Real Madrid News Now, Arda Turan: collision with Cristiano like collision a wall

Real Madrid News Now : Resides Turkish star of Atletico Madrid Arda Turan in Turkey in order to spend Christmas, the player gave an interview with Channel TV8 and talked about stopping Cristiano Ronaldo in a derbies and said: I tried to stop Cristiano does not hide from you that the collision as the collision wall because he has the body of a very strong. Tauran praised by Cristiano where he said: We live in the same city and all that meet him was a greeting, is a great player.

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Real Madrid News Now, Xavi change the decision he wants to stay at Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : Full-day and 24-hour published numerous news that sparked a whirlwind departure of Alonso from Real Madrid and the public concern on his side, and newspaper Marca in the news exclusively from sources that Xabi Alonso is his decision and asked his agent to sit at the negotiating table with Real Madrid and paper stresses that negotiations will begin on January 6, and will be for the duration of the contract and the player's salary is expected to renew Alonso for two seasons, "a third season optional for the player," and an annual salary will put him in second place on the salary scale, where will receive seven million euros a year as it seeks management Real Madrid to do the impossible in order to keep Alonso in the team.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano via twitter: I enjoy with my family in Dubai Aquarium

Real Madrid News Now : Deployment of international Cristiano Ronaldo picture of him accompanied by his son, Jr. and his girlfriend Irina Shayk via his official twitter and said: I enjoy my time with family in Dubai Aquarium.

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Real madrid transfer news - Casillas is shown to the press: not thinking of going to another team

real madrid transfer news : Captain Real Madrid Iker Casillas delivered today a lecture to a group of guards junior in Qatar where the Foundation aims Iker Casillas in cooperation with the Academy of Aspire Qatar for training 20 guard emerging country in various international schools, Casillas today delivered a lecture from Spain by the video and asked which one of the students for his future, he said: I'm not thinking about going to another team to be a second guard.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo: Xabi Alonso there is no alternative to him and there is no player like him

Real Madrid News Now : Urged Cristiano Ronaldo's club "Real Madrid" to retain Xabi Alonso to hold long as soon as possible and it was the midfielder in a tug of war with loess Blanks on a new deal for six months now and quite done to take place in June 2014 and reports said on Friday that the former Liverpool player wants leaving the stadium "Santiago Bernabeu" during the summer, however, said Marca this morning that the club will sit with the Spanish international to discuss the terms of renewal and Ronaldo said: "Xabi irreplaceable" There is no other player like him.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo: I will return to work with Mourinho [Interview]

Real Madrid News Now : On the occasion of winning the character of the year in Portugal conducted a striker of Real Madrid 's Cristiano Ronaldo interview with Bola Portuguese, Cristiano asked about the differences with Mourinho and the possibility of returning to work with him and said: I forgive anyone forget differences, I learned a lot from Mourinho and from many other coaches like Ferguson and Pellegrini and others and they gave me an opportunity for the development of more, would not mind a return to work with Mourinho again. And the Ballon d'Or said Cristiano Ronaldo: I do not know whether you deserve but I am I am right in the list for the sixth time and has existed for the past 7 or 8 years in the starting squad ideal for FIFA and the numbers speak for themselves, it is important to win trophies gold, I may deserve such public the past, but I know that it's not related to me it is possible to win or lose.

 Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo: I will return to work with Mourinho [Interview]

And reduced Cristiano Ronaldo of being a man Real Madrid where I said: all players have influence in Real Madrid, everyone is talking about the players most Agra and the most influential in the team they are the cornerstones of the team, but nothing of this happens , everyone in Madrid affects and Madrid does not depend on one player. He Ronaldo: I love to help my team which is my job and I have to do it to the fullest and the team very well. Cristiano showed his hunger for tournaments and league talked about when he said: Barcelona and Atletico Madrid got the beginning of a more systematic and we were able to achieve the points, obviously, we always want to be at the top because we are Real Madrid and of course we want to conclude the season trophies. Cristiano and asked for the title of the King's Cup and if he wants, he said: It is difficult to collect all the trophies in one season, and the injustice of choice for the title favorite and all I can say is I hope to win trophies with Real Madrid and individual honors. And finally commented on Cristiano mate Gareth Bell said: It is a great player and we help it, I've had problems in the beginning and did not adapt due to injury and language, but gradually began to acclimate.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano wins the annual Globe Soccer award

Real Madrid News Now : Beat Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo Globe Soccer award for the best player in the world in 2013, the award was presented at a conference of the Portuguese Dubai Sports and Cristiano, who inaugurated a lecture entitled "The development process of the player to reach the summit . "

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Real Madrid News Now, Iniesta puts his choices for the Ballon d'Or and puts Cristiano secondly

Real Madrid News Now : the newspaper AS during a meeting with the Spanish star Iniesta asked him to put his expectations for the Ballon d'Or, the painter chose his favorite players and by the panel in front of him existed and chose "1 - Messi  2 - Cristiano Ronaldo 3 - Ribery "

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo wandering in Dubai Mall accompanied by girlfriend Irina Shayk

Real Madrid News Now : Photos Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk wandering at the Dubai Mall.

 Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo wandering in Dubai Mall accompanied by girlfriend Irina Shayk

 Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo wandering in Dubai Mall accompanied by girlfriend Irina Shayk

Real Madrid News Now Luka Modric: Ancelotti trusts me [interview]

Real Madrid News Now : conducted Marca journalist Hugo Cerezo an interview with the Croatian international Luka Modric before his departure for London in order to spend the Christmas holiday before returning to Madrid and travel to Doha, Modric spoke about many things in the interview.

A big victory in Valencia, how it happened?Yes, there was a great and wonderful, all of you have seen the joy in the end and this indicates unite the team and we are seekingTo make things right.
How was 2013 for Luca?For me I see a perfect, things began to me a perfect match in Old Trafford goal there who will not forgetAnd immediately after winning the Clasico and we think we lack a bit of luck for the icing on the cake, even if the title in this oneYear and I can say that a good year.
What are the goals of Luca in the new year?I expect a better year for me and Madrid, I hope to achieve something positive with Real Madrid and the Croatian national team in the World Cup.
You are fully adapted with Real Madrid, how so?I live in Madrid wonderful times and I can say that my confidence in the coach is the reason when you can have the confidenceProviding the best in every game and I am very happy and I feel love by the fans and I hope that Nhdém tenth.
What do you feel about Ancelotti, and Zidane?Ancelotti is a great coach, he believes in me and gives me full confidence, Zizou absolutely gorgeous and sometimes join us in trainingAnd then rehearse together on shots a lovable person.
Ancelotti is convinced duality Luca, Xavi, what do you think?Of course it is the coach's decision and I feel with Xavi comfortably large on the pitch and I am proud to play beside himBut we will not forget Sammy, I wish him a speedy recovery.
What about Gareth Bill?All who know Gareth will realize that he is getting better, he gave a good performance in their games, and after the holidayWe'll see Gareth Bell version ideal "version of the Spurs."
What about the Golden Ball?Cristiano, I hope to win.
Why did you choose London for vacation?I love London, where I spent 4 years and I'll go there for entertainment for myself and my family, I chose London.
Finally, a message left by Luca for Real Madrid fans?Birthdays happy for everyone, and I hope for all Almadridista health and achieve their wishes in the new year and I hope to celebrateTitles together in the new year.

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Real Madrid News Now, Del Bosque: Casillas, Ramos, Arbeloa, Alonso will be present at the World Cup

Real Madrid News Now : Continue the national coach Vicente del Bosque to talk with the media, Del Bosque today spoke with Spanish media said Real Madrid players in his speech where he talked about Casillas and Alonso and Arbeloa and Ramos and José and Morata and Carvajal, Spanish coach initially said: Casillas is the leader and Ramos is one of the best defenders of the world, Xavi and Arbeloa will be present at the World Cup certainly, Isco could exist. National coach talked about the youth and said: There are 17 or 18 young man began knocking on the doors of a real team, including Martinez and José and Morata and Carvajal and Montoya and Bartra and many others, and we will wait.

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Real madrid transfer news - Fourteen players contracts expire next summer.

Real madrid transfer news : Tuttomercatoweb site published a list of the most prominent Italian players who have contracts expire next summer, the list included 15 players, including Spanish international Xabi Alonso, where his contract expires next summer and will be free after only 4 days, the location is the fact that a variety of players who are 

Evra - Vidic - Terry - Sanya.
Pirlo - Alonso - Fernando.
Menez - Klose - Lewandowski.
In addition to player PSG Matuidi
and Eto'o Chelsea and CSKA Moscow player Akinfeev

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Real madrid transfer news - Juventus is preparing to sell Bugba identifies 60 million euros to drop him.

Real madrid transfer news : French sources familiar with the French star of Juventus Bugba preparing to leave the Italian club in the summer, came after a recent statement for Juventus president Andrea Agnelli said: in the winter will not have a problem in maintaining the Bugba but the danger lies in the future. This statement assured all that Bugba did not renew his contract with the team and getting ready to leave, with reports confirmed that the PSG will go on-line and offers 40 million euros for the player, but Juventus select the price of 60 million euros, are competing for the young Frenchman of many clubs, including Real Madrid, Manchester United and PSG.

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real madrid transfer news - penalty clause in the contract allows him to leave Suarez outside England to 100 million euros.

real madrid transfer news : Striker distinctive Liverpool Luis Suarez has signed a contract renewal last week for two seasons, and the newspaper The Mirror about the secret of a new player's contract as the administration put a clause in his contract allowing him to leave for outside England in the amount of 100 million euros, while if he decides to leave for the English team would be on the club who wants to pay 130 million euros.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ronaldo Fenomeno : between Messi and Ronaldo? chose Messi  to technical reasons
Real Madrid News Now : Fenomeno Brazilian Ronaldo Nazario da Lima conducted an interview with the newspaper O Globo of Brazil in order to talk about the issues of organizing the World Cup, the phenomenon was asked about the Ballon d'Or and Messi, Ronaldo said: between Messi and Ronaldo, I choose Messi for technical reasons, are of course players sketching. And Ribery and the possibility of receiving a Golden Globe said: Do not give it to Ribery, maybe it is different from Messi and Ronaldo and also is disproportionate to the standards of the Ballon d'Or

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos in the squad year for the French magazine L'Equipe

Real Madrid News Now : Offered magazine L'Equipe French squad ideal for 2013 , the magazine and in accordance with the vote followers have chosen players from Real Madrid two Spanish defender Sergio Ramos and Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo , line has seen a big change for the formation of the past year, as Seen in the last year, six Spaniards are Casillas and Xavi , Xavi, Iniesta and Ramos Alba and while this season has seen the invasion of selection for the presence of Bayern players 5 players in it.
Manuel Neuer , " Bayern Munich ."
Jordi Alba " Barcelona - Silva " Paris " - Ramos " Real Madrid " - L " Munich . "
Toure " Manchester City " - Pogba " Juventus "
Ozil " Real Madrid - Arsenal "
Ronaldo " Real Madrid " - Macy's " Barcelona " - Ribery , " Bayern Munich

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Real Madrid News Now, Marca announces its lineup for the year and the presence of three players from Real Madrid

Real Madrid News Now : Marca chose composition ideal for last year 2013, and the presence of three players from Real Madrid in the squad are Sergio Ramos where he leads the defense Rebekah Thiago Silva and Alaba and L while driving Alonso midfield which includes Ribery and Iniesta plays Cristiano Ronaldo accompanied by Ibrahimovic and Messi in attack.

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Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid improved from the previous Christmas holidays. [Report]

Real Madrid News Now : One of the most important things that make us optimistic about the season great for Real Madrid at the level of the league at least is outweighed by the club on his numbers last season in the same period, " Birthdays " Club White last season, was left behind for the bribe Tito with 16 points, where the collection of Real Madrid with 33 points while Barcelona has 49 points and went Real Madrid for the Christmas holidays last season with the loss of the league title while in the current season is still fortunes list , in addition, the character of the team has evolved significantly from last season as the team adjusts the result is often when they lose because of lapses defensive the team became able to control the ball and the heart of the format of the game, given for his Mourinho last season and Ancelotti in the current season until Christmas draw following /
Mourinho : Collect 44 points - failed to first place with 16 points and the second place with 7 points .Ancelotti : Collect 49 points - in third place, 5 points for Atletico Madrid and Barcelona .

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Real Madrid News Now, Queiroz: " Cristiano is the Michael Jordan of football "

Real Madrid News Now : He said the current coach of the Iranian national team Carlos Queiroz to compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo, called the Michael Jordan of football, ie the best player of all time, as recorded by the page 'Gul. Com '.. He Queiroz, who was under his Portuguese striker during his training for the Portuguese national team and pointed his time as the second Sir Alex Ferguson: "One day at Manchester United, I do not remember when I said I was going to be the Michael Jordan of football, ".. Continued to former Real Madrid coach: "I have seen how Cristiano grown in recent years .. Has a little bit of Brazilian Ronaldo and Figo (speed and direction), which is great when shooting from both feet, and errors, and turns, and scroll ... ".. Queiroz explained that many of the options in the country to do a good job in the world (Germany, Ghana and the United States will be their opponents in the group stage), and is largely dependent on the mental state and physical star white, and he added: "I think it's more mature, and more experienced .. Four years in the profession of player is a lot, and that can make a big difference" .. He also said: "I think this will be participating in his third World Cup, so it will be capable of performance management much easier"

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Real Madrid News Now Cristiano Ronaldo enters the lineup Italian newspaper La Gazzetta the best player for the year 2013

Real Madrid News Now : Cristiano Ronaldo has been chosen by the newspaper 'La Gazzetta dello Sport', the line ideal for 2013 .. Madrid's player is the only player from the league among the elect .. Italian newspaper highlights the great Portuguese player's performance throughout the year in both the club and the White team .. The ideal team consists of: Neuer, Lahm, Subotic, Thiago Silva, Alaba, Schweinsteiger, Gundogan, Hazzard, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ribery and Lewandowski.

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Real Madrid News Now, Seven players from Real Madrid played more than 100 minutes in the league this season

Real Madrid News Now : There are seven players from the "Real Madrid" this season, played more than 1,000 minutes in the league Ancelotti has a base of very specific for the players as it can not be otherwise in goalkeeper 'Carlito' league Diego Lopez, who played more minutes this season, a 1530 minutes after playing 17 games from the beginning of the year from 2013 to 2014 and then the best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo, who played 16 matches and scored 18 goals and played 1404 minutes, which was decisive in many games for Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Karim Benzema are the basis of the rest of the backbone of the Real Madrid Ramos played 1270 minutes in a match 15 that played then the Portuguese international, who played 1260 minutes, while French striker played a minute in 1243 and then Isco and Luca Modric, which exceeded 1000 minutes in the league championship player Malaga former scored 5 goals and although he lost the position during the month of October but he returned to the property line and it seems that Luka Modric is less player in the league post with Carlo Ancelotti to 1140 minutes.

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Real Madrid News Now Ancelotti best coach in Europe. [Report]

Real Madrid News Now : Bench European clubs experienced a major earthquake in terms of coaches and changes to the names of coaches, Ancelotti solution alternative for Mourinho at Real Madrid and Martino solution alternative for Tito in Barcelona and Balgreeni solution alternative for Mancini at Manchester City, Guardiola solution alternative for Heynckes at Bayern Munich.

Ancelotti is the best among the coaches mentioned as has the proportion of the triumph of 76%, which is superior to Mourinho last season, which achieved 57% of victories, Real Madrid has the numbers are very good in this season, where he was trailing 12 points behind Barcelona in last season in these same stage, but this season is just 5 points also has a rival quasi-logical in front of Schalke 04 German in the Champions League, Ancelotti found the best way to midfield where he participates Modric and Alonso and Isco together and score goals at a rate of 2.84 goals per game.

Info Graphic of the Marca 

Real Madrid News Now Ancelotti best coach in Europe. [Report] 

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Real madrid transfer - newsEngland clubs are competing to sign with Di Maria in the next summer.

Real madrid transfer : According to press reports that the Argentine international doubt in the summer before signing with "Gareth Bale" that he would lose his place in favor of the Welsh in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and there was strong speculation that he will move to the Premier League after the advent of Bale from Tottenham last summer, and there are clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham want Signature him but coach Carlo Ancelotti opted sale Mesut Ozil to Arsenal, citing the benefit of Di Maria, who gives a balance to the team, according to the newspaper Spanish Marca today that Di Maria has told his agent that he would not seek to leave Madrid in January, but will consider the offers after the "finals world Cup."

Real madrid transfer
real madrid transfer news - Juventus back again in order to get Xabi Alonso

real madrid transfer news : It is said that there are clubs such as Juventus and Manchester City and Manchester United Tadrid contract with Xabi Alonso here is Juventus back again in the race to sign midfielder "Real" Xabi Alonso Italian club will face competition to sign with the Spanish midfielder of Manchester United and Manchester City, according Radio Alkadina Sir Spanish that Alonso will leave Madrid after the World Cup ....

real madrid transfer news

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid players congratulate the club's fans white Christmas

Real Madrid News Now : Send first team players their best wishes to all members of the family through traditional Christmas message Festival in Madrid, which congratulated the masses .. Cristiano commented, saying: "Merry Holiday and a Happy New Year .. Let 2014 be full of good things for you and your families" .. Disclosed Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo to the fans for their best wishes for the coming year .. "Merry Holiday and a Happy New Year," said the striker it is full of good things for you and your family .. Marcelo, with the usual smile, assured the Portuguese words "Happy New Year to all Madridista" .. French couple from Real Madrid, Benzema and Varane, were among the first to send their purposes .. "What you are going through a family holiday merry," said the striker, defender, adding, "and a Happy New Year full of success" .. Bale and Modric, two major two friends off the field, they wish to get a message in Spanish .. Welsh said: "Holiday Merry .. We wish us luck in the next year." .. The Croatian said: "Happy New Year" .. Wished Xabi Alonso, accompanied by Casimero, happy holidays to all the fans: "Happy Birthday holiday, and maybe next year will be a great year for everyone." Brazilian also took advantage of the opportunity to send best wishes: "Happy New Year and Merry Holiday. ".. Morata and Isco went to the masses of white congratulatory message .. "I want to wish all Madridistas happy holidays, holiday merry and enjoy it with your family." At the same time, the team wanted to "Happy New Year filled with athletes and personal success and good health for all." In the next day to take the floor José and Di Maria .. They sent the first greeting to the fans: "Congratulations to Real Madrid in particular, wishing them all well." Send Argentine best wishes for the year 2014: "Happy New Year, and we hope next year to be a success for all, which is a party which is nice. ".. Defenders Pepe and Arbeloa, also fired congratulatory messages, said Pepe: "Merry Holiday to all and Merry Holiday" .. For his part, spoke Spanish international for next year: "Happy New Year and I wish you full success in 2014 and good health." Diego Lopez Carvajal and congratulations continuous white fans. "Holiday Happy Birthday to all Madridista come over and you a happy holiday with your loved ones" .. While his partner wishes "Happy New Year to come loaded with luck and health for all, especially for Real Madrid." .. Nacho showed Illara and also wishes for the coming year .. Said midfielder White, who is in his first season at the club: "Merry holiday for all and I was lucky with my family." .. The defender continued, "2014 comes loaded with personal and athletic success." Thomas moved Mejias and Jesus Fernandez to Real Madrid fans best wishes .. I said: "Merry holiday and happy holidays to all Madridista and enjoy it with family and friends" .. He added the third goalkeeper for the first team: "I wish you a Happy New Year full of health and success. Happy Holidays"

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid players congratulate the club's fans white Christmas 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid players congratulate the club's fans white Christmas 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid players congratulate the club's fans white Christmas 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid players congratulate the club's fans white Christmas 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid players congratulate the club's fans white Christmas 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid players congratulate the club's fans white Christmas 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid players congratulate the club's fans white Christmas 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid players congratulate the club's fans white Christmas 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid players congratulate the club's fans white Christmas 

Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid players congratulate the club's fans white Christmas 

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Real Madrid News Now, Alonso will attend in the game between Real Madrid and PSG

Real Madrid News Now : Ended Real Madrid in 2013 the victory of precious Valencia in the Mestalla, but there was damage to the injury of the Basque Alonso, Alonso suffered from a hole in the eardrum usually the human need for comfort in the case of exposure to damage the eardrum so Alonso Sertah in the Christmas period and Sitapah club doctors, recent news from the club confirms presence player in Doha on January 1 in order to play a friendly match between Real Madrid and PSG.

Real Madrid News Now, 

Real Madrid News Now, Steven Gerrard: Currently Suarez is the best player in the world

Real Madrid News Now : Captain Steven Gerrard praised team mate striker Suarez in an interview with Sky, Gerard description Suarez best is in the world when he said: Macy's is currently injured and Cristiano struggled a lot and was wounded in the recent times, I think that Suarez is the best in the world at the moment where the score goals many.

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Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo will be present in Dubai on December 28 to 29

Real Madrid News Now :confirmed Site Globe Soccer Award which is awarded to the best footballer in the year that Cristiano Ronaldo will be present as guest of honor at the ceremony which will be held in Dubai on December 28 to 29

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Real Madrid News Now, Tickets exhaustion of match Real Madrid and PSG in Doha

Real Madrid News Now : The text of the statement issued by the Secretary General of the Football Association, Qatar, Saud Al Mohannadi as follows: "tickets to the friendly match between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain have been exhausted completely in less than two weeks, a new record for football in Qatar ".. In fact, the secretary-general showed his enthusiasm because they quickly sold the ticket .. "This is the essence of football, which I love, passion and enthusiasm is known .. Football known for their ability to bring people to the stadium at any age and any nationality .. The game will be amazing in the field and in the stands ".. Real Madrid and PSG Satusbandan on January 2 January in Qatar such as restoring print friendly match for both teams that played last season in Sweden, where she prevailed over Real Madrid 1-0 thanks to a goal Karim Benzema.

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Real madrid fixtures

Real madrid fixtures Away Games
 Real Madrid - Real Betis

Granada - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Athletic Bilbao
Villarreal - Real Madrid

Real Madrid - Getafe
Elchi - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid
 6 /10/2013 
 Levante - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Malacca
 Barcelona - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Sevilla
Rayo Vallecano - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Real Sociedad
 Almeria - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Valladolid
Osasuna - Real Madrid
 Valencia - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Celta de Vigo
 Espanyol - Real Madrid

Real madrid fixtures Home Games

 Betis - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Granada
Athletic Bilbao - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Villarreal


Getafe - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Tish
Atletico Madrid - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Levante
 Malacca - Real Madrid
Real Madrid - Barcelona
 Sevilla - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Rayo Vallecano
Real Sociedad - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Almeria
Valladolid - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Osasuna
Real Madrid - Valencia
Celta de Vigo - Real Madrid
 Real Madrid - Espanyol
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Real Madrid News Now, Mourinho back again to talk about the Spanish press

Real Madrid News Now : Jose Mourinho did not forget the bad relationship between him and a lot of newspapers, Spain, and in the press conference took the opportunity to thump Spanish newspapers when he was coach of Real Madrid for three seasons, and when questions British journalist about his relationship with the Spanish media, said "there is a line between criticism and lack of respect, there are people who do not understand this point and do what I did in Madrid as they press, TV and radio Spanish," was Mourinho's relationship hate relationship with newspapers and Spain were Antkaddoh on every word say it, but his decision which prevented its journalists from traveling with the team Real Madrid in the same plane carried a lot of hate him by the media, In addition, it did not allow interviews with Spanish media.

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Real Madrid News Now, Mourinho will try to contract with Diego Lopez in the summer

Real Madrid News Now : Reports from Britain confirms that coach Jose Mourinho finds difficulties in securing the return of goalkeeper Courtois from Atletico Madrid for this is the face of sights towards Real Madrid goalkeeper Diego Lopez, British newspapers went to so far as confirmed that Lopez told Mourinho that he would agree to supply in case of loss basic position with Real Madrid and will leave for Chelsea immediately after losing the center for the benefit of Casillas so far, Lopez is refusing to get out of Real Madrid as a goalkeeper is essential when Ancelotti .

Real Madrid News Now, 

Real Madrid News Now, Simeone harnesses: If a vote to extend the Ballon d'Or Diego Costa will enter the list
Real Madrid News Now : Mocked club Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone indirectly from FIFA and Cristiano Ronaldo and the extension votes, Diego Simeone sent a message in which he said: Diego Costa, one of the best strikers this season, if the reopening of the vote on the Ballon d 'Or certainly would be on the list.

Real Madrid News Now, 
Real madrid transfer news - Florentino Perez fan of Wayne Rooney and is ready to provide 20 million euros

real madrid transfer news : According to the newspaper The Sun English that Real Madrid wanted to sign with a player Manchester United and Wayne Rooney whose contract expires in 2015 but the "Red Devils" are determined to maintain the revelations at the club for as long as possible and began negotiations on the renewal of a contract Rooney in "Manchester United" but even now no agreement is reached and the newspaper pointed out that Real Madrid are still chasing the English star and president Florentino Perez impressed with the golden boy England and ready to offer 20 million euros in the summer.

real madrid transfer news
Real madrid fixtures - Valencia vs Real Madrid - Match Preview

Real madrid fixtures : Real Madrid in the round of 17 of the league after his performance bad in front of Osasuna and stay away from the lead aspires to win over Valencia in order to compete for the league and the prosecution of Barcelona and Atlético Madrid at the top of the league standings and not bleeding a lot of points an exciting match and a tough Real Madrid's victory over Valencia wants to climb the ranking ladder and compete on a European seat match strong and sexy in who will be the winner ?

 Teams: Valencia VS Real Madrid
Occasion: the round of 17 of the league
Day and Date: Sun / 22 - Dec - 2013
Date for the meeting: 20:00 GMT
Referee: Fernando Teixeira
Stadium match: mestalla

Select the Spanish football later seventeenth round of La Liga, which visited the Real Madrid club Valencia on December 22 at 21:00 local time [23:00 GMT], and states that this will be the last game in 2013, after which the league will depend because of the Christmas holiday to come back in 4 or January 5, 2014 ..!

Real madrid fixtures,