Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Transfer news/rumors : Arbeloa close to Arsenal

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : After the departure of Xabi Alonso, Arbeloa became close to the exit after the adoption of the Carvajal Ancelotti, who gave a good performance and Arsenal became interested in the player, feelings Arbeloa in the first league match against Cordoba is not good, which decides to leave in order to get minutes to play in the Premier League

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors
Real Madrid News Now, Bayern sporting director: Alonso is still capable of giving.

Real Madrid News NowDeployment of Bayern Munich official statement shortly before confirming transfer to Real Madrid player Xabi Alonso for the German team, the club confirmed that Alonso will arrive this afternoon for Munich for a medical and signing for the club German contract for two seasons, and showed the club in the statement modern sporting director Matthias Sammer who praised Alonso said: negotiations with Real Madrid was positive and the club did not difficult negotiations, Alonso will arrive in order to put the finishing touches on the deal, Alonso demand large here in Munich, and I think he will fill this requirement and, of course, signing him was a decision athlete purely and will contribute to raising the quality of the team, Alonso still able to give and I'm sure this thing.

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Real Madrid News Now, Khisa continue operations recovery

Real Madrid News NowJesse Rodriguez does not miss a second without that works to get rid of the knee injury he suffered last season and does not want the rest of it is working hard to return to the pitch as soon as possible, said Jesse Rodriguez, "It's never too late I am I'm going to work everything and Sacrifice have a back order, including better than before, "said Jesse Rodriguez this message" through his account in the social network Twitter, which has also put a picture of him and he works hard in the gym to speed up the process of his recovery from a knee injury.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Di Maria: I did not want to leave Real Madrid

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Marca newspaper published exclusively message Argentine Angel Di Maria for Real Madrid fans after the announcement of his departure from the club, Di Maria's joined Manchester United for the next 5 years.

Dear Madresimo,

I've come the end of the sessions at Real Madrid, it is impossible to write down your feelings in these lines, but I'll try to show you some of the things, in these four years I have had the honor to wear this shirt and I was proud to play for Real Madrid, unfortunately today must go and this never not my desire, and I'm like anyone else loves his work and loves that where there are always achieved my dream of winning champions and achieve La Decima and then I went to the World Cup and I went back and found many lies about a future where they wanted to always keep me off the club, I just want to tell you that the reason for my departure is not materially or related to the salary, but for other things I wish I could find it at Manchester United one of the biggest clubs in the world.

 I did not feel affection at the club by the administration probably because I'm not a taste of football to one of the persons in the administration, I had pride in sharing a dressing room club with the best players in the world, and I apologize that caused something bad and I were not I have the intention to abuse never what I can say is I made all I have for the team, I would like to thank Spain for everything, most notably the birth of my daughter at home and my family and I would be grateful for this state always and I want to thank Real Madrid and all its employees, I wish the best for Real Madrid and the achievement of championships and I had moments to forget in the Bernabeu most important when the audience clapped me in the game and time super chill and I felt this moment I will never forget, I do not think that there is a farewell better than this after my absence from the last game.

Hala Madrid Forever!

Angel Di Maria.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors
real madrid transfer news, Di Maria in Manchester for a medical

Real madrid transfer news-rumors : Di Maria is now already in the City of Manchester has traveled Di Maria to Manchester to conduct medical tests and then going to sign his contract with Man Utd for five seasons to come, and to sign within a few hours and the transaction value of 75 million euros and 15 million euros variables and will receive Di Maria salary of 8 million per season,

Press reports have indicated that Real Madrid presentation was made to renew the player a salary of six million euros, but Di Maria rejected this salary because it is not enough for him. Di Maria will become a big boost for Van Gaal, who expressed his will the coming of large Angel and wants him to change the dynamic bad that began with the team in the Premier League.

Real madrid transfer news-rumors
Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid offers a kit Champions League

Real Madrid News NowReal Madrid made a second kit in the Champions League in the presentation of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, and the new kit in black in addition to the presence of a dragon on the chest.

The display kit Casillas, Marcelo, Alonso, Bale and James was responsible for presentation ButragueƱo, and the club is hoping many of the successes of this group of the team and the success in sales of the new kit.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo and five months without readiness

Real Madrid News NowSince that sat on the ground in the first leg match Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League and if Cristiano Ronaldo is not perfect, the Ronaldo did not participate in a full match with Real Madrid since that game where the team played 16 games with the World Cup matches was the Cristiano does not play naturally only in 4 games and was the last matches against Atletico Madrid and Cristiano play as an alternative, Cristiano completed 5 months without a high-readiness of forcing himself on the play and biasing the injury that he suffered.

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