Real Madrid News Now, Ronaldo folding Irina page with Lucia Fiallon

Real Madrid News Now : Seems to be the star of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to move quickly to post previous emotional separation from his companion, the bar Russian Irina Shayk and that by entering into a new relationship, according to news reports confirmed today.

The newspaper said (L'Avanguardia) Spanish Ronaldo already started dating sports journalist Lucia Fiallon which is currently working as a reporter for the club television channel.

The program (L'Amaniana de la Uno) television first talked about it when he said entering the player already in a relationship with the press, which referred her first letter of her name without mentioning, to be published after a number of media what is being said about the link "missile Madeira" Pfialon.

Now did not issue any official confirmation or denial of the parties regarding the matter, at which time it is not detected whether the reason for separation with Ronaldo Irina is an entry in a supposed relationship with the press during the Russian bar association, which led to problems.

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