Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti aimed to contract with Ramires or Verratti

Real Madrid News NowDepending on what newspaper Marca in its edition for Saturday, it reports that coach Carlo Ancelotti has subtracting the two names others at the table to strengthen the midfield next season, and spoke Italian coach after the meeting, which was held earlier with Florentino Perez and Jose Angel Sanchez that all Ramires and Verratti of alternatives for Vidal and Pogba because of the difficulty of contracting with two.

Now Ramirez, owner of a 27-year focus with his team in the World Cup and Ancelotti knows him well because it is signed by him in 2010, but it seems that Mourinho will support it in the next season, and the other is Verati player club PSG, who was of key players with Ancelotti in the French team showed much Verratti his intention to play for a team in the Spanish capital, but it seems that the negotiations will be long and difficult between the two clubs.

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Real Madrid News Now, Suarez, another Bale

Real Madrid News NowReport Marca indicates that the signing of Luis Suarez will cost Real Madrid a lot, President Peres could agree on the conditions at the end, it can cost a lot of money, as happened in a deal Bale when he transfer from Tottenham last summer, we are talking about 90 or 100 million euros, according to various reports when transfer the Welsh for Real Madrid.

Please let us explanation for why he had agreed Uruguayan renewal contract until 2018, rising annual salary was thus condition the dissolution of a player reach 40 million pounds (47 million euros) and has now reached to 75 pounds (92 million euros), those numbers are not official, in fact, there are other sources talk about its price is 80 pounds (98 million euros), in any case, whether 90 or 100 million euros, is the same, which cost 91 million euros Bale, according to official figures for the club.

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خيسي يستأنف تمريناته من أجل العودة للملاعب .
Real Madrid News NowYoungster José Rodriguez continues his training to return to the pitch as soon as possible, the Canary has no time for a holiday, injured player in the second round match of the Champions League against Schalke, after a operation initiated training in the gym to strengthen his injured knee and return to training soon, in principle there is talk about his return early in December, but José will try to shorten everything.

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Real Madrid News Now, Post Cristiano Ronaldo in the World Cup in doubt

Real Madrid News NowPortuguese Football Federation issued in last Friday's statement on the injured Cristiano Ronaldo and his companion at Real Madrid Pepe, Cristiano Ronaldo suffers from two cases to miss the beginning of the World Cup finals, coach Portuguese Paulo Bento has impressed the press and the media when he confirmed that he quiet about post Cristiano Ronaldo in the World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo is suffering from a hamstring injury right is a need for a few months because fully recover from the injury this, moreover suffering from a thigh injury, the back of the leg right, be sure to miss Cristiano Ronaldo for two matches next for Portugal's friendly against Mexico and Ireland and his participation in the world Cup in doubt.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cannavaro candidate to replace Zinedine

Real Madrid News NowIn recent weeks, there is news that confirms the departure of Zinedine Zidane of the technical staff for Carlo Ancelotti after a period sufficient that gave him the experience to be a coach and fulfill his dream to become coach of the French national team, European clubs interested in signing with the French legend Zidane as a coach is Monaco and Bordeaux and option his departure from Real Madrid in the summer is almost certain, also a member of the technical staff for Ancelotti Paul Clement suggest news for his departure from Real Madrid in the summer .

The names of candidates for the succession Zidane and Paul Clement in seats Santiago Bernabeu are two names, the first Mauro Tassotti and the other for the former Real Madrid player Fabio Cannavaro, who aspires to be a coach is also a happy sticking Ancelotti in training crew Real Madrid is likely to be in the future coach for Real Madrid, the final decision for Carlo Ancelotti's accession to the approval of the two for his crew after the departure of Zidane and Clement.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Varane refuses Chelsea

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : French defender Rafael Varane said that he does not think never transition from Real Madrid in the summer to close the door so the Portuguese coach Mourinho.

The newspaper Marca statements of the French player, who confirmed that win the title La Décima was a dream come true and that the entire team is proud of what has been made.

And for Italian coach Ancelotti said defender: I completely concerted with the coach and wait to get a greater chance that there are strong defenders in the team but things will be good for the future.

And for Title La Décima of the Champions League, said: I respect the coach Diego Simeone is a very great coach has made things great and genius, but the title was the tenth obsession for us we have successfully achieved the dream.

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Real Madrid News Now, Diego Costa: Real Madrid was lucky in the final.

Real Madrid News Now : Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa Spaniard appeared in an interview with the Spanish newspaper Marca, Diego Costa asked about Real Madrid and said: Real Madrid in the final was very lucky.

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