Real Madrid News Now, Ronaldo equivalent number Di Stefano and Zara hat-trick with 22

Real Madrid News NowRecord Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid player in Athletic Bilbao's goal "hat-trick" him No. 22 in La Liga, the equivalent figure recorded in the name of two of the legends of Spanish football, Alfredo Di Stefano, former honorary president of the Royal Club, and Telmo Zarra.
During the six rounds played this season in La Liga, out of seven appearances team, Cristiano scored 13 goals (top scorer), and in three encounters scored a hat-trick or more.

Has recorded "hat-trick" against Athletic Bilbao on Sunday evening, at the meeting, which ended in favor of Real Madrid with five clean, and the last goal in Deportivo La Coruna, and "super-trick" in the court of chi.

And the rate of Cristiano Ronaldo scoring 2.1 goals per game, and his goals in the seven rounds of the 13 achieved the best record of the player in the history of the club.

In the five years he spent in the ranks of Real Madrid, scored "Don" 22 "hat-trick", the equivalent figure achieved by Di Stefano and Zara in 11 seasons.

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Real Madrid News Now,Ancelotti: Ballon d'Or winner has become a foregone conclusion

Real Madrid News NowLit Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid today fuse "war" Ballon d'Or for best player in the world early, after that alluded to the eligibility of the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo Balttawaij out, after he led his team to victory on Athletic Bilbao with five, took three of them signed.

Ancelotti said at a press conference, "There is no doubt this year on the Golden Ball. There is no doubt at this time", pointing out that his team's performance gave the "best since Cardiff", which hosted the final of the European Super Cup, which faced the Seville, and ended in favor of the royal two straight.

He explained, "is definitely the best match in Cardiff after the final Super Cup. We are better than we were last year at the same time. We need continuity. A series of good results we were more care in dealing with set pieces, and we kept a clean net. All things have gone well. "

He added, "It was a very good game because we played as we would always like to show. Tonight things went well, and all the players gave a great performance."

"The three attackers were fantastic. Cristiano scored three goals and Benzema bilateral, but the work of the Bill, and making goals. When they are in this extravaganza, as well as midfield. I've had a lot of opportunities for us."

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