Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid will sign with Matuidi for free

Real Madrid News Now : The emergence of agent FIFA Gallardo in the program Altshiringo make it blow the surprise for Real Madrid, the first surprises was Thomas Muller The second is for the French Blaise Matuidi where he confirmed Gallardo said Ancelotti impressed with him and he wants in the ranks of Real Madrid, Matwedi will be free to the end of June, Real Madrid will sign him as a free next summer, according to FIFA agent.

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Real Madrid News Now, Luka Modric: I want to retire at Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : Spoke Star Croatian Luka Modric in an interview with the BBC, the newspaper As presented part of the interview where he spoke at the outset about the level with Real Madrid and said: I had some difficulties in the beginning and I was in need of support and this is what gave me as Mourinho and I am grateful to him and he did a lot of Madrid to sign me, I'm not thinking of leaving in Madrid and I want to continue for a long time, although I could retire here, retire here. 

Also talked about Real Madrid this season and said : I live for the moment, especially with the fans and the Bernabeu, where they give me the motivation to make more effort and I can not relax in fulfillment of their demands. Modric spoke about the pressure of playing for Real Madrid and said: I'm happy in Spain and in Madrid and also my family happy, pressure motivates me to give back. And appearances in the media said Modric: I do not like to appear too much, perhaps, in the second interview showed me after the interview with Real Madrid TV official. "Is not intended to interviews and statements after the games."

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Real Madrid News Now, Mourinho : Courtois is Chelsea goalkeeper

Real Madrid News Now : Former coach of Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho and current coach of Chelsea, was at the press conference to talk about Chelsea and Everton, Mourinho was asked about the cover of the As and who talked about the interest in Real Madrid goalkeeper Belgian Courtois, where he said about it, "Courtois our guardian, has the contract extends for two years and it would be easy keep it and we will fight to preserve it."

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Real Madrid News Now, Zidane successful signing for Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : Surprise President Florentino Perez was betting on the French legend Zinedine Zidane as an assistant for Ancelotti, Zidane did not disappoint conjecture has managed to be signing the successful Perez where revived for Benzema and was able to ignite the spirit in José the most important achievements with Real Madrid so far, the experience of the French stadiums are expected to serve the youth club, especially if Carlo Ancelotti began to rely on young Nacho and José and Morata and Casemiro and Illarramendi and others were started Zidane to restore life to his compatriot Karim Benzema and could also escalate José the first team and became one of the most important players of the team.

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من بريطانيا : مورينهو يريد فاران .

Real Madrid News Now : According to British press reports, the Portuguese coach, former Real Madrid Jose Mourinho wanted to sign with a star in Real Madrid French Varane, it seems that he does not want to rely on Luiz and wants to replace it with Varane, Mourinho is ascended Varane for Real Madrid first and relied upon in lieu of Pepe in most games and now he is wanted in Chelsea, where he was not impressed with a way to play Luiz and wants to replace it with Varane.

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Real Madrid News Now, English newspapers demanding the return Ozil to Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : I spoke English newspapers today about the poor performance of Ozil several match against Bayern Munich, where suspended: that Ozil came to Arsenal at a great value and did not offer anything with the club but did not show up to its level usual as it was with Real Madrid and attacked newspapers Ozil largely due to poor performance of the player special in recent weeks and he missed the penalty in the match Bayern newspapers and demanded returns Ozil to Real Madrid and bring instead him José or Gareth Bale.

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Real Madrid News Now, Schalke training plan Borussia Dortmund

Real Madrid News Now : Coach Schalke Keller has a suitable plan to beat Real Madrid, the German coach will depend on the plan Borussia Dortmund that I use in front of Real Madrid, a high-pressure and play vertical and side directly, a method which was won by the German team four goals, according to Marca, the Schalke trained on this plan throughout the past two weeks, where he has the players are able to implement the plan and the goal was to prevent Real Madrid from the possession and control of the ball well in the air balls.

In principle, Schalke has one of the fastest players Bundesliga Farfan and will fit perfectly to plan a high pressure, the team has the attackers dangerous two Salazaa and Huntelaar both played at Real Madrid, but the news suggests that Keller will pay for Huntelaar alone who was accompanied by Ramos and Pepe at a time, Schalke's match up with Real Madrid is unique in not losing only once in the last 11 games and are fourth in the Bundesliga and is fighting hard for second place in the league.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti : It is possible to play CasillasReal Madrid News Now : Wednesday morning, he held coach Carlo Ancelotti open dialogue with the media where they were received and responded to their questions, the coach was asked about his day as a coach when he said: I come to the club at 9:00 and kept am to 19:00 before the half-hour of training, he met with the players and gave a speech and my training always be the ball, leave the players freedom to breakfast and dinner, but their faces are always healthy eating.

Italian coach also asked about the rotation of the keeper and said: It is possible to watch Casillas in the league, this is going to happen if we got to the final of the Champions League and we will think about this seriously. Finally commented on the departure of Mourinho when he said: I have not spoken with him, and when he got to leave me a report on the players and I am not his full respect and appreciation.

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Real Madrid News Now, New official website for Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : Announced the club Real Madrid for the new format to the official website, the club and the declaration to promote the site showed photos of the players who are online and undoubtedly is the evolution from the old form where he became there check for identifying the date of the training and press conference periodically and continuously, the official website was launched by 6 languages ​​is the "Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Indonesian and Japanese"

  Real Madrid News Now, New official website for Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now, New official website for Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now, New official website for Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now, New official website for Real Madrid 

Real Madrid News Now, New official website for Real Madrid 

Real Madrid News Now, New official website for Real Madrid

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Real Madrid News Now, DefensaCentral : Ancelotti's daughter is right on Lopez

Real Madrid News Now : The newspaper Madridista distinctive to their reports DefensaCentral highlighted statements daughter of Carlo Ancelotti, which defended Lopez, where she said that Lopez not getting the media spotlight hanging over Casillas, daughter Ancelotti is right where that Lopez and since his arrival to Madrid did not appear in the covers of newspapers in only 5 times just while Casillas appeared on the cover of 55 since the advent of Lopez, in fact, the Marca and AS and since the arrival of Lopez issued a 772 cover Casillas made 55 of them while taking Lopez of which only 5 times even though it is the principal goalkeeper in most games.

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Real Madrid News Now, Van Nistelrooy "Cristiano is better than Messi

Real Madrid News Now : Talked Dutchman former Van Nistelrooy for the Ballon d'Or won by Cristiano Ronaldo, his recent, where he said the former player of Real Madrid are it does not understand how to think some people who are skeptical about the legitimacy of Cristiano Ronaldo won the Ballon d'Or, and added if b possibility to vote in the Ballon d'Or I will vote for Cristiano Ronaldo was the best player in 2013 and better than the Argentine Leo Messi .

On the question how can both Ronaldo and Messi recording the number of goals? Van Nistelrooy answered yes they enroll a large number of goals this thing is incredibly difficult to imagine in the past, but the two were able to do two exceptional players.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Juventus: Vidal is not for sale

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Real Madrid tried hard to bring Juventus player and best midfielder at the moment Arturo Vidal, the club will provide a huge amount for the player, according to reports the Italian press, the old lady replied to Real Madrid confirmed that Vidal is not for sale, and emphasizes the Italian press that Vidal happy in Turin does not want to to leave and wants to achieve the Champions League and stay for a long time at Juventus.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Juventus and PSG and Arsenal are watching renewal Benzema

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Confirmed the British newspapers The club Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal and Juventus are watching the process of the renewal of Karim Benzema with Real Madrid, has been confirmed by reports from newspaper Marca that Benzema will renew his contract with Real Madrid and three clubs monitoring the process of renewal and waiting for any disruption in the renewal in order to submit their offers.

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Real Madrid News Now, So change the shape of Cristiano Ronaldo


Real Madrid News Now : As newspaper offered wonderful video about the evolution of the face of Cristiano Ronaldo, the newspaper and in the 14 seconds offered the changes taking place in the form of Cristiano.

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Real Madrid News Now, Pellegrini: Lucky for the training of Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid News Now : On the sidelines of the summit coverage of the match between Manchester City and Barcelona hosted the Spanish newspaper Marca coach of Real Madrid and former Manchester City, the current Chilean Manuel Pellegrini, the coach was asked about many of the things that pertain to Real Madrid.

What do you think on the subject of Casillas?

Strange situation, Lopez guard large and offers great levels, which was also in Villarreal.

Do you expect to play Casillas in the Premier League?

Casillas spent the 12-14 season with a similar fate probably awaits Real Madrid, I do not trust a lot in conditions of football.

Wound did not close after the dismissal, told us about?
No wounds or something like that, I left Real Madrid and left for Malaga and I am sure that I left anniversary
Good in the hearts of Real Madrid fans, of course I wish I could stay longer, but there have been some problems i left Real Madrid does not hold any grudge against them, I do not need to give explanations, but the loss was AlcorconiIs the straw that broke the camel's back.

you want Isco in the City?
Of course I would have liked, it is a talented player and I wish him luck.

How is Isco?

He is a player of world class, but needs for continuity in participation, this happened when he was Negredo
In Madrid and stayed on the bench for the season Deka and then exploded in Almeria.

Aguero speaks repeatedly about his return to Spain, "Real Madrid and Barcelona," What do you think?
I do not think that the Kun was leaving, I have found stability in the City Club, a destination for the most important players in the world at a time
Currently, there are at Real Madrid, Cristiano In Barcelona Messi and Aguero at Manchester City in the next two years
Certainly will compete at the Ballon d'Or.

Asks the journalist and asked Pellegrini to talk about the highlights players who trained .
Pellegrini chose Cristiano and Pepe then Alonso : I've been lucky to train Cristiano, is the most professional player in the world where up to training as the first person and the last person to leave, have worked with me with the utmost professionalism from the first day to the last day and I'm just now I can praise it.
At the time it was my presence in Madrid's Pepe has suffered injury sidelined him for 6 months, we tried to bring him in the summer but Real Madrid refused to do so.

Xabi is now very important for Madrid, as soon as he returned to the team added great artistic value of this property and the rare presence in the players at the moment, is a perfect man in all respects. 

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Real Madrid put 100 million euros contract with Suarez

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : After that Cashing Real Madrid last summer, 90 million euro contract with Welshman Gareth Bale said today's Daily Mail newspaper that the president Florentino Perez has put 100 million euros to sign Luis Suarez next season, which is the amount put Liverpool as a condition of the waiver on the striker Uruguayan, there are also reports that the English club if he got close to the amount of 100 million are allowed for a player to go out, especially if it was because Real Madrid striker sympathizes with the Spanish club.

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Real Madrid News Now, Philipp Lahm: Real Madrid will cause us problems

Real Madrid News Now : In an interview with Kicker magazine German was Philipp Lahm afraid to face Real Madrid in the Champions League, he replied Bayern Munich defender to a question about the favorites to win the title and said, "We have to be one of the first candidates to defend our title, but there are competitors senior whom Real Madrid that can cause us a lot of problems, his team prepared and will be greatly huge season for him. "

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Khulaifi : Cristiano Ronaldo will not move from Real Madrid

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : In an interview with the Daily Sport newspaper, The President of PSG, Nasser Al-Khulaifi is interesting Parisian club about the star of Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo.

Does it bother you attach the name of Cristiano Ronaldo in Paris Saint-Germain?

Now it is impossible to get Cristiano Ronaldo because he is very happy in Madrid, and it will be difficult to leave the club, despite the large amount that we will present to him, Cristiano recently renewed his contract and will stay there. "

Do you see that there is hope in the future annexation?
You can not find this out, life in which many of the turns, but not at the moment, I have a good relationship with Real Madrid boss Florentino Perez, and if we want to sign with Cristiano the first thing we do talk to the club . "

Finally occur Khulaifi opportunity for his team the Champions League, said, "We are one of the clubs candidate, but there are many teams very complex, and I think that Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have a special advantage to win the title."

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Real Madrid News Now, Eden Hazard: Who does not dream of Real Madrid ?

Real Madrid News Now : Belgian star Chelsea Eden Hazard in an interview with Channel BeinSport French journalist asked Hazard Real Madrid were Hazzard answer: Who is the player who does not care about Real Madrid ?

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Real Madrid News Now, Date Clasico La Liga

Real Madrid News Now : Select the Spanish Federation Fixtures Round 28 of La Liga, Real Madrid will host Barcelona in the Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and the game will be played on Sunday, March 23 at 20:00 GMT.

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid without defeat in 2014

Real Madrid News Now : After Real Madrid win at Getafe Real Madrid is the only team that has not defeated in 2014, where the team played seven games in La Liga in 2014 was not able to any team that wins the Royal team in 2014.

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Real Madrid News Now, Conference Ancelotti: We are now more powerful

Real Madrid News Now : Shows of the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference to talk about the game between Real Madrid and Getafe, praised the coach at the beginning of his team when he said: Solidarity defense a very important element, at the beginning of the season we suffer in this aspect, but now we are stronger and finished off psychologically and we have to continue because we are in the early stages decisiveness.  

He spoke Italian for Modric when he said: I have a record in the league and the Champions League, he can give more. The coach also praised the performance of José and Bale said: I'm not surprised of the game provided by the duo, I hope to prove to this performance. He spoke more about Bale when he said : I'm not surprised of the game provided by the duo, I hope to are keeping on this performance. He spoke more about Bale when he said: I did not notice it a strange thing, No problem for the non-registered it helps the team played well and could be regarded as the rest of the team. Coach was a question about the return of Ronaldo and entering the starting lineup instead of Khisa or individual Bale: I am a coach and I'm not a manager, so I will decide at the appropriate time. He also talked about Karim Benzema and opposes his position with Cristiano Ronaldo and said: No, it does not have a conflict of centers and cream back a little bit for the back to receive the ball from the middle.

Finally talked about forcing Sergio Ramos to get a warning and said: I did not ask for any player taking a yellow card because it is possible to turn expelled for this and I do not like it.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo has acquired a Ferrari type of rare.

Real Madrid News Now : Confirmed site usted pregunta your car The star best in the world Cristiano Ronaldo purchased a new type of Ferrari, Cristiano loves collecting luxury cars, according to the site Cristiano Ronaldo 1,300,000 compared to buying the car, a rare kind of rare, where there are only 500 cars from around the world and one of them went for Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Real Madrid News Now, Juande Ramos: I discovered Bale and Modric

Real Madrid News Now : Former coach of Real Madrid and Tottenham Juande Ramos appeared in an interview length with British newspaper The Guardian, Juande Ramos talked about Bale and Modric, where he says: I am discovered and brought Bale and Modric for Tottenham, at first I was not convinced to contract with them, but then agreed and the idea was brought them It is then sold at a high price and take advantage of the amount brought in other players.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti: Kaka, Higuain and Callejon? They left because of the competition

Real Madrid News Now : Held Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti meet with the newspaper La Repubblica Italian, Ancelotti talked about leaving Kaka and Higuain and Callejon to leave together for the Serie A, the Italian coach confirmed that the trio is gone because of competition with the team and confirmed that the trio was still able to play where he said, for reasons of competition in the team is gone triple, still able to play on, but they realized that they would receive more opportunities there.

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