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Bild newspaper responded to the press reports which claimed today travel agent Polish star Robert Lewandowski to Madrid to negotiate with Real Madrid.

Bild newspaper said in its report: "It is supposed to be 'attorney had traveled to Madrid to negotiate on the transfer of Lewandowski"

"But there are several reasons why Lewandowski .aal does not move to Madrid.

Firstly, it is the number one player in Bayern

. Secondly, he has a contract until 2019. "

"Thirdly, he feels comfortable in the city of Munich.

Fourthly, Bayern are among the best clubs in Europe and allows him to achieve a lot in the coming years. "


real madrid transfer news, Di Maria in Manchester for a medical

Real madrid transfer news-rumors : Di Maria is now already in the City of Manchester has traveled Di Maria to Manchester to conduct medical tests and then going to sign his contract with Man Utd for five seasons to come, and to sign within a few hours and the transaction value of 75 million euros and 15 million euros variables and will receive Di Maria salary of 8 million per season,

Press reports have indicated that Real Madrid presentation was made to renew the player a salary of six million euros, but Di Maria rejected this salary because it is not enough for him. Di Maria will become a big boost for Van Gaal, who expressed his will the coming of large Angel and wants him to change the dynamic bad that began with the team in the Premier League.

Real madrid transfer news-rumors


real madrid transfer news, Liverpool looking for a replacement Suarez

Real madrid transfer news : Liverpool looking for a replacement player Suarez in the event of a move to Real Madrid.

Made headlines in the news this week transition Suarez title and the first since Francois Gallardo said: supposed to renew his contract with Liverpool player but he expressed his desire to move to Real Madrid.

So the administration has stepped up its campaign to place the player compensation in case of transmission was chosen as Carlos Tevez (who plays for Serie A) to occupy the place of Suarez.

FIFA agent Francois Gallardo insisted talking about and he sure Suarez move to Real Madrid as moved by him Welsh star Gareth Bale of Tottenham Hotspur, and confirmed that he will be a strong addition, despite the presence of the most powerful line of attack in the world , consisting of BBC

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Real madrid transfer news - Carlo Ancelotti required to contract with Ashley Cole.

Real madrid transfer news : Sources told the Express the British that the Italian coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, asked the club management contract with back veteran England Ashley Cole, and preparing Carlo Ancelotti's departure of Fabio coentrao expected in the winter or later in the summer and it is required to secure for the check back left, recent problems between Mourinho and Ashley Cole after attending the celebrations for the last players Arsenal Christmas and asked Mourinho contract with Southampton-back Luke Shaw are all factors indicate that the deal could occur in the winter.

Real madrid transfer news
Real madrid transfer new - Arsene Wenger accelerate negotiations Morata and will sign him on loan

Real madrid transfer new : Latest news in the case of Spanish striker young Alvaro Morata indicate that the player is close to moving to England, which between Tottenham and Arsenal, and exited News Spanish yesterday stating that Murata will be a player for Tottenham in the next week on loan while confirming newspaper DailyMail UK The Arsenal led coach Arsene Wenger accelerate negotiations in order to secure the arrival of the player and help the striker Oliver Giroux, Murata take his chances with Carlo Ancelotti and convinces him that he did not seem so far in light shine mate Khisa therefore , Wenger wants Kaarh for 6 months.

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Real madrid transfer news - Real Madrid interested in Paulinho and wants in the winter.

Real madrid transfer news : Will enter Real Madrid for the third time in negotiations with Tottenham for Brazilian Paulinho by Helms in The telegraph newspaper UK, and was Paulinho shine in the Confederations Cup and brought Daniel Levy of the team Corinthians of Brazil in the amount of 20 million euros and could be a new conflict between Perez and Levi on Paulinho in next winter.

Real madrid transfer news
Real madrid transfer news - Daily Star: Alonso will leave in the summer and destination are Chelsea or Man United

Real madrid transfer news : Despite the recent news that came out of the Spanish press, which reassured the audience Madrid's hold Alonso and renovated, but the Daily Star confirms that Alonso would leave Real Madrid in the summer and the next destination will be Chelsea or Manchester United, in England assert that Alonso will return, although the proportion of renovated Real Madrid only 10% while increasing the proportion of his departure towards Albremarleg each day goes on, and emphasizes the British newspaper the Manchester United negotiate with the player of the month of November, a month before now and also Mourinho will not forget the former player and if they heard the news show for his release will go immediately to sign him.

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Real madrid transfer news - Casillas is shown to the press: not thinking of going to another team

real madrid transfer news : Captain Real Madrid Iker Casillas delivered today a lecture to a group of guards junior in Qatar where the Foundation aims Iker Casillas in cooperation with the Academy of Aspire Qatar for training 20 guard emerging country in various international schools, Casillas today delivered a lecture from Spain by the video and asked which one of the students for his future, he said: I'm not thinking about going to another team to be a second guard.

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Real madrid transfer news - Fourteen players contracts expire next summer.

Real madrid transfer news : Tuttomercatoweb site published a list of the most prominent Italian players who have contracts expire next summer, the list included 15 players, including Spanish international Xabi Alonso, where his contract expires next summer and will be free after only 4 days, the location is the fact that a variety of players who are 

Evra - Vidic - Terry - Sanya.
Pirlo - Alonso - Fernando.
Menez - Klose - Lewandowski.
In addition to player PSG Matuidi
and Eto'o Chelsea and CSKA Moscow player Akinfeev

Real madrid transfer news
Real madrid transfer news - Juventus is preparing to sell Bugba identifies 60 million euros to drop him.

Real madrid transfer news : French sources familiar with the French star of Juventus Bugba preparing to leave the Italian club in the summer, came after a recent statement for Juventus president Andrea Agnelli said: in the winter will not have a problem in maintaining the Bugba but the danger lies in the future. This statement assured all that Bugba did not renew his contract with the team and getting ready to leave, with reports confirmed that the PSG will go on-line and offers 40 million euros for the player, but Juventus select the price of 60 million euros, are competing for the young Frenchman of many clubs, including Real Madrid, Manchester United and PSG.

Real madrid transfer news
real madrid transfer news - penalty clause in the contract allows him to leave Suarez outside England to 100 million euros.

real madrid transfer news : Striker distinctive Liverpool Luis Suarez has signed a contract renewal last week for two seasons, and the newspaper The Mirror about the secret of a new player's contract as the administration put a clause in his contract allowing him to leave for outside England in the amount of 100 million euros, while if he decides to leave for the English team would be on the club who wants to pay 130 million euros.

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Real madrid transfer - newsEngland clubs are competing to sign with Di Maria in the next summer.

Real madrid transfer : According to press reports that the Argentine international doubt in the summer before signing with "Gareth Bale" that he would lose his place in favor of the Welsh in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and there was strong speculation that he will move to the Premier League after the advent of Bale from Tottenham last summer, and there are clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham want Signature him but coach Carlo Ancelotti opted sale Mesut Ozil to Arsenal, citing the benefit of Di Maria, who gives a balance to the team, according to the newspaper Spanish Marca today that Di Maria has told his agent that he would not seek to leave Madrid in January, but will consider the offers after the "finals world Cup."

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real madrid transfer news - Juventus back again in order to get Xabi Alonso

real madrid transfer news : It is said that there are clubs such as Juventus and Manchester City and Manchester United Tadrid contract with Xabi Alonso here is Juventus back again in the race to sign midfielder "Real" Xabi Alonso Italian club will face competition to sign with the Spanish midfielder of Manchester United and Manchester City, according Radio Alkadina Sir Spanish that Alonso will leave Madrid after the World Cup ....

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Real madrid transfer news - Florentino Perez fan of Wayne Rooney and is ready to provide 20 million euros

real madrid transfer news : According to the newspaper The Sun English that Real Madrid wanted to sign with a player Manchester United and Wayne Rooney whose contract expires in 2015 but the "Red Devils" are determined to maintain the revelations at the club for as long as possible and began negotiations on the renewal of a contract Rooney in "Manchester United" but even now no agreement is reached and the newspaper pointed out that Real Madrid are still chasing the English star and president Florentino Perez impressed with the golden boy England and ready to offer 20 million euros in the summer.

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real madrid transfer news - Xabi Alonso asking 10 million euros to renew for two seasons

real madrid transfer news : Newspaper SportYOU talked today about the renewal of Xabi Alonso to his contract with Real Madrid, the newspaper says that Xabi Alonso asked 10 million euro salary for two seasons for renewal where he is receiving 5 million euros per year and will be signed later to Real Madrid for two seasons, the player realizes that he signed another contract in his career and thus It is possible that he wants to seal his career at Real Madrid and paper stresses that Xavi has already talked with other clubs, and in the same context, the paper said that Real Madrid made a display for Xabi Alonso and asked him to think about until December 31, and then make his decision.

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real madrid transfer news - Real Madrid put on the table a contract renewal Alonso.real madrid transfer news : The newspaper El Confidencial The Real Madrid put a contract renewal on the table Alonso, Florentino Perez is Alonso the most important pillars of his new project team has developed a contract renewal on his desk a contract for two years with the lifting of his salary, Real Madrid will renew for Alonso up to 2016 with an annual salary six million euros and so will become after Cristiano and Bill Ramos and Casillas in the Real Madrid salary scale, Perez given a deadline for Xabi Alonso until the beginning of the new year and then will consider the decision about the player and the paper points out that Perez will bring replacement player in case of failure of renewal with Alonso.

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Real madrid transfer news - Dream contracting with Manchester United's Cristiano fading.

Real madrid transfer news : Dream club Manchester United is to atone for the previous error to sell Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid, atonement passes through to convince the player to return to Old Trafford where he was Scot David Moyes statement last week expressing his dream to train Cristiano Ronaldo, this dream is "fading" where the Portuguese is very happy at Real Madrid after his recent statements with Radio Alkadinakobh where expressed his happiness and his desire Retiring at Real Madrid, as well as the most important reason is a big item in the penal hold Portuguese and all these things make the dream of restoring Cristiano Ronaldo impossible.

Real madrid transfer news Exclusive
Real madrid transfer rumors - Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Manchester United after the World Cup

Real madrid transfer news : According to the newspaper "Daily the Sunday" that the Champions league they have little chance to recover Allaabralbrtagala to England in January, but it can be done this agreement after the "World Cup" in 2014 next summer Earlier this week admitted coach "Red Devils "David Moyes as wants to work with Ronaldo on the" Old Trafford "and now there is real hope of returning to his former club in 2014, the owner of 28 years recently talked about his contract, which runs for five years, new in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium is that the ending speculation he left last summer, but officials "Manchester United" is still confident that they can negotiate a huge deal of money ....

Real madrid transfer news Exclusive


Real madrid transfer news - Coentrao renew his contract with Real Madrid to the year 2018.Real madrid transfer news : The newspaper AS that the Portuguese player Fabio Coentrao renewed his contract with Real Madrid until the summer of 2018, and was held Portuguese player Coentrao expires in the summer of 2017 with the Royal Group, and agreed the club with the Portuguese player Coentrao an increase in his salary, has been reported AS earlier that the Department of Real Madrid are considering improving the contract of Portuguese players all peppy and Coentrao and the renewal of their contract with the Spanish club.

Real madrid transfer news Exclusive


Real madrid transfer news - Aguero will surprise Perez in 2014.

Real madrid transfer news : The Web site that Argentine Sergio Aguero will be a surprise President Florentino Perez in 2014, and the website said that the player's transfer to Real Madrid will not be easy, especially after the attention of FC Barcelona annexation of the player to their ranks , but Real Madrid would be the closest to the player, especially after the agreement President Florentino Perez with the player Aguero after he refused to Atletico Madrid sell Aguero to Real Madrid, has agreed Perez with the player that he is brought to Madrid from Club Mansstr City, and will provide Real Rmadrid 40 million euros to bring in Aguero, and the player will be Aguero is close to a move to Real Madrid, and especially that the player wants to play at Real Madrid.

Real madrid transfer news Exclusive