Real Madrid News Now, Conference Ancelotti: rotate the guards? To maintain the level of the two keepers

Real Madrid News Now : Shows Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti a news conference to talk about the game between Real Madrid and Getafe.

Carlo: Cristiano okay, we are waiting for a response, a committee is glad he does not play.

Ancelotti: At this time I do not care, date of the final
or even the location of the game.
Carlo: Varane knee is improving, was recovering well and is available tomorrow, but not essential.

Ancelotti: Karim is an important player, in favor of renewal of the club and we are delighted with him.

Carlo: Coentrao and Marcelo unavailable for tomorrow's game, Morata and Cristiano "questionable" and perhaps Carvajal.
Ancelotti: at the moment all the tough games, especially games out of the ground.
Carlo: We have to prepare well for the game.

Journalist compares the rotation Dida and Abbiati in the Milan and rotation Casillas and Lopez in Madrid :
There was a different rotation, Dida did not begin immediately after the injury, but Abbiati.

Ancelotti: why is the rotation of the guards I own two of the best guards the world and I hope to always stay motivated.

Carlo: Isco replacement was a tactical decision, Isco played a good game in place of cream in a 4-3-3 tactic.
Ancelotti: Isco center in the middle or at the parties, but in the 4-3-3 tactic is to play well in the center of the attacker placebo.
Carlo: Cristiano will rest for three days, today and tomorrow and Monday.

Ancelotti: preparing for the match without Cristiano However Unchangeable.

Carlo: work well in Castilla and the team started to achieve the points, of course, I watch Clasico between Real Madrid Castilla and Barcelona.
Ancelotti: the fact that the team played a lot of games in January and we have achieved good results, but more importantly, we are in good physical condition.    

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Real Madrid News Now, Fabio Capello: Ancelotti found the missing link in the Real MadridReal Madrid News Now : Talked today Russia coach Fabio Capello told La Gazzetta dello Sport Italian for many things, including talk about Real Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti said: that Ancelotti brought with him to the team calm, realistic and now we're seeing the coach how to lead the team in all calmness and comfort and Ancelotti improved the performance of the team a lot and Real capable of winning all the championships this season 

The favorite team to win the Champions League, said : The team is able to win the Triple this season he has great players and their quality is good and the coach did not take a long time to adapt to the team and this shows that Ancelotti is a great coach and a great and Ancelotti when relied on Di Maria and Modric in the middle, he found the missing link in the beginning of the season and the players they could surprise adversaries.

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid open talks for the renewal of Benzema
Real Madrid News Now : According to reports Marca that the Spanish club Real Madrid began talks with representatives of Karim Benzema for the renewal, the club is pleased with the performance of the French and his contract expires in 2015 and the club wants renewal for 3-5 years, Marca's headline on the news to "cream Forever" player offers a level gorgeous throughout the year 2014, where signs on the best start him with Real Madrid, there is also interest from PSG came therefore Real Madrid wants to keep it.

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Real Madrid News Now, Juventus refuses to give up Vidal less than 50 million euros

Real Madrid News Now : The newspaper for La Gazzetta dello Sport Italian The Real Madrid put Chilean Arturo Vidal as the name of the first in the summer transfer, the paper confirms that Real Madrid will present introduced during the next two weeks and will try to bring the player in the summer transfer, Juventus still resists and tries to keep his players where the newspaper said that the club would not negotiate Vidal b on less than 50 million euros.

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Real Madrid News Now, José : "I want to become a legend of legends Real Madrid"

Real Madrid News Now : Talked youngster son School Real Madrid José Rodriguez in an interview with the magazine "heroes" and expressed his impression of his first season with the first team for Real Madrid, the talent of young number one in Spain now says: "I do not like to talk about myself, it is up the masses, all I want is to learn new things every day, "and about his situation with the team says : "I feel comfortable and the entire team treated me superbly, in the beginning the situation was strange to co-exist with the Stars a lot, but I trust myself and I see that I do a good job, I am one of the squad, but I'm not like them to understand they lived for many years in the world of this game, but it's better to walk leisurely and naturally, "and for the coach:" Ancelotti has helped me so I put them in my abilities appropriate, it is the winner, and coach always wants more of the team and this is very important. "

He says José motivations at play: "Sometimes when I jump of the stadium I'm in front of the challenge of not losing the ball and the play is easy enjoyable and I try to minimize my mistakes in passing," he acknowledges that: "Real fans masses demanding and every game has a requirement, not only of the young players, but adults as well, we try to offer the best we have, "and teammate Cristiano Ronaldo says:" I learn many things from him every day, He is the best in the world, deserve better awards for that professional absolutely wonderful, I've taught me a lot and I'm trying to walk on his approach the same ambition, "and for the struggle for the league says," is not as it was in the past years, not Liga teams, perhaps it's good join Atletico to competitors, now we rely on ourselves. "

And for the change that happened to him and his fellow young people to be in the first team: "There are other players have talent and they are good players and have adapted quickly, the young players they can bring hope and new blood to the team , when we participate try to help the team to improve, "and about the possibility of Spanish first joining the national team," may see me play there, there are many good players and each player of his time, A matter of good performance and a bit of luck and avoid injuries, "he admitted," 20 "Real Madrid that he would like to remember the fans that:" as a legend of legends Real Madrid, I would like to stay and play here all my life, I want to work regularly for many years in this club, for me this is the best club in the world, and since my childhood that I love Real Madrid and I was impressed by many players and the likes of Zidane, Figo and Roberto Carlos ... "He also spoke about his passion for others and is the music: "It's a hobby other very important to me because it helps me, especially when I practice the sport that I practice or play, I like to go to the studio music accompanied by one of my friends, this hobby helps me isolate myself from everything else and help me the looseness and comfort, from the studio I go to my house and I refreshed my thinking because I Eran, I love music so much. "... 

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Real Madrid News Now, Madridista support the idea of ​​the cup final at the Camp Nou

Real Madrid News Now : In a poll carried out by the site Aldivnsa Central show that 51% of voters on the referendum in favor of the Spanish Federation if he chooses the Nou Camp to play Copa del Rey final between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​The Madridista confident victory of their team title and that was against rival eternal and at home, there are also 11% voters are not confident of this decision, The Madridista confident victory of their team title and that was against rival eternal and at home, as there are 11% of voters are not sure of this decision, but they believe that the Camp Nou good choice somewhat for the final because it has 100,000 seats and thus will go a large number of fans to support their team, There is also a large majority, and up to 39% does not wish to play at the Camp Nou and the Mestalla Stadium or prefer to Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán in Seville.

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Real Madrid News Now, Report to Mr. finals Carlo Ancelotti

Real Madrid News Now : Seeks Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti to achieve the title of the cup in the third country after Italy and England, the Italian coach will face in the final, his first in Spain Barcelona and he wants to achieve the cup to have achieved the trophy in 3 states , Ancelotti himself after the press conference after qualifying for the final, said: Cup very important in Spain and England, there is a lot of competition and we want all the cup competitions and we want it.

If we go back in history and specifically in 2002-2003 achieved a coach with AC Milan Cup title after winning the Rome stadium in Rome "Olympic Stadium" and won 4-1 brilliantly from Shevchenko and Rivaldo, after five seasons Ancelotti has the league title and then five days playing with the cup Chelsea beat him after he bested Portsmouth by a single goal scored by Drogba.

Ancelotti in his coaching career playing 14 final won in 10 of them and lost four finals, including three penalties, began to march Ancelotti in the finals with Juventus in 1999 when faced with French club Rennes in the championship Onternto and won by Ancelotti, the final second was with AC Milan in Champions League 2003 and in the same season playing the final third in the European Super in the 2007 season playing the final fourth in the Champions League and won in the 2007 season playing the final European Super, a fifth final and won in front of Sevilla, Ancelotti won the Super Cup Italy in 2004 and won at Lazio a final his sixth and won the Club World Cup against Boca Juniors a seventh final and won the FA Cup and Charity Shield with Chelsea.

Ancelotti also lost four finals in his career, including one just completed at the time the original a final 2010 at the Charity Shield against Manchester United, while the three finals remaining has lost a penalty shootout and the first of the final court of Ataturk when the Cavaliers made over Liverpool in the first half and returned to Liverpool in the result and won on penalties also lost to Milan in the 2003 season the first two tournaments the Italian Super Cup against Juventus and second in the Intercontinental Cup  against Boca Juniors.  

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Real Madrid News Now, Draxler is ready to face Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : Star Schalke first Julian Draxler ready to face Real Madrid in the Champions League, the rising star suffered a muscle tear last December after more than two months, will return to play a few minutes next Saturday against Bayer Leverkusen on to play 90 minutes against Mainz in the Bundesliga.

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Real Madrid News Now, Gareth Bale interview: Cristiano helps me and is my example

Real Madrid News Now : In an interview with the Uefa Champions League Bale Gareth talked about adaptation in Madrid and with the team and said:

What you busy the most now?

Learn the language, I think it's easy, but I am learning slowly, to learn Spanish so that I feel more integrated, my team help me and I feel comfortable. "

With Cristiano Ronaldo, you have a good relationship?

It's sidekick and friend who always gives me a lot of advice and help me, was my example before met him  and now it has become more than my example, it makes things easy for me and we can form a binary risk on the pitch. "

Pressure of playing in Madrid.

Play here in the best club in the world, where you are the demands of many of the titles and win always, we are working to win every game and we hope to achieve the league this season, it is great to win the game every week . "

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Real Madrid News Now Cristiano Ronaldo beats the same number of goals

Real Madrid News Now : Beats Cristiano Ronaldo on the same in the scoring, Cristiano Ronaldo and match Atletico arrived for goal No. 34 in this season its match 32 this season and is so superior to his numbers in his first season and the second and third with Real Madrid, Cristiano his remaining three months in the competition and no doubt is will be able to overcome the barrier of 60 goal.

Real Madrid News Now Cristiano Ronaldo beats the same number of goals

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News now Real madrid, Spanish Federation could close a Calderon StadiumNews now Real madrid : Atletico Madrid will face the Punishment may be influential because of the incident suffered by Ronaldo in the court Vicente Calderon, where the Spanish Federation is heading to fine Atletico to a fine between 300 to 30,000 euros and the closure of the stadium for a match or two matches, Atletico will provide proofs and evidence in order to reduce the sentence but referee Mallenco has documented the incident in his report.

News now Real madrid

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Real Madrid News Now, Covers of Marca and AS for Thursday
Lighter thrower has not yet appeared.
Spanish Federation expands investigation into the case and uses videos close to channel Canal +.
Atletico Madrid offers evidence for reduction of sentence.

Cup final in Mestalla.
Barcelona qualify to face Real Madrid.


 Saturday 19 April.
A thrilling final in the Easter holiday.
Real Madrid and Barcelona meet in the Cup final, Spain.
The final match will be after Clasico in the league.
Mestalla Stadium and referee Mateu Lahoz are the preferred match.

Varane recovering.
Good news: the knee is no longer disturb Varane.

Manquillo and more than a month of injury.
After Cristiano obstruction, the player will be affected for the entire month.
Cristiano Contact with the player and reassured him.

Real Madrid News Now, Covers of Marca and AS for Thursday

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid several clubs compete for Russian Dzagoev.

Real Madrid News Now : Reported Calciomercato Italian that Real Madrid is looking forward to join Star Club CSKA Moscow now Dzagoev next summer and there are several Italian clubs want to get a Russian player who was discovered by Spanish club Real Madrid paper disclosed that Italian clubs and Real Madrid are not the only who they want to bring a player there are also clubs Manchester United, Arsenal and Bayer Leverkusen Germany.

However, the task will not be easy to bring the player Dzagoev, especially after shedding Russian club player for a short period before the Honda, Dzagoev scored 8 goals last season in 24 games, and at the age of 23 years and is considered one of the young talent in recent years in Russia.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Inter and Tottenham want Morata next summer

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Newspaper Sport Toto the Italian club Inter and Tottenham are interested in signing the Spaniard Alvaro Morata next summer, and it seems that the player Morata does not find an opportunity to participate with the team in Derby Madrid yesterday preferred Ancelotti rested Frenchman Benzema and the involvement of Isco essential and these indications are not persuaded of the Italian coach the player. 

And income Morata in the list of enhancements made by the President of Inter millionaire Indonesian Thohir next summer, and it seems that Tottenham wants to sell the Argentine's Lamela next summer in order to buy the Spanish Morata, is expected to leave Morata club next summer and will be a better solution for both parties and will bring Ancelotti striker next summer to strengthen the team in the offensive line in the event of sale Morata.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors
Real Madrid News Now, Copa del Rey final at Valencia Stadium Club "Mestalla" on April 19

Real Madrid News Now : Select the date of the Spanish Confederation of the final of the Copa del Rey between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​will play the final on April 19 on the Stadium Club Valencia "Mestalla. This is the stadium where Real Madrid have good memories where won the cup in front of Barcelona in Mourinho's first season with the team, thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo header and then led the match referee Undiano Mallenco which is the same referee who led Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid yesterday.

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid wants to set up a cup final at the Nou Camp

Real Madrid News Now : Real Madrid wants to be set up the cup final this season at the Nou Camp, and choose Real Madrid to the Nou Camp is not because of amendments that would establish the Bernabeu stadium, there are also others, such as stadium Sevilla and Atletico Madrid , Valencia, but the choice of the Nou Camp because if we win the cup on the stadium rivals Real Madrid will have a special flavor to the fans and the players are expected to not mind Barsha to play the final at home .

The last final played Real Madrid at the Nou Camp was in 2004 in front of Real Zaragoza and lost the game in extra time with the aim of Assassin's Luciano Galletti to end the final victory for Real Zaragoza in the cup as a result of 3-2.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo hit his goal a hundred outside the Bernabeu

Real Madrid News Now : Cristiano Ronaldo scored a unique number with the new Real Madrid a goal of 100 outside the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium after scoring the second goal on Atletico Madrid in the second leg semi-final of Copa del Rey, which came from the penalty spot caused by Gareth Bale.

 Season [09-10] 17 goal
Season [10-11] 19 goal
Season [11-12] 22 goal
Season [12-13] 25 goal
This season 17 goals

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Real Madrid News Now, Disciplinary Committee to consider punishment Ronaldo again next Friday

Real Madrid News Now : Gave Real Madrid a new appeal to the Disciplinary Committee to reconsider about punishment Ronaldo after he got the red card in the match San Mames against Bilbao, and gave the club last week's resumption of the Competitions Committee in order to ease the ban on Ronaldo, however , the Commission rejected the appeal, and will be decided by the Committee disciplinary next Friday if the decision of the Competition Committee is true or not, about the death Ronaldo, noted that Ronaldo has missed one game of matches imposed on it in front of a Villarreal.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ronaldo sent a text message to Manquillo

Real Madrid News Now : Talked father player Club Atletico Madrid Manquillo in connection with the program El Chiringuito that his son spent last night in hospital after being docked with Ronaldo in the air ball and then fell fall violently and after it has been examined player in the hospital show that the player sprained his vertebrae neck and talked's father about Ronaldo said : Ronaldo sent a text message asked them about my son and what happened to him I told him that's fine and okay, individual Ronaldo another letter in which he said: I wish a speedy recovery to Mancuello and reconcile him in his career, commented Father about interesting Ronaldo, his son said: Ronaldo is not only a great player he is the epitome of humanity.

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Real Madrid News Now, Atletico Madrid fans throw Cristiano Ronaldo a lighter

Real Madrid News Now : Punished public Atletico Madrid Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo after the hindering defender Atletico Madrid, Atletico Madrid and the public after the end of the first half, throwing a lighter hit the head of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Real Madrid News Now, Iker Casillas is still hitch Atletico Madrid in derby

Real Madrid News Now : Became Iker Casillas is a horror story for Atletico Madrid in the derby, where he played the leader Iker Casillas 26 Derby were unable to Atletico Madrid defeated Real Madrid existence Iker Casillas as Real Madrid won with Iker Casillas 19 times and tied in six games, where he was able Atletico Madrid defeated Real Madrid in two games last season and the current, but not the leader Iker Casillas present in the pitch, where he was the guard in the game, Diego Lopez, and this is a nightmare Iker Casillas with Atletico Madrid .

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Real Madrid News Now, Diego Simeone: Nothing is impossibleReal Madrid News Now : Argentine coach Diego Simeone appeared at a news conference to talk about the game between Real Madrid tomorrow, Simeone talked about back in the result and said: We are still at the beginning of a tipping point, nothing is impossible in football and the game will be fun. He also spoke about the arbitration and said we should not consider these things, we must consider ourselves and we were only leaderboards and lost the lead because of the result that we have achieved in Almeria.

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Real Madrid News Now, Atletico Madrid missing for 6 players against Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : Ended the club Atletico Madrid last training session in preparation for the derby, the exercises showed that the team will be missed for 6 of the most important elements of the core They goalkeeper Courtois, who did not recover after friction with Benzema and also will be without defender Insua and will miss Filipe Luis and Villa injury while miss Koke and Costa to stop, the exercises showed that the Simeone will depend on Arda Turan and Gabi and Godin for technical reasons and also said the club's official website said Turan did not train with his teammates today.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Manchester United seeks to contract with Isco

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : After losing the Spaniard youngster Isco centered core in the lineup, news came by that Manchester United seeks to contract with the Spaniard young man in the next summer, and will give the club Manchester United 33 million euros for a contract with the player which is the same amount provided by the Real Madrid club's transition player to him, as he rejected the Spaniard Isco View Mansstr City last summer in order to be able to play with the best team in the world, and will have a great future with Real Madrid, such as the tower will Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors

Real Madrid News Now, Alonso did not score a goal since 117 gamesReal Madrid News Now : Scoring goals is not easy, especially if the player is playing in midfield, this case applies to the maestro Xabi Alonso where there has been no goal with the team since the 117 game where the last goal in front of him Zaragoza on August 28, 2011 , Alonso scored in his first season with Real Madrid 5 goals against Villarreal and Gijon and Atletico Madrid in the cup in front of Murcia, and statistics reveal that Alonso did not score a goal for Real Madrid in the Champions League even though he played 41 games with the team in the Champions League.

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Real Madrid News Now, Conference Ancelotti : We must not be complacent

Real Madrid News Now : Spoke Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference to talk about the second leg derby in Copa del Rey semi-final, the Italian coach began by congratulating the basketball team won Copa del Rey and said: Pablo Laso team deserves the title, a great effort from them. The Italian coach moved to talk about the game when he said: We have an important advantage tomorrow, we must not be complacent and play cautiously as we did in home to avoid problems and not to change the philosophy of play and will be a tough match against a strong adversary.

Ancelotti spoke about Pepe and Ramos are suspended and the possibility of Varane and post tomorrow where he said: tomorrow will play a similar fate probably awaits Varane Place Pepe or Ramos, the absence of one will not be because of the cards and Varane needs to play because he has the quality and speed to be one of the best defenders of the world. The Italian coach talked about stopping Cristiano Ronaldo and said: I hope to play Cristiano Ronaldo always, I hope that the appeal is accepted and is due to play in La Liga. He also spoke about Isco where he said it: I'm here to help Real Madrid and not to serve the player, I may be unjust with Isco but more importantly, to take advantage of Real Madrid and I hope at the end of the season that people say that Isco was an important player for Ancelotti, he was an important player at the beginning of the season I do not doubt his talent never.

He commended the Italian coach the of Modric work with the team when he said: apparently me is that Modric has become more adaptable in this season, is a great player and is playing well in midfield. Ancelotti gave his opinion on the issue of arbitration in this season, where he says Carlo: When the pressure increases to be the most difficult to manage the match referee, Spain and Italy are equal in the extent of the pressure on the referee but in England there is less pressure. Finally commented on the words of the captain of Atletico Madrid Gabi, who said that the arbitration helps Real Madrid, where he said: I think that the question of the existence of luck with arbitration.

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Real Madrid News Now, José finder: Barcelona tried to hijack the player

Real Madrid News Now : Finder young José Rodriguez "Sixto Alfonso" conducted an interview with ABC Spanish, Alfonso said that the beginnings of José was in club Las Palmas and played there from the age of 12 up to 14 and then brought to Real Madrid and being in school Casstilla before it is escalated to the first team, Alfonso confirmed The Barcelona sent a delegation to the birthplace José and tried to persuade his family to join Barcelona, ​​but the player and his family did not want to go to Barcelona and upon the arrival of View Real Madrid moved immediately.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo's birthday party

Real Madrid News Now : Although the festival was his birthday on February 5, but Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his birthday the day 29 and because of Copa del Rey first leg against Atletico. And the ceremony was attended by family members and friends and colleagues Cristiano. The most prominent attendees were Irina Shayk and Sergio Ramos, Diego Lopez, Modric, Gareth Bale, Pepe and Coentrao .

Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo's birthday party 

Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo's birthday party

Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo's birthday party 

Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo's birthday party

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid's basketball to win Copa del Rey in front of Barcelona

Real Madrid News Now : Led a player featured Sergio Llull team Real Madrid basketball for winning the Copa del Rey for basketball, which was held on Thursday evening, Barcelona ended the first quarter ahead of Madrid, two points behind, but the sons of the coach Lasso excelled in the second and third quarters and in the fourth quarter superiority Barcelona are the result of 76 - 74 up to the last 12 seconds, where he led Real Madrid attack was carried Sergio lol trilogy culminated Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey.

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid's basketball to win Copa del Rey in front of Barcelona 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid's basketball to win Copa del Rey in front of Barcelona 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid's basketball to win Copa del Rey in front of Barcelona

To watch goals to win "here." 
To watch coronation "here"

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Real Madrid News Now, Carlo Ancelotti: Modric deserves greeting the public, Press conference

Real Madrid News Now : Attended the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference after the game between Real Madrid and Villarreal commented on a set of points for the game.

Talked about the game, he said: It was not easy to play in front of them, we played in the derby is strong and now we play against a strong team, but the players were on time and Bale scored a wonderful goal.

also talked about José when he said: Another great match for José, for his age this is something positive and everyone is happy Pmaicom it.

And Marcelo and Coentrao Ancelotti said: Marcelo is suffering from a lower back injury, Coentrao hair disturbed
replaced it precaution.

About José and Bale and their impact on the team, said: I've played a comfortably large, and also were able to Join the absence of Cristiano make everyone excited to do his job and José and Bale was comfortable and were able to register, Cristiano is an important player for us and his absence influential.

Karim Benzema Ancelotti said: It is a complete player and important to us, today we needed a striker operations outside the box and Benzema was on time and managed to exchange positions with the wing and scored two goals.

He also commented on the Isco and sitting on the bench and said, perhaps in the next game to play, is in the account and will play when I need a great talent and has a great future.

Also commented at the conclusion of the conference on Modric said: Modric leads admirably a very, have deserved applause audience Bernabeu.

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