Real Madrid News Now Ronaldo: The statue almost like me and it is a pleasure

Real Madrid News Now : Cristiano speaks about the statue, which put him in a wax museum in Spanish and was taking sculptors size body Ronaldo in the month of May for a full hour and said: "It's a great job and it's like me and it is a pleasure to put my statue in Spain. "

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 Real Madrid News Now Italian coach Capello : Real Madrid in my heart

Real Madrid News Now : In an interview to coach the Russian team Fabio Capello, who coached Real Madrid in the periods 1996 - 1997 and 2006 - 2007, said the Italian coach to be there clubs rest in his heart so far throughout his career lost in more than 20 years he spent in the profession of training, Capello said of that there are four teams remain in my heart until now a club AS Roma and Juventus and AC Milan and Real Madrid, although by that he trained Royal team for two seasons, but only under the Real Madrid in the heart of the Italian coach Capello, has chosen Capello three teams from his country and the only one who was chosen by outside Italy is the Royal Group.

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Real madrid transfer rumors - Monaco requesting 100 million euros to abandon Falcao.

Real madrid transfer rumors : The newspaper "Le10Sport" French reports issued today that Club Monaco will allow the departure of striker Colombian Falcao in the event received a presentation by 100 million euros, the newspaper noted the existence of contacts by Real Madrid and Chelsea, the club's French for the player , and added that the English club he can reduce this value is the inclusion of Torres and Demba Ba in a deal that Tiger Colombian who has been associated with the possibility of joining Real Madrid in January.

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Real Madrid News Now Dani Alves : Ronaldo always score, but the goals are not important

Real Madrid News Now : Believes player and Barcelona defender Brazilian international Dani Alves that Cristiano Ronaldo should not win the Ballon d'Or because he was not decisive, and he should win the Ballon d'Or Lionel Messi again.
Aves: From my personal opinion. Ronaldo scores a lot of goals, but what is important to them? With all due respect to Sweden, Goals that are scored in the end with a. This can not be considered important because it is not recorded in the qualifying directly, please! .
Brazilian international prefer Messi and Neymar and Ribery to win the Ballon d'Or: If we are talking about the best player in the world, Messi is the first. Ribery and the second because he won everything and Neymar third of what to do with Brazil recently, should provide some respect for football.

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Real Madrid News Now  Olimpic coach : Facing Real Madrid is unusual

Real Madrid News Now : Are you ready for Real Madrid? 

The face of Real Madrid is not normal at all, and we have to live every moment happily, on Sunday, we will suffer, of course, but we must enjoy the game, and the media will be filled from home in order to Real Madrid and we would like to enjoy.
There is no impossible, is not it? 

Yes, but it is very difficult to win.
Are there any fans of Real Madrid players from the team? 

There are fans of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia and other teams.

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Real Madrid News Now Nike, Inc. offers a new shirt for Cristiano Ronaldo in the form of design clothes Super Man

Real Madrid News Now : Nike, Inc. has provided the US shirt for captain Cristiano Ronaldo is worn under the shirt of the Portuguese national team in the upcoming World Cup with Brazil, and the design of this shirt came in the form of clothing worn by the man Ripper Super Man

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News now Real madrid The results of the draw for the World Cup collision Khedira and Cristiano in the first round

News now Real madrid : I was shocked draw for the World Cup, Brazil Portuguese team with the German national team and thus will play Cristiano Ronaldo in front of Khedira, so I picked up the draw a balanced set for the Spanish team, while spared the madridista to face each other and the group came France is very easy terms and put them with Hendoras, Ecuador and Switzerland while the Modric and the Croatian national in the first group with Brazil, Cameroon and Mexico.

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Real madrid transfer rumors - Cavani: If Suarez decided to leave Liverpool, it will break the number moving deal Gareth Bale.

Real madrid transfer rumors : Said Edinson Cavani that in case he decided to Luis Suarez to leave Liverpool, it will destroy the number moving deal, "Gareth Bell" to Real Madrid scored Suarez Super Hat Trick against Norwich City on Wednesday night and making goal Raheem Sterling and the match ended in victory the Reds 1-5 and believes player Naples past that player "Real Madrid" Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona player Lionel Messi are the best players in the world and Suarez comes after them, and all four goals for Luis was of high quality and added Cavani: this is something that surprises me I do not know where his future in the event of his departure from Liverpool but sure that the value of his deal would smash No. deal Welshman Gareth Bill which he was the only player on the same level as Ronaldo and Messi

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Real Madrid News Now Cristiano sweep the vote in a perfect selection.

Real Madrid News Now : cristiano Ronaldo swept vote the best lineup in Europe, the Portuguese got the votes of 3,150,000 votes in the voting masses where he received 73% of the vote, the vote of the public can choose from among 12 attackers striker Ronaldo won the largest number of votes , while Messi behind him a large margin of a million votes only while the Ibrahimovic ahead of him by 1.3 million votes, also Gareth Bell entered the line idealism and got 127,000 votes, and returned Cristiano yesterday from Portugal engaged in exercises Real Madrid will not be involved tomorrow because of the suspension is certainly to be ready for Tuesday's game.

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Real madrid transfer rumors - Iñigo Martinez will become a player for Real Madrid next summer.

Real madrid transfer rumors : Out program Tiki Taka Spanish news thunderously announced presenter of the program where it was stated that the defender Real Sociedad Spanish Iñigo Martinez will become a player for Real Madrid next season, also added the journalist Carlo Carpio during the program: Aniego Martinez in the 22 -year-old and is a defender and a left-wing and talent and promising and worth 30 million penalty clause in his contract, Florentino Perez met with Ibiribaa (Prime Real Sociedad) and is known as the value of the amount paid by him, and Florentino decided and approved and will pay.

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News now Real madrid  Iker Casillas back to play again in the Copa del Rey.

News now Real madrid : Back captain Iker Casillas to play again in the Copa del Rey after the injury suffered by the goalkeeper Casillas January 23 against Valencia in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey, and then Gbab Iker Casillas out of action for three months, but after the return from injury not be involved in games by coach Jose Mourinho, whether in the league or the Champions League or the Copa del Rey and rely on goalkeeper Diego Lopez in the Guardian, but this season with Ancelotti, who did not engage Iker Casillas in La Liga, but the b involvement in the Champions League and the Copa del Rey, and this will return Casillas to defend against Real Madrid in the domestic leagues and seeks Qaid Iker to access to the team to 19 April 2014, and is specific to that Casillas made the tournament once in 2011 against Barcelona was Casillas played a major role for the coronation of this tournament, has also lost two games in this was the final tournament against both Deportivo La Coruna and Real Zaragoza.

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Carlo Ancelotti: Alonso will not play tomorrow. [Excerpts from the conference]

News now Real madrid : Shows the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference to talk about the latest developments in the face of Real Madrid before the cup in front of Olimpic

Carlo: I can not tell you from will play but Alonso will not play.
Carlo: the pitch industrial is not good for injury Alonso.
Carlo: I have 16 players available tomorrow and did not ask for players of castilla.
Carlo: Cristiano fine and well trained, will play on Tuesday.

Carlo: We do not have any problems in the use of a strong team tomorrow.

Carlo: Xavi renewal is important, everyone is talking about and is important for the club.

Carlo: the club is talking with Xabi and we are waiting for his decision.

Carlo: many individual awards at the moment, the task of the players certainly.

Carlo: Players do not think about the World Cup now.

Carlo: I have confidence in José and Casemiro and Morata They compete with Benzema and Cristiano and Bale and others.

Carlo: tomorrow they will have to prove themselves, José and Morata and Casemiro.

Carlo: Varane trained strongly in order to be ready for play in January.

Carlo: Varane, will return to play the beginning of training on Wednesday.

Carlo: Bale better at the moment, is very happy.

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Cristiano Ronaldo: good team without me, even Arbeloa scored

News now Real madrid : Talked Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal in remarks published by the Spanish newspaper Marca, Cristiano initially spoke about the readiness and said: I am ready 101%, we have two games in the league before Christmas in front of Osasuna and Valencia which is important to us. The good news for the Portuguese come when he said he was pleased at the moment and said: I took the award from Marca di Stefano and I had to go to Portugal for the processing of the museum and I am now is the best moments of my career. And Gareth Bale said Ronaldo: Bale plays very well, I adapt quickly at Real Madrid. And the team said Ronaldo: Back Xavi was important for the team at the same time the team was absolutely fantastic, the team play without me very well even if Arbeloa scored "Imagine." And the Portuguese national team and hopes in 2014, Ronaldo said: I feel that I am in good condition and to focus in order to provide the best levels with Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team, in the lottery tomorrow, I hope to avoid Spain , Germany and Brazil

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Real madrid transfer rumor - Juventus looking for a replacement for Pirlo and his eye on the goal of Real Madrid Gundogan.

Real madrid transfer rumors : In the absence of any surprise, the German international Ilkay Gundogan will play at Real Madrid next season, German player has a tentative agreement with Real Madrid for playing in next season, Real Madrid will provide a sum of money as well as for Nuri Sahin, the news from Italy suggest that Juventus looking for a replacement for Pirlo Gundogan he wants and will go on the deal, but Real Madrid has a feature which will provide an alternative for a Gondogan Nuri Sahin.

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Adrian : Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world today.

News now Real madrid : Stressed player Atletico Madrid Adrian Lopez that Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world at the moment, the player said, and he said, "the competition for the Golden Ball will be very close this year, I do not know what will happen, at the moment of His level is better Cristiano Ronaldo, but Macy's Macy's remains and has made things very good and Ribery won everything, is among the contenders who has the most number championships. "

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Real Madrid TV channel will be open starting from January next year.

News now Real madrid : Real Madrid TV channel will be available and open to all free of charge as of next January afterThe agreement between club officials with channel intereconomia famous Spanish channel to run the club and it will beReal Madrid first club in the world owns a television channel is free and open to the world will not need day after Real Madrid fans MiringiSpain anymore to pay a fee or the need for computers to follow the channel that would be appropriate for all ages.The channel will offer the best programs and the headquarters of the best reports and team games basketball games and the first team football in addition to the categoriesSunni Alcastia and Alcantira, in addition to programs historical documentaries, including the current programs that offer such a program La fabricaOr I6, 75 that displays time in the second and eight in the evening news broadcasts in addition to Real Madrid, which will be open.The opening of the channel White did not yet determined and waiting for the confirmation of Digital Terrestrial Television "DTT" but probablyThe opening will be on the first of January 2014 the next, will be the beginning of a happy Almirnga supporters, will not lose EuroNow after one channel to follow their club.

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Real madrid transfer rumors - Jose Mourinho wants Alvaro Morata in January.

Real madrid transfer rumors : According to the site Tuttomercato that Jose Mourinho looking for the use of his previous experience in the "Real" and now put an eye on the youngster owner of 19 years, Alvaro Morata, who was in the team Alcastia then ascended to the first team and was crowned with the help of his team winning the Copa del Rey for young people and is considered one of the most important players at Carlo Ancelotti for the future, and demanded the Portuguese coach to bring the player the owner of 19 years to Stmaford Bridge in January.

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Paran and Sergio Ramos and Varane, Pepe, Marcelo candidates for lineup of the world by FIFA.

News now Real madrid : Announced the FIFA about the names of candidates for lineup of the world by FIFA, Marcelo, Pepe, Varane and Ramos were selected for the defensive line and therefore are added goalkeeper Casillas, who ran for the prize for the best goalkeeper, while not announce the names of the midfield and attack, and compete Paran, and Marcelo Ramos and Pepe with 20 guns around the world are /

Alaba - Alba - Alvis - Baines - Jerome Boateng - Ashley Cole - Dante - Hummels - Ivanovic - Lahm -D. Luiz - Kompany - Marcelo - Pepe - Pique - Ramos - Silva -
Varane - Vidic - Zabaleta.

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Real madrid transfer rumors - Real Madrid wants to bring the astral Liverpool Suarez and Coutinho.

Real madrid transfer rumors : Liverpool is a club that has a lot of talent that attracted the eyes of many clubs, including Real Madrid, and as mentioned in previous reports that Real Madrid is interested striker Liverpool Uruguayan Luis Suarez, According to the site the SportsDirect News British, the Real Madrid seeks to make an offer double for Liverpool for Suarez and the talent of other Coutinho, according to this information, the Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti is interested in actually polychlorinated South America, so it is possible to give Real Madrid an offer double the value of 78 million euros for the players, but things do not look that easy, as the English club is not ready to concede the best stars to have, especially Brazilian playmaker the 21 - year, as for striker Suarez has already made clear that he would like to complete the season at Anfield, but he wants to be looking for another club to play in major tournaments after the end of the season, the most prominent of these clubs is Real Madrid.

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Germany coach Loew refuses to vote in the Ballon d'Or.

News now Real madrid : Confirmed the German newspaper Bild that Germany coach Joachim Loew refused to vote on the Ballon d'Or, the newspaper confirmed that the coach honored presence 5 players in the German race but detect the votes at the end of the announcement of the winner and therefore he does not like he does not want to vote on the award.

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Real madrid transfer rumors - Falcao upset of taxes and wants to leave France.

Real madrid transfer rumors : The newspaper Marca The Colombian striker Radamel Falcao seeks to depart in January next year, the Colombian upset a lot of high taxes in France has asked his client's search for the club in January to move, even on loan, Jorge Mendez agent Falcao contact the owner of the Russian club and expressed the desire of the player to leave, Falcao and attracts many European clubs, including Real Madrid.

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Real madrid transfer rumors - Casemiro will not leave in January and will stay at Real Madrid.

Real madrid transfer rumors : According to press reports in Spain that the midfielder Real Madrid Casemirp would not leave the club in January, has struggled Brazilian in order to play and get more minutes since the move from Sao Paulo to "Santiago Bernabeu" has been linked with Real Sociedad in recent weeks because of an injury questionnaire Granero However reports indicate that as a result of injury to Sami Khedira long the Real Madrid decided not to sell it or move on loan because they need him in the team.

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Cristiano Ronaldo: "On January 13 I may be in Spain or Zurich or Madeira."

Real Madrid News Now : Again asked Cristiano Ronaldo during media appearance for if Ballon d'Or will attend the ceremony on 13 January next year in Zurich, and said the star of Real Madrid, saying: "On this day, may I may be in Spain, or Zurich. . Or Madeira. "

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Real madrid transfer rumors : Ancelotti refuses to give up José.

Real madrid transfer rumors : Media sources revealed that the Spanish club Rayo Vallecano made contact with Real Madrid in order to contract with the youngster José Rodriguez in January next year but the reply came "No," coach Carlo Ancelotti related José and wants it to exist with the first team in order to gain experience this captures the attention span of young Italian players.

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Dani Alves: Ballon d'Or? my vote to Messi then Neymar then Ribery.

Real Madrid News Now : Asked Barcelona player Brazilian Dani Alves for Ballon d'Or in an interview with El Mundo Deportivo and ruled out when the star "Real Madrid" Cristiano Ronaldo said: Sonic will be the first of Lionel Messi and Neymar, and Franck Ribery.

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Real Madrid News Now - Philipp Lahm: Ribery then Cristiano Ronaldo then Messi.

Real Madrid News Now : Talked Bayern Munich defender Philipp Lahm for the Ballon d'Or and the vote of this award, the first voice of Franck Ribery given me the achievements of the German championships with the club and then Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

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News now Real madrid - Bale beats the Neymar

News now Real madrid : The largest transition in the season for Real Madrid and Barcelona Gareth Bale and Neymar, duo ahead of Madrid and Barcelona as complementary for Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, however, the two are impressive in terms of income Neymar quickly in preparations Barcelona and acclimated with the team , Bale arrived for Madrid physical condition miserable too because he has not trained since 3 months before his arrival and thus suffered a lot in order to play the first official match, Gareth Bell played the Clasico against Neymar and surpasses it Brazilian and Bale was in the process of preparation and the back of the level of average while the Neymar first goal for Barcelona, ​​Neymar playing for Barcelona 13 league appearances, scoring 4 goals while Bale played nine games, scoring 7 goals and also at the level of the Champions League Bale outperform where he played 215 minutes, scoring two goals, while Neymar appeared in 417 minutes and did not score a goal, and on the whole the fencing between the duo in a major development is possibly pave 's face will last a long time as does between Cristiano and Messi.

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Real Madrid News Now - Real Madrid will not play at the Bernabeu until 2014.

Real Madrid News Now : Real Madrid vs Valladolid was the last team in 2013, the team will not play at the Bernabeu only in the new year where the left over his 4 games before the holiday feasts Birth will be in front of Stavia in court Stavia and the second in front of Copenhagen in Denmark and the third in front of Osasuna in Pamplona on December 14 and in the Mestalla on December 21 against Valencia will be the team's return to the Bernabeu in the round before the last of the first round in front of Siltavaego at the beginning of the new year of 2014, Real Madrid now just 3 points from Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which clings to everything he has in order to maintain this difference and try not to waste points.

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Real Madrid News Now - Cristiano Ronaldo: Platini make fun of me? I will answer on the pitch.

Real Madrid News Now : Re Cristiano Ronaldo 's remarks Platini and published by the newspaper As morning, Platini said that FIFA extended the voting for Ronaldo, "and laughed then," Ronaldo responded with a statement from Portugal in which he said: I will answer on the pitch, I have to keep practicing and go back to the courts in order to reply. He spoke about Cristiano Ribery and his wife acted as a place devoted to the award in their home and said the space allocated for the award won in 2008, "he laughs," In fact, I can not and do not want to talk about this subject. On his return to Portugal with the permission of the club said Cristiano: In fact, I went back for so I put the finishing touches to the museum, which will be opened soon, it's nice to return to your hometown and seeing the city earlier, I've invited Florentino Perez for the opening ceremony and he told me that if he managed to attend without hesitation.

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Real Madrid News Now - Platini: the extension of the vote came from in order to satisfy Ronaldo and 2010, was a Spanish player deserves

Real Madrid News Now : Platini was surprised not to get any player on the Spanish AwardGolden Ball for the best player in the world after the end of the championship they won the last World Cup in South Africa in 2010 and attached to win European Nations Cup at the expense of Italy, stressing that there are players Spaniards Kano deserve a golden ball one, at least where he saidYou must Iniesta or Xavi wins the Ballon d'Or science in 2010 at the very least, adding that Macy's big hero, but the Golden Ball was Must be for the Spaniard at the time and Platini confirmed that this year will be the most difficult choice and that there are some things in the esoteric The issue of the extension of the vote when he said: the extension of voting by FIFA coincided with the extension of the European Ronaldo and shine in the extension was to satisfy After making him angry and Ronaldo candidates closest to the Ballon D'or: I think that the ball sandwiched between two three names are impressive Ronaldo and Messi And the third has achieved everything Ribery.

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Real Madrid News Now - Ronaldo : Atletico Madrid is the most prominent competitor for this season

Real Madrid News Now : Said Cristiano Ronaldo, while being awarded the "Di Stefano" as the top player value In La liga with his team Thaggueth win the Spanish league title this year, noting that rivals the most prominent will be the capital club Atletico
Madrid, ignoring the Catalan team who Aieih his best when he said: "Atletico" a good team in terms of organization and collective performance
And possess distinctive coach I think they're a strong team capable of competing.

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Real Madrid News Now - Cristiano Ronaldo: my partnership with Bale like Rooney in Manchester and I love playing with him.

Real Madrid News Now : Talked Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo for comparison with Gareth Bale With Wayne Rooney in the "Manchester United" and some sources believe that Ronaldo is jealous of the Welshman who became the most expensive player in history when push Madrid to Tottenham 81 million pounds for access to its services, however, appear happy with his colleague 's new Portuguese star praised him in an interview with Radio 422: I like to play with Bill that he is a good player so it gives us an additional option for the attack, such as Rooney in Manchester it is easy for a good player to build an understanding with the players, the star of "Manchester United" previously spent six seasons in the Premier League goal scored 117 and the fact that a great partnership with Rooney.

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Real Madrid News Now - Carlo Ancelotti: I do not need Messi because I own a Ronaldo.

Real Madrid News Now :
Again speaking Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti in a media interview about Cristiano and Messi, the Italian coach asked about the possibility of buying Messi said: If you'll sign with one player for Real Madrid will not be Messi, I do not need it because I own a Ronaldo, who granted the Lord a special talent and great. Ancelotti and returned again to talk about Messi said: away from the banter if he decides to sell Barcelona Messi them contact us and we'll see Machristdt. 

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Real Madrid News Now - Guti via twitter: how much I love to see a Barcelona lose.

Real Madrid News Now : For the former Real Madrid player Jose Maria Gutierrez spoke mocked Barcelona via twitter where he said: how much I love to see Barcelona, ​​which lost, a beautiful all .15 shot 6 of them on goal, and the goal for Bilbao and still Zubizarreta says Barcelona deserve loss!! . Gotti did not just make fun of loss, but a statement from Barcelona's sporting director Zubizarreta.

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Real Madrid News Now - FIFA sent a email asking Cristiano attend the ceremony.

Real Madrid News Now : The newspaper aS Spanish that the FIFA Email for Real Madrid asked Cristiano Ronaldo attendance for the ceremony Zurich on Jan. 13, came after great controversy going on between Cristiano and Blatter after ridicule FIFA president of the Portuguese star, and confirm information newspaper As The FIFA sent by e-mail and requested the presence of Cristiano, is planned for Blatter awarded the Golden Ball for Cristiano ? Did you change the absence of Cristiano ceremony for the results of the vote? .

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Real Madrid News Now - Cover French Magazine Foot : Cristiano beloved human.

Real Madrid News Now : Issued Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo magazine cover Foot French started as the title on the cover: Cristiano beloved human. The journal is published monthly in December issued Cristiano cover of the magazine entitled "Human Cristiano beloved."

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Real Madrid News Now - Casillas, a candidate for the prize for the best goalkeeper in the world.

Real Madrid News Now : Declared the International Federation of FIFA for the names of candidates for the prize for the best goalkeeper in the world, and will be selected guard the best in the ceremony of FIFA in Zurich January 13 next year, was chosen Buffon, Casillas and Neuer and Cech and Valdez as competitors on the award, Casillas won the award for five consecutive years and is hoping to win for once sixth.

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News now Real madrid - Atletico Madrid keeper Courtois: Barcelona has more difficulties from Madrid to win the league.News now Real madrid : Guard Atletico Madrid Thibaut Courtois appeared in a newspaper interview after his extradition award for best goalkeeper by the newspaper Marca, and spoke Courtois for La Liga and said: I do not think that the league boring, there is no 3 teams just by playing strong and we played in front of Oleche was stop us and Barcelona stumbled from Bilbao, I think it's not boring. And Real Madrid and Barcelona Courtois said: In my opinion, that Barcelona has more difficulties from Real Madrid to win the league, we must be steadfast in the level and try not to lose any points away from home.

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News now Real madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo trained solo morning.

News now Real madrid : Will continue to be the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo for the cup match against Stavia due to stop, and Portuguese was missed in front of Galatasaray and Valladolid However presence of Cristiano Ronaldo in the morning and train Alvaldabebas solo and completed his rehabilitation.

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News now Real madrid - Zidane: Bale has the time to be better than me he is a player integrated.

News now Real madrid : Record Gareth Bale hat-trick in the 4-0 win at Valladolid and became among the Welsh nine goals in 11 games, Technical Assistant for Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane said that the Bale on the way to the summit, he told reporters: The thing that worries me is Gareth Bale , who will be the best player for Real Madrid and the best me, I was not surprised or anyone at the club about Bale : It's complete player and that's why we paid for him.

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News now Real madrid - Ribery was disappointed because of the support Sakho's Cristiano Ronaldo.

News now Real madrid : Admitted striker Bayern Munich and the French national team in an interview with the magazine L'Equipe that he was disappointed by teammate and defender Liverpool Mamadou Sakho where he voiced his support for Cristiano at the expense of team-mate Ribery, Ribery told the magazine: I was disappointed from Sakho on the Tomb in the last permit, in any case is football and everyone gives his opinion.

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News now Real madrid - Spanish Federation will host the awards ceremony tomorrow and five players from Real Madrid

News now Real madrid : The Spanish Federation will hold a concert tomorrow in Madrid tomorrow at 20:00 Spain, will represent 5 Real Madrid players are Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo and Isco and Illarramendi and José.

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News now Real madrid - Newspaper DailyMail: Who needs Ronaldo?

News now Real madrid : After the hat-trick and superb performance for Gareth Bell in the game between Real Madrid and Valladolid, Daily Mail newspaper headline saying: Who needs Ronaldo? Bale scored a hat-trick in a wonderful game No. 13 with his Real Madrid "Cristiano scored his first hat-trick after 62 games," Madrid cut the gap with Barca.

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News now Real madrid - Gareth Bell: everything you I expect at Real Madrid has become a reality.

News now Real madrid : Talked Gareth Bale man Real Madrid vs Valladolid in an interview with state television for Real Madrid and spoke, saying: I am very happy at Real Madrid and it is the pleasure of recording hat-trick, all what I had expected at Real Madrid, has become a fact the players and the fans are great too. And his performance with the team said Bill: I did not put any limits to my level I want to evolve and always play better just like Cristiano Ronaldo, the best in the world and who deserves the Golden Ball deserved. And Marcelo pass in the third goal, said Bill: I thank him very much, helped me to record my first hat-trick with the team. Finally Strap Bill journalists when someone asked him "Is fluent Spanish?" Bill replied: SI "laughs" Bill continued to talk about the language and said: I slowly learn the Spanish language, at this time, the important thing is football and I dwell on the pitch only.

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