Real Madrid News Now, James and Varane and Benzema joining the training

Real Madrid News Now : Complete James and Benzema and Varane first training in preparation for the new season in the Ciudad Real Madrid after returning from holiday, trained on the orders of Santi Giovanni Mauri and Lozano, the players trained between physical work and play with the ball.

Training began with a series of exercises, which began with defense exercises and muscle strengthening exercises and then they are physically intensive operations, then rotation to play from the first touch and dribbling.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Real Madrid wants Mehdi Benatia

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Confirmed reports of Italian that Real Madrid wants Moroccan defender Mehdi Benatia, the Spanish club is expected departure of Pepe in this summer so he wants Benatia as an alternative to him, the dawn of the day there will be an opportunity to observe the Moroccan defender where he plays in front of Real Madrid and will determine Ancelotti desire it or lack thereof, reports the Spanish denied all this confirmed that Ancelotti reassuring to defend the existence of four-wheel Ramos, Pepe, Nacho and Varane.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Transfer news/rumors : PSG offers 80 million euros for Di Maria

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Covered the Argentine star for Real Madrid, Angel Di Maria cover of Marca, confirmed Marca The club PSG offered 80 million euros for the Argentine star would make it the most expensive sale in the history of Real Madrid, the most expensive player Argentinian, Ancelotti did not want to give up on the player, but sources confirm that the Argentine approved a contract for 5 years with a salary 9 million euros and 80 million euros and the good relationship between Khulaifi and Florentino Perez could hasten on completion of the deal.

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Real Madrid News Now, James keeps shirt Cristiano in his museum

Real Madrid News NowHas the star Colombian new club Real Madrid James Rodriguez Museum special T-shirts in his house, the player has the T-shirts as different as shirt for Falcao to Atletico Madrid shirt and David Luiz with Brazil shirt for Isco with Malacca and also a shirt for his legend and his example Cristiano Ronaldo and pregnant with the signing of the Portuguese.


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Real Madrid News Now, El Plural accuses Florentino Perez

Real Madrid News NowThe newspaper 'El Plural' blog embarrassing against Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and accused him of doing what he wants without taking the opinion of Ancelotti, who said of him that he stingy, and since 2000, when he arrived Peres for president always does what he wants and believes he is more familiar with football and plans for the club.

So ask a question is the need to bring the Cross or James, and not wanting to renew the contract Di Maria, and Perez does not like Di Maria has agreed to his transfer for PSG. Ancelotti does not understand many of the decisions and very angry because he feels that Perez destroys the team when he arrived for a high level, Perez because the obsession is to bring all the stars to form a new team for the benefit of some of the media.

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Real Madrid News Now, Roberto Carlos: James has the ability to adapt

Real Madrid News NowRoberto Carlos has done under the guidance tips to James Rodriguez and to do it in the beginning to adapt to Real Madrid because it is more difficult, but is convinced that it will succeed because it is "a great player.

He made a very good levels and Real Madrid has contracted with him because he is a great player and has the ability to adapt and play there is very difficult at the moment "and continued by former Brazilian player in the interview and gave tips for James Rodriguez said. "I've been doing great things in the World Cup in Brazil, where you can not wait for him because he is very strong and I wish him all the best and to repeat what he did in the World Cup, Roberto Carlos has also warned James Rodriguez of the "pressure" is the worst of the Real Madrid and said :

 "The pressure comes every day in training and matches in Spain and is the league is very difficult but you must have the patience and dedication and it will not have a problem with it and you are ready to make several fantastic seasons for being a young player and I am sure that you will not find any problems. "and finally admitted the back left of the legendary Real Madrid convinced that James Rodriguez is able to earn a vital center in the lineup Carlo Ancelotti throughout the season and said, "Sure! Although he came from the French league and it differs from La Liga, of course, but it will be part of the starting lineup."

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