Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Seven players could leave the club

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : According to reports from the Spanish site Libertad, there are seven players from Real Madrid could leave the club in the summer transfer current. The well-known names are (Iker Casillas, Diego Lopez, Angel Di Maria and Sami Khedira) and the new names are (Isco and Asier illaramendi), and apparently to strengthen the squad for the mid-field player. For Rafael Varane There Chelsea, who are willing to submit more than 35 million euros to sign him.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors
Real Madrid News Now, Di Maria on step away from PSG

Real Madrid News NowPSG is now in the final steps of resolving a transition de Maria, which must be closed during the hours, Real Madrid wants about 60 million euros for the player's transfer, but the French club they have to get rid of some of their stars, is worth to mention that the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani, which aims to Manchester United did not travel with the Hong Kong decision was also due to a virus, moreover, the French club are hoping to reduce the value of the deal is 10 million euros.

But in any case must be reduced PSG salaries in their team because of the penalty imposed on them because they violated financial fair play in the eufa, with more clarity to the club that does not exceed the wage bill last season.

Sources close to the negotiations say that the transfer to Real Madrid player to the French club going in the best case and in a safe way, despite the fact that Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti recommended a continuation of the Argentine player in the team.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cross Seen again in Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : Seen Cross in Madrid in order to end the final details of his residence in the capital before joining finally to work on August 5, with just the completion of the group tour in the United States, there will decide Ancelotti whether the player has a ready enough to play in the Super Cup against Sevilla on August 12 with Cardiff.

Cross was presented on July 17 as a player for Real Madrid in the Royal Hall and in front of 10 thousand fans, but his signature was finished since the World Cup in Brazil, which was their best player by classification.

German player attended the steak house Donostiarra met there by a Madridista glossy Placido Domingo, who was singing the role of the performer's official anthem for the Centennial Club.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo up to Los Angeles

Real Madrid News Now Cristiano Ronaldo has already arrived at the Los Angeles club striker White resides in the Beverly Hills Hotel where there with Casillas and Ramos and Modric and Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso and Coentrai who were not called for the first match of the season against Inter Milan.

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Real Madrid News Now, Iniesta Real Madrid great danger for the next season

Real Madrid News NowIniesta hails contracts Real Madrid and considered good, and spoke at a news conference that Real Madrid would be a great danger for next season, and Barcelona boosted his team but the Real Madrid was also boosted his team very well, and it will be a difficult season and we must realize that Real madrid will become stronger with the new players, as well as another defending champion Atletico Madrid.

said Iniesta We expect a good season to enjoy the win, It is reported that Real Madrid signed with the Cross and James mentions that Barcelona was also interested in the players, and it will be Real Madrid signings this one of the best teams of all time.

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Real Madrid News Now, squad for Real Madrid vs Inter Milan

Real Madrid News NowDeclared the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti for the official squad that will face Inter Milan in the first preparatory match in preparation for the next season. Came in the squad of:

Goalkeepers: Diego Lopez
In Defense: Nacho, Pepe, Llorente, Carvajal
In the middle: Lucas Vasquez, illara, Isco
In the attack: Raul de Mateus, Bale

Replacements: Derek, Pacheco, Jesus, Omar, Sobrino, Marcus Llorente.

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Real Madrid News Now, Pepe new haircut

Real Madrid News NowPepe Appeared to a new and a very strange!!

بيبي يظهر بـ قصة شعر جديدة .

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Lukaku or Shaarawi are alternatives Morata

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Real Madrid looking for young striker after the departure of Morata and relieve the pressure and competition Karim Benzema, and despite rumors of the signing of Falcao but the transmission Falcao is costly economically and mathematically in terms of his injury, and Real Madrid wants young man will not cost much and the candidates are Lukaku and Hubert. The Real madrid is believed that it is necessary to sign a striker, despite the prospect of the return of José and the arrival of James, and Florentino Perez slowly looking for an attacker needs him Ancelotti not be mad.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors


Real Madrid News Now, Press Conference for James Rodriguez.

Real Madrid News NowButragueño: "We are delighted really James Rodriguez at Real Madrid."

Butragueño: "James Rodriguez, an exceptional player and undoubtedly we put full confidence in him."

James Rodriguez: "I thank God for being here, very happy with the trust given by Real Madrid for me, I've had a dream since childhood"

James Rodriguez: "From the first day I heard him with interest Real Madrid me, trying hard to do everything possible to come."

James Rodriguez: "Zidane!? I've always been an admirer of this star, but where I'll play with Ancelotti, I am ready to play in a place that wants Ancelotti."

James Rodriguez: "I wish I could successfully complete my career here and make history with Real Madrid and give the fans a lot of happiness."

Real Madrid News Now, Press Conference for James Rodriguez.

James Rodriguez: "It does not matter the number that carry it, you're as happy as I am now even carried the number 100, it is important that I at Real Madrid."

James Rodriguez: "Competition is good for me in the team, it would be nice to play alongside the best players in the world."

James Rodriguez: "assumes that joined the group in the first of August, I look forward to this date strongly."

James Rodriguez: "I was always up to date Madrid, Madrid, Zidane, Ronaldo and Carlos when I was in 11, it was my dream to be here."

James Rodriguez: "Falcao!? Did not tell me anything about coming to Madrid, but its value players undoubtedly always wanted here."

James Rodriguez: "This stage of my life, the existence of such a large number of supporters something unique, I will never forget this day all my life."

James Rodriguez: "I have not spoken with Ronaldo before I came on to Madrid, happy to share his shirt for the club."

James Rodriguez: "The pressure is undoubtedly exists, you play for a great club valued at Real Madrid, you have to win and win and win trophies."

James Rodriguez: "Porto is the club that will not forget, but I was also dreamed of playing in Madrid, I wish success always for Porto."

James Rodriguez: "I would like to thank my wife, my sister, my mother and a lot of close, after a long wait for me and for them, the dream came true today."

James Rodriguez: "I'll do what I can and I train constantly and diligently until I get the confidence of coaches to participate, you must do as much as I have."

James Rodriguez: "Everyone here in Madrid to have a winning mentality."

James Rodriguez: "Cross the player has a lot of quality as the rest of the players in the team, everyone here has the mentality of a winning one."

James Rodriguez: "I also came to win, and I do not like the loss of this club and this is the perfect place to win."

James Rodriguez: "I wish I could prove I am worthy of playing for Real Madrid, and I hope I have the capacity to serve this great club."

James Rodriguez: "surrender!? There are no words to describe this feeling unique, always dreamed of this, the dream will not end here."

James Rodriguez: "We must work well before the European Super Cup and then the coach will decide if you're going to play or not."

James Rodriguez: "I am a believer and as long as I asked God to give me wisdom and talent, I asked him to play for Real Madrid and this is achieved."

James Rodriguez: "I have called Foundation (Colombia for all), is the poor who do not have the source to be football players."

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Real Madrid began selling jerseys Khamis Rodriguez.

Real Madrid News NowBegan to shop Real Madrid jerseys show the Colombian star award-winning World Cup Golden Boot and a candidate to win the award for the best player in Europe, a reference to the proximity of the club Real Madrid, The possibility of the player's transfer to Real Madrid could be tomorrow, Monday or Tuesday.

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