Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Transfer news/rumors : Zidane recommends contracting with Pogba.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Confirmed newspaper Marca that the French legend Zinedine Zidane reporting for management to sign with Frenchman Paul Pogba, management trust much Zidane, where he was primarily responsible for contracting with Varane recommended much attention to it and after a year of sparkle became Varane one of the most prominent names of the defense at Real Madrid.

This season also Zidane works great with young José and Morata and Illarra and Isco and others also contributed to the restoration of the level of Karim Benzema, away from the Real Madrid Zidane had confirmed the talent of Hazzard before his move from Lille by all European clubs , which had been recommended to contract with Ribery before the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Real Madrid News Now, Arbeloa miss for 3 weeksReal Madrid News Now : Confirmed newspaper As Spanish that back Spaniard Alvaro Arbeloa subjected to a ruptured ligaments and will be out for three weeks, therefore, will not play Arbeloa throughout this month, where will miss the match Levante, Malaga, Barcelona, ​​Schalke, Sevilla and Rayo Vallecano and will be displayed in the next month.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti: Everyone is ready except Arbeloa and Khedira

Real Madrid News Now : Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference to talk about the game between Real Madrid and Levante.

Carlo: a quiet atmosphere and the team works quietly, everyone knows that the next stage is important.

Ancelotti: So far the team is working well, we are now in the most important stage of the season.

Carlo: Arbeloa is very important for me.

Ancelotti: Arbeloa is suffering from bad luck, now he must rest and then see if he could train again.

Carlo: Pepe decision to participate or not will be determined tomorrow because he has stomach problems.

Ancelotti: Levante offers good performance in recent matches and we know that the game will be difficult.

Carlo: Illarra improved a lot in recent times and has become a trust.
Ancelotti: all the players available for tomorrow's game, except for Arbeloa and Khedira.

Carlo: I have called the team for dinner, we can not always do this and this time Zidane is paying "laughs."

Ancelotti: Stop Assistant Simeone? It was an overreaction by and I will not comment more because it stays a colleague of mine.

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Real Madrid News Now, 50 million buy-out clause for the striker José !

Real Madrid News Now : 50 million euros is the value of the penalty clause for Khisa Rodriguez, which means that it would be very difficult for any club to take him away from Real Madrid. 

And raised a wonderful season enjoyed by the young Spaniard in his first season in the Primera interest in a number of European clubs, where he received a barrage of teenage striker offers recently.

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Real Madrid News Now, Gomez is the referee Clasico La Liga

Real Madrid News Now : Radio sources confirmed Cadena Cope The Spanish Federation decides to assign the task of Arbitration Clasico La Liga for the referee Carlos Clos Gomez. Clos Gomez led the Super Clasico Away and Barcelona won 3-2 while driving Away Copa del Rey last season and tied Real Madrid and Barcelona 1-1. 

Referee has many precedents with Real Madrid, including this season when Ramos sent off in the match Pamplona against Osasuna and stopped after the Referee for arbitration for the entire month, also is leading the Cup final last season and the expulsion of Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of the precedents in this matter 
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Real Madrid News Now, Precedents Clos Gomez and complaint Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : Were not match Osasuna are the only ones that complain of Real Madrid Referee Carlos Clos Gomez, Referee has a history with Real Madrid, where Marca reported incidents of rule 3 with Real Madrid, where he said .

1 - errors thirteen / Mourinho complained of Referee and presented a paper at the press conference in which he stated 13 error of referee in the game between Real Madrid and Sevilla, which ended in victory for Real Madrid, with great difficulty, close, according to Mourinho has committed 13 error shown Mourinho at the press conference.

2 - Real Madrid vs Valencia in La Liga historical / Real Madrid in this game shine dramatically and Referee did not award a penalty for Cristiano Ronaldo and the expulsion of defender Ruiz.

3 - the expulsion of Kaka last season / Referee in last season on the same stadium and the expulsion of Kaka oddly but did not expel Auer and Robin because of extreme violence on the Real Madrid players.

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Real Madrid News Now, Florentino Perez: nothing to do with me the issue of Neymar

Real Madrid News Now : President Florentino Perez had interviewed Thursday afternoon with La Sexta Spanish channel confirmed that the interview will be presented on Sunday, fully, and the most prominent published what he said Peres, where he spoke about Victor Valdes said: I do not think he will leave, let's wait and see. Also commented on the fate of Captain Iker Casillas said: I can not imagine to be linked with Casillas Barcelona at all. Russell also commented on when he said: I wish I could meet him in order to hug him, I have not spoken with him since the time and our relationship is good. On the issue of Neymar, Peres said: nothing to do with my case so I would not be silly to respond to the question.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano: Zidane will be a successful coach

Real Madrid News Now : Published Britain's Daily Mail remarks star best in the world Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese talked about Assistant Ancelotti French legend Zidane, where he said it: Zidane was a great player and I expect that it would be a successful coach, I wish I could see him as a coach in the future and for Zidane are no problem in the training of the French team or Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Juve's sporting director met with Real Madrid

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Confirmed newspaper reports La Gazzetta Italian, depending on the Exclusive News From Radio cadena ser Spanish The sporting director of Juventus Pepe Marotta watched Derby in Calderon on Sunday and met with officials of Real Madrid after the game, and the paper says that Juventus are interested in signing Coentrao and Di Maria and Isco and Morata while Real Madrid wants Pogba or Vidal.

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Real Madrid News Now, Mourinho: Varane best young defender in the world

Real Madrid News Now : Did not hide the Portuguese coach, former Real Madrid and current club Chelsea Jose Mourinho interest in signing French defender for Real Madrid Varane, Mourinho wants to bring Varane at the end of the current season as a replacement for John Terry has published newspaper Sun British statements on the lips of the Portuguese coach in which he says: Varane best defender a young man in the world, in the World Cup, there are many young players who should be watched like Varane and Hazard and Neymar and there are others I have not mentioned .

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Real Madrid News Now, 112 years since the founding of the club Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : March 6, 1902 was the date of the founding of Real Madrid and today celebrated the club over 112 years of its foundation, the club is the oldest in the history of football at all trophies historic team never to one that arrived for numbers and achieved a club named Club of the Century, a title earned him the club by FIFA.

Real Madrid has won the Champions League nine times and is the highest number in the history of the championship and achieved the league 32 times the highest number also in the history of the tournament and also achieved the Copa del Rey 18 times, and there are championships such as: 3 Championships for Cup Intercontinental, twice UEFA Cup and once the Cup title European and 9 times the Spanish Super Cup.

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Real Madrid News Now, Mourinho: Real Madrid players are standing in front of the mirror

Real Madrid News Now : The newspaper Daily Mail told the Portuguese coach with a magazine British, Mourinho undoubtedly talked about the players Real Madrid where he said about them: in my career with Real Madrid, the players prefer to stand in front of the mirror long before the start of the game and the referee awaits them in order to enter the stadium, I'm in the 51 of my life, and I had to adapt to this situation because my sons and daughters are doing the same thing.

Just for clarification / statement from the British newspaper the Daily Mail and there are some words to suggest that Mourinho did not mention the Real Madrid players, but said "the young general care about their looks," but the newspaper Daily Mail confirmed that he talked about Real Madrid and this snippet of news ...

Real Madrid News Now, Mourinho: Real Madrid players are standing in front of the mirror 

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Real Madrid News Now, Carlo Ancelotti asks Goalkeepers. [Video]

Real Madrid News Now : It seems that the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti has tired a lot of questions about the goalkeeping position, Ancelotti explained in more than one interview that Lopez for the league and Casillas for the Cup and the Champions League, but after the derby, there were claims re Casillas starting lineup and here shows a news channel La sexta he asks Ancelotti for Casillas morning today, where he says "good morning, you can come back to the Ecker Center? How do you evaluate performance?" But Ancelotti remained silent and did not answer completely.

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Real Madrid News Now, Khedira: "There is no set time for my return

Real Madrid News Now : Wants German international player and Real Madrid Sami Khedira to take his time fully to recover well before returning to action after his injury on November 15 last ruptured collateral ligament middle and anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in the match Germany's friendly against Italy after inadvertent contact with Andrea Pirlo in Gosaibi Meazza, where he underwent surgery on November 16 in Augsburg. According to the website of the Federation of German football for the San Sami Khedira that does not guarantee full recovery before the start of the World Cup in Brazil :  

"I look forward and do the effort to attain the future. Present my plan lies in me from my work daily intensive and thorough, and that's all I worry I have now. There is no specific date for my return."  

Said Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti a few days ago that Khedira will return to the team's training after about twenty days.

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid legends involved in the charity match to fight poverty

Real Madrid News Now : A number of legends Real Madrid as Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane back in the game, the annual charity to fight poverty. This year, the event will take place in the Swiss capital Bern on Tuesday, and most of the proceeds of the meeting will go to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, in the Philippines. Where Ronaldo commented in a press release, before the game "is a way to raise money and make people aware of the fact that a solution to this problem is in our hands.

The fight against poverty is not a game. "Other big names will be involved, such as Luis Figo, Fabio Cannavaro, Italy, Pavel Nedved and Spain's triple Gaizka Mendieta, Fernando Hierro and Michel Salgado. Played the game in the Stade de Suisse in the Swiss capital, the National. Lasted all of Ronaldo and Zidane supported this event is backed by the European Union for football since 2003, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Figo said before the game, "I would love to see the stands full of people to celebrate football and the joint fight against poverty. Let us strive to help the Philippines. "Fabio Cannavaro, in time Nevsa expressed his sense of" honor "by allowing him to play along with such great players. The foot has been confirmed post Maldini and Zambrotta and a number of other former football stars.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ronaldo protects his head this time!

Real Madrid News Now : Don Ronaldo protects his head this time of shells potential fired by the masses of Atletico Madrid, Ronaldo was afraid of throw lighter on his head, as happened with him previously by the masses of Atletico also in Home match Copa del Rey last month, which ended in victory for the royal two straight, and qualifying was followed to the final of the championship.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti's press conference after the draw in Madrid derby

Real Madrid News Now : Italian Carlo Ancelotti appeared to the press after the draw with Atletico Madrid (2-2), where he stressed that his team came out of the game, upping point, highlighting the "reaction" to his players as well as the violence that was used by the players during the game Atletico.
Began to coach Real Madrid, saying: "We have tried to Atletico drag the game into violence. Our quality requires us to not play this way, I've tried to play but we did not strive for it until the end," also praised the result, saying: "the point, it was a tough game, because we tried to play, but it was not easy."

He added: "Atletico played a game too rough, it was not easy for us to skip it, but the end was good when we started playing, where we had many opportunities, as was the reaction of the good players in the second half. "
"You try to play and think about the game, just do not work and this is what we have done in the last few minutes where we apply the technique to play Real Madrid. Were not able to impose your style and did not keep the ball well in the first half, making the players Atletico back the lead after that was 0-1 ".

For Carlo, the Real Madrid won a point in this match, "I get a draw in a match we were losers in it. Reaction was good, we can be satisfied with the point because Atletico Madrid a very good team, especially at home. They are behind us now three points behind and we are top of the league. now we have to take into account that we are going to play seven matches at the Bernabeu and five outside. "

On the other hand, explained the Italian reason he started with Alvaro Arbeloa and Fabio Coentrao "because they were physical condition is good and did not play on Wednesday against Schalke in the Champions League, and in the last 30 minutes I decided to involve all of Marcelo and Carvajal because we need to put pressure more. "

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Real Madrid News Now, Sergio Ramos: penalty? There are many faults

Real Madrid News Now : Captain Sergio Ramos after the game talked in the area of ​​media for the penalty for Costa when he said it: There are a lot of faults we do not get it, can not be talking about the referee was too much. And the team said: Maybe it was our fault to relax after the first goal and that's why a lot of pressure on us. On the lead Ramos said: We are still in the top of the list ahead 3 points.

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Real Madrid News Now, AS and Marca for Sunday

La Liga in one game
Ancelotti: I can say that we are candidates to win the game, but play in Alcalderon
Simeone: We will face a team currently terrifies all of Europe


Real Madrid News Now, AS and Marca for Sunday 

Ronaldo against Costa (conflict with tension high)
Ronaldo and Costa: Concert scorers in La Liga Alcalderon
Real leaders looking for a win to move away from Atletico

Simeone: we must give all we have at this stage of the season
Ancelotti: We are playing each match separately
Juanfran and Arbeloa and a struggle for the place in the World Cup

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