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real madrid transfer news-rumors, Diego Lopez to AC Milan

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : The newspaper Marca said that the negotiations between Diego Lopez and AC Milan nearing completion, Real Madrid wants to solve the problem before the European Super, especially after the advent of Keilor Navas According to Marca, the Lopez is leave the direction of Milan, Real Madrid will simplify negotiations and wants it had concluded before the European Super, the excellent relations between the two clubs will contribute to the end of the deal as the two clubs have agreed on all the details of the deal and Lopez will Malanesta for 3 seasons salary of 2.5 million euros.

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real madrid transfer news-rumors, Juventus asking 70 million for Paul Pogba

Real madrid transfer news-rumors : Juventus does not look askance to sell Paul Pogba, according to the contents of the newspaper La Stampa, and the estimated value of Frenchman to 70 million euros and wants to club the old lady to bring replacements compared to the price of the player at the level of the right-back and right wing and striker, Pogba, who is in negotiations to renew the contract with the team Turin, one of the Real Madrid goals in the next year, but Florentino Perez will not pay this amount of money and Ancelotti wants in his team, but also asks for the signing of midfielder put another.

If Juventus do not want to sell the player, and Florentino Perez will not pay more than 35 million to 40 million in Pogba, Juventus and confirmed clearly that it can not accept sell only after payment of 70 million or more for the player who provides great performance at its center.

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real madrid transfer news-rumors - Grizman: I would choose Real Madrid on Barca

real madrid transfer news-rumors : In an interview with Radio Montecarlo, French Grizman confirmed that there was no offer from Paris Saint-Germain, and brought the interview follows:
Are you thinking of moving in the winter?
I said earlier in a press conference that I do not think of leaving Real Sociedad now. I want to finish the season with my team and then I look at this subject. Regarding PSG, there is nothing binds me did I receive their offer from the team.
If you had to choose the club, which one would you go?
I've always had Millie for Real Madrid. Since my childhood I wish to play with Real Madrid when he was Zidane, Figo and Ronaldo. Raul was my passion as well as Roberto Carlos. Certainly there are other teams play well Kprchillona, ​​but I really like to play for Real Madrid

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Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Arsene Wenger: Morata ?

Real Madrid transfer news-rumors : Coach Arsenal Arsene Wenger attended a press conference to talk about his team's game in the league next Monday, reporters' questions not devoid of question about the transfer and Morata where Wenger said: priority now is to win the game Monday and achieve a good result players who have, our choices in the market you are talking by the "press," but I do not like talking about it.

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Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Real Madrid player refused to sign with the Colombian Fredy Guarín

Real Madrid transfer news-rumors : According to the newspaper the tuttosport Italian, the Real Madrid refused to offer club Inter Milan to buy their players Colombian Guarín, the Italian club wants to sell midfielder Colombian in order to save money to buy players in the places that need to be strengthened, and this decided the Italian club marketing player and display Real Madrid, who was interested in him when he was coach Jose Mourinho to Real Madrid, but in recent days has become close to the Colombian player wearing the shirt of Chelsea.

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Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Real Madrid will try to bring Mata in the current transfers

Real Madrid transfer news-rumors : Reports Spanish confirm club Real Madrid is trying to regain the Spanish star Juan Mata from Chelsea, reports say that Real Madrid will sell Di Maria in the January transfer window for Monaco versus 25 million euros will be considered immediately for Mata, who is suffering a lot in Chelsea and has problems with coach Jose Mourinho According to the same reports, Mata has a width of Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United as well.

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Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Xabi renews for two years, "and a third year optional"

real madrid transfer news-rumors : Saga has ended already, Xabi Alonso will renew for Real Madrid for two years with a third year optional, according to sources, the newspaper Marca, the case took a lot of time and has seen a tug of war with great in the last few days between the survival of the player and his departure was confirmed by Marca that the player decided to stay and will be signed during the next two days on contract renewal for two years and the third would be optional for the player, Xavi will receive an annual salary of six million euros.

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Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Official : Xabi Alonso renew his contract with Real Madrid

Real Madrid transfer news-rumors : Real Madrid, the club announced via an official statement on his official contract renewal for Xabi Alonso, said in a statement the club /
Announces Real Madrid for Xabi Alonso to renew the contract up to June 2016, Xavi will appear at a news conference on Friday, January 10th at 13:30 Spain.

 Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Official : Xabi Alonso renew his contract with Real Madrid

 Play Xabi Alonso fifth season with Real Madrid has signed a renewal for two years to become a has 7 years at Real Madrid, Alonso has become a major player in all schemes coaches Real Madrid has played with the club's 204 games were won by the league and the cup and the super has scored 6 goals with Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Tiki Taka: Real Madrid agrees to sell Di Maria to 30 million euros

Real Madrid transfer news-rumors : Program tiki taka yesterday addressed in detail apology Di Maria to the public, the program confirmed that the club open an investigation with Di Maria and asked him to apologize and that he appeared in the club's official channel and apologized, The presenter Enrique Marquez said the club has agreed to sell the player for 30 million euros for clubs wishing it, Marquez has confirmed that Real Madrid has offers for Di Maria, but much less than the 30 million euros and the club will not accept less than the amount sold

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Real madrid transfer news-rumors - Mata's agent marketed player and expose him to Real Madrid

real madrid transfer news-rumors : Exited newspaper the Sunday Mirror, the British news exclusively her this morning, the newspaper says that the situation of the Spanish Juan Mata at Chelsea in crisis too after seated Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho star Spanish on the bench, and would like Mata to get the center of a key with the Spanish team and, of course, will be one of the most prominent names in Winter market, the Sunday Mirror confirms that the agent Mata "father" began marketing his son has been presented to the Real Madrid and Inter Milan, Barcelona and Napoli who showed great interest in the player.

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Real madrid transfer news-rumors - Britain: Five English clubs submitted offers for Xabi

Real madrid transfer news-rumors : Confirm reports the Daily Star the British that there are five clubs in the Premier League would like to service the Spanish star for Real Madrid Xabi Alonso, the newspaper confirmed that the offers on the table and the player's agent where he awaits only the stalled negotiations with Real Madrid in order to begin her studies, yet Xavi did not renews with Real Madrid and recent news indicates that he is close to renewal, but British newspapers confirmed that the clubs Manchester United and Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal made bids for the player, and the player's agent rejected the offer of Manchester United as the Alonso hated at Old Trafford after playing in Liverpool while Mourinho will wait and Balgireny approval Alonso for his training again ....

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Real madrid transfer news-rumors - PSG offers a huge offer for Alonso

real madrid transfer news-rumors : The newspaper El Pais in their evening on Friday that the club PSG presentation was huge for Alonso in the last month, the paper confirms that club officials Parisian Contact agent the player and told him the offer will be for three seasons with a salary of 40 million euros in the three seasons of the equivalent of more than 10 million euros a year, the newspaper said he did not want yet to show PSG did not respond to the offer huge anticipation for the decision of Real Madrid, Xabi Alonso, Xavi realizes that he will sign the last decade in his career so he will take care of without doubt the financial aspects and there are many clubs interested like Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus all clubs able to pay money in order to Xavi, for his part confirmed the newspaper said Peres presented an offer for Alonso worth 13 million euros in two seasons at a rate of 6.5 million euros per year and Alonso also did not respond to this offer.

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real madrid transfer news-rumors - Official: Real Madrid sign with player to Castilla Brazilian club Figueirense Teixeira

real madrid transfer news-rumors : Said the Real Madrid signed with the striker Figueirense Brazilian Paul Philippe Teixeira "21 years" on loan for 6 months, was confirmed by the club that he put the option to purchase the future if he wanted to, it will arrive Teixeira in early on Friday and will train with the team this afternoon Friday.

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