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جدول مباريات ريال مدريد التحضيرية للموسم الجديد .

Real madrid fixtures : Begins Real Madrid preparations for the new season 2014-2015, the club will begin preparations on Saturday, July 14th, where will the first training of the season to attend everyone with the exception of international and who will return in turn is expected to be the first day of a medical examinations and Yakyih, Real Madrid schedule will be in America, where will defend the championship heroes friendly and obtained last summer against Chelsea where they will face Inter Milan, Rome and Manchester United before playing with Fiorentina at the end of the summer games.

Table Real Madrid in the Champions Cup friendly "Guinness" /

Real madrid fixtures


Real madrid fixtures, Fixtures semi-finals of Copa del Rey

Real madrid fixtures : Spanish Federation confirmed the Fixtures of the semi-final of Copa del Rey, Real Madrid will face Atletico Madrid back in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on February 5, while the second leg will be on Alvicenta Calderon Stadium on Wednesday, February 12th, Real Madrid will play crucial games in 10 days as follows ...

Real Madrid vs Bilbao " February 2 AWAY "
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, " February 5 HOME "
Real Madrid vs Villarreal " February 8
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, " February 12,

Real madrid fixtures


Real madrid fixtures - The Spanish Union determines round number "23-24-25" of La Liga

Real madrid fixtures : the Spanish Union announced the dates for La Liga rounds No. 23-24-25 Real Madrid will play Villarreal at home while visiting Alfonso Perez Stadium to face Getafe and after the hosts Elche as follows /

Round 23
/ Real Madrid × Villarreal "Saturday, February 8 th at 20:00 local time at 19:00 GMT"
Round 24 / Real Madrid
× Getafe "Sunday, February 17 th at 17:00 local time at 16:00 GMT"
Round 25
/ Real Madrid × Elche "Saturday, February 22 th at 16:00 local time at 15:00 GMT"

Real madrid fixtures


Real Madrid fixtures - Spanish Federation setting a date for the round number "21-22" of La Liga

Real Madrid fixtures : Select the Spanish Federation Fixtures rounds 21-22 of  La Liga, Real Madrid will face Granada in the round of 21 of La Liga and the game will be played on January 25 at 16:00 local time "15:00 GMT" at the Bernabeu Stadium, in the round of 22 riyals Madrid will play Athletic Bilbao in the San Mamés stadium and the match will be played on Sunday, February 2nd at 21:00 local time "20:00 GMT "

Real Madrid fixtures


Real madrid fixtures, Luis Enrique returns to the Bernabeu Stadium again

Real madrid fixtures : Monday will see the return of the Real Madrid player Barcelona and former Luis Enrique to the Bernabeu, but this time as a coach for the club Siltavaego, passed 10 years on the Clasico famous between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which saw Amshadah between Zidane and Enrique on the pitch and ended Classico 2003 1-1, Enrique play with Real Madrid in the period between 1991-1996 and then moved to Barcelona because of a campaign of Real Madrid fans it and then played 9 classics stadium Bernabeu shirt Barcelona and every time he comes to the Bernabeu gets a lot of indignation by the public Bernabeu, Enrique scored two goals against Real Madrid shirt Barcelona at the Bernabeu and each time the score celebrated Alakhras signal to the public and the public was always Balsefrat reply to him, last Clasico was played in 2003, and witnessed the incident with the famous Zidane second coach for Real Madrid now .

Real madrid fixtures

Real madrid fixtures - Ancelotti calls 20 players to face Celta de Vigo

Real madrid fixtures : Declared the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti for the squad to face the recalled Siltavaego at the Bernabeu tomorrow
Goalkeepers: Casillas - Lopez - Jesus.

Line of defense: Pepe - Ramos - Marcelo - Carvajal - Arbeloa - Nacho.

Midfielders: Alonso - Bale - Casimero - Modric - Di Maria - Isco - illaramendi.

Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo - Karim Benzema - josé Rodriguez - Alvaro Morata.

Real madrid fixtures


Real madrid fixtures - round 18 : Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo

Real madrid fixtures : Teams: Real Madrid Vs Celta Vigo.
Occasion: the round 18 of the Spanish La Liga.

Date of meeting : Monday 01/06/2014
Date for the meeting : 00:18 GMT
Referee:  Alvarez Izquierdo

The meeting Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu.

Real madrid fixtures


Real madrid fixtures - Real Madrid Vs PSG

Real madrid fixtures : in Clasico a friendly, Stadium hosts of the 2022 World Cup stadiums tough match between two teams already met in one match during the warm-up matches.
And between the two stars met in the playoffs Aruban to run for the World Cup Will the Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal to prove their eligibility Ballon d'Or is the star of the Paris Saint-Germain and Sweden's decision last Ibrahimovic denies decision Don ..??

Real madrid fixtures


Real madrid fixtures

Real madrid fixtures Away Games
 Real Madrid - Real Betis

Granada - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Athletic Bilbao
Villarreal - Real Madrid

Real Madrid - Getafe
Elchi - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid
 6 /10/2013 
 Levante - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Malacca
 Barcelona - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Sevilla
Rayo Vallecano - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Real Sociedad
 Almeria - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Valladolid
Osasuna - Real Madrid
 Valencia - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Celta de Vigo
 Espanyol - Real Madrid

Real madrid fixtures Home Games

 Betis - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Granada
Athletic Bilbao - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Villarreal


Getafe - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Tish
Atletico Madrid - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Levante
 Malacca - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Barcelona
 Sevilla - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Rayo Vallecano
Real Sociedad - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Almeria
Valladolid - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Osasuna
Real Madrid - Valencia
Celta de Vigo - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Espanyol
Real madrid fixtures - Valencia vs Real Madrid - Match Preview

Real madrid fixtures : Real Madrid in the round of 17 of the league after his performance bad in front of Osasuna and stay away from the lead aspires to win over Valencia in order to compete for the league and the prosecution of Barcelona and Atlético Madrid at the top of the league standings and not bleeding a lot of points an exciting match and a tough Real Madrid's victory over Valencia wants to climb the ranking ladder and compete on a European seat match strong and sexy in who will be the winner ?

 Teams: Valencia VS Real Madrid
Occasion: the round of 17 of the league
Day and Date: Sun / 22 - Dec - 2013
Date for the meeting: 20:00 GMT
Referee: Fernando Teixeira
Stadium match: mestalla

Select the Spanish football later seventeenth round of La Liga, which visited the Real Madrid club Valencia on December 22 at 21:00 local time [23:00 GMT], and states that this will be the last game in 2013, after which the league will depend because of the Christmas holiday to come back in 4 or January 5, 2014 ..!

Real madrid fixtures, 


Real madrid fixtures, Spanish Federation determines the dates of round matches 19-20 of La Liga

Real madrid fixtures : Select the Spanish Football Fixtures 19-20 round of the Spanish league, Real Madrid, Espanyol will play in the round of 19 and will play on Sunday, January 12th on the Stadium Alcornela Prat in Barcelona at 19:00 (local time) "18 : 00 GMT "and after 6 days Real Madrid will fly to the team to face Betis on Saturday, January 18th at 16:00 local time" 18:00 GMT "

Real madrid fixtures


Real madrid fixtures, Real Madrid has not lost to Osasuna in Copa del Rey

Real madrid fixtures : Real Madrid met with Osasuna in three confrontations in the cup and over Real Madrid with ease towards the next round, "1934-1940-1987 and, after quoting from the cup qualified twice for the final won one and lost to Espanyol in the second and qualify for the semi-finals in the third and lost to Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid face Osasuna in 1934 and won back-and-forth 3-0 and then 5-1 in the 1940 Real Madrid won at home 4-1 and then won 3-1 in Pamplona and finally in the 1987 season, Real Madrid won 2-1 in Pamplona and won home 4-1.

Real madrid fixtures


Real madrid fixtures - Real Madrid will face Atletico Madrid Home after Schalke and Barcelona after Away Schalke

Real madrid fixtures : Table Real Madrid in the last 16 of the Champions League will be difficult for the White team, the draw and put it in front of Schalke 04 German and Real Madrid has a table relatively difficult in the league where they will face his main rival in the league Atletico Madrid go after Schalke and Barcelona after the second leg Schalke, newspaper As team calendar, which follows 

Real madrid fixtures
Real Madrid vs Aleche [Bernabeu - 23/02/2014]
Real Madrid vs Schalke [Germany - 02.26.2014]
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid [Alvicenta Calderon - 03/02/2014]
Real Madrid vs Levante [Bernabeu - 09/03/2014]
Real Madrid vs Malacca [Stadium Malacca - 16/03/2014]
Real Madrid vs Schalke [Bernabeu - 03/18/2014]
Real Madrid vs Barcelona [Bernabeu - 03/23/2014]

Real madrid fixtures


Real madrid fixtures - Champions League Real Madrid vs Galatasaray

Real madrid fixtures 

 Teams: Real Madrid Vs Galatasaray.
Occasion: the group stage of the Champions League.

Date of meeting: Wednesday, 11/27/2013.
Date for the meeting : 45: 19 GMT.
Referee: not yet determined.

Stadium meeting: the Santiago Bernabeu.

Real madrid fixtures Exclusive


Real madrid fixtures - Almeria vs Real Madrid

Almeria vs Real Madrid
Date: Wed 23/11/2013
Time: 19:00 GMT
Venue: Juan Rojas
Occasion: round [14] La Liga

Real madrid fixtures


 مباريات لاعبي ريال Real madrid fixtures - matches Real Madrid players with National Teamsمع منتخبات بلدانهم . [ التوقيت + القناة الناقلة ]
Real madrid fixtures: Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe and Coentrao, Casillas, Ramos, Arbeloa, Alonso, Varane, Benzema, Morata, Carvajal, Modric, Di Maria, all of whom will be in a new round of international commitments with their national teams. Here is a table games for Real Madrid players with their national teams, Sami Khedira rule out the German team after injury that he suffered while Bale does not have an international obligation on Tuesday.

Teams: Spain VS South Africa.
Occasion: a friendly match.
Date of meeting: Tuesday 19/11/2013.
Date of the meeting: 19:00 GMT.
Meeting Stadium: Soccer City "Johannesburg - South Africa."

Teams: Portugal VS Sweden.
Appropriate: leg Appendix Qualification for the World Cup in Brazil 2014.
Date of meeting: Tuesday 19/11/2013.
Date of the meeting: at 19:45 GMT.
Meeting Stadium: Stadium Friends "Sweden".

Teams: Croatia VS Iceland.
Appropriate: leg Appendix Qualification for the World Cup in Brazil 2014.
Date of meeting: Tuesday 19/11/2013.
Date of the meeting: 19:15 GMT.
Course of the meeting: stadium Maksmir "Zagreb - Croatia".

Teams: France VS Ukraine.
Appropriate: leg Appendix Qualification for the 2014 World Cup.
Date of meeting: Tuesday 19/11/2013.
Date of the meeting: 20:00 GMT.
Meeting Stadium: princes Park "Paris - France."

Teams: Argentina VS Bosnia.
Occasion: a friendly match.
Date of meeting: Wednesday, 20/11/2013.
Date of the meeting: 1: 30 GMT
Course of the meeting: ----.

Teams: Spain U21 VS Albania under 21 years old.
Pacheco, Murata and Carvajal.
Occasion: qualifying for the European Championship under 21 years old.
Date of meeting: Monday, 18/11/2013.
Date of the meeting: 13:00 GMT.
Meeting Stadium: Stadium Ruzhdi Bizhuta "Albania".

Real madrid fixtures Exclusive