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Goals Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad 5-1


Napoli Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain scored two goals against Marseille, Argentine striker At the ceremonial first goal imitated former teammate at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo.


Juventus Vs. Real Madrid 2-2 Cristiano Ronaldo Gareth Bale Benzema Assist Highlights 5 Nov 2013

Rhiannon Jones is joined by Dermot Corrigan to preview Real Madrid's Tuesday clash with Juventus 

(kick-off 20:45 CET).

Real Madrid will wear orange uniforms in the day Juventus Stadium on the night of the Champions League, Benzema, Bale and Marcelo are the main interface for Adidas announced this shirt

Adidas  Real Madrid kit "orange"


Real Madrid comes to Turin


Goals encounter Real Madrid x Rayo Vallecano 3-2


بعد تدريبات اليوم : بيل يتوقف ويلبي طلبات الجمهور . [ فيديو ]

After training the day the public was waiting outside the club players, everyone left but the Welshman Gareth Bale stopped and answered the requests for the public to sign them and take pictures, but there was much embarrassed Welshman request and refused to be met ...

الماركا : ماهي اللقطة الأكثر شهرة من ناحية التمثيل ؟

Spanish newspaper Marca published vote for their audience via the Internet, the newspaper published videos for months footage in which such players on the referees Among them was a representation of Neymar in the Confederations Cup and the representation of Bale yesterday against Sevilla and also represent Busquets before the Inter and Baby representation before Barcelona.


بنزيمة يستعيد روحه وإبتسامته . [ فيديو ]

Yesterday's game brought Spirit's Karim Benzema, aS newspaper picked up video for the French after workouts with a smile to the audience and captures pictures with them.


French player Karim Benzema after scoring the fourth goal to leave the celebration with team mates and went for hugging assistant coach Zinedine Zidane.

Goals Real Madrid x Sevilla 7-3

Gareth Bale Free Kick Goal Real Madrid 3 0 Sevilla ((30 10 2013))

Gareth Bale goal to Seville


In today's exercises Zidane participated with the players, Alonso in the exercises work great skill on the French where to pass the ball between his feet in a very smart way


الماركا : هذا هو أبرز ماحدث في الكلاسيكو .

Marca newspaper published news titled "This is what happened in El Clasico," the newspaper collected the most exciting shots in the game, including an interview Puyol, Ronaldo and Khisa target and address Valdez's football Ronaldo and Benzema shot against the crossbar ....
To see "here"


إحتجاج أنشيلوتي على الحكم [فيديو]

As Spanish newspaper published video for the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, the Italian coach had wanted a penalty because of obstruction Ronaldo before Mascherano, where he said the ruling "despiertate" a Wake sense.

It is fair to say that the point of the event large Clasico from the viewpoint of Real Madrid fans are deprived Cristiano Ronaldo from the penalty spot after Kanu applicants score 1-0 and believes the majority of viewers that Ronaldo should have been getting a penalty and Ronaldo was still demanding a penalty after Barca 2-0 by Alexis Sanchez and continued claim referee Alberto Ayeno but you get a yellow card in the late Saturday evening featured footage of Lionel Messi, shaking his head and laughing at Ronaldo after the wrath of the last of governance and spotted also Luka Modric that appears to try to silence Messi was laughing on the demands of the "Real" to watch the video :

After the end of the match Cristiano Ronaldo and went to the dressing room stopped Barcelona captain Carles Puyol to talk together, indicate significance between Puyol and Cristiano indicate that the talk was to arbitration


Video: a clear penalty to Cristiano Ronaldo against Barcelona.