News now Real madrid - Sami Khedira being successfully process

News now Real madrid : Successful surgery he underwent German international player Sami Khedira after injury, suffered in the match Germany and Italy yesterday.

The operation took place in the German city of Augsburg by a doctor Ulrich under the supervision of a medical team of Real Madrid.

As a result of this process will remain Sami Khedira in Germany during the next three weeks as to undergo a treatment exercise, and will be Khedira return to action after 6 months.

It is noteworthy that Khedira suffered a cruciate ligament injury in his right knee after the intervention of Italian player Pirlo.

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News now Real madrid - Real Madrid players provide support for Khedira

News now Real madrid : Gave Real Madrid players support for Sami Khedira , who suffered a knee injury keeps him out of action for 6 months, the players sent messages via Twitter for German .

Spanish Arbeloa is an avatar their profile to join it with her ​​Khedira and wrote a letter in which he said : Sure we see you again my friend , Brazil await my friend . AnimoSami #.

Casillas put a picture of him with her ​​Khedira and wrote: Sammy speedy recovery .

Marcelo put a picture Sami Khedira and wrote the commenting : more power Sami , we love you like your brothers , Brazil await you.

Xabi Alonso commented on the injury followers and said: see you soon dear German tank .

Alvaro Morata commented on the injury and said: all the power Sami , sure he would be back soon .

Brazilian Kasmero , commented Rebekah put his picture Sami Khedira said : I wish you return Sami close , Real Madrid and World Cup awaits you , we are with you .

Danny Carvajal commented on the injury followers and said : plenty of power for Sammy, I hope to be back soon , today is the first day of waiting for you my friend .

Nacho Fernandez Real Madrid defender Rebekah put his picture Sami Khedira and wrote the : a lot of power for Sami , you should be with us soon .

News now Real madrid - Khedira out of action for 6 months due to injury.News now Real madrid : Underwent player German Sami Khedira for a medical examination by doctors German team, and the result came expectations bad as it became clear that the player suffered a broken debilitating cruciate ligament in his right knee and is expected to return to action before the start of the next World Cup in Brazil, and the doctor said Almenthab Germany that the player will be forced to undergo a Jrajh and will be sidelined for at least six months , and was injured Sami Khedira in the friendly match , which collected the German team and the Italian team and the game ended a draw 1-1 , and left the player pitch in the 65th minute after colliding with a player Italian Andrea Pirlo , left player immediately stadium Sansero to the clinic in Milan, which confirmed the worst expectations and Nadia player Real Madrid.
On the other hand is this news for coach Carlo Ancelotti bad news , which is Sami Khedira player fixture in the lineup Real Madrid, and the coach Ancelotti Iatmdaly player German in the middle next to Xabi Alonso and Luka Modric , and will be forced Ancelotti to rely player last place German , but depends on the di Maria or Iaramenda , or have other Spanish player Isco .
The rate for the coach German Joachim Loew after headset news injury Khedira has expressed regret and I consider it a blow to Sami Khedira and us in the team , it's a fighter and off the pitch and he has always been positive personality and that help for infringement of this crisis , and I am optimistic that be with us at the World Cup Berasil , I wish him all the best and keep hope in the process , and be able to play soon.

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كريستيانو رونالدو و بيبي يغيبان عن تدريبات البرتغال لهذا اليوم .News now Real madrid : Returned the Portuguese national team today for training after winning the team Swedish yesterday in order to clean and missed the players Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe and Coentrao for training the day after they played yesterday's game, Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe remained at the hotel for the recovery and did not participate in drills today,while Coentrao had permission from his coach Paulo Bento to leave the camp for 24 hours for personal reasons, while Train 21 player of the team and attended the exercises president of the Union of Portuguese football Fernando Gomes.

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Real madrid transfer news -  Ancelotti: Pirlo to Real Madrid?

Real madrid transfer news : Coach Carlo Ancelotti appeared in an interview with Radio " Deejay " which talked about several things , Carlo spoke about the atmosphere inside the Real Madrid : " I see a united and coherent at Real Madrid," Cristiano Ronaldo said: " Cristiano Ronaldo certainly deserves the ball gold , I hope that the win is deserved , he often linked the success of this club , Cristiano Ronaldo is very professional and cares about every detail and leaves no room for seashell . "

And asked the Italian coach for if they would like to work CEO of AC Milan Adriano Galliani in Alblancos and he replied : " I ​​would like to continue in Milan , it is the leader best ", and the World Cup 2014 Brazil says: " Brazil has a preference to play it at home , then Spain , Germany and Italy , "and about his conversation with Juventus coach Conte after the last game : " I wished him luck before Gattassraa " , and about the possibility of training for Rome never said : " I'm happy at Real Madrid, Rome offers an excellent level and I'm really impressed with their team, they are playing how good with Garcia , he has ideas and always trying new ideas , "and the possibility of incorporating the Italian Pirlo says :" It is advanced in age , but it still proves that one of the best players in the world , "and for former Inter President Moratti said : " it was one of those who looked me in the beginning, Inter were interested in me in 1996, but Moratti I think that I do not have sufficient training and experience has to choose the Hudson ."

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News now Real madrid - Callejon: "We have suffered to leave Real Madrid."

News now Real madrid : Returned to the player former Real Madrid Jose Callejon to talk again about his departure last summer club to Napoli and told the player: "At first you must confirm that I have suffered to leave Real Madrid, but I left because I want continuity in play and in order to see me everyone, you realizeI'll get a chance in Naples. "

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News now Real madrid - Swedish press attacking Cristiano Ronaldo.

News now Real madrid : Cristiano Ronaldo was the star yesterday in Lisbon when he led Portugal to beat Sweden in the first leg playoff World Cup, Real Madrid star led the team to approach qualifying and apparently it angered press the Swedish newspaper "Aftonbladet" and newspaper "Expressen" and two points of criticism of the Portuguesebackground incident collision with goalkeeper Sweden and verbal Amshadth with back Lustig, the Swedish press said that the Portuguese appeared look bad and that he was whiny during the game.

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Khedira is exNews now Real madrid - posed to injury and leave the match between Germany and Italy.
News now Real madrid : Exposure to midfielder Sami Khedira Real Madrid to injury 68 minutes into the friendly match between Germany and Italy at the San Siro, Real Madrid player felt pain in his left knee after colliding with Pirlo to leave the pitch injured.

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News now Real madrid - Paulo Bento: Cristiano felt disturbed in the game, but it's okay.

News now Real madrid : Spoke Portuguese coach Paulo Bento after the end of the game to the media, Pinto spoke about Cristiano and said: Well, Cristiano felt disturbed by foot in the game and perhaps is the old injury but now he's okay, it's important to him now rest.

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Real madrid transfer news  - The player Everton Delivuo : José decided to continue at Real Madrid and fight for the center.

Real madrid transfer news : The player to La masia Barcelona on loan for club Everton Gerrard Delivuo is a close friend of Real Madrid player young José, Delivuo spoke yesterday after the big win against Bosnia to the media and asked about his relationship with José said: is my friend, and we talk on a daily basis, I talked to him aboutand his patient and he told me that he would like the fighting centered in the Real Madrid and will continue at the club.

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Real madrid transfer news - Ancelotti is considering bringing Zabaleta

Real madrid transfer news - Fichajes.com site emphasized that the Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti is seriously considering hiring with Zaheer Manchester City Argentine Pablo Zabaleta, the site reported that Ancelotti think in the promotion of the two sides in the next summer and put Zabaleta required on top of the list, the site confirms that Zabaleta has great faith inwear the Real Madrid shirt.

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News now Real madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo : Blatter?

News now Real madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo once again preferred to overlook comment on Blatter's comments sarcastic in recent years and the Portuguese said : " I do not want to talk about Blatter , the story is over , and that you are well outside the stadiums , you must know the differences ... the priority is football , and to play consistently good and not interested in things other " , the Portuguese Turning to another subject during his interview with the magazine " Shortlist ":" sometimes it's bad to think that people I cocky , but I will not judge them for this reason , some people like me and others do not , and that's all it , it is simple, I do not care so much for people's opinions towards me , just trying to provide the best what I have always been above the stadium , "and for his character as a player : " I have committed many mistakes , but I learned them, " and talked about his youth : " When I was a young man did not I was very interested by Styli , I was impressed with the players discerning , so when I was playing for Sporting Lisbon you are an admirer of Figo and Rui Costa and has always been my dream to become a professional player , entered the world of professionalism since 16 years old , so I'm happy . "

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News now Real madrid - Blatter ronaldo

News now Real madrid : According to the press Spaniard Alfredo Duro program Punto Pelleta that Real Madrid continues with FIFA president Blatter and told the club that Cristiano Ronaldo will go to the ceremony Golden Globe Award on 13 January next year , comes contrary to some rumors, which indicated that the player would refuse to go after Blatter's comments satirical : " Real Madrid spoke with Blatter , the club told Blatter that Cristiano Ronaldo will go to the ceremony Golden Ball , Real Madrid believe completely that Cristiano Ronaldo had to go because he is the only person who can represent Real Madrid in the ceremony , and they only way you proud club b midfielder in the ceremony , as will be shown , however, that player may raise about Blatter and FIFA and the Ballon d'Or also , " on the other hand defended the journalist Siro Lopez on the idea of ​​non-existence of the player or club representatives at the ceremony , adding that the support received by the Portuguese from the masses is considered sufficient .

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Real madrid transfer news - Mourinho Real Madrid Falcao.

real madrid transfer news : Lifting coach Jose Mourinho from the competition with Real Madrid striker Monaco Colombian Radmill Falcao, the British media published pictures of Chelsea boss is in the stadium Brussels to watch the encounter Colombia and Belgium, which ended in favor of Colombia 2-0 record, including Falcao goal, the British media confirmed that Real Madrid and Manchester United interested in him, but Mourinho seeks to make an attractive offer for the player and kidnapped in January next year.

Ballon d'Or cristiano
News now Real madrid - Former England player, Gary Enkir, speaking via Twitter and expressed his opinion on the Ballon d'Or said: There is a lot of talk on Ribery is due to the award, I think that Cristiano is worthy of the award because the award for the best player, not the best team. Enkir he's re-twitter picture above showing the that Cristiano record in this season more than most clubs Albremarleg.

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Real madrid transfer news - Manchester City xabi

Real madrid transfer news : The newspaper "SportsDirect" English that Manchester City Join Race interested in annexing Real Madrid player Xabi Alonso in the transfer market as well as Chelsea and Manchester United and Juventus, City will attempt to open negotiations for the exchange potential between him and back Argentine Zabaleta, the latter was consideredis an important player in the ranks of the City and but coach Pelegireny seems more impressed with Micah Richards services, is worth mentioning that the well-known Chilean Basque spent together after a season at Real Madrid.

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Real madrid transfer news - Bugba

Real madrid transfer news - The player Juventus Frenchman Paul Bugba one of the names associated with the agenda of Real Madrid in the transfer market, but it seems the player does not care about the rumors that hover about his future, where he told Bugba daily L'Equipe, French, said: "I do not think the rumors and all these things, The only thing I think about is what happens on the pitch and achieve the goals of the team, I do not know anything about what's going on off the pitch. "...

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فيرناندو هييرو : أراهن على إن كريستيانو رونالدو سيكون صاحب الكرة الذهبية .

News now Real madrid - Co-star's former club Real Madrid, Fernando Hierro in a match for the benefit of patients with diabetes, then spoke Hierro Media and of course the first question about the Golden Ball where he said Hierro: Cristiano best player in the world, it is a pleasure to play at Real Madrid and enjoy it every 3 or 5 days, I assure you that many of the unions would vote for Cristiano Ronaldo, it is a very special player and every game offers all of his team without a doubt for me Cristiano is the owner of the Golden Ball. Hierro spoke for Ribery statement that confirms the eligibility Golden Ball Hierro said: Every person has the freedom to express an opinion, I respect Ribery and Messi Golden Ball but in this season must be for Cristiano. At the end of the interview spoke Hierro for Real Madrid star coming from Malacca Isco said: It is a young player and gorgeous, signed for Real Madrid for 5 years, which sat on the bench in the last 3 games, but the opportunity will return to it certainly is a young player with great talent and extraordinary.

After that occur former Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo Santayana said: Cristiano wants to play only offer all مالديه, he wants to play in the World Cup and the public wants to watch it and for me I hope that seeing in the World Cup because he is a fantastic player already. And Cristiano and Messi goals that surpass previous figures said: Earlier we believe that the figures will not crash, but now there is Cristiano and Messi, who recording every season more than 50 goals so we must enjoy it. He returned again to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo said: records left and right foot and head and does everything on the pitch and all that in favor of Real Madrid and that's a wonderful thing. In the end, talked about the team and said: At first I was hesitant about the team's performance but is still in the process of improvement, it is important for us to get on a team fighting on all tournaments.

Also occur former striker for Real Madrid's Fernando Morientes after the game and said: I see a very good team after the coaching staff knew how to deal with the players and I saw the last games and I liked the performance. And Benzema and the pressures upon Morientes said: Being a player of Real Madrid, you should bear the pressures, Benzema professional and he must carry it all.

Another speaker was former defender Pavon, who spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo just said: I think that Cristiano deserves the Golden Ball, should be the winner....

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Real madrid transfer news josé morata

The Director of the ball club Malacca Vicente Casado about the relationship between Real Madrid and his club said Casado: We have a good relationship with Real Madrid, we have a verbal agreement with Real Madrid and we have priority in signing up with players who want to get out of Real Madrid and we Fawdhana Morata and José last summer butthey realized that they would play with the first team of Real Madrid.

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 News now Real madrid News now Real madrid

Real Madrid star appeared Welshman Gareth Bale in the ad for one of the companies called sports drinks company Lucozade Sport, the company attended the camp for the Welsh team and filmed Declaration and Bale said on Twitter: wonderful day with Lucozade Sport, waited for advertising and images.



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Real madrid transfer news : Juventus think a player Real Madrid Xabi Alonso to be a substitute for Pirlo if it did not renew the last contract , where the newspaper reported , " Corriere della Sera " Italian Day that the Italian club chose Xabi Alonso as " the right man to lead this center delicate and important in the line the middle .

Pirlo Join for Juventus in the 2011 season \ 2012 after spending 10 years in Milan and his contract expires with the old lady at 30 June 2014 and is negotiating management Bianconeri with the player to extend his contract , but if unsuccessful negotiations and make sure the departure of the Italian will be considered Juventus for Xabi Alonso and who have not yet renewed with Real Madrid contract , which expires June 30, 201 is the other , and may the Italian newspaper noted that the process will not be easy because the Basque may renew with Real Madrid, before he adds that of interest to other big European clubs such as Chelsea .
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Real madrid transfer news : It is said that Real Madrid is still determined to make a move to sign with the wing Naples Juan Zuniga next summer Loess Blancs was one of the clubs associated with international Colombian in recent months has been the player said he was committed to hold with a long Alvesoviana Even so published newspaper El Mundo Deportivo this weekthat the reports circulating in Italy suggest that Carlo Ancelotti admire the 27-year-old owner is believed that the Italian coach has given his approval to the management of Madrid brought for next summer.
Real madrid transfer rumors

Real madrid transfer rumors : It is said that the attacker is owned by Granada Jonathan won the attention of both Barcelona and Real Madrid Castilla, but the player said that it is unlikely to move, the owner of 24-year-old scored 10 goals in all competitions so far and on what seems to have caught the competition between Barcelona and Madrid in order to sign him, however, saidthe player that he would not leave the team in January for the player, whose full name is Jonathan Mejia, but the Andalusian club owners do not want to sell it.
real madrid transfer news

Real madrid transfer news : Join Angel Di Maria to Real Madrid in the summer of 2010 and last modified on the advantages of contract occurred in December of 2012 where paid player currently salary of 3.5 million euros a year , but as reported by the newspaper " confidential " Spanish hand, is satisfied at this salary and demanding Leaders further although he lost his place in the starting line - up team.
Di Maria , who is represented by Jorge Mendes (the same agent Cristiano Ronaldo and Ceontrao and Pepe)
had taken big decision last summer and decided to continue with the team although he was aware of the difficulty of obtaining continuity in play in the presence of Gareth Bale , Di Maria did not cares and preferred to run the challenge, the Argentine had said after the renewal of his contract last year until 2018 and said: "I feel very important and well-liked at Real Madrid ," and last summer gave the club in addition to the coach Carlo Ancelotti's priority for di Maria at the expense of Ozil , who moved to Arsenal for 50 million euros .
Now it seems that Di Maria is no longer a major player in Ancelotti, the latter tried to integrate it with Bale in the same plan against Barcelona that put it on the right side and put Bale in the rear , but apparently , and that the plan did not succeed and left Angel of the starting line-up , Di Maria accustomed to participate in spite of some difficulties encountered , in his first season playing in La Liga 32 games and in the second suffered from problems of muscle and played 23 games , while in the third season and last played 35 games in this season, appeared in 12 games out of 13 limit now in the local tournament .
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News now Real madrid : Speaking international player , former French Robert Pires for a Golden Globe in an interview with France Football magazine , the player who played for Arsenal FA and Villarreal warned his compatriot Frank Rpiera of Cristiano Ronaldo about winning reel gold "I want to win the Frank Rpiera reel gold , is achieved All titles with Bayern Munich, Germany , I hope to do the same thing with France , but warn Ribery from Cristiano Ronaldo, who is also deserves to win this year, offers performance fantastically with his team Real Madrid " , so the player former French Peres, in his statement on the ball that all of the gold Ribery and Ronaldo are the candidates to win the Golden reel , Rpiera own tournaments with his team , and while Ronaldo has fictional figures in scoring this year with Real Madrid.
real madrid transfer news

real madrid transfer news : Will Real Madrid on half the amount in the event of transfer of the player Benfica Argentine Ezequiel Garay, has made Real Madrid to sell defender Argentine Ezequiel Garay to Benfica in a deal Portuguese player Coentrao while retaining Real Madrid's access to 50% of the total amount in the event of transfer a player of Benfica to another club, and there are now all of the club Mansstr United and Mansstr City interested in moving the player former Real Madrid to their ranks, has provided Club Mansstr United's offer to Benfica Bmpela 20 million euros for the transition of Argentine defender to the Premier League, but now enters the club Mansstr City on the line contract with the player who wants it current coach Mansstr City Pellegrini, and no doubt that the price of the player will rise and this thing comes in favor of Real Madrid, will Benfica pay half the total amount of Real Madrid in the event of transfer player Ezequiel Garay from Benfica.


Ramirez: Real Madrid chelsea

Has been associated with the recent name Chelsea's Brazilian Ramires with the potential for transfer to the ranks of the Royal, the player admitted that he felt flattered by the attention of Real Madrid him where he told the newspaper "London Standard" and said: "I consider the attention of Real Madrid in recognition of my work, which I offer in the Champions League, but I have a contractwith Chelsea and will not be fit to comment on their interest in me, for me this is just rumors no more, I'm very happy here, I feel respected, and I am part of the history of the club, if I am leaving the decision for Chelsea, Chelsea, one of the biggest club in the world and I've achieved my dreamshere. "
Cristiano Ronaldo sad injury Messi 

Confirmed journalist Manu Sainz in the program Punto Pelleta that Cristiano Ronaldo sadness the news hit Barcelona player Messi and staying away from stadiums for two months, the press confirmed that Cristiano Link news while he was with the camp the Portuguese national team and regrets the hearing , adding that the Real Madrid star was his ambition to compete with Argentine in La Liga and for all that it appears the best.
On the other hand occur journalist on the status of the Portuguese now with the team : "Cristiano Ronaldo now feels that he is an important player and that the team leader and Ancelotti trusts him , I've emphasized since his first press conference that Cristiano is the player most on the team, Florentino also comes out and praises , Butragueño and the other players are doing the same thing ... ".
Similar to Mourinho resides in Bernabeu

Publishing program tiki taka a picture of one of the fans in the game between Real Madrid and Sociedad at the Bernabeu, encouraging similar to the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho much as some thought that the Portuguese coach already!

Similar to Mourinho resides in Bernabeu
cristiano ronaldo free kicks

Cristiano Ronaldo scored against Real Sociedad 20 th goal from a free kick with Real Madrid and the 14th in La Liga, the ronaldo outclassed the former Barcelona player Ronaldinho, who scored from a free kick 19

Swede Ronaldo best player
Cristiano Ronaldo provides the best start of his career this season, to the extent that a Swedish newspaper "Expressen Sport" chose Ronaldo as the best player in the world "ahead of Zlatan Ibrahimovic" and the back of this poll of newspaper where sound 56.1% of Swedes for Ronaldo, while 43.9% of the needles.

All this happens just days before the crucial match between Portugal and Sweden on Friday, which will be filed one of the two stars of the next World Cup in Brazil.

Bale a discos in Madrid.
Player Welshman Gareth Bale began to get rid of all his problems, physical and psychological, the player began to lead significantly with Real Madrid before going to Cardiff for training camp Welsh, spent Bale last night in a discos in Madrid, Welsh came out with many of his friends and spent last night in a discos in Madrid

cristiano ronaldo best player

The newspaper ABC that Ronaldo will not attend the coronation ceremony the Golden Ball and everyone expects from Ronaldo not going Ronaldo to the coronation ceremony after what happened with FIFA president Blatter, who will be on Jan. 13: "Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players the world and now has decided not to attend the coronation of the best player in the worldfor the year 2014 "and said that the reason for non-attendance Ronaldo will be is Blatter permits against Ronaldo, but this could change the player decided if he sees support from the Department of Real Madrid and permits fell Blatter said.

Figo: "Cristiano Ronaldo golden ball

Legend of Real Madrid and Portugal Luis Figo said he must win Cristiano Balchorh gold and especially this season and should win every season and said: "print must win Ronaldo Balchorh Golden each season for his outstanding performance provided with the team," added the Real Madrid player's former charity concertwho attended on Monday: "I believe that the player deserves to win the award every season and always Maicon there is controversy about the player who gets the prize every season I do not know who to vote Alagbin was honor I got it once and I can not choose between Messi and Ronaldo and Ribery allproviding great performance. "
Wrestler Alberto Del Rio: Real Madrid

Gladiator Spanish "Mexican origin" Alberto Del Rio praised greatly club Real Madrid stadium Santiago Bernabeu, wrestler and his on Twitter said: already visited this morning Stadium Old Trafford in Manchester United, but it remains pitch the best in the world is the Santiago Bernabeu and of course Real Madrida million times better than Manchester United HalaMadrid #.