Real Madrid News Now, José candidate for the award for best young player

Real Madrid News Now : Announced that the Technical Committee Federation Spanish names candidate's to win the award for best player Spanish young man, and oozes from the Real Madrid player injured José Rodriguez and who achieved good numbers this season, and compete José Rebekah Valencia striker Alacaser and Everton striker on loan from Barcelona Deulofeu and Villarreal on loan from Atletico Madrid Oliver Torres and Valencia player Juan Bernat.

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Real Madrid News Now, Florentino admonishes the team's poor performance

Real Madrid News Now : So can not we win something, "These are the words of  President Florentino Perez's Real Madrid players after the performance in games Valladolid, Valencia and Celta Vigo, and confirmed program tiki taka that the President held a meeting with the players and told them wholesale, stressing that they should forget everything and focus on the tenth and bring the championship, we want change and can not win without getting better.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Real Madrid will offer 60 million euros for Suarez

Transfer news/rumors : Began Newspapers England publishes news summer transfer window, newspaper Metro has linked the Real Madrid superstar featured Luis Suarez which confirmed that Real Madrid claims to provide 60 million euros for Liverpool for the services of Suarez, Suarez linked with Real Madrid last summer but was not able to sign him, Suarez renewed his contract with Liverpool until 2018 but it will be a high price in the market next.

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid win the Champions League when it is bad in La Liga

Real Madrid News Now : Spanish newspaper Marca has offered a wonderful report about the Champions League and the title of the tenth, Marca says Real Madrid achieve the title of the Champions when retreating to achieve results in La Liga and this appeared in the title of the seventh, eighth and ninth of the Champions League.

Before the Champions League, "seventh": Real Madrid lost in the league against Zaragoza and Espanyol ended the league behind Barcelona 11 points and capped Barcelona to La Liga and then Real Madrid played the final against Juventus in the final of Amsterdam in 1998 and Real Madrid won 1-0 with goal Mijatovic.

Champions League "eighth": Real Madrid reached the final in bad condition and it was Valencia is a candidate to win the title of the Champions, Real Madrid in the final achieved two wins out of 5 games and also lost from Espanyol in the semi-finals of Copa del Rey and Real Madrid finished the league in fifth place and then arrived for the final and won the Champions League a 3-0 victory in Paris.

Champions League, "the ninth": Real Madrid reached the final with three losses in the last five games before the final, however managed Real Madrid win the Champions League with goal magician Zinedine Zidane.

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