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Real Madrid News Now, Isco alternative to Di Maria

Real Madrid News Now : Began Carlo Ancelotti selecting the squad which will play its game next Saturday at the Rosaleda, and composition will be as usual with almost two changes, expecting only formation, one of Ramos because of a yellow card, De Maria, who worried about exposure to a second yellow card which deprive him Clasico, so the manager decided to Italian involvement of Pepe and Varane as the heart of the defense, and Isco in the Argentine midfield place absentee and the rest of the centers operated by the players themselves in every game, Ancelotti fielded in the last Trainings team Carvajal and Varane, who fought match last Sunday against Levante, In the case of the two exercises ended without problems and are able to show up the floor of the stadium will decide then coaching the next game to involve them to avoid any unexpected problems at the next encounter of Malaga, and Carlo will largely depend on the next squad ...

                                                        Marcelo, Pepe, Varane, Carvajal

Isco, Alonso, Modric

Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale 
And try the Kings secure the three points in order to meet Clasico, and will be present on the bench Ramos Punisher, and also Di Maria, who decided Ancelotti not to be involved for fear of a yellow card again, Di maria, who said after the match Levante do not want to play against Malaga to secure his presence at a encounter Clasico next, Ancelotti and bowed to his request and decided not to be involved in the next meeting of Malacca, Di Maria is a player who always falls to levels offers a great defensive play every game, So agreed the coaching staff not to be involved in a meeting of Malaga next due to risk large would be inflicted in case of involvement, especially in light of presence of many players to compensate for his place as Isco who can play place Di Maria in midfield and attended training yesterday Pacheco, and Derek, and Quiney who been summoned to fill the shortfall caused by the absence of first-team players as Ramos and Coentrao who trained in the gym while still Arbeloa and Khedira continue the process of recovery from injury.

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