Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano is ready for Bayern, but may not start

Real Madrid News Now : The newspaper Marca Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to face Bayern Munich has recovered player practically from tendinitis in his left knee, and Real Madrid fans may breathe a sigh of relief - where their star Golden will be there to help his team in transit to the final round great, but we still have to see if will start or not.

Fortunately, it has become clear that the danger is diminished and that Ronaldo is ready to help his team in the next match. The player is preparing to take to the pitch and Join the semi-finals where it will be his fourth respectively in the Champions League. Since the previous three witnessed his crash at this point specifically of the tournament and he does not want to see the same thing happen again.

If not anything undesirable from now until Wednesday, the CR7 will appear again after 21 days on his game against Borussia past at the Bernabeu on April 2. Three weeks passed without playing because of his knee and then because of a hamstring injury.

At that time, it was Real Madrid have won in three games, including the cup final, and lost once against Borussia Dortmund.

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Real Madrid News Now, Marca on Friday, Bolt: Bale fastest football player in the world

Bale hoping for a record of hostility
Bolt (the fastest runner in the world) pays tribute to the star Bale
Fastest man in the world is talking about Bale (train Cardiff City)
Bolt: Bale goal so fast like a dream
Bolt: Bale fastest football player in the world
Baku i see myself in Gareth Bell
His Bale against Barcelona will be presented by force against Bayern

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Real Madrid News Now, Florentino Perez: You must win the Cup

Real Madrid News NowMet Florentino Perez and Jose Angel Sanchez athletic director general of Real Madrid players in training today in valdabebas and asked them to achieve to win the Copa del Rey and the importance of the match when he said to them: "You must achieve the cup, you must hold out from the start to finish, "Florentino Perez student players Ancelotti and playing with courage and a good way against Barcelona as it was a way to play against Almeria.

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Real Madrid News Now, Spanish journalist confirms Ronaldo participation in the Copa del Rey final

Real Madrid News Now : In a program Chiringuito yesterday confirmed the Spanish journalist Nacho Pena reassuring fans that Cristiano Ronaldo will play the cup final against Barcelona, ​​whatever it takes, and even though it was on crutches in the game where he said: "Participation of Cristiano Ronaldo in the final ? I'm not afraid of the participation or not, his participation will be confirmed, but the fear that does not play well in but will miss against Almeria to avoid increasing the pain in his knee, "

The journalist enter and talked about Ronaldo said: "the injury, which took place the player has 4 levels and Ronaldo in the second level and suffers little pain and he needs rest for 10 days and will be capable for his return, but we'll see whether or not it will participate. "

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Real Madrid News Now, After the nerves and tension Real Madrid to the semi-finals

Real Madrid News Now : The match ended with the excitement of power between the owner of the land and the public Borussia Dortmund away with Real Madrid win the German club with two goals to none. Now that the result of the first leg at the Bernabeu, which ended with three clean had a decisive word. Real Madrid turned in a dismal performance in a strange harmony and tactics.

 With the beginning of the second half, Ancelotti tried to correct a big mistake done by caving basic and down Isco place Illarramendi bad and turned Bill as a striker and right-back left Di Maria and striker Isco left to change the performance of the team a little better.
Had many opportunities to Dortmund to increase the yield of the goals, but Casillas has had a decisive word repelled three goals Inquirer.
Isco income and Casimero
and Varane replacements for each of the Illara and Di Maria and Benzema.

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid La Liga leaders, but for the errors of arbitration 
 Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid La Liga leaders, but for the errors of arbitration

Real Madrid News Now : There are no errors in the arbitration, this means that Real Madrid will be in the lead. This is the conclusion that came out by the previous refeere Rafa Gerer who analyzed the controversial games throughout the season, and came to the conclusion that one of the mistakes and successes of all days, the Real Madrid must be first in the standings.

After that assessed the matches that benefited teams or damaged, should be done to increase the extra point for Real Madrid in the league standings, while it should be deducted 4 points for Atletico Madrid. That would raise the balance to be Real Madrid 77 points, while the total Atletico 75. But the most obvious case is that Barcelona, ​​which, according to calculations Rafa Guerrero, should be reduced from nine points, points, so it will be third place with only 69 points, and this is what governs on the verge of leaving the competition for the league title.

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Real Madrid News Now, Video out Cristiano and the probability of absence

Real Madrid News Now : Spanish channel AsTv put video's Cristiano Ronaldo in training today and it did not complete the required training because of pain in his left knee and the probability of non-participation tomorrow against Borussia Dortmund, to watch the video from here.

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Real Madrid News Now, Carlo Ancelotti: Cristiano will not play "excerpts from the conference"

Real Madrid News Now : Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference to talk about the game between Real Madrid and Real Sociedad.

Carlo : José exposure for fever and inflammation in the knee, will return to Germany in order to sit down with the doctor again.
Ancelotti : Cristiano will not play tomorrow.
Carlo : Cristiano will be ready to fully on Tuesday and will be at rest tomorrow only.
Ancelotti : Real Sociedad of the toughest teams will face strong tomorrow.
Carlo : to win tomorrow, we must provide 100% of our efforts on the pitch.
Ancelotti : Cristiano alternative? We can play with Morata or Isco and perhaps change the Bell Centre.
Carlo : Isco will play tomorrow.
Ancelotti : Di Maria will return tomorrow for the list, but it will be present in the bench.
Carlo : Do not win tomorrow in
Anoeta difficult matters a lot, we want to win tomorrow.
Ancelotti : I do not like to talk about punishment Barcelona, I'm here to talk about football. 

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Real Madrid News Now, Pepe gets more faults in his favor, and at least it

Real Madrid News Now : Player Pepe commits faults are a few of La Liga with an average foults15 fault in 169 minutes while Dani Alves commits 26 fault, after the end of the match against Borussia echoed the masses of the Bernabeu in the name of Pepe and was happy about it and said: "I know I made a good season," and praised him Anceolte saying: "it offers a good level, Not only in front of Borussia, but in all the matches played by "Pepe like a born again and is now going through the best epochs, it is the player most used by Ancelotti, in front of Borussia was fast moving and starting to play the ball well and is due back immediately to deal with any attack and abort this season is great for Pepe.

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