Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti: We do not defeat pained happy with this year

Real Madrid News Now : Technical Director of Real Madrid, the Italian Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that the loss of his team today in a friendly in Dubai Challenge Cup Championship from AC Milan 4-2 is not painful, expressing his happiness at the end of "this wonderful year."

Ancelotti said in a statement issued by the club, "We need a game like this after the holiday week, defeat is not pained at all, and the team was good at the tactical level, now we get a lot of rest and prepare to face Valencia ", on the fourth of next month claim derby.

Regarding the game, the coach said, "Milan played well and in the best of us, can not be said that this is an impact on what we did in this wonderful year."

Regarding the Brazilian Marcelo, who is recovering from his injury, said: "We have good news about it is coming from the city's sports club, Marcelo trained."

He added Ancelotti "fans give us her love all over the place, the same as what we found in Marrakech was here, José play an hour and a level was good, especially in the second half, I have recovered fully."

Real Madrid managed during the 2014 coronation of the Champions League title for the tenth time and the Club World Cup and the European Super Cup and Copa Del Rey

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