Real Madrid News Now, Real Betis coach: Madrid killed the match in two shots

Real Madrid News Now : Juan Carlos Garrido appeared at a news conference after a very difficult match against Real Madrid, where he faced tough questions. He explained it: "It is natural for the public launch of the sirens and shouting at me, the situation is very bad and we do not know the opposite direction."

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Real Madrid News Now, Gareth Bale : "The whole team was superb"

Real Madrid News Now : Occur Gareth Bale after the game and expressed his happiness to win big on team Real Betis "We played well and the team are completed gave a great match and we are happy with that game was easy for us," and about his question each team was Betis team easy "No team Betis difficult team has tried to attack us after the first goal we have benefited from the open spaces, and could to score goals and win big score in the end and it was proved that the player Modric with a very important player in the team. "

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Real Madrid News Now, Benzema scored his goal Centennial Real Madrid shirt   

Real Madrid News Now : Entered the French striker Karim Benzema Club percent with Real Madrid, the French managed to score his hundredth in the last moments of the first half of the game between Real Madrid and Real Betis after a pass from Modric, scored Benzema's first goal in the shirt Real Madrid in 2009 in front of Jerez and today is Karim Benzema striker Center in the twentieth scorer in Real Madrid history Rebekah hundred Morientes goal.
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Real Madrid News Now, Carlo Ancelotti: The game was important for Modric

Real Madrid News Now : Achieved the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti NFL 500 as a coach on the land Real Betis, the Italian coach appeared in the conference room in the court Elvirmian and talked about Bale at the beginning and said: We have to be happy, the team is fully made a large and Bale also played well throughout the game. And the access point for 50 Ancelotti said: Today should sleep comfortably, it was our chance to be issued even if temporarily, "laughs." He spoke Italian coach for Modric when he said: I have control in rural and played very well, Luka is very important in games like this.

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Real Madrid News Now, Capello nominate Real Madrid to win La Liga and Champion also كابيلو

Real Madrid News Now : Nominated coach Fabio Capello Russian team of his former team Real Madrid, who coached in the nineties and in 2006 and led it to make another title with him in 2007, so as to win the Spanish league and the Champions League.

Capello said to Marca: "Real Madrid Ballega candidate to win the European Championship and the tenth. Exceptional team. He brought a change in the Barcelona coach is different. Team plays faster and provide attacking football and score a lot of goals but it is still evolving. "

He added: "I am delighted to see the three teams battling for the title. Atletico joined the race is no longer confined to the competition between Barcelona and Real Madrid."

The Real Madrid in third place, 3 points for the leaderboard Barcelona and Atletico Madrid of equal points.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti: News my remorse of the departure Ozil is slurانشيلوتي

Real Madrid News Now : Carlo Ancelotti has denied Real Madrid coach reports that quoted by Gulf News, which indicated the Italian coach to regret the sale of Mesut Ozil end of the summer transfer market.

Ancelotti also denied that he had conducted an interview with the newspaper, which claimed that he met him in which he said he regrets selling the German playmaker for Arsenal.

The newspaper had quoted the words of Ancelotti said: "I think we made a mistake when we allowed Ozil to leave last summer, but in return we have fantastic strikers and did not regret the departure of Higuain to Napoli."

Ancelotti said while commenting on it at the press conference a little while ago, "is not the first time that the fabrication of statements to me. It clearly was interpreted in many occasions."

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Real Madrid News Now, Jurgen Club provokes Real Madrid a very strong statementيورغن كلوب

Real Madrid News Now : Admitted Borussia Dortmund coach Jurgen Club on how difficult the competition for the title of the German League against Bayern Munich, led by Spanish coach Pep Guardiola.
The coach is also the difficulty of obtaining the Bundesliga title under the resources and capabilities possessed by Bayern Munich, who won the triple last season, led by former coach Jupp Heynckes.

In his explanation of the clear now, it was Borussia Dortmund coach very frank, where nominated FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich to compete in the league featuring many of the big clubs, with Real Madrid and ruled out a number of other big clubs.
The German coach said: "Real Madrid does not have any option to compete League includes Bayern Munich, Manchester United?? Does not have any choice, Manchester City?? Does not have any choice, Barcelona?? Perhaps it is the only one capable of that. "

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Real Madrid News Now, Finder Cristiano : It was possible to retireبيريرا

Real Madrid News Now : Said Aurelio Pereira talent scout who discovered Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid star was possible to retire from football and run away from confrontation if they do not have superhuman strength and a sharp competitive him up for the challenge.

Pereira explained that the difficulty faced by Ronaldo child at the beginning of his career when he was 12 years old in Lisbon was enough to pay to escape without his strong personality.

Pereira said : "When I came to Lisbon, Ronaldo was only 12 years old and lived a tough time coping. I've cried a few times in the beginning. Left the place where he was raised and his family and came to a distant city and a great and universal in a harsh environment and facilities were not as sophisticated as they are now. Imagine how the situation was for him. "

"It was not easy at all, though it was not very strong and is convinced that his dream was to become a football player for the failure and remained submerged."

He added: "If the young man lived not very strong in those circumstances experienced by Ronaldo during his career to leave the football certainly commented his shoes."

Commenting on the win the Ballon d'Or Don said: "I spoke to Ronaldo to congratulate him. Was aroused just like me. I am very happy for Cristiano. It was not fair to Ronaldo wins Ballon d'Or only once because of its importance as a player in the world. "

"It's an individual award, Cristiano is the best player without a doubt. Scored 69 goals more than any other competitors [Messi and Ribery] combined. A lot of work to get the award. No one knows this other work and no one else knows the amount of hours he has devoted his life to the sport. Football of his life. "

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Real Madrid News Now - Pepe Savage ? Not after today

Real Madrid News Now : When he described the Portuguese defender Pepe Real Madrid, is always described defender steel and sometimes savage, but not after today ...!

Pepe decided to give a large group of poor families in the "Madrid" meals in sizes up to 5 tons, according to the newspaper asserted, "Marca" Spanish.

The newspaper reported that Pepe went to the largest charitable foundation in the Spanish capital to finance the boxes of food containing rice, flour and some basic foods, and distributed to the poor families.

Do you still Pepe brutal? At least not off the field.

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Real Madrid News Now, Zidane gets a diploma training

Real Madrid News Now : Publication of former French player Olivier Dacourt picture of him through twitter with assistant coach Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, has confirmed that he Dacourt Rebekah Zidane received a diploma in sports training from one of the French universities, the graduation as stated in the account Dacourt was last Tuesday, where the deployment image Rebekah Zidane wrote "Finally, graduation"

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Real Madrid News Now, Former Real Madrid coach: Cristiano Ronaldo representative

Real Madrid News Now : Accused the coach of Real Madrid former Radomir ANTIC Real Madrid player and the best player in the 2013 Cristiano Ronaldo representation, came during an interview former coach with Radio Grada360 where he spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo said: If there is something bothering me in Cristiano Ronaldo is that 80% of the touches of the ball is considered errors, is falling from a representative of the minimum friction.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Real Madrid contract with fullback Moreno versus 21 million euros and Cheryshev

 Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Stressed Radio Sevilla on important news for Real Madrid, the radio confirmed that the club agreed with Sevilla to transfer back the young man featured Alberto Moreno in next summer which confirmed that Real Madrid will present contract Russian Denis Cheryshev addition of 21 million euros for hiring back distinctive, and thus be Coentrao departure next summer where almost certain that Moreno will come to play for companionship Marcelo on the left back position.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo appear a new car in the training of Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : As newspaper published a photo and video of the arrival of the players to training on Thursday, Cristiano Ronaldo, appeared a new car it Lamborghini car carrying black color.

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real madrid transfer news-rumors - Grizman: I would choose Real Madrid on Barca

real madrid transfer news-rumors : In an interview with Radio Montecarlo, French Grizman confirmed that there was no offer from Paris Saint-Germain, and brought the interview follows:
Are you thinking of moving in the winter?
I said earlier in a press conference that I do not think of leaving Real Sociedad now. I want to finish the season with my team and then I look at this subject. Regarding PSG, there is nothing binds me did I receive their offer from the team.
If you had to choose the club, which one would you go?
I've always had Millie for Real Madrid. Since my childhood I wish to play with Real Madrid when he was Zidane, Figo and Ronaldo. Raul was my passion as well as Roberto Carlos. Certainly there are other teams play well Kprchillona, ​​but I really like to play for Real Madrid

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano scored 40 of free kicks in his career with Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : Arrived Cristiano yesterday after scoring a goal from a direct free kick to the target 100 of its penalty kicks (60) and free kicks (40), and were distributed among the goals as follows on the teams that played throughout her career, where he scored 8% with Sporting (3 P + 5 free kicks), and 31% with Manchester United (17 penalty +14 free kick), and took control of his figures with Real Madrid on these ratios by 61% (40 penalty +21 free kick )

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors - 3 players will sign with Real Madrid next summer

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors :Real Madrid is thinking of now for his project in the next season, according to reports broadcast Cadena Ser functioning of the club, Real Madrid put three players among its priorities for the next season, the first player is the star line attack Manchester City Premier Argentine striker universe Aguero, the other, the German star İlkay Gündoğan, and the latter is the Spanish left-back Alberto Moreno. Argentine striker Aguero is the goal of Real Madrid for many years, but the desire of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez not to spoil the good relations with Atletico Madrid prevented the club from contracting with Aguero, now Argentine striker is one of the most prominent players in the Manchester City will try to Chilean coach Manuel Balgreeni convince him not to leave.

The other player German İlkay Gündoğan has long been linked with Real Madrid, and there are reports that Real Madrid have ended a puppet his move where Replace it with Nuri Sahin added for 20 million euros, the German midfielder will end his contract with the club in 2015 and is still hesitant in the renewal of the contract, as he has not played since August Almave due to injury. The last player Alberto Moreno, the wonderful performance with his club Sevilla and with his national team Spain has convinced the coaching staff in the White hired, which would compete with Marcelo at left-back in the team. 

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors - Italy: Juventus and Inter Milan offer 13 million euros for hiring Morata

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Name striker of Real Madrid Alvaro Morata is one of those names the most traded so far in Mercato winter, according to published newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, the Italian for the day, the striker of Real Madrid Alvaro Morata has become a priority for two other clubs , namely Juventus and Inter Milan Italians. According to the same newspaper, Juventus are preparing to provide 12-13 million euros in order to sign the player, which is the same amount that will be presented by Inter for the young Spanish striker. Italian newspaper stressed that Real Madrid will look for the most alluring display will not hesitate to approve it, and that the Spanish club will be included eligibility requirement repurchase.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti: I've made a mistake in selling Ozil [interview]  


Real Madrid News Now : Spanish newspaper interview as Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti with newspaper Gulf News when he was in Doha, in which he talked about the reason for selling Ozil and several things.

What is the secret of a good relationship with the players?
There is no secret or magic formula for dealing with star players you just have to respect the players.

What is the difference between Cristiano and Bale?
Cristiano is the best player we have and always offers the best levels,
Bale when he came to us was not ready physically and Yakyia and suffered several injuries
But we will try to help him back to his real.

Maspb selling German player Mesut Ozil?
I think I mis committed when Ozil was given the opportunity to negotiate and move to Arsenal
After all, we have the great players, but we need to strengthen in the spearhead after the departure of Higuain.

What is the difference between the French and the Spanish championship?
Two different tournaments, but in France there is support from all the French league
Making the French league very popular.

What are the favorites to win the 2014 World Cup?
I see Brazil and Spain are the leading candidates to win the tournament
Italy is less chance of them but I think it would give a big tournament.

What do you see to the problems encountered in Qatar for organizing the 2022 World Cup?
There is no problems in the organization of the tournament, the problem lies in the time of organization
Play in the tournament because the winter will be a big problem for European teams.

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Real Madrid News Now, Coca-Cola Company would like to take care of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Real Madrid News Now : Entered the beverage company famous in the world Coca-Cola competition with each of Emirates airline and Microsoft Corp. to take care of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, where she presented Coca-Cola Company the amount of 80 million euros per year, and this in the Coca-Cola Company made a presentation than Microsoft Corp., where provided 50 million euros in and this year became the Coca-Cola Company closest to take care of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ballon d'Or go to the Museum of Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal

Real Madrid News Now : Beat Cristiano recently Ballon d'Or second, which reached to his museum in Portugal, will be the next prize, which will be combined with the rest of the prizes he has received, including the Ballon d'Or, his first, which he won in 2008, and to remind the Real Madrid player will be presented the award for best player in the world for the fans who want to see the award close on January 25, before the game between Real Madrid and Granada at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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 Real Madrid transfer news/rumors - Coentrao deliberate expulsion order forcing Real Madrid to sell

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Trying to Portuguese defender Fabio Coentrao practice various techniques in order to put pressure on the management of Real Madrid, which refuses to talk about selling it in the winter transfer period. 

The web site super athlete at the beginning of this year a detailed report on Fabio Coentrao unwillingness to continue with Real Madrid, and that he wants to leave in January now. 

The left-back began to put pressure on Real Madrid by claiming that he was injured, so as not to go to training in an attempt to show his protest against not being allowed to leave. 

The Portuguese defender tried to leave Real Madrid last summer, but to no avail, where he was soon to move to Manchester United in the final hours of the summer transfer window. 

Fabio Coentrao not played with Real Madrid since the month of November because of the side muscle injury suffered in Annex qualification to the World Cup (in 2014) between Portugal and Sweden. 

However, television footage showed in the match between Osasuna and Real Madrid player Fabio Coentrao keen to put pressure on his club, through a deliberate foul led to his expulsion, despite his team's lead (2/0).

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano tops cover FIFA weekly magazine 

Real Madrid News Now : The best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo tops the cover of the weekly magazine, FIFA, FIFA put a picture of Cristiano He holds the Ballon d'Or wrote the title of "tears of joy".

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo in the squad ideal for the first round of La Liga

Real Madrid News Now : Defensa Central newspaper reported that Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player from Real Madrid within the best lineup in the league after the end of the 19th round of matches away

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid finish the first training session in preparation to face Real Betis

Real Madrid News Now : Ended the Real Madrid first training session in preparation to face Real Betis on Saturday, and the presence of at Ancelotti 12 players on the field including 4 guards trained in the company of coach William Vicky while the presence of the eight players who took part in yesterday's game at the gym are: Arbeloa, Pepe, Ramos and Coentrao and Illarramendi and Alonso and José, Ronaldo and Di Maria and then went out to the stadium in order to conduct exercises edits, while the rest of the players in March usual exercises.

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid finish the first training session in preparation to face Real Betis 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid finish the first training session in preparation to face Real Betis 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid finish the first training session in preparation to face Real Betis 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid finish the first training session in preparation to face Real Betis

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors - Real Madrid rival Barcelona to bring in talent Sporting Lisbon William Carvalho

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Prepares Real Madrid to rival Barcelona to sign with talent, "Sporting Lisbon" William Carvalho newspaper El Mundo Deportivo report Moved from "Sky Sports" that the La Liga giants are ready to sign the midfielder next several European clubs such as Chelsea and Arsenal and Manchester United are said to be penalty clause for a player aged 21 years is 45 million euros.

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Real Madrid News Now, Barcelona coach Gerardo Martino: I congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo, but the best is here

Real Madrid News Now : Talked coach of FC Barcelona Argentine Gerardo Martino "Tata" at a news conference to talk about the match between Barcelona and Getafe, the first question at the conference was for the Ballon d'Or as asked about Cristiano and eligibility response was Tata controversial when he said: I congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo and this award was a product of his length of season but here is the best "means Messi."

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Real Madrid News Now, The mother and sister of Cristiano Ronaldo taking Photos with Messi 

Real Madrid News Now : The newspaper El Mundo Catalan The mother of Cristiano Ronaldo, "Maria Delores" and his sister "Katia" asked to take pictures with the Argentine star for FC Barcelona Messi after the end of the ceremony, FIFA on Monday in Zurich, the newspaper said that this event tightening interest present in the ceremony, especially if Cristiano and Messi them compete extremely large, the newspaper also revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo was sympathetic with the mission of Barcelona and was talking with them in a friendly way so that he asked about the reason for the absence of Iniesta then discovered that infected and asked the mission to greet him .

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Real Madrid News Now, Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo and Alonso contest for the Golden Ball award for over 28 years

Real Madrid News Now : Was declared the list of candidates for the Golden Ball award for players over 28 years, the menu included Cristiano Ronaldo and Ribery as competitors after major superiority in the Portuguese Golden Ball, and will announce the winner on April 10, was nominated Alonso and Casillas also by Real Madrid.

 Real Madrid News Now, Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo and Alonso contest for the Golden Ball award for over 28 years

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo: My goals are a part of me [Interview]

Real Madrid News Now : Publication of the International Federation FIFA interview Cristiano Ronaldo after the ceremony of FIFA on Jan. 13, Cristiano Ronaldo worked for 12 months and contributed to the team qualified Portuguese semi-final of the Euro and the leadership of Real Madrid for the cup final and semi-finals of the Champions League and the arrival of the World Cup with two matches heroic for the Portuguese, thanks to these things, and thanks to 69 goal achieved in 2013 Cristiano Ronaldo was crowned the best player in the world in addition to entering in the composition of the year.

 Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo: My goals are a part of me [Interview]

nitially occur Cristiano Ronaldo received the award from Pele, Platini and Blatter when he said Cristiano: I felt very proud and prepared at the moment of all the events of 2013 and win this award requires a lot of dedication and hard work and I want to win the Ballon d'Or and has worked for and achieved for the second time and now I wish I could achieve in my career in the next year. Asked a journalist from Cristiano Ronaldo selected best moment of the season where Ronaldo said: There are a lot of moments, but I can not fully listed, yes qualify for the World Cup was the best moment in this year .

 Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo: My goals are a part of me [Interview]

Cristiano Ronaldo arrived for goal No. 400 in his career and asked the press about it, where Re: every goal scored is special for me, of course, there are important goals, but for me all of the goals, especially because it is the culture of my own, I love scoring goals and objectives of a part of me. Cristiano spoke about the rehabilitation of Portugal for the World Cup and the death of Eusebio said: I feel a lot of sadness, I have lost a great man in the history of Portugal is therefore natural that everyone in Portugal sad but we must not forget that this is part of life and we should not look for the back and to look forward and future and not to forget the good memories of the person who we lost, Eusebio accomplishments achieved with Benfica of Portugal and therefore has a special place here and everyone is sad for this lost. He completed Cristiano Ronaldo talking about the World Cup, where he said: I hope that the World Cup very well for Portugal and should not be forgotten that the team over the periods embarrassing in the playoffs after they faced Sweden in the Annex were two complicated, but the World Cup will be different, we want to prepare great for the tournament in order to uphold Portugal, of honor for us to play in Brazil and our primary mission is to exceed the first round and then it will be for every incident.

 Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo: My goals are a part of me [Interview]

Asked a journalist from Cristiano regain his memories in the World Cup, said Cristiano: It's hard to remember this, but in fact the strongest memories is the face of Brazil. Asked Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United and Real Madrid, said Cristiano: We're talking about the biggest clubs in the world and of course a source of great pride to me because I played in two teams and achieved a gold ball with Manchester United in 2013 achieved with Real Madrid, I think that Real Madrid is the club's perfect for to me it is better for me so I'm happy. On the tenth and its importance in Madrid Cristiano said: Yes, this is a lot of pressure on the team, but it also creates excitement, Real Madrid Looking for winning the Champions League every year, which is the largest European Championship and let's see how it will be in luck this year. The journalist asked Cristiano selected favorite player for him and said Cristiano: There are a lot of players from around the world, there is Real Madrid players who are colleagues and players of Barcelona and players of Manchester United and Manchester City and Bayern Munich, and it's great to exist this generation wonderful players in order to be competition more exciting and I do not want to choose a favorite player for me and I enjoy watching the players and also to play against them  

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Real Madrid News Now, Coentrao back after an absence of two months

Real Madrid News Now : May admit in advance Carlo Ancelotti in his press conference regarding Coentrao, where he said:
"Coentrao him 15 days to the excellent work and is ready to play, and will be an important player for us in the second half of the season."
It seems that the action plan will begin to change after the return of Fabio It is possible to participate Coentrao today during a match Osasuna.

Another reminder of the times in which Coentrao with the team was in the second of November, in the game against Rayo Vallecano
He was hit by an ankle sprain in that game, then returned again after an absence of two weeks, but to play
With Portugal in the World Cup qualifiers against Sweden and has to play the first leg but during the second leg
He had to leave the team because of a thigh injury and missed nearly two months, with all of this was in 2013
A difficult year for Fabio, but he made what it competes strongly on the center with Marcelo.

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resultReal Madrid News Now, End of an era Messi .. Headlines after winning Ronaldo

Real Madrid News Now : Win occupied Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid star Ballon d'Or headlines both in European sports pages or the first and main.
The beginning is always with newspapers Almadridah the first newspaper "Marca" which headlined "Di Stefano era to win Ballon d'Or," The newspaper AS merely entitled "Ronaldo wins Ballon d'Or for 2013."

Newspapers addresses Catalonia came identical to the title of the newspaper "AS" and immediately said, "Ronaldo wins Ballon d'Or for 2013."

The famous Spanish newspaper "El Mundo" is not only specialized in sports has headlined win Ronaldo said: "It is the will power and ambition."

The home Newspapers Ronaldo Portugal was very excited, some of which, such as the newspaper "Correlo" which is headlined "Ballon d'Or back to the feet of Ronaldo."

English newspapers seemed happy also win Ronaldo as he was one of the players the league there with Manchester United Fnont newspaper "Daily Mail": "warm applause and tears Ronaldo wins Ballon d'Or and incapable of speech," "The Daily Mail" she said, "superstar Ronaldo wins Ballon d'Or" Telegraph newspaper focused on the emotional side and said, "Ronaldo emotional tears shed for winning the Ballon d'Or", and finally the newspaper "Metro" and that she "never Ronaldo Messi this year. "

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Real Madrid News Now : Short video but it contains many of the figures of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who won the Ballon d'Or as good player in the world ... Watch the video

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti: This is what surprised me in Ronaldo

Real Madrid News Now : Carlo Ancelotti said Real Madrid coach that football players need the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, who yesterday won the Ballon d'Or for the second time in his career, beating Lionel Messi and Franck Ribery. Ancelotti also revealed that the advantages of spherical Don is not a surprise, but something else is surprised professionalism.

Ancelotti spoke at a news conference, saying: "I did not surprised the quality Cristiano Ronaldo and objectives but Ahtravith on and off the pitch really surprised me. It is an example for young players."He added: "You need football players from Tine Ronaldo. They care about is fair play, which is always serious. Football gives generally good image just as it does for players such as Lionel Messi and Franck Ribery and Thiago Silva and Andrea Pirlo."

"Ronaldo is characterized by talent and hard work. In modern football you can not rely on talent alone. Genetic talent but you have to work hard, too. We are all happy for him winning the gold medal. Deserve."

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors - Cristiano Ronaldo : Back to Manchester? I've thought about it

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : During an interview with FIFA, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ribery, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo talked about returning for Manchester United, where the Portuguese said: Yes I thought about it last summer, Manchester United is still in my heart and I played there for 6 years and always wish good luck for Manchester. Speaking with Ferdinand and for a return to Manchester before Cristiano Ronaldo: When I lived in Manchester was Ferdinand dwell beside me and I had more than a neighbor and was a wonderful friend and now my relationship with him great, yes talked to me and tried to convince me to come back.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors

Real Madrid News Now : A manner that is no stranger to newspapers Catalonia, defended the newspapers about the Argentine star for FC Barcelona Lionel Messi and confirmed that win Cristiano the Ballon d'Or, Unjust .

Real Madrid News Now, Newspapers Catalonia reduce the achievement Cristiano and Headlines: this time not won by the best

The cover of El Mundo Catalan /
Cristiano wins.
Messi warns.
Cristiano crying after receiving the Ballon d'Or.
Messi directs Message: I think in the next.

Real Madrid News Now, Newspapers Catalonia reduce the achievement Cristiano and Headlines: this time not won by the best

The cover of the Catalan newspaper Sport /

This time it did not win the best.
Cristiano achieved a Ballon d'Or, but Messi is still the best.
Since 2000, that has not happened Ballon d'Or player without a championship. Ronaldinho did not mention.
There are significant uncertainties in the voting process.

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Real Madrid News Now, Mesut Ozil: a victory for my friend Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid News Now : Tweet player former Real Madrid and Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil via twitter:

((An important win for us in Monaco and a victory for my friend Cristiano. Congratulations. # # Cristiano Ronaldo))

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Real Madrid News Now, Irina Shayk via twitter: How I'm proud of you

Real Madrid News Now : Cristiano girlfriend Irina Shayk put a picture best Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo in the world via the front page of the official instagram, Shayk wrote across instagram: can not be more proud.

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Real Madrid News Now, Team celebrated the Ballon d'Or award before training today [Photos]

Real Madrid News Now : Celebrated players of Real Madrid and the coaching staff the Ballon d'Oraward for best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo, the team also celebrated the entry of Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo to the lineup of the year.

Real Madrid News Now, Team celebrated the Ballon d'Or award before training today [Photos] 

Real Madrid News Now, Team celebrated the Ballon d'Or award before training today [Photos] 

Real Madrid News Now, Team celebrated the Ballon d'Or award before training today [Photos] 

Real Madrid News Now, Team celebrated the Ballon d'Or award before training today [Photos]
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