Real Madrid News Now, Angel Di Maria: everything is over

Real Madrid News Now : After the great performance national team yesterday, came out Argentine Angel Di Maria for the media to talk about the team and Manchester United, Di Maria talked about Messi and defended him and said the team must exist by Messi. And his relationship with President Florentino Perez said Di Maria: everything is over.

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Real Madrid News Now, Falcao's father: My son waiver of many of the demands

Real Madrid News Now : Father Falcao Radamel Garcia still talking about Mercato, Radamel Garcia appeared yesterday in an interview for Radio Alawnda Siro Spanish and admitted he was there interest from Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Juventus and also Real Madrid and that his son had wanted to Real Madrid only, Radamel said: My son waiver many of the demands, but Real Madrid did not move toward him, my son waiver of many of the things he was even wants to buy T-shirts worn by Real Madrid from his own account, "laughs . "

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo interview for this day

Real Madrid News NowToday Cristiano Ronaldo lived experience of driving a Formula where he appeared in a promotional announcement for the company Circuito, Cristiano has not played a match yesterday and talked about many things after the announcement.

Talked about his feelings in the ad and said: already was a great experience and I loved it, enjoyed it very much today.

Spoke of his and said: Now I'm okay, I did not stop for the injury, but there were minor problems and did not play yesterday and I am confident of myself and I'll be completely ready, my goal is always to be ready for the next match so I'll be ready for the Derby.

Cristiano was asked by a journalist whether the team lost enthusiasm after the tenth "La D├ęcoma" and said: I have strong opinions on this subject, each person is free in his mind and can put forward, but if Florentino Perez believes that the sale of players and buy others is the perfect thing for the team, we will always support him, the season is still in its infancy and there are probably 3 or 4 players are not ready just because of the World Cup, but I'm still confident in this team.

For pressure is located after the loss yesterday said: since when there is pressure to not be at Real Madrid? You are a player at Real Madrid and must adapt with it.

Talked about the candidate's La Liga and the Champions and said: There's La Liga rivals Barcelona and Atletico powerful Madrid, Bayern Munich in the Champions there, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid and Chelsea are strong competitors, I wish I could be Real Madrid is the first team that achieves the Champions League twice in a row.

Finally talked about the upcoming Ballon d'Or said: 3 months remaining on it, do not think about it and of course I'm thinking of my team and individual awards just always comes a reflection of the collective performance and I am confident of my abilities.

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Real Madrid News Now, Details injury Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid News NowReal Madrid has decided to rely on the famous doctor Miguel Sanchez of medical supervision in order to complete the treatment of the Portuguese star and top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo .

The site published Defensa Central Sports Spaniard more details about Ronaldo's injury after the decision to hand over the case to the club doctor who oversaw the global tennis star Nadal .

Ronaldo is suffering from an injury in the patellar tendon of the left foot, which affected the work of the biceps femoris of the player and with the rapid treatment without adequate rest of the knee was formed calcifications, which worsened the situation .

Cristiano will be subject to a rest period of up to three weeks as the club announced and probably extends for more than that for a full recovery before returning to the stadiums again .

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Real Madrid News Now, Chicharito newcomer asks shirt Xabi Alonso

Real Madrid News NowAsked the new player for Real Madrid Mexican Javier Hernandez Chicarret get his own favorite shirt No. 14, where he played for Manchester United and the Mexican national team by the same figure, a shirt midfielder Real Madrid's Xavi Alonso, who moved to Bayern Munich in the summer.

And the presence of Chicarret day Monday in the Spanish capital Madrid for medical tests and sign the formal and presence in Press conference where the player will not be providing the Santiago Bernabeu.

The safe Chicarret cost Real Madrid 2 million euros in the deal only on loan.
The former player of Real Madrid Guti His No. 14 in Madrid, and mentions that Isco Asked to wear this number after Alonso's departure but it seems that the Mexican is the closest to wear this number.

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