Real Madrid News Now, Diego Costa returned to Madrid optimistic

Real Madrid News Now : Returned Atletico Madrid star Diego Costa to Madrid, coming from Serbia after visiting the doctor, known as the "miracle" Kovacevic. Diego Costa came back with a lot of optimism about the possibility of attending the final Lisbon on Saturday. Where it is known that the Serbian doctor has different methods of treatment in relation to muscle injuries.
It is also known that the effect of treatment with a doctor Serbian miracle in one hour is equivalent to 7 hours with respect to the traditional way of treatment. It is noteworthy that several players have undergone treatment at the hands of Serbian doctor Kovacevic such as Van Persie and Lampard have returned before the expected duration of the recovery.

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Real Madrid News Now, So far, the fans do not trust the Illarramendi

Real Madrid News NowIt seems that the debate is still going on with unrivaled post Illarramendi place international Xabi Alonso, and some believe that in the end will play Iara, and some would like to play Khedira next to Modric to become 4-4-2 explicit and clear, and many of them felt that Iara unconvincing to play final the tenth in front of Atletico Madrid and the majority of fans still do not trust the Illarra .

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Real Madrid News Now, Varane and Isco compensate absentee in the final of LisbonReal Madrid News NowSelect Italian Carlo Ancelotti replacements injured players who will miss for the Champions League final on Saturday, Pepe Rebekah French Benzema would be absent because of injury and will be Rafael Varane Rebekah Francisco Alarcon 'Isco "alternates, Varane Rebekah Sergio Ramos will be in the heart of the French defense is the" central core "in team, although he did not play much because of injuries but he made a very good level in front of Espanyol his speed and his passing precision will make him essential in the final on Saturday,  Isco will substitute Benzema even though he will not be the spearhead striker Carlo and will be forced to change the plan for 4-4-2, Isco will be the right wing and Di Maria will be the left wing and Cristiano Ronaldo and Bill will be in the attack.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ronaldo and Suarez shared the Golden Boot award.

Real Madrid News NowConfirmed the official website of Real Madrid on the web that players Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez shared the Golden Boot for the top scorer in Europe with 31 goal for each of them, as it was able to Ronaldo fly on goal difference without feeling pain in a game in their last round of 38, but the rest of eligibility for Ronaldo ahead of that play two matches.

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