellent job . "And the way the team played : "The idea is to play a team and trying to improve its advantages and to impose our way of playing and to offer the best we have , to win Elasiko we have to play with courage and great character and we have it , we should not have to defend and only waiting , we are going to Barcelona to play, a counterattack is the weapon against Barcelona, ​​extract the ball a difficult task and it will be important to provide effective performance when we get it , you must do Pettmrarat good and if there is space to do Balahjma counter- P did not? " , also spoke about the coach Discount: "I can not judge the Martino because I do not know him very well , training Barcelona were not an easy task not for Guardiola and not for Villanova , but he does a very good job , Barcelona is strong and solid and this is because it does a good job " .

And the French defender Varane says Carlo: "It's Ready completely , did not play against Juventus and is fine now , probably will play tomorrow," and the task of stop Neymar : "No, no , I think that we should not think of such a plan , because we will also need to plan to stop Messi and also plan for Iniesta and plan for Alexis ... defensive action must be collective , together as a team and we'll see what happens , "and about whether in his view a decisive match :" It's an important game and it will not resolve the La Liga "
 كارلو و الـ 3 أسئلة المجهولة [تقرير]

Surprised the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti on Wednesday in the conference room everyone that Welsh Bale Ready for playing a key with the team, the Italian coach raise the morale of the Bill and it appears that Sicherkh at the Camp Nou mainly .

 it seems that Carlo will repeat the plan, which played out in front of Juventus, with the exception of changing Lopez place Iker and will play the plan itself , Bale will be the main question in terms that if he entered primary Ancelotti will not dispense with the player 's pivotal role in the team di Maria and Sicherkh Rebecca Bell , Ronaldo and thus dispense with triple axis Aaaramendi and Khedira and Modric will leave one of them on the bench , other possibility for this plan is sitting Benzema on the bench and the involvement of Ronaldo in the heart of the attack Woody Maria on the right and Bill on the left and triple axis Aaaramendi and Khedira and Modric , the second question for Ancelotti is a line of defense which is one of the weakest points of Real Madrid as Real Madrid suffered a lot in defense and now Ancelotti has 3 hearts defense and twon distinct on the right side and the left seems to be Italian will start with Marcelo and Varane and Ramos and Arbeloa and seated Baby and Coentrao and Carvajal on the bench , the third question and the latter is a center forward, who is also of the weaknesses of Real Madrid this season , where he owns the Morata and Benzema and jose
كريستيانو رونالدو يسعى لتعزيز رصيده التهديفي في الكامب نو .

Real Madrid and in the last five visits to him at Camp Nou did not lose , but on one occasion , the positive results for the team in this stadium play in. Cristiano Ronaldo a big role , the Portuguese was decisive in Alklasikoat former Portuguese in fact known by curling in this stadium in the last 6 his visits and in the last two visits scored two goals in each visit, Cristiano Ronaldo prove himself in the big matches , CR7 Real Madrid scored 12 goals in El Clasico .Cristiano Ronaldo is the first Madridista in history to score in the Camp Nou in 6 consecutive games , began his career in the Super Cup 2011 \ 2012 when he scored one of the goals , and in that season scored again at the Camp Nou in the King 's Cup in La Liga , and last season scored again in the Super Cup and in La Liga ( twice ) and in the King 's Cup ( twice ) .

Real Madrid players : Bale and Modric and Benzema and Jose were subjected to a test by the official sponsor of the club "Bwin" in the program "Skill Series" and is testing the capabilities of different players , before the Clasico Saturday the "Bwin" challenge Pyle and his colleagues to show their reel different , having demonstrated their skills to football the Real Madrid players experience football rugby, Bale was able to control and controlled well, Modric decided to put a bottle of water along with the goal to pointing out Bale, Welsh has many of the shots and after the termination of photographing the declaration stated player and expressed his admiration for the idea : "You can learn the skills of the players, it is wonderful, level very high ," Benzema is the other says : "All my colleagues to have the capacity of high artistic and this is easier for us to understanding over the field ," and says Modric : " players Real Madrid renowned precision shooting and good ball control and highly skilled , "and will continue " bwin skill Series " effectiveness photographed similar ads with clubs Manchester United , Munich Beijern and Anderlecht , Marseille and Juventus over the next three months .

الفريق سيسافر إلى برشلونة اليوم .

Media sources confirmed that the mission team Real Madrid will travel to Barcelona today and will spend the night in the Catalan city before the Clasico match against Barcelona tomorrow, is expected to reach the team for Il Pratt Airport at exactly 8:15 pm and will go directly towards the Fira Palace Hotel
ريال مدريد يفتتح موقعه الرسمي باللغة الفرنسية .

Real Madrid opened its official French language, the club had a page in Spanish and English, Arabic, Japanese and today the opening of a page in French.

خوانفران :” مهما ستكون نتيجة الكلاسيكو فهي ستفيدنا إذا فزنا على بيتيس “.

The player Atletico Madrid Juanfran touched during his appearance to the media today to talk about the match Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona tomorrow at Camp Nou and see Juanfran that whatever the outcome that will occur in this game, it would be useful for his team, which competes is also on the forefront: "Whatwe care about is to win over Real Betis, and then as a result of El Clasico .. Whatever the outcome they Stnfna that we won, Clasico a great game for the fans, players and fans all want to see beautiful games, Real Madrid and Barcelona a nice match. "
بيل غيتس يتفاوض مع فلورنتينو بيريز لـ إضافة اسم “مايكروسوفت” للبرنابيو الجديد .

The newspaper Konfydensaal Spanish , citing sources close to the financial affairs within the club that the company "Microsoft" Global and headed by the world's richest Bill Gates is negotiating with the Department of the Royal Club in order to put its name on the stadium Santiago Bernabeu new which would bring it big profits for both sides, will it change senior strategic marketing for Bill Gates and company also bring big money for Real Madrid.
Negotiations between the parties are just starting out and may reach for an agreement soon, but it is known that it will change the name of the stadium when it is renovated , it is worth mentioning that the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez admire a man who works Bill Gates and told him in an earlier statement during one of the occasions of work between the two institutions : "Microsoft global company successful and are topping sales at the moment, its founder Bill Gates is a model of commitment and generosity, the philosophy of this institution embodies the energy and way of working , which operates the Real Madrid Foundation , we now share things work in order to reduce things and negative for a closer relationship . "
عناوين صحف كاتالونيا : تاتا يجهز خطة الـ Anti Cr7 .

Spanish newspaper Marca published titles covers of newspapers Catalonia, the Catalan Sport and El Mundo confirmed that Tata prepares plan to repel the heyday of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The cover of Sport 
Activation of the plan Anti Ronaldo.

Tata considering the involvement of Puyol and Pique together to deter Cristiano.

Cristiano in high Formh, Portuguese scored 15 goals in 12 games.

Real Madrid x Barcelona Clasico on after 24 hours.

El Mundo casing Catalan 
3 questions from both sides.
Real Madrid: Murata Bale and Varan?
Barcelona: Puyol and Cesc and Pedro?
Clasico on after 24 hours.
مارتينو وأنشيلوتي لم يخسرا أي كلاسيكو في مسيرتهما .

No Gerardo Martino nor Carlo Ancelotti has lost in the Clasico in countries that trail where, coaches with 11 Clasico in Paraguay, Italy and France did not Akhosra the final, Martino played four times in the Clasico Uruguay and tied in two games and won two while playing Carlo 7 classics including 4 inItaly won 3 and drawn one while playing the classics in France 3 won 2 and drawn one.
بيب غوارديولا : شاهدت مباراة واحدة لـ أنشيلوتي وما أستطيع قوله إنه مدرب كبير .

Moved Cameras Spaniards for Germany in order to conduct an interview with the Spanish coach Pep Guardiola, did not miss the journalists question Guardiola for Real Madrid, Ancelotti said: I am not the best person to talk about, only watched one game for Real Madrid this season, but what I can say is that Ancelotti coachexperienced and one of the world's best coaches have achieved many titles, we promised to provide Real Madrid play good football and I'm sure we will see Real Madrid, who promised

أنشيلوتي :” حان الوقت لكي يفوز كريستيانو بالكرة الذهبية “.

Hosted a radio cadena ser in its daily El Larguero coach Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, the Italian coach was clear and answered clearly about the questions posed to him presenter Jose Ramon de Amurnia, Italian talked about Casillas and Bill and Zidane, Real Madrid and Mourinho and Del Bosque and many other things

 Reporter: Do you know who is Manolo Escobar ?Carlo: Yes, it has a great song .Journalist : How is the atmosphere in the club?Carlo: everything is okay .Journalist : Do you enjoy in Madrid ?Carlo : Yes , I love Madrid and the people here are great , Spaniards Ichhabon the Italians are positiveWhile the French passive.Journalist : Do you have a specific plan for the team ?Carlo : So far , the team wins without the performance and we will work on this point.Reporter: Do you think coach must be suitable for the players ?Carlo : At the outset , the coach must adapt to the players and then impose his style and initially alsoPlayers must know where and at any comfortable places .Journalist : I arrived to Madrid, you asked earlier contracts ?Carlo : I arrived for Madrid and the club has a contract with Isco and Carvajal .Journalist : If it was up to me I would choose Casillas always essential , why Diego?Carlo: Diego know him since 2006 when I saw him in Villarreal and his students in Milan , the current season is startedEarly and stronger , a decision a difficult choice between two of the world 's best guards , Iker gave me confidence and I developed byIn his heroes while Lopez will play games as important as heroes, Casillas wants to be in MadridWe want .

Journalist : Could you go Casillas in December?Carlo: I 've talked to him twice or 3 times on the subject, he wants to talk to me and my office is open to himI will explain to him the most difficult decision a choice goalkeeper and then decide .Journalist : Goalkeeper heroes and another guard in La Liga , what do you think ?Carlo : This command may be adopted, was the decision .Reporter: What about the departure of Ozil ?Carlo : Ozil 's departure was a technical decision , in order to access Bill was necessary to sacrifice OzilSo there is a balance , Di Maria does not have such capabilities possessed by Ozil but has the spiritHelp the team and as such I loved it.Journalist : mourned players for the departure of Massoud , what do you think of their words ?Carlo : Everyone has the right to show his opinion , the president and the coach and the players all , Massoud was closeOf the players who they miss only as a friend and nothing more.Journalist : Zidane coach II , how did this happen?Carlo : I came from Paris to Madrid without an assistant, there will be no better than Zidane to fill thisSo appointed position beside me.Journalist : Do you allow for Zizou to appear in the press conference , as happened between Moreno and Karanka ?Carlo: " he laughs ," I do not know , I do not know whether Zidane likes press conferences .Reporter: Tell us about the press conferences here?Carlo: press conferences here is more aggressive than England , here are asking directly and mustGive a clear answer.Journalist : Do you get angry at a conference ?Carlo : I do not .Journalist : Signature with Bill , he talked about ?Carlo: It was not easy to do so, plied Real Madrid in the final negotiations and settled every player 's desireNothing.Reporter : but the amount is very expensive ?Carlo : The amount is not cheap , but this is the market price , the desire of the player was in Madrid and I'm sureThe Spurs have had offers greater than the width of Real Madrid.Reporter : the problem of Bill , do you have a hernia , as they say ?Carlo : Bill has just bump , I also have a 2 or 3, but this did not affect my career and trainingBill since his presence here was not subjected to a back injury and his problem is the weakness of physical preparation and this returnThe length of the negotiations and not share it with Tottenham , now is fine and can play .Journalist : If Bill will begin at the Camp Nou ?Carlo : It 's possible this happens, is ready to begin essential.Journalist : Who is the player who has surprised you ?Carlo : In fact , I was surprised a lot of professional and professional Cristiano Ronaldo , is not the player that recordsOnly, but always tries to help his teammates.Journalist : Benzema post , you come Florentino orders ?Carlo : "laughing " These things happen only in the era of Berlusconi . The intended Perez does not intervene in the squad .Journalist : Berlusconi and Perez , are similar ?Carlo : Maybe , both loves to talk in football.Reporter: How will attend the Clasico ?Carlo : by video , Sashahd the more matches Barcelona 's study points weaknessThe problem in the Clasico that both teams are playing at full strength to rely on somethingSet will be very difficult.Journalist : play better, Real or Barsha ?Carlo : Barcelona , they have the same names long ago.Journalist : Tell us about Carlo " rights" ?Carlo: I am a quiet person , I lived with my father, farmer and I love the people who live in rural areasAnd also people who live in the city.Journalist : closest to you , Del Bosque or Mourinho ?Carlo: Easy question , of course , Del Bosque .Journalist : Do you need for a killer, the sense of a new striker ?Carlo: Madrid do not need a killer, killer has a Cristiano who performs wellCristiano cream is bad , and we have also Murata .Journalist : I have trained with great guards like Dida and Buffon , why suspect Casillas in Madrid ?Carlo : It is possible to go in another direction and ask why I doubt Lopez capabilities ?Journalist : How long do we need to see Madrid Carlo ?Carlo : the team is improving gradually , became the fastest team in Ricochet and spare balls for the matchI'll think about Saturday .


Reporter: What about Bill ?
Carlo : I talked to him , is ready to play he told me that he loves to play on the right side .Journalist: Bill will begin a key ?Carlo: I will not give chosen here , all I have and almost ready we are the only team in EuropeFull without injuries , selection Starafunha - Saturday.Reporter: What are the changes that will occur after the return of Alonso ?Carlo: Alonso is an important player and will benefit the team in terms of experience and quality on the pitchAaaramendi a very good player but he lacks experience in the Champions League and to speak with Xavi improved slightly .Journalist : trained senior players , is the player who surprised you throughout your career ?Carlo : Cristiano Ronaldo for Aatdrb only inside the stadium , but continue to work hard off the pitch as well.Journalist : Due to the Golden Ball ?Carlo : I will vote for Cristiano , it's time to win.Journalist : Thank you Carlo on security re missing two years ago .Exclusively for the Arab Network Real Madrid