Real Madrid News Now, The Uefa fined Real Madrid for $ 10000 € and the closure of the southern part of the Bernabeu

Real Madrid News NowIs the Union of European Football Associations Real Madrid close the southern part in the first match of the Champions League next season from home because of an accident racist chants against players of Bayern Munich in the away semi-final of the Champions League last season, the disciplinary committee of the Uefa not only do just that, but fined the club Royal amount of 10,000 euros, and the Madrid fans had banners anti-Nazi which call to file a complaint by the management of Bayern Munich against Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid News Now, President Peres met with Ancelotti planning for next season

Real Madrid News NowAccording to the newspaper AS, all of Florentino Perez and Carlo Ancelotti and general manager of Real Madrid, Jose Angel Sanchez, ate lunch in a restaurant in the center of the city to talk about the outcome of the team this season and planning for the next season 2014 - 2015.

According to the report published by the newspaper, Florentino Perez and Ancelotti spoke about the future of the team and the reasons that led to the loss of the Spanish league, and some of the outstanding issues at the club, such as the continuation of Casillas with the club next season, and Loan Illarramendi's club Real Sociedad, and contracting with one or two midfielders, and the possibility of hiring a replacement for striker Benzema, who is no longer known something about his future with Real Madrid, and the possibility of selling Diego Lopez for Napoli, Morata Loan for Juventus .

Has put Carlo Ancelotti alternative name for assistant current Zinedine Zidane in the case decided to leave the club and put the name of Paul Clement for being assistant next season, and in spite of all these suggestions, but there was no agreement on anything specific to this moment, and all of these proposals are still pending.

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Real Madrid News Now, Sevilla honors Ramos

Real Madrid News NowSeville honored Friday afternoon Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos, Ramos was giving a medal by the Governor of the city and came to honor Ramos contribution in raising high the name of Sevilla and strengthen the Spanish sports field.

The press did not leave Ramosand asked him about the Ballon d'Or said: I'm living the best moments of my life, and I care for the collective titles only. And injuries the national team, Ramos said: I am aware of all what is happening in the team, I hope that everyone recovers.

Real Madrid News Now, Sevilla honors Ramos

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Iker Casillas may leave Real Madrid

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Sources Radio Cadena Ser reliable The commander Iker Casillas will leave Real Madrid, according to the radio is there are three reasons why Casillas leave the club and is said Casillas wants the central position and the second is does not have a good relationship with the coach keepers who prefers Diego Lopez Casillas, Finally the family want to change and move from Madrid Therefore, the radio confirmed that Casillas will move, Perez will not allow the transfer of Casillas and that he would be forced to stay in Madrid and by the radio club PSG and Inter Milan and Arsenal have given their offers for Casillas and Casillas will love the idea of ​​playing outside in Spain.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ronaldo does not want to get out Di Maria from Real Madrid

Real Madrid News NowAfter the news according to the exit of the Argentine Di Maria of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to get out Di Maria from the club and even Ancelotti does not wish to do so, in the event of exit Di Maria should be his destination next is Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea, Juventus and Monaco.

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بـيريز: أنشـلوتي صنع فريق جديدReal Madrid News Now, Perez : Ancelotti making new team

Real Madrid News NowThe President of Real Madrid Florentino Perez that Ancelotti has created a team with a new face, and said: Do not hesitate to say that I am very happy with the team and the championship of the tenth, and the fans always want you more, and about the goal of Atletico, who was a miscalculation of the commander Casillas spoke Perez that Casillas very great player and all the criticism against him because the goal was wrong and has been described as silly, and I'll think about the future of some players the team they Morata and Illarramendi.

Peres praised again the importance of the player Sergio Ramos, who upset the balance of the game as well as Carvajal which was a lot, and that the management of 25 players at Real Madrid, tough but with Ancelotti became the team collectively and wonderful.

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undefinedReal Madrid News Now, Ronaldo in the squad the best 11 players in World Cup

Real Madrid News NowBecause it is the best among the stars presence of Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad the best 11 players in the World Cup.

Real Madrid News Now, Ronaldo in the squad the best 11 players in World Cup

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Real Madrid News Now, Players have to vacation until the end of the World Cup

Real Madrid News NowReal Madrid players will enjoy vacation until the end of the World Cup, the players non-international will return to training after the end of the World Cup day on July 14 and thus will have 7 weeks to rest and will return players non-international illusion : Lopez and Nacho and Jesús and Bale and Casimero and Illarramendi and Morata and José and Arbeloa, and then will return the players involved in the World Cup later date and will be returning as they finish on the World Cup, Real Madrid will have a busy summer schedule where he has two tournaments a super European and Spanish Super, also America tour friendly.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Barcelona rival Real Madrid on Rakitic

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Confirmed reports that the Catalan newspaper El Mundo Barcelona entered the on-line competition in the Croatian Rakitic, Rakitic has 3 offers in the table a contract renewal with Sevilla or view Real Madrid or Barcelona offer.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti: Proud to enter the history of Real Madrid

Real Madrid News NowRecognizes the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti Award Enzo Bearzot in the city of Rome, Italy, Ancelotti after receiving the award spoke about the tenth and said: I've had a wonderful season, my first season with Real Madrid and got a Copa del Rey and Champions La Décima was the dream of the Madridista and I'm proud of me on the history of Real Madrid. And award Ancelotti said: Of course I am very excited for this award and I pride.

Regarding the players at the press conference, Ancelotti said : I was supposed to do the launch of champagne in the conference room and journalists were present but did not do. And the training of the Italian team, said: It would be a dream coach, I respect my work at Real Madrid and I respect the coach Prandelli.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo after 3 to be the Champions League's top scorer in history

Real Madrid News NowAfter the 17 goals scored by this season in the Champions League arrived Cristiano Ronaldo's goal 68 in his career in the Champions League and became just 3 goals from former Real Madrid star Raul Gonzalez and the top scorer Champions League history with 71 goal, Cristiano Ronaldo exceeded Messi on two occasions this season where Messi owns the record for most player to score in a single season and surpassed Ronaldo with 17 goals in a single season and also exceeded Ronaldo Messi where he became Ronaldo has 68 goal while owns Messi 67 goal in the history of their participation in the Champions League.

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Real Madrid News Now, Redknapp: Bale is the rightful heir to Cristiano

Real Madrid News NowThe player former Tottenham Jamie Redknapp told Le10 French and spoke about the player Welshman Gareth Bale said: Cristiano and Messi are the best players in the world at the moment, Gareth Bale is the rightful heir to them and there is no doubt that the Bale will receive a Golden Globe in the last three seasons to come. For Bale and Cristiano Redknapp said: For Bale , the maximum thing is training daily with Ronaldo and this wonderful thing because you learn a lot from the best player in the world, if Ronaldo scored before Bale in the final and took off his shirt, the Bale will scored and take off his shirt tradition of his "laugh"

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Real Madrid News Now, Statements of Real Madrid players after realizing the dream of La Decima

Real Madrid News NowTalked to Real Madrid players for great joy after the coronation Champions League at the expense of Atletico Madrid four goals
As he said, the owner password at the coronation Sergio Ramos: "We fought until the end, I'm glad I recorded a goal that the team brought to the meeting, we have made history .., title Dedicate special for my wife and my grandfather and my child .. "

Ancelotti: "We deserve the title well deserved, Dedicate title for my family and for the real fans, I've had a very difficult final, and most difficult season, I am very happy I am part of this great achievement ."

Casillas: "for the mistake? Should not dramatize things the important we have achieved the title, Atletico deserves all the respect and appreciation, in turn, now is the time to celebrate the tenth after a long wait .."

Di Maria: "The fact that I can not believe what happened, I am very happy, I've got the first title for the Champions League in my career .."

Florentino Perez: "I am proud to be chairman of the greatest club in the world, the title was fairness us all the sacrifices made by the team for the coronation to the tenth .., thanks to the players and fans, Real Madrid, was the hero of all its components .. "

Marcelo: "I can not express my feelings, thank you to all, and very happy I made added after I entered the stadium .."

Carvajal: "to make history with the best club in the world is unique, we have more courage and a desire to achieve the title .."

Isco: "It's the happiest day of my life, this team never surrender .."

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Real Madrid News Now, Casillas: La Decima is more important than the World Cup.

Real Madrid News NowReal Madrid captain Iker Casillas appeared to media after the game and said: It's La Decima, it is more important than the World Cup and win the championship after an absence of 12 years is wonderful too, congratulate Atletico on a season great, I think it is a fair result and an equalizer in the 90th minute was something dramatic already. His mistake and said Casillas in goal: should not dramatize it, people will remember the tenth "La Decima" now. On the next Casillas said: We must celebrate the cup and then prepare for the next season.

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Real Madrid News Now, Di Maria is Eagle Stadium Da Luz

Real Madrid News NowAfter the 110-making Di Maria are many opportunities to prove that he is the best in the game dream in the Stadium Da Luz helped the team a lot and helped cut the balls and the match saw the brightest great Argentine to the last minute of the end of the game where he was the only one who could breakthroughs defenses Atletico, where she was Ngrh Atletico through "Thiago" quickly replace the coach to ease his evasive Di Maria, as well as Juan Fran, who could not intervene to stop the Angel , but violent, and deserve a well-deserved best player in the game by creating opportunities and sprinting continuous length of the pitch.

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