Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano jump reached the height of 3 metersReal Madrid News Now, Cristiano jump reached the height of 3 meters

Real Madrid News Now : The channel La Sexta headline on the jump Cristiano at Osasuna to "Cristiano prove his physical strength of a new" channel offered video of the jump and confirmed that the Portuguese arrived for the length of the basket in the game of basketball and the approaching arrival of 3 meters where he arrived for height 2.80 meters climbed and reached "knee" Benzema's head.

Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti: Diego Lopez is suffering from fever, Morata would not leave

Real Madrid News Now : Shows Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti for the media to talk about the game between Real Madrid and Espanyol.
Carlo: Xavi is an important player and has the confidence of everyone.
Carlo: Xabi will be available tomorrow and in doubt about his participation and I will decide tomorrow.
Carlo: talking about the Ballon d'Or, Cristiano deserve without a doubt.
Carlo: Cristiano unique.
Carlo: We want to end the first round with a win.
Carlo: Ballega you to win the competition with two teams are strong and Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.
Carlo: Diego Lopez is suffering from fever, I do not know if he will play tomorrow or not.
Carlo: Murata has a problem of competition only.

Carlo: I've talked with Morata and the answer is obvious, is not going to leave.
Carlo: even if not playing tomorrow Diego, Diego is a keeper league.
Carlo: Modric has improved a lot and I hope to continue in this vein.
Carlo Di Maria had no problems, be able to play tomorrow.
Carlo: Tomorrow we will face Espanyol out of the ground and of course going to be a tough match.

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Real Madrid News Now, Farfan: I respect Real Madrid a lot

Real Madrid News Now : Said the player Farfan said in a statement to the official website of the German team: "I have a deep respect for Real Madrid," he admitted supremacist pass where he confirmed that in this sport all the options possible: "In football, everything can happen we will make great efforts to defeat Real Madrid and missed ". Recall that Farfan has recovered from his injury early in the season and since his return to action, scoring six goals to become the top scorer in the Bundesliga Schalke. So, the player hopes to subvert the Champions League in addition to that, the player admitted he was pleased that the Peruvian team will move in the winter because it is believed that competition is a good thing and will help them develop and grow and get more opportunities to overcome Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Arsene Wenger: Morata ?

Real Madrid transfer news-rumors : Coach Arsenal Arsene Wenger attended a press conference to talk about his team's game in the league next Monday, reporters' questions not devoid of question about the transfer and Morata where Wenger said: priority now is to win the game Monday and achieve a good result players who have, our choices in the market you are talking by the "press," but I do not like talking about it.

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Real Madrid News Now, Xabi Alonso: five years ago was nice I hope that the next two years will be fantastic

Real Madrid News Now : Xabi Alonso appeared at a news conference in the conference room at the Bernabeu on Friday afternoon to talk about renewal, Alonso conference started and said: Real Madrid is the best place for me, I realized this after I spent 5 years with the club and did not think to leave and for me you I want innovation, but the problem was in my injury, my family Atusband any problem and happy here.

 Real Madrid News Now, Xabi Alonso: five years ago was nice I hope that the next two years will be fantastic

Alonso asked about the reasons for the renovation and said: Communication with the club was intense and serious and was my main problem is the lack of innovation and service team and you take this decision is of big decisions in my life, so I thought a lot before agreeing to renewal. Asked about his teammates and said, my colleagues asked me to stay and I was joking with them and say that I'm leaving, "laughs," You know my friendship with strong Arbeloa, Alvaro one of the strongest reasons that supported my decision and it motivates me to stay. And the Champions League Alonso said: everyone wants to achieve, won with Liverpool, but now it has become in the past and I want to win with Real Madrid.

 Real Madrid News Now, Xabi Alonso: five years ago was nice I hope that the next two years will be fantastic

And the physical condition and the possibility of his participation in Catalonia on Sunday said Alonso on Wednesday offered my case the doctor in the clinic and the state of aural improved it comes back to the coach. And his relationship with the coaches Real Madrid Alonso said: always my relationship with the coaches divisional very good, in the last season if stopped immediately after my exposure to injury to you recovered faster, but I sacrificed a lot and now I feel good, Ancelotti supports me a lot and asking me to always stay a great coach and I like to work with him. And his relationship with Mourinho, Alonso said: My relationship with him is always a wonderful patchwork, Mourinho has not called me in Chelsea.

 Real Madrid News Now, Xabi Alonso: five years ago was nice I hope that the next two years will be fantastic

Alonso also commented on the issue of the Ballon d'Or, where he said: I hope to win by Cristiano Ronaldo, is deserved. Finally praised Alonso b teammate young Asier Illarramendi said: We form the midfield current team, I'm just a colleague does not excel him as he always wanted to learn from me and for me, I see that he has a big future in midfield Spain Like the youth club, Real Madrid.  

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Real Madrid News Now, Diego Simeone: Real Madrid awaiting the outcome of the game? I will not answer

Real Madrid News Now : appeared Argentine coach to Atletico Madrid Diego Simeone in a press conference to talk about the match Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, ​​at the conference a reporter asked a question exciting Diego Simeone had expressed "Real Madrid is waiting for the result because it is not considered Atletico Madrid a serious competitor on La liga ? "Simeone wrath of the question and said: I do not want to answer this question, this Feedback.

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Real Madrid News Now, Xabi Alonso: Real Madrid is the best club where you are [Interview]

Real Madrid News Now : Xabi Alonso after he appeared at a press conference this afternoon, conducted an interview with state television to Real Madrid on Friday evening, Alonso expressed his thanks to the Real Madrid fans and talked about many things.

 Xabi renewed for two years, how do you feel?
It's a very good decision, very happy Btgdede and my family feel comfortable and is also one of the biggest decisions of my life now I am very excited to spend the next two seasons and to achieve championships with Real Madrid.

What are the reasons for Xabi to renewal?

I knew that my decision will be crucial, and I realized that he does better than me Real Madrid
Everyone here supported me and the coach and the president of my colleagues and the public also supported me all this is the main reason that invited me to renew and I'm very happy to stay at Real Madrid.

Xabi renewal was a gift for birthdays audience?
For me the gift is to give more to the public and earn love and respect from them
And now I have to move forward for the defense of Real Madrid.
Crucial stage of the season is approaching, what do you feel?
We aspire to achieve in spite of everything that it is difficult, but we want it, but does not have our priorities
In the championships and all tournaments are important but the Champions League has a different and must prepare best and remain a full month on the resumption of the Champions League and we must prepare.

How is the case with the team?

We're fine, this topic can be sure of it when you see the team in the stadium.

Real Madrid News Now, Xabi Alonso: Real Madrid is the best club where you are [Interview]

Physically, how is it going?
For me I am getting better and I am very much a private return from injury of a large, simple ear problem
It is possible to play on Sunday.

Are you a "teacher" Illarramendi?

Illarramendi colleague of mine and I have a wonderful relationship with him and I see a lot of the qualities that like me, especially running, left Sociedad and we met in Madrid, which learns slowly, but the years in front of him. 

Colon always said that Xabi is the coach on the pitch?
Midfielder has many tasks so you should always be active where should talk with attack and defense and regulates the play between the two sides and read the games and I have a good relationship with Ancelotti
And it was the case with the previously Balgireny and Mourinho I know that the coaches are different personalities but there should be an exchange of respect between player and coach.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world?
Yes, for me, is the best player in the world and deserves Ballon d'Or and you can consider the figures for "brutality" if you did not get a gold ball, the fans and colleagues are aware of here is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid News Now, Xabi Alonso: Real Madrid is the best club where you are [Interview]


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Real Madrid News Now, Another jump awesome of CR7

Real Madrid News Now : Chose newspaper Daily Mail British title wonderful for its report on the game between Real Madrid and Osasuna, it is known that the newspaper has become a cover matches Real Madrid because of the presence Bale, the title of the newspaper for the match was: another leap awesome CR7, Ronaldo Aitoagaf for hops miraculous and help Real Madrid Rebekah Bell in cup.

   Real Madrid News Now, Another jump awesome of CR7  Real Madrid News Now, Another jump awesome of CR7

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo's family in Zurich on Monday

Real Madrid News Now : For the first time will be present family Cristiano Ronaldo fully in ceremony of FIFA in Zurich on Monday, Marca's headline on the news and said, "Cristiano travels to Zurich to support his family," and wants the Portuguese to be his family by his side in the event of his coronation will be on hand from a family Cristiano: brother and sister and his mother and his girlfriend Irina Shaik and his son Jr. this will be the first time that his family present at the ceremony where he traveled in 2008, and culminated in the award under the eyes of his brother and now just wants the coronation under the eyes of his family.

Real Madrid News Now : Gareth Bale struck the ball in the middle of the second half, heading for goal but Cristiano Ronaldo is blocked unintentionally to deny Bill of recording his first goal in the new year.

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Real Madrid News Now, Lukaku via twitter: Have you ever seen a jump Ronaldo ?

Real Madrid News Now : Everton striker Belgian continue Romelu Lukaku to express his admiration for the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, Lukaku earlier said he hoped to play in front of Cristiano Ronaldo in the World Cup, today introduced Lukaku image to jump Ronaldo in a match Osasuna wrote: This is not real! , Have you ever seen a jump Cristiano!? I saw many jumps, but not so.

Real Madrid News Now, José : I thank Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid News Now : Young player of Real Madrid José Rodriguez appeared in the area of ​​media, José spoke about his injury and said: At first I was afraid of injury, then I am relieved and tomorrow I will have further tests. Then spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo, he said, is more player offers me help, I would like to thank him especially on the assists goal.

The player thanked his colleagues when he said: I would like to thank all my colleagues, especially Cristiano They always give me love and support. His jersey No. 20, talked about the game and said: Now we'll go to Pamplona more comfortable. José spoke about Di Maria in another statement, said: Di Maria is a great player and we always offer him support.

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Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Real Madrid player refused to sign with the Colombian Fredy Guarín

Real Madrid transfer news-rumors : According to the newspaper the tuttosport Italian, the Real Madrid refused to offer club Inter Milan to buy their players Colombian Guarín, the Italian club wants to sell midfielder Colombian in order to save money to buy players in the places that need to be strengthened, and this decided the Italian club marketing player and display Real Madrid, who was interested in him when he was coach Jose Mourinho to Real Madrid, but in recent days has become close to the Colombian player wearing the shirt of Chelsea.

real madrid transfer news-rumors
Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Real Madrid will try to bring Mata in the current transfers

Real Madrid transfer news-rumors : Reports Spanish confirm club Real Madrid is trying to regain the Spanish star Juan Mata from Chelsea, reports say that Real Madrid will sell Di Maria in the January transfer window for Monaco versus 25 million euros will be considered immediately for Mata, who is suffering a lot in Chelsea and has problems with coach Jose Mourinho According to the same reports, Mata has a width of Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United as well.

Real Madrid transfer news-rumors
Real Madrid News Now, Bale, new neighbor to Casillas, Cristiano, Di Maria, Benzema, Ramos and Arbeloa

Real Madrid News Now : Select player to Real Madrid Bale at his residence in Spain in Pozuelo Alcorcon specifically in the area of ​​luxury 'La Vinca' Where is home to six other players, Cristiano, Casillas, Di Maria, Benzema, Sergio Ramos and Arbeloa .. Bale purchased the home of the late Kaka to Milan, where he was inhabited throughout his career with Real Madrid in the amount of 12,000 euros a month .. Estimated value of the home to 15 million euros and designed by the brother of Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, Fernando Ozibweta .. He lived for the former Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho white club in that area also was paid 20,000 euros a month rent for the home .. Wipe all the houses in that area is about 800 square meters which is equivalent to seven bedrooms .. Among the reasons for this, the choice of many players take root there, where the zone contains dual control of security, with many of the guards in addition to being equipped with surveillance cameras .. So, it would be Bale and his family, Emma Rhys Jones and his daughter, a new neighbor to Casillas and Sara Carbonero, Cristiano, Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos Benzema.

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid not defeated against Osasuna in Copa del Rey

Real Madrid News Now : Face off Real Madrid with Osasuna for the fourth time in Copa del Rey, in the three matches previous "system home and away," did not defeated Real Madrid of Osasuna never won in three matches and drawn three matches and scored 21 goals and conceded 5 goals.

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Real Madrid transfert news-rumors - Dortmund Be sure to leave Gundogan and wanted to sign with Khedira

Real Madrid transfert news-rumors : Sources German newspaper Bild that Borussia Dortmund became sure of the departure of star German İlkay Gündoğan next summer towards Real Madrid, also serving captain Sebastian Kehl last seasons with the team and therefore will be the center axis in the German club semi-free and think coach Jurgen Klopp in re-Star German Real Madrid's Sami Khedira Bundesliga after 4 years of his departure Klopp where he wants to succeed Gündoğan ana Kehl, yet Real Madrid did not want to give up even though he has Khedira in the center axis Xabi, Modric and Illarramendi and Casimero Gündoğan and the arrival of summer.

Real Madrid News Now, Fabio Cannavaro: I know that Cristiano Ronaldo will win the Ballon d'Or

Real Madrid News Now : Italy captain and Real Madrid defender former Fabio Cannavaro commented on the Ballon d'Or 5 days before announcement of the winner, Cannavaro talked about the Ballon d'Or said: Ribery deserves Ballon d'Or, but I know that Cristiano Ronaldo will win it .

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Real Madrid fixtures - Spanish Federation setting a date for the round number "21-22" of La Liga

Real Madrid fixtures : Select the Spanish Federation Fixtures rounds 21-22 of  La Liga, Real Madrid will face Granada in the round of 21 of La Liga and the game will be played on January 25 at 16:00 local time "15:00 GMT" at the Bernabeu Stadium, in the round of 22 riyals Madrid will play Athletic Bilbao in the San Mamés stadium and the match will be played on Sunday, February 2nd at 21:00 local time "20:00 GMT "

Real Madrid fixtures

Real Madrid News Now : Won midfielder Real Madrid won the best goal of the German team in 2013 and was goal in France during a friendly match collected elected Stadium 'Stade de France' in Paris on February 6, 2013 .. Khedira received the ball from Mesut Ozil after more than a great pass from his former colleague in the riyal shot fatal to Hugo Lloris .. The results of the vote decided that the prize goes to Khedira where you get 22.6% of voters, followed by the goal of Cross, who received 19.06% of the voters .. Knowing that 1749 voters only vote of 7748 is encouraging.

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Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Xabi renews for two years, "and a third year optional"

real madrid transfer news-rumors : Saga has ended already, Xabi Alonso will renew for Real Madrid for two years with a third year optional, according to sources, the newspaper Marca, the case took a lot of time and has seen a tug of war with great in the last few days between the survival of the player and his departure was confirmed by Marca that the player decided to stay and will be signed during the next two days on contract renewal for two years and the third would be optional for the player, Xavi will receive an annual salary of six million euros.

real madrid transfer news-rumors
Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Official : Xabi Alonso renew his contract with Real Madrid

Real Madrid transfer news-rumors : Real Madrid, the club announced via an official statement on his official contract renewal for Xabi Alonso, said in a statement the club /
Announces Real Madrid for Xabi Alonso to renew the contract up to June 2016, Xavi will appear at a news conference on Friday, January 10th at 13:30 Spain.

 Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Official : Xabi Alonso renew his contract with Real Madrid

 Play Xabi Alonso fifth season with Real Madrid has signed a renewal for two years to become a has 7 years at Real Madrid, Alonso has become a major player in all schemes coaches Real Madrid has played with the club's 204 games were won by the league and the cup and the super has scored 6 goals with Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid transfer news-rumors - Tiki Taka: Real Madrid agrees to sell Di Maria to 30 million euros

Real Madrid transfer news-rumors : Program tiki taka yesterday addressed in detail apology Di Maria to the public, the program confirmed that the club open an investigation with Di Maria and asked him to apologize and that he appeared in the club's official channel and apologized, The presenter Enrique Marquez said the club has agreed to sell the player for 30 million euros for clubs wishing it, Marquez has confirmed that Real Madrid has offers for Di Maria, but much less than the 30 million euros and the club will not accept less than the amount sold

Real Madrid transfer news-rumors
Real Madrid News Now, VIDEO - Guti making fun of the Barcelona in the declaration Punto Pelota program

Real Madrid News Now : The program Punto Pelota post ad after returning to the broadcast of a new program Use Almadridista fanatic who constantly resides in the program's former Real Madrid Guti in the ad where it appears dressed as boxers and this Madar between him and relating /
Guti "Allo, hello." Working: "hello, good evening." Guti: "I want a stadium to play football." Force: "There are a lot of our existing stadiums, give us the name of the field that you want." Guti "mmmmmm." Working, "Do you like the Camp Nou?". Guti "I love theater, but I want in a football stadium."

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti: Problem Di Maria ended - Bale begins First - Alonso will not be present

Real Madrid News Now : Shows Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference to talk about the latest developments in Real Madrid before facing Osasuna tomorrow.

Carlo: Here ends the problem, Di Maria does not have any problem.
Carlo: We have to believe that the Tomb Di Maria yesterday was an apology for all.
Carlo: Do not say that there are problems for Di Maria and Bill will start tomorrow but essential.
Carlo Di Maria began essential Monday and now it's the role of Bale.
Carlo: Tomorrow Di Maria will not start and I'll try to put confidence in the rest of the players.
Carlo: I do not think that Di Maria will face the problem of playing in the Bernabeu, the case is over.

Carlo: Xabi will not be present tomorrow.
Carlo: Xabi still suffering from his ear, we must give him a rest.
Carlo: Xabi trained well but inconvenience on the pitch make him feel a lot of discomfort in the ear.
Carlo: Osasuna match is important to us, we have experienced in front of them in the league.
Carlo: Playing at the Bernabeu more than comfortable playing outside.
Carlo: We need to Di Maria.
Carlo: I think that Coentrao will return next week.

Carlo: Arbeloa and Carvajal? Not the best one over the other I own distinct defenders.
Carlo: I have not spoken with Woody Coentrao Maria about their future, everyone must understand that the market is closed.
Carlo: I will not reveal for the starting line, you must wait for the date of the match.
Carlo: Modric dramatically improved, he began to understand that he is an important player for me.

 Carlo: the team will improve with the passage of time, performance dislikes everyone on Monday but will get better..
Carlo: Macy's is a good return, will add a lot to Barcelona and this will be beneficial to the league.
Carlo: Cristiano very professional player, making a great effort to restore after the game.
Carlo: Cristiano professional, sleep well and eat well and try to be always in the level.
Carlo: Isco? In fact, did not give a good performance against Celta Vigo.
Carlo: Isco is an important player for us.

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Real Madrid News Now, Perez wants to re Raul of Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : Sources newspaper El Confidencial reliable that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez seeks to restore services Raul Gonzalez, and Raul left Real Madrid heading for Schalke and set up a club ceremony honoring his time ago and now seeks Perez's return to Real Madrid by his appointment to a senior management team, Peres met with Raul when Real Madrid presence in Qatar, according to the paper has informed his decision to Raul Perez, Raul intention is to continue as a player for another season and then consider the offer from Peres.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo has invited a child suffering from cancer of the match yesterday

Real Madrid News Now : Cameras la sexta channel Spanish showed images of Jorge child cancer patient, a child called Cristiano Ronaldo vs Real Madrid and Siltavaego has not only inviting, but I sit down in the VIP seats located at the Bernabeu.

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Real Madrid News Now, Iker Casillas loses award for the best goalkeeper in the world in favor of Manuel Neuer

Real Madrid News Now : Lost goalkeeper Real Madrid Iker Casillas award for best goalkeeper in the world in favor of the goalkeeper Bayern Munich Manuel Neuer, Casillas won the award for 6 consecutive times and was would achieve for the seventh time but shine Noir and injury and sitting Casillas on the bench to make the award go for Neuer.

Real Madrid News Now, Iker Casillas loses award for the best goalkeeper in the world in favor of Manuel Neuer

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Real Madrid News Now, Di Maria wife defends her husband via Instagram
Real Madrid News Now : Wife Di Maria is the other came out to defend her husband via its front page on Instagram, Jorgelina Cardoso received a storm of media on her husband, where he published the photo above on Instagram wrote it be dirty is something that is very easy, Valacol very small and the ear can not hear the words become obscene, and silly to ignore the people a great victory for Real Madrid like this and talk about something not meant anything.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ribery: I have a great chance to win the Ballon d'Or
Real Madrid News Now : Less than a week to announce the winner of the Ballon d'Or, spoke French Ribery again for a Golden Globe this time from Doha, the French confirmed their eligibility the Ballon d'Or where he said: I have a great chance to win the Ballon d'Or, has achieved everything in 2013 and played well with the French team and not now we just have to wait.

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 Real Madrid News Now, Di Maria apologizes to the public via the Real Madrid official site

Real Madrid News Now : Angel Di Maria tried to explain to the official website for the team and the official channel him what happened yesterday during the match Celta and commented: "It was a very unusual movement .. Were not directed to a .. It is a movement instinctive anyone when running "..

Does not seem right that Madrid have opened your file?

"Yes, so they can investigate what happened, and I can tell with the club, as I have done it .. It is a misunderstanding which I hope to clarify soon, because I have no bad intention at any time .. Respect for the audience of Real Madrid .. I explained that already in the Argentine radio, and now I do it in the official media of the club "..

How do you feel now at Real Madrid?

"I feel very good, with a lot of care, and I work very well." .. President gave me confidence, and apart from this issue, which I do not have the error to fake it, I offer a very good return, and I will continue to work to help the team to win trophies "..

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Real Madrid News Now, Xavi lit the fire: Mourinho was the cause of the crisis in the national team

Real Madrid News Now : Open Xavi Hernandez shot at former Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, in a lengthy interview with the magazine Panenka, Xavi attacked period Mourinho at Real Madrid, where he said: Mourinho was the cause of the crisis in the Spanish team and the differences in the Clasico between the players of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and I Casillas intervened to repair differences. Xavi continued attack on Mourinho and was told a strong and stern when he said: I do not like teams Mourinho and his game, he cares about the result only and not care performance, which boasts of having "Special One" But I do not like teams , who remembers beat Inter Champions League? Not even one.

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Real Madrid News Now, Guardiola : Ballon d'Or? I do not have to choose
Real Madrid News Now : Had a coach Bayern Munich Spanish Pep Guardiola told a news conference at the team camp held in Qatar, Guardiola was asked about Ballon d'Or said: Triple candidate for the football gold stunning too, should not be to choose from among them, and for me I did not see the player as Ribery and I am proud coached and I hope to make it better, for me, I gave him permission to travel to attend the ceremony of FIFA and asked him to bring a broad smile.

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Real Madrid News Now, Gareth Bale: My job is not only scoring goals but also its industry

Real Madrid News Now : Gareth Bale appeared in an interview to a media channel GOL Spanish, Bale talked about the industry's Cristiano Ronaldo goal in the third and said: My job is not only record but also industry goals. And the new year with Real Madrid, said Bale: I hope to be a good year for Real Madrid and the Madridista everywhere and I hope to achieve the titles in this season and I want to enjoy every day at Real Madrid.

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Real madrid transfer news-rumors - Mata's agent marketed player and expose him to Real Madrid

real madrid transfer news-rumors : Exited newspaper the Sunday Mirror, the British news exclusively her this morning, the newspaper says that the situation of the Spanish Juan Mata at Chelsea in crisis too after seated Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho star Spanish on the bench, and would like Mata to get the center of a key with the Spanish team and, of course, will be one of the most prominent names in Winter market, the Sunday Mirror confirms that the agent Mata "father" began marketing his son has been presented to the Real Madrid and Inter Milan, Barcelona and Napoli who showed great interest in the player.

real madrid transfer news-rumors
Real madrid transfer news-rumors - Britain: Five English clubs submitted offers for Xabi

Real madrid transfer news-rumors : Confirm reports the Daily Star the British that there are five clubs in the Premier League would like to service the Spanish star for Real Madrid Xabi Alonso, the newspaper confirmed that the offers on the table and the player's agent where he awaits only the stalled negotiations with Real Madrid in order to begin her studies, yet Xavi did not renews with Real Madrid and recent news indicates that he is close to renewal, but British newspapers confirmed that the clubs Manchester United and Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal made bids for the player, and the player's agent rejected the offer of Manchester United as the Alonso hated at Old Trafford after playing in Liverpool while Mourinho will wait and Balgireny approval Alonso for his training again ....

Real madrid transfer news-rumors, 

Real Madrid News Now, Marcelo via twitter: What Every mention about my grandfather is incorrect

Real Madrid News Now : Today was the fabrication of a story about Marcelo and his grandfather in Brazilian newspapers, Marcelo did not hesitate to respond to these rumors when he said: all what was going on currently about my story with my grandfather is not true, I'll tell you everything later in a warm hug for everyone.

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Real madrid fixtures, Luis Enrique returns to the Bernabeu Stadium again

Real madrid fixtures : Monday will see the return of the Real Madrid player Barcelona and former Luis Enrique to the Bernabeu, but this time as a coach for the club Siltavaego, passed 10 years on the Clasico famous between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which saw Amshadah between Zidane and Enrique on the pitch and ended Classico 2003 1-1, Enrique play with Real Madrid in the period between 1991-1996 and then moved to Barcelona because of a campaign of Real Madrid fans it and then played 9 classics stadium Bernabeu shirt Barcelona and every time he comes to the Bernabeu gets a lot of indignation by the public Bernabeu, Enrique scored two goals against Real Madrid shirt Barcelona at the Bernabeu and each time the score celebrated Alakhras signal to the public and the public was always Balsefrat reply to him, last Clasico was played in 2003, and witnessed the incident with the famous Zidane second coach for Real Madrid now .

Real madrid fixtures
Real Madrid News Now, Varane via twitter: I hope that I will be ready soon

Real Madrid News Now : French defender Rafael Varane put a picture of him from inside the gym club via his official twitter, Varane commented on the picture and wrote: I'm working hard for some time, now to work intensively for two weeks and I hope to be ready soon .

Real Madrid News Now
Real Madrid News Now, Carlo Ancelotti : against Celta de Vigo we will give the match the same level as the past two months [Conference]

Real Madrid News Now : Spoke Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference to talk about the latest developments in the face of Real Madrid before Siltavaego tomorrow, at the outset the Italian coach commented on the death of Eusebio said: Eusebio's death is bad news for us, I would like to send condolences to his family and friends. I turn to talk about the match Siltavaego first official match in the new year when he said: I have finished the year very well, we have been modeled on high throughout the last couple of months and I expect to provide the same performance against Siltavaego.

 Real Madrid News Now, Carlo Ancelotti : against Celta de Vigo we will give the match the same level as the past two months [Conference]

Ancelotti talked about competitor tomorrow Siltavaego said: They are playing good football, I know very well the philosophy of Enrique and teams provide smooth performance on the pitch. And Luis Enrique and Hadtth famous with Zidane Ancelotti said: I know the story, but the game tomorrow will be between Real Madrid and Siltavaego, to No problem. Zidane and his role and said Ancelotti: We work individually and sometimes it takes the attackers and train them on the shots and his work began to come to fruition where we saw how evolution josé remarkably.

 Real Madrid News Now, Carlo Ancelotti : against Celta de Vigo we will give the match the same level as the past two months [Conference]

Ancelotti was asked about the possibility of the involvement of key josé said: It's hard to say that josé will play a key and it applies to Cristiano and Benzema and others, is a young and small in age and offers superb performance and could play tomorrow. Gareth Bale and the status and extent of readiness Ancelotti said: Bale will be available tomorrow, I've trained all week and the same pace of his colleagues, but I do not know whether it will play a key or not. And the status of Quintrao Ancelotti said: I did a good job too, I've got a lot of injuries and is recovering from an injury since the last 15 days he needs for another 15 days to be with us.

 Real Madrid News Now, Carlo Ancelotti : against Celta de Vigo we will give the match the same level as the past two months [Conference]

Then was a question on the status of the Italian coach young guns Paran where Ancelotti said: I work well on his knee and began to respond to treatment, Paran needs for 10-15 days and will be present with the group. And team games in January and plentiful Ancelotti said: Yes there are a lot of games where we will play a match every 3 days and therefore must use the principle of rotation and favorable opportunities for all. Ancelotti talked about the defense and the goals that are received from Occasional where he said: I am worried about the goals that come through vertical strikes, we must improve in dealing with balls into the penalty area. Finally Ancelotti spoke about the match Atletico Madrid yesterday where he said: I have watched the match, Atletico Madrid has a big personality and is proving that he competes strongly on the league, we also have the same enthusiasm for the continuation of the competition.

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