Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo: very sad for Falcao

Real Madrid News Now : Star best in the world Cristiano Ronaldo presence in the area of ​​media after today's game, Cristiano Ronaldo spoke about the injury Falcao where he said: It is sad news for football, Falcao friend of mine and I am very sad for him and I am confident that things will work out okay and will be healed sooner. Granada and the player who was injured at the moment of his goal Ronaldo said: I did not see nothing, recorded a goal and celebrated and did not see him.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano: "It was possible that one of the most beautiful of my goals"

Real Madrid News Now : Talked Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo after the end of the game against Granada and explained that he feels very happy to register his first goal in front of Granada and said: "Happy first goals for the documentary, which the game easy on us." He added: "We are going through at the moment is very good, and we feel confident large and we must go further than that.

" Real Madrid star was asked about the possibility stumbled against Barcelona tomorrow in Malaga answered : "Barcelona? I think I worry about my house and Real Madrid, the other clubs do not interest me." And handed Ballon d'Or for the Santiago Bernabeu for official said: "The man who is under 20 years in Madrid, Ballon d 'Or is not me and my family but for Real Madrid. "Granada guard and tackle for his ball, he said: "It was the goalkeeper standing exactly in the place where the ball had paid him, I almost have a better my goals throughout my career."

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Real Madrid News Now, Calderon, Casillas, Perez

Real Madrid News Now : Launched President of Real Madrid former, Ramon Calderon, lashed out at his successor, the current club president, Florentino Perez, accusing him of being behind the exclusion of goalkeeper first club, international Iker Casillas, from the starting lineup for the team the Spanish capital .

 The Calderon, who took over the presidency of Real Madrid during the period (2006-2009), that the issue of the survival of goalkeeper Spain, Iker Casillas, on the bench for no reason technically also said former coach Jose Mourinho, and his successor , Italian Ancelotti, but presidential decree is issued, the current club president Florentino Perez.

 He admitted attorney Spanish, in a statement made by the newspaper "AS" Spanish, that "Casillas" has not received Confidence "Perez" a long time ago, stressing at the same time that the latter had dreamed for a long time contract with goalkeeper Juventus, Gianluigi Buffon.
 He proved, "Calderon" Health Speaking highlighting the earlier statement of the current president of the Club Royal - after one of the defeats suffered by Real Madrid - in which he said the last time in his reply on the reasons for the defeat he received rial "We have been able Casillas help the team, but did not do so."

The president of the riyal former, his successor after the decision taken by abandoning playmaker German Mesut Ozil, and Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain, also expressing fears of a repeat scenario of the departure of Dutch duo, Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben, who nomads from the ranks of the club the Spanish capital, before it rebounds each them their clubs (Inter Milan and Bayern Munich Italian German) for the coronation of the Champions League .

 But the former president, who resigned after the scandal incorporating it individuals are not of the general assembly of the club, justified what he did, "Perez" by asserting that the contract with the player valued Welshman Gareth Bale involves sacrificing one of the star players , so as to cover the money in the deal at the very least.

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Real Madrid News Now, Bernabeu no frowns Di Maria

Real Madrid News Now : After 21 days of the incident famous with the public Bernabeu, returned Argentine international Angel Di Maria's playing on the floor of the Bernabeu, after mentioning Broadcaster internal to the Bernabeu name Di Maria and throughout the game did not frowns audience Di Maria and headlined Marca saying "the Bernabeu forgiven for Di Maria."

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Real Madrid News Now, Conference Ancelotti: Carvajal and Coentrao and Di Maria will play tomorrow

Real Madrid News Now : Shows Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti a news conference to talk about the game between Real Madrid and Granada . 

 The first question for Russell responded Carlo: Barcelona must respect, and also the decision of Russell.
  Carlo: a significant improvement in the players and we have a great chance to win tomorrow.
Again for Russell and Carlo contained hate: the debate is in my team, I want the debate over Real Madrid only.

Carlo: Granada is going very well and we are also in good condition.
Carlo: the team improved greatly in the level of defense after Christmas which grants more attacking solutions.
Carlo: periodic table gives preference tomorrow, we can precedence tomorrow, but the most important is to reduce the six-point difference.
Carlo: Isco did not get a lot of opportunities in recent games, the current tactic of Aymanh opportunity for all players.
Carlo Di Maria will play tomorrow alongside Luca and Alonso.
Carlo: Varane? Is getting better and will not exist tomorrow, can exist in the next week.

Carlo: it is not crucial for Isco, may play in the next matches and gets the chance.
Carlo: Carvajal and Coentrao will play tomorrow.
Carlo: Zidane is very important for most players, has a special charisma.
Carlo: Zidane's important José Morata and it helps them a lot and also does a great job with the rest of the players.

Carlo: The player plays well when the audience applauds him, when he plays badly the public yellows it, it's simple.
Carlo: I do not know Machristdt with Di Maria tomorrow at the Bernabeu, the fans should help the team.

Carlo: confident and very much in Arbeloa Carvajal, and will provide superb performance with the rotation.
Carlo: We have to be careful with every game, every game is important.
French journalist in the last question and Carlo reply to him, "Welcome, French here!" He la
Interviewer: Everyone is talking that the French players lazy, you possess and Varane Benzema and Zidane, I want an answer?
Carlo: I do not think the French are lazy, we are talking about teams playing between France and England, Spain, and here I am not criticizing the French player.

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Real Madrid News Now, the new president of Barcelona starts attack on Real Madrid in his first conference

Real Madrid News Now : Today afternoon the new president of FC Barcelona Giuseppe Bartemio at a news conference to talk about the assignment presidency and the resignation of Russell and the issue of Neymar, initially attacked President Real Madrid, where he said: Real Madrid kidnapped us Di Stefano of offices, but now we have Neymar, who plays with the player the best in the world Leo Messi.

 Bartemio continued the attack, where he spoke about the deal Neymar said: deal Neymar cost 58 million euros, not dollars, there are clubs took advantage of the situation and they want to sign him and paid huge amounts of money and salaries expensive for him and you can be assured of that by asking his father, "intended to Real Madrid." Perez and his deal that cost the money under the table, where he said he should pay 40 million euros for us to break our agreement with Santos.

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Real Madrid News Now, Di Maria back to participate in the Bernabeu after a recent incident

Real Madrid News Now : After 19 days of the gesture made by Di Maria for the fans in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium as he was substituted in the match against Celta de Vigo, the Argentine will return to play in the Santiago Bernabeu, and this was confirmed by Carlo Ancelotti at the press conference where explained that he took a lot of time to calm row between him and the audience, and Ancelotti did not want to waste one of the main pillars of the team because of a dispute is simple. Di Maria will participate tomorrow against Granada in the twenty-first round of the Spanish league, which will be held at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid squad against Granada of newspaper AS.

Real Madrid News Now : Wallace newspaper published on its website squad expected for Real Madrid against Granada within the twenty-first round of the Spanish league and competitions which will be held at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on Saturday.

Marcelo - Ramos - Pepe - Carvajal
Di Maria - Alonso - Modric
Ronaldo - Benzema - Bale

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Real Madrid News Now Alvaro Arbeloa: Barcelona is the first enemy

Real Madrid News Now : Presence Spain defender Alvaro Arbeloa in an interview with Channel Antenna Spanish, the first words Arbeloa was the praise of the Portuguese coach, former Real Madrid Mourinho when he said it: I know Mourinho personally, is my friend and the people you do not know, only in conferences and talking about bad, a coach is a requirement, but as a human being is a wonderful person.

 And the comparison between Mourinho and Del Bosque said Arbeloa: Mourinho won everything in different places, training method between the two are different. 

And competition in La Liga with Atletico and Barcelona Arbeloa said : we do not hear what they say in the media, I do not know whether there is criticism or not, but all I can say is that we are on track and are going through a good, Atletico Madrid offers good performance, but the first enemy is Barcelona.  

Arbeloa talked about the Spanish team when he said: We have done what he did not do any European team where materialized euro's twice in a row and after the World Cup also materialized There is no doubt we want to win the next World Cup. 

Arbeloa talked about the Italian coach Ancelotti said : we are lucky because we have good coaches always came Ancelotti and received him with open arms, a great coach and has achieved in the past several tournaments in Italy, England and France. And finally commented on his favorite team in England, where the journalist asked him, "Liverpool or Mourinho?" Individual Arbeloa: Liverpool no doubt, I have spent three wonderful years in Liverpool accompanied by Xavi.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Dortmund and Arsenal and Man City want Casillas next summer

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Still hoping to get out Casillas of Real Madrid in the summer contained at clubs Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City and Arsenal where they want to contract with the captain of Spain, Casillas is suffering from sitting on the bench at Real Madrid and it seems that he is close to going out of Real Madrid next summer and will be the clubs Dortmund and City The Arsenal highlights waiting to put the Spanish goalkeeper.

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Real Madrid News Now, Diego Maradona: Cristiano Ronaldo deserved the Ballon d'Or

Real Madrid News Now : Appeared legend Argentine Diego Armando Maradona at a press conference in Dubai, the Argentine star former attacked the Brazilian legend Pele and also talked about the Golden Ball awarded to Cristiano Ronaldo 10 days ago when he said: Cristiano Ronaldo deserved the Ballon d'Or for what he has done throughout the season, Messi injury prevented him from winning the Ballon d'Or but also do excellent things.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Vidal's agent confirms attention of Real Madrid

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : The agent spoke with Vidal newspaper Tuttosport to deny his client's statements Vidal. He also stressed that more emphasis Real Madrid are very interested Vidal in addition to several other teams such as Bayern Munich and Manchester City and PSG. This statement came a clarification of what was said by Arturo Vidal days before the press and the German lyrics, which worsened to understand and interpret.

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Real Madrid News Now, Goalkeeping coach Lopez is the best in high balls

Real Madrid News Now : Spanish newspaper ABC report reliable goalkeeping coach William and Vicky for Ancelotti, who handed in late 2013, says William The priority at the center of the guard who is fluent in dealing with air balls and not only fluent in dealing with balls forward with the guard. The Lopez is the best in the balls aerodynamic so it has priority to play on, but Casillas also fluent deal when the solo and thus leaving the William decision for coach Ancelotti, who decided to put Lopez for the league and Casillas of Champions trophy, goalkeeping coach always insisted in his reports that Lopez has the priority to participate being characterized Senior length taller and what makes this "first concern" at Real Madrid high balls in the presence of immune Lopez

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Real Madrid for Manchester City, "Pepe is not for sale"

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Chilean Pellegrini failed attempt to find solutions to the defensive team England, the 'Pepe is not for sale' message was sent by Real Madrid to Manchester City. White team has proved it does not have the slightest intention to sell the Portuguese defender, who now has regained weight in the team and become more focused than ever. Received a bid from Manchester City last summer, but Dol Carlo Ancelotti is a lot of charts. So Pepe preferred to stay in the Royal Castle, although the show was estimated at 30 million euros and 5 million euros salary of the season.

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Real Madrid News Now, Florentino Perez intends to renew Diego Lopez with a good salary

Real Madrid News Now : Intends to Real Madrid president Florentino Perez renew the contract of goalkeeper Diego Lopez, the son of Castilla signed for Real Madrid for four seasons and Florentino Perez intends to improve the reward the player and increase the duration of the contract as a reward for excellence goalkeeper of Spain with Real Madrid, Perez after the new contract Cristiano Ronaldo and Alonso intends to renew the contract one of the most important pillars of the team, which Diego Lopez.

Real Madrid intends to end this before the beginning of next February so reports say that the Spanish club Real Madrid puts the finishing touches on the new contract and will announce it soon.

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Real Madrid News Now, El Mundo Catalan respond: Bale cost Real Madrid 265 million euros

Real Madrid News Now : El Mundo newspaper Catalan not silent on the attack press Madrid deal Neymar and Barcelona, ​​newspaper El Mundo Catalan published an extensive report on the deal Bill which confirmed that the player Welshman cost Real Madrid the amount of 265 million euros and pay Perez kickbacks under the table in order to facilitate the deal, the deal cost 265 million euros between variables and the value of the contract and player salaries.

According to El Mundo said Perez pay six million euros for agent Bale Jonathan Barnett in order not to receive any offer for Bale is Showing Real Madrid, but Barnett refused to 6 million euros and demanded 11 million euros was paid Peres, you must add 6 million euros a year paid by the club as a deposit on the Bill and thus the amount becomes "11 +36 = 47 million euros."

Value of the contract according to the newspaper as 91 million euros and the total is thus 47 +91 = 138 million euros, and the rest is paper says that Perez paid as commissions under the table for the conduct of the deal, including funds entered for pocket President Daniel Levy, the newspaper accused Real Madrid of receiving funds from the central bank Spanish "Bankia" these charges are all addressed to the newspaper's Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and Real Madrid. 

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid top clubs receipt of a profits

Real Madrid News Now : Led the club Real Madrid and for the ninth year in a row list of the top clubs on the receipt of revenues, and the club issued an official statement via his Web site shows how revenues obtained by The revenues "518,900,000 euros," the team has become the club's first team in the history of football beyond revenues of 500 million euros came revenues as follows /

- The financial capacity of 119 million euros
- The transfer of the rights of the matches, "the Champions League and La Liga and cup" 188 million euros.
- Commercials 211 million euros.

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Real Madrid News Now Yaya Toure: Real Madrid is the favorite for the Champions League

Real Madrid News NowDefensaCentral newspaper published an interview with the Manchester City midfielder Yahya Toure said in an interview with RMC that Real Madrid is the favorite for the player to win ten this season where the player said: that the favorite to win the Champions League this season is Real Madrid, He also said that Bayern Munich has the fortunes of a great team and become more strength and rigidity with coach Pep, in addition to PSG, which has made a surprise this season, and the French team proved its strength last season against Barcelona, ​​but I bet that Real Madrid led by Italian coach Ancelotti's first candidate for the Champions League this season .

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti continue in rotation between goalkeepers

Real Madrid News Now : Will continue to be Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti in the process of rotation between the goalkeepers in the league championship and Spanish Copa del Rey and the Champions League also stressed at the beginning of the season put Lopez in the custody of the team's championship campaign and Casillas in the championships of the cup and the Champions League to keep the level of the guards well.

Despite the confusion of the press in a goalkeeper at Real Madrid and rotation between Iker Casillas and Diego Lopez, especially what is happening Recent big pressure of some journalists and media to return Casillas to share essential, but the Italian coach Ancelotti does not care what the newspapers print the news to destabilize the club, and continue Carlo Ancelotti in rotation between Casillas and Lopez compete in competitions by Real Madrid, a league and cup and the Champions League. The Royal team wants fans to know you will continue to coach Ancelotti on the process of rotation or there is something going on in his mind.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo will be presented the Ballon d'Or at Santiago Bernabeu

Real Madrid News Now : Cristiano Ronaldo will be presented the Ballon d'Or for masses of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on Saturday before the game between Real Madrid and Granada

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Real Madrid News Now, Bale tops the list of best summer trades

Real Madrid News Now : Marca newspaper published a report on the performance of the ten best trades occurred last summer and came in the forefront of the Real Madrid star Welshman Gareth Bale. The list is as follows:

1 - Gareth Bale (91 million euros): 10 goals scored 0.7 assists in 21 games.

2 - Edinson Cavani (64 million euros): scored 19 goals in 23 games.

3 - Radmil Falcao (60 million euros): scored 10 goals.

4 - Neymar (57 million euros): 11 goals scored 0.10 assists in 25 games.

5 - Mesut Ozil (45 million euros): 5 goals scored 0.9 assists in 25 games.

6 - James Rodriguez (45 million euros): 4 goals scored 0.9 assists in 21 games.

7 - Vernandino (40 million euros): scored 3 goals, Tmrertin crucial in 29 games.

8 -
Asier Illarramendi (38 million euros): 20 participated in a meeting of the season 9 similar fate probably awaits them.

9 - Gonzalo Higuain (37 million euros) has scored 14 goals 0.9 assists in 25 games.

10 - Mario Gotzh (37 million euros): 7 goals scored 0.4 assists in 18 games

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Officially innocence Benzema and Ribery issue of Zahia.

Real Madrid News Now : Ended the French judiciary evening, one of the major social issues that have shaken the pillars of French society during the last 4 years, the Paris court this evening issued its ruling in the famous case concerning the striker Real Madrid Karim Benzema and Bayern Munich Ribery on the back of having sex with a minor girl called "Zahia", the judge sentenced two of the directors of the nightclub in Paris, which was accompanied by Zahia reside Ribery and Benzema.

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Real Madrid News Now : Expert spoke sports marketing Fabio Montecalvo newspaper CALCIO NEWS his mind about getting Ronaldo on Ballon d'Or award, said: I'm with Balotelli when he congratulated the latter Ronaldo said deserved Ronaldo because he 's fully in the world of football now is a great man and the myth of the masses and that my voice went to Ronaldo. He spoke about Leo Messi and Ribery talk about the lack of legitimacy of Ronaldo winning the award said: Messi is a great player and what he has done, but Ronaldo in 2013 with the club and Portugal are made from the prize goes to Ronaldo . For Ribery I'm not with the Tomb Ribery for lack of legitimacy of the prize Ronaldo. It is true that Ribery has all the titles with the club and is a fantastic player. But tell him that Ronaldo in the past four years were the favorites to win the prize and Ronaldo each year to prove he's the best. Asked about the latter will be expected from the Golden Ball for the year 2014? He answered, saying: I expect victory by Ronaldo for the third time.

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Real Madrid News Now, the cover Marca newspaper

Not for competition.
Casillas breaks his record in maintaining sheet.
Casillas managed to keep clean sheets for 592 minutes.

Benzema scored.
The team did not have any goal in the last 6 games in the new year.
Ancelotti: I congratulate the outstanding performances Casillas, so it is a core company of Lopez.
Casillas: Real Madrid will play in next season.
Real Madrid 1-0 Espanyol

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Real Madrid News Now, The cover newspaper AS

Real Madrid News Now : Iker, Iker, Iker.
Casillas recorded a new record in the preservation of his own net.
Did not have any goal through 592 minutes.
cornellà Stadium witnessed Keeper fantastically for Casillas soccer striker Cordoba.
Real Madrid 1-0 Espanyol.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Casillas: Do you play at Real Madrid next season ? Yes, yes

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Casillas seems happy after maintaining a clean sheet and sparkle, the captain appeared in the area of ​​media and spoke, saying: We know perfectly clean means that the net and winning this Manhaol always do. Regarding the decision on duty said Casillas: Let's stop talking about this subject, I began to feel bored of a lot of talk about him. Casillas was asked about playing at Real Madrid next season and said: Yes, definitely, yes.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Daily Mail Headlines the words of Cristiano and Bale : see you soon Rooney

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : British newspaper Daily Mail confirmed the news on British newspapers and put Real Madrid Rooney's first goal in the next summer, the newspaper wrote the title of exciting in which she said the words of Cristiano and Bale "see you soon, Ronnie!"

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Real Madrid News Now, Espanyol fans chanted for Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid News Now : Image Cristiano Ronaldo changed in all parts of the world, the Portuguese received cheers and a big greeting from fans in the stadium cornellà in Catalonia, fans chanted for Cristiano They repeated "Cristiano Cristiano"

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti gives the team a day of rest

Real Madrid News Now : Carlo Ancelotti gave all the players in the rest day tomorrow to return to the team for practice drills on Thursday in time: 23:00 GMT Spain behind closed doors in preparation for next week's league match against Granada at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

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Real madrid fixtures - The Spanish Union determines round number "23-24-25" of La Liga

Real madrid fixtures : the Spanish Union announced the dates for La Liga rounds No. 23-24-25 Real Madrid will play Villarreal at home while visiting Alfonso Perez Stadium to face Getafe and after the hosts Elche as follows /

Round 23
/ Real Madrid × Villarreal "Saturday, February 8 th at 20:00 local time at 19:00 GMT"
Round 24 / Real Madrid
× Getafe "Sunday, February 17 th at 17:00 local time at 16:00 GMT"
Round 25
/ Real Madrid × Elche "Saturday, February 22 th at 16:00 local time at 15:00 GMT"

Real madrid fixtures

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid will play orange jerseys tonight

Real Madrid News Now : Said the official website of Real Madrid that Real Madrid wearing the orange shirt in tonight's match against Espanyol in Catalonia "Stadium Cornellà-El Prat," This will be the first time that wearing the Real Madrid outfit orange in the cup so as to resemble the colors blue kit Reserve with kit Espanyol Statute.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Cazorla : Casillas must consider the offers made to him  

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : The star of the Spanish club Arsenal Santi Cazorla a close friend of the Spanish captain and Real Madrid Iker Casillas, Cazorla interviewed BeInSport asked about the status of his friend at Real Madrid, he said: Casillas must consider the offers made to him and try to play somewhere else. Cazorla also asked about the Ballon d'Or for Cristiano Ronaldo said: Cristiano deserves the Ballon d'Or without any doubt. And French striker Karim Benzema said Cazorla: cream stunning and gorgeous, different from all the world pecking

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors
Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Spanish reports: Seedorf interested in signing Casillas for Milan

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : According to reports Spanish issued by the site Periodista Digital Spanish The new coach Dutchman Clarence Seedorf wants to bring Casillas for Milan, the goal Seedorf strengthen the defense and therefore wants Casillas center primarily in Milan, which he needs Captain to play the World Cup of the Spanish team, Iker realize it, but he does not want to get out of Real Madrid because it is considered as a Real life is hard to come out and hope to return the situation to what it was and come back with a similar fate probably awaits the team.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors
Real Madrid News Now, The cover of newspaper AS on Tuesday

Cristiano officer greatest.
Cavaco Silva, "Portuguese President" mimics Cristiano and Sam Henry the Navigator.

Real Madrid × Espanyol.
Ancelotti: Isco may play in Cornellà but at the center of the 9 placebo.

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Real Madrid News Now, The cover of Marca on Monday

Real happy.
Good news for the team in 2014.
Continue in victories.
Do not receive any goal.
Reduce the difference in points with leaderboards.
Defense in a significant improvement.
Cristiano for the Ballon d'Or
 Espanyol ×
Real Madrid "tonight at 20:00 GMT"

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