Real Madrid News Now, Alen Halilovic has a tattoo saying "Hala Madrid!"

Real Madrid News Now : The FC Barcelona signed with the Croatian midfielder Alen Halilovic exchange for ten million euros, but this process has raised eyebrows as the player is one of the fans of Real Madrid, or at least according to the newspaper the ABC daily where he published a picture of the arm of the player showing the tattoo on his wrist says "Hala Madrid".
In addition, it was found in the player's account on Instagram a picture of him with his brother, who was wearing a shirt Cristiano Ronaldo, but it seems that the Croatian scan all the images after they announced his move to Barcelona next season via the same site.

Hence, it behooves us to remember those voices that took precedence sounds of laughter when Real signed Isco because he has a dog named Messi.

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Taarabt: I wish I could be like Cristiano

Real Madrid News Now : Moroccan player for AC Milan Adil Taarabt appeared in an interview with the newspaper Corriere Dello Sport, Italian, Taarabt praised Cristiano Ronaldo when he said it: Zidane was a great player too, Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player and I am inspired by the way I play it and I hope to be like him in the future.

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Real Madrid News Now, Miranda: It would be wonderful to win over Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : Defender Atletico Madrid Brazilian Joao Miranda appeared in a media interview on Friday, Miranda talked about the face of the derby on Sunday and said: For us the derby is final, we must win because the loss in the derby will mean difficult to achieve La Liga and imperfect is the lead with 6 points and that is we do not want to happen.  

And Real Madrid vs Schalke said Miranda: I watched part of the game, Real Madrid has a defensive toughness and also has a strong attack and live his best at all, it would be nice to beat them at their best.

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Real Madrid News Now, Adriano: Real Madrid is not scary
Real Madrid News Now : Launched the Brazilian defender for FC Barcelona Adriano Korea statement firearm against Real Madrid, Adriano commented on the views of the public about the power of Real Madrid and intimidating competitors when he said: Real Madrid is not scary as you say, we played a game more than great at Manchester City and did not speak one.

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Real Madrid News Now, Are these the reasons for removal of Arbeloa for the Spanish team?

Real Madrid News Now : As the Spanish newspaper offered a video for Arbeloa in the derby and lapsed with Diego Costa, the newspaper inquired about the footage and the video titled "Is this footage is the reason for the removal of Arbeloa Spanish national team."

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Real Madrid News Now, The possibility of four Clasico in less than a month !

Real Madrid News Now : After that is both Real Madrid and Barcelona are close to qualifying for the quarter-finals of the Champions League at the expense of Schalke and Manchester City respectively .. now there is a possibility to play four Clasico in less than a month!

Where laws allow - UEFA - the probability face two teams from the same country in the quarter-finals, where the draw will take place and there is a possibility to play Real Madrid and Barcelona against each other.

If this is done, the two games coming and going will hold in the history of April 1 to 2 (Away), and 8-9 from the same month a home.

And that this is not done .. and play against Real and Barcelona and other teams qualified for the semi-finals, the two games will be at the date April 22 to 23 (Away), and 29-30 home!

And of course everyone knows that the second leg of La Liga Clasico date is 03/23/2014.

The Clasico Copa del Rey in Spain 04/16/2014.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Morata ready to go Arsenal

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Alvaro Morata think now enter the same experience Danny Carvajal, who left years For learning in the Bundesliga before returning to Real Madrid and get a place in the starting lineup. According to the British media that the attacker owner of 21 years would agree to leave Arsenal if he agreed riyal and then go back in the future for the club White.

Morata wants more minutes in order to increase its level and is now waiting out in search of better opportunities and there is a new interest after he was interested in Mercato by Arsenal last winter, where he tried to sign him already, but did not succeed deal . And the situation may change to next June, and the deal will give the player a unique case where the Gunners complain of problems in the offensive line.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Swansea City is interested in Alvaro Arbeloa

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : England - Swansea City wants to increase the colony Spaniards through a contract with Real Madrid player Alvaro Arbeloa at the time, who owns the club 8 players Spaniards in the ranks, and he wants the club to stay in the Premier League through the promotion of his contract with Arbeloa, according to a newspaper that Michael Laudrup greatly appreciated experience Arbeloa world champion and Europe, and Real Madrid is ready to negotiate with Swansea.

You can not forget that Arbeloa has previous experience in the Premier League by Liverpool so it would be easy to experience a new adventure in Swansea but at the moment that the intention of Arbeloa to stay at the club and the player has a lot of confidence in Ancelotti is the player of the heavy weight in the club.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano is the best player in the game and Santana the worst!!!

Real Madrid News Now : Real Madrid has won a broad over its host Schalke 04 6-1 in the German context of the round of Away 16 of the Champions League, the team made a big game and they were serious and focused all match long. And in this regard the site Goal will select the best and the worst player in the game, the best player Cristiano Ronaldo was the best player in the world, who scored twice and beautiful was dangerous on the German team back to the top of the scorers .

Philip Santana was the worst player , who made several mistakes during the game and gave a bad performance so it was the worst in the game .

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Real Madrid News Now, Ronaldo after the match Schalke

Real Madrid News Now : Spoke Ronaldo after the match in the Champions League, which ended in victory for the Royal 6-1 against Schalke, where he said of the trio BBC we Scorers but the team Society was good and we are working very well as a group, and the two goals: faced a great goalkeeper, but in the second half colleagues helped me and I was able to score two goals and I always do what I can to help the team, and the suspension: suspension became of the past, but did not deserve suspensions 3 games I'm happy now to go back and I look forward to the future, and the derby: We Real Madrid are going to win in Calderon even keep track of League.

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Real Madrid News Now, Arbeloa and Diego Lopez Valdes and Iniesta in the Declaration of "Spider-Man"

Real Madrid News Now : Diego Lopez and Arbeloa with dual Barcelona Valdes and Iniesta in a promotional announcement for a Spanish companies, shows the quartet as they dressed as "Spider-Man"

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Real Madrid News Now, Alonso: Xabi Alonso attended the news conference along with coach Carlo Ancelotti to talk about the match We are in the development and do not want to stop

Real Madrid News Now : Xabi Alonso attended the news conference along with coach Carlo Ancelotti to talk about the match Schalke and Real Madrid, Alonso talked about when he said Schalke: Schalke gained experience in the Champions of the past years and is also playing at home so the game will be complicated. Xabi praised the team when he said: We are in a good position and evolve day after day and do not want to stop, and we know how to play and how to deal with the game, and we have good feelings and realize that it is changing with the days, but we hope that this can not happen .

Also spoke about the new tactic of the team that introduced the trainer on the team where he said: In the current tactic I binding duties more defensive duties of offensive and it's good that we found a lot of players who can play in the middle, but we found the foundation already in place. Alonso commented on the return of Cristiano Ronaldo when he said: Cristiano has been waiting for the end of the decision on pins and needles, is now excited to play, which has not changed in spite of that he was frustrated because of the stop and we all focusing. Finally commented on his feelings and aspirations and said : re Going to achieve a lot of things, we hope to offer something good to achieve the triple and we know that this project is complex.

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Real Madrid News Now, Mission Real Madrid up to Germany

Real Madrid News Now : The mission Real Madrid arrived to Germany in preparation to face Schalke, the mission consisted of 22 players and the coaching staff and management, led by president Florentino Perez.

Real Madrid News Now, Mission Real Madrid up to Germany 

Real Madrid News Now, Mission Real Madrid up to Germany

Real Madrid News Now, Mission Real Madrid up to Germany

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Real Madrid News Now, Diego Costa: Real Madrid are a great team and do not get tired

Real Madrid News Now : Conducted the Brazilian striker Diego Costa Spanish interview with the Spanish newspaper Marca, Costa talked about his relationship with Sergio Ramos said: what happens between me and Sergio stays in the stadium, it is true that he beat me and hit him, but our relationship continues to improve.  

Moved Costa to talk about the derby when he said: I look forward to the derby next, we have enough time to prepare and we will focus too much on the game, because the fall in the derby will mean difficult to achieve the league and that is we do not want, Real Madrid will not get tired of facing Schalke because Real Madrid great and everyone knows the greatness of this club.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti not defeated in Germany

Real Madrid News Now : Visiting Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti Germany for the tenth time in his coaching career, Ancelotti has not lost completely in the land the German won in three confrontations and tied in 6 games while faced Schalke 04 once in 2004-2005 when he was coach of AC Milan and the match ended in victory Milan Ancelotti's lead to 3 - 2.

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