Goals Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad 5-1

Cristiano Ronaldo my colleagues.

The back of Cristiano Ronaldo in the notification area and spoke quickly to inform and said: It was a good game and we entered the game quickly and played strong in the first half and scored four goals and then we relaxed broom and we always want to score goals, this season good thanks to my colleagues, I have two crucial withteam and now is the time for the team and strive to be in the World Cup.
AS and Marca after the win today.

Newspapers exponent titles and Marca after Real Madrid win over Real Sociedad (6_1).


Cristiano with Real devastating.


Ronaldo treasure.
 supports Casillas

Many fans showed their support Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas during a league match against Sociedad, where he was, as usual captain again on the bench.
Real Madrid and Gondogan

The newspaper El Confidencial Spanish that the agreement between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund for the player German Cup Gondogan have been, the paper emphasizes that the amount of the transaction will be 20 million euros + transition Nuri Sahin fully for Borussia where it appears that the player Turkish unwilling to play shirt of Real Madrid and preferablycontinue Alsegnal supported us Park stadium, the newspaper went further and confirmed that Gondogan spoke informally with representatives of Real Madrid and stressed his desire to wear the shirt of Real Madrid and the German seems to be first signatures Real Madrid next summer 2014-2015.


كريستيانو رونالدو خرج مصابا من لقاء يوفنتوس وإحتمالية غيابه عن سوسيداد .

The newspaper As Spanish that Cristiano Ronaldo out of the match Juventus infected Web Dmadtan on the ankles, the Portuguese did not train Thursday accompanied by his colleagues and was trained in the gym and the paper confirms that the probability of absence from the meeting Real Sociedad on hold, however, doctors where they will be screening Friday afternoon and will determine the order participation or not, Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to change his shoes in the Juventus match because of his obstruction of Caceres.

شركة اديداس تضع صور اخر اصدار لـ احذيه للاعبين ريال مدريد (صور)

Network Real disciple Arabic: put Adidas via the social networking site Facebook for latest version of shoes for the players Real Madrid and they Cassis and Gareth Bale and Marcelo and Iaramendy and Karim Benzema and Fabio Contrao and Murata and Nacheo and Alvaro Arbeloa is expected to show playersb new shoes next game to Real Soesidad.

20131108-050348 AM.jpg 

20131108-050358 AM.jpg
حصرى لـــ شبكة ريال مدريد العربيه

The main axis in the ring the Spanish PuntoPelota program was FIFA agent Francis Gallardo .


20131108-122406 PM.jpg 

the Under FIFA Gallardo The clubs Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Real Madrid tried to bring Argentine Leo Messi last summer, Under FIFA confirmed that Real Madrid will return strongly in next summer's brought the Argentine will be with the help of the company sponsoring his Adidas, Gallardo confirmed that Adidas also tried to bring NeymarReal Madrid but could not and now you want at the request of the Peres brought Messi Real Madrid, where it will be a strong competitor with Chelsea and Bayern Munich for the player.

20131108-122503 PM.jpg 

Detection agent FIFA that Real Madrid would give no doubt about the services duo Benzema Woody Maria next summer when he said Gallardo that Real Madrid would leave Benzema and have a full agreement with the Colombian Falcao to come in next summer while will leave Di Maria for the team, Gallardo said: I do not have any doubtthe Real Madrid will relinquish for Benzema Woody Maria next summer, the club has a full agreement with Falcao. One of the journalists in the interrupted program and stressed that Lewandowski is the next striker for Real Madrid Gallardo answered him and said: Leiva has an agreement with Bayern Munich and any prejudice the party agreement pays 20 million euros.

20131108-122543 PM.jpg

The FIFA Under-The Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti business agent met Bayern Munich striker Croatian Manzukich in Italy in order to negotiate it, Gallardo confirmed that the meeting was on Monday before the match between Juventus and Real Madrid and Manzukich, monitored by Real Madrid.

20131108-122618 PM.jpg

Recent news for Gallardo before his departure for the program was from Portuguese Ceontrao where Gallardo said: Fabio Ceontrao, may play at Fiorentina for 15 million euros, the Italian club has a great interest in the player. While speaking about his replacement in Madrid said: Real Madrid is negotiating with Napoli for annexation Zuniga, the player wants Real Madrid and Naples wants 28 million euros to be abandoned.
Real Madrid will get 25 million auspices of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

According to reports close to Real Madrid that will Real Madrid 25 million euros a year from the company , which Petraa Santiago Bernabeu Stadium , and this amount is large , especially that big teams in Europe such as Bayern Munich , which paid him the insurance company Allianz 21 million annually for naming the stadium name, add to that would be $ 25 million a solution to address the amount of 400 million Reloads develop the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium , which could be the end of this season , there are four companies presented themselves to now to manage Real Madrid , the first Microsoft Corp. of America, also two Germanies companies such as Audi cars , and Emirates airline , and the latter is the closest as the official sponsor of Real Madrid.

On the other hand are looking Real Madrid in economic expansion in China , this is an ambitious Florientino Peres to expand into the Asian market, and this ambition would be through dealing with Chinese companies, major , and there will be Chinese companies major will be secondary care to Real Madrid, has been been in the latter officially Afattah days the official product of Real Madrid in China, I also agree with President Florentino Perez in his visit to the Chinese capital of Beijing that is being built Madras for Real Madrid in China in the future.
Real Madrid Olympique Stavia

Friday afternoon withdrew draw for the first round of the Copa del Rey, in the first round will meet Real Madrid with Olympique Stavia Club where the first confrontation will play at home on December 7, while the move for land Stavia and play the second leg at home on 18 of the same month.


 Zidane French team

Confirmed newspaper reports Le10 French that match the French team against Ukraine in Annex Eefa will be the last to coach the current Didier Deschamps, in the case of loss of the French team in the Annex will bring the French team myth of the French team and the club Real Madrid and the first assistant coach Carlo Ancelotti Zinedine Zidane to succeed Deschampsin the team, the paper stresses that the French Union methodology is clear coaching change immediately after the loss supplement and the appointment of a new Zidane as a coach for the team.

Napoli Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain scored two goals against Marseille, Argentine striker At the ceremonial first goal imitated former teammate at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Bugba real madrid

Florentino Perez has started to move to contract next summer, according to information coming from Italy, the club president White benefited from his trip to Turin and discuss signing with Bugba, which is the goal of the technical staff in Madrid, President Peres spoke with Andrea Agnelli to see the possibility of transmission of the French player and it seems thatPerez has had a good answer too, as explained Agnelli they do not want to sell Bugba but if there is a good view will study it, Bugba owner of 21 years is one of the promising players in the world he has the quality midfielder flamboyant in addition to attacks very quickly in addition to190 cm long.

5 penalty kicks accounted for Real Madrid

Real Madrid has suffered in recent games multitude of calculating penalty kicks it, the rulers have become militants largely with the players Real Madrid after the controversy with the President of the International Federation of Joseph Blatter, the strange thing is computed 5 penalty kicks to Real Madrid in the last three games and this did not an event for 112 years, President of the International Joseph Blatter has ridiculed the Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, which summoned from Real Madrid Re attack unjustified by the President of the International Federation , and since you then play Real Madrid 3 games accounted for through 5 penalty kicks him, something that has never and won with Real Madrid throughout its history , the first appearances for Real Madrid after the controversy with Blatter was in front of Sevilla, where he was calculating penalty kicks on both Ramos and Cristiano are both doubtful authenticity, in the match that followed in the league was calculated penalty Real Madrid 's penalty before Rajko Vallecano on both Pepe and Marcelo, the last game in the Champions League against Juventus were awarded a penalty on the Paran and that the whole total lack thereof after intervention Bugba .

In the end, Real Madrid received a 5 penalty kicks in 3 games in conjunction with the controversy with FIFA president and the question is : Was it a coincidence? Anyway Real Madrid is more club is calculated by penalty kicks it with 20 penalty, so ahead of Arsenal with 19 penalty it.
Ancelotti issued his book

Deployment of Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti pictures of his book through his personal account in stringing entitled: "Tree Festival AD," said the club coach White: "Football is always my life, my work, I've lived a lot of stories with many of my friends on this trip, entered into the courses and conducted research and managed to get experience in this field, in this book I want to convey emotions and details and tactics and memories of this profession 18 years ago. "

Gareth Bale No. 1500 scored

Scored Welshman Gareth Bale Goal No. 1500 coach Carlo Ancelotti in his coaching career , and came most of the goals to coach Italy in the leadership of AC Milan with 708 goals, scored Chelsea led by Italian coach 241 goal , and in the leadership of Juventus team scored 185 goals, has led Ancelotti in the French capital Paris Saint-Germain to score 153 goals, scored in Parma, Italy , led by Ancelotti 124 goal , and the team Reggina Italian 45 goal, and so far scored Real Madrid , led by Carlo Ancelotti 44 goal, was the team led by AC Milan in the registration of 708 target numbers fantastic to score goals , and also shed light on his time with Paris Saint - Germain with 153 goals in a season and one in the training team of the French capital is absolutely amazing .
Cristiano 8

Having managed to score a goal against Juventus in Turin managed Real Madrid star Portuguese Kristano Ronaldo from reaching the record for number of goals scored in the group stage of the Champions League to catch all of : Crespo, van Nistelrooy and Inzaghi , Cristiano Ronaldo can break down this figure as it is there are still two games for Real Madrid in the League group stage to become the top scorer group phase of the Champions League , in addition to that , the Cristiano Ronaldo just Filippo Inzaghi record 8 goals in the first 4 rounds in the group stage , Cristiano was top scorer for the group phase of the first 3 times a year from 2007 to 2008 where he managed recording 5 goals with Manchester United in the group stage , and in 2009-2010 managed to score 6 goals with Real Madrid in the group stage , as he returned last season to score the same number of goals in the group stage , as he scored with Real Madrid 27 goals in this stage.


ancelotti paid

Detection site futbolfinanzas via the web that the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti coach of Real Madrid, as coach the highest paid among trainers La Liga this season, and revealed the site that coach Ancelotti paid 7.5 million per year, and in the second place comes the coach of Barcelona's Argentine Tata Martino b 5.4 millionannually, has come Argentine coach Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid coach in third place with $ 2.5 million annually.

ancelotti a book

Deployment of Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti via the social networking site Twitter, that he wants to issue a book of his own in the coming days talking through all his childhood days and days of study, and through his career Altdrebh tactics and exchange of experiences in this field, which he spent 18 years, and a lot of stories that livedin his life, whether private or professional, and he wants to convey emotions through this book.

Robert Lewandowski: I am leaving next summer.

Spoke Polish striker Robert Lewandowski to German newspaper Bild, Lewandowski asked about his future and said: Although I feel comfortable in Borussia, but I intend to try something new and different and I am leaving next summer. Are competing to bring the player many English clubs in addition to the Real Madrid and Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

arsenal casillas

Linked with Casillas to move away from the Santiago Bernabeu stadium because of his lack of playing matches According to the newspaper, le 10 sport French that the giants of English Premier League Arsenal and Manchester City clubs seeking to sign him since last summer's rumored that Casillas will leave the club after the preference for Carlo Ancelotti to Diego Lopez who guardedSpanish league matches but Casillas dramatically announced that he will leave the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in 2017, the 32-year-old admitted that he was not sure what could happen in two or three years to come.

Microsoft Real Madrid

The President of Microsoft Spain, that there is a negotiation with the administration of President Florentino Perez on Tsama Santiago Bernabeu stadium in the name of the company , the President of Real Madrid already last month that he would expand the stadium, will be the patron of a formal Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and will carry stadium naming the company sponsoring him, and this basis intervention Microsoft Altfard with the Department of Real Madrid Tsama pitch , and spoke president of the company in Spain on this subject in an interview in the program Antena 3 which was introduced by channel Europa Press on Wednesday, "We negotiated with the Department of Real Madrid, Real Madrid will choose the best offer for naming stadium Santiago Bernabeu in his name , "and this move , which came from the president Florentino Perez , like any other steps , such as here in Spain Real Mallorca , who called home the name of Iberostar stady , in England there are club Arsenal , who named the home in the name of the Emirates Stadium , and Man City Etihad Stadium , in Germany, Bayern Munich stadium Allianz Arena added to Schalke , who called home the Veltins Arena .

Casillas: until 2017.

Was Iker Casillas one star game Turin, captain of the club white occur after the end of the game and sent a message to reassure with respect to him, and said, "As I said earlier, but there are a lot of people like to get out my words out of context, my desire is to stay at Real Madrid in January next year and evenmy contract expires in 2017, but I have no idea what will happen after a year or two or three, I'm quiet and if there was a person who did not understand my words, in the past, I say this very clearly now. "


Again back coach Real Madrid Carlo Onciolta put Spain defender Sergio Ramos without theme natural as a central defender after he used it in midfield against Barcelona, ​​Ancelotti decided not to rely on Arbeloa or Carvajal at right-back and decided to rely on the versatility of Sergio Ramos and used inCenter, recalls that the last time Real Madrid played out this defense line consisting of Marcello, Paran, Pepe, Ramos was in front of Borussia Dortmund in the first leg of the semi-final defeat by Real Madrid 4 - 1.

Lopez or Casillas

Spanish newspaper Marca launched a vote for public Almadrida after Casillas shine in the Juventus match, Marca asked the public "offers better performance Lopez or Iker Casillas? "
To vote "here"
أسامواه :” بايل يستحق أكثر من 110 مليون “.

Left-back Ghana's team Juventus faced difficulties today in control of both Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo, the player and in an interview after tied the score in the stadium Juventus asked by a reporter about whether the 110 million euros a few Bale, how's response was Asamoah:"is it a little? Yes (laughs), it's a great team, we have made an effort, but this is the result, "and completed his speech:" When I knew I'll be playing today in this place I realized that I will suffer, they have players very speed as Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale and Mracpthma is not easy at all , I have given all I can offer. "

Juventus Vs. Real Madrid 2-2 Cristiano Ronaldo Gareth Bale Benzema Assist Highlights 5 Nov 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo beats Messi 14
Were able to Ronaldo to score two goals in four consecutive games in the Champions League , and Ronaldo scored on goal against Juventus , and this goal has become Ronaldo more record player in the Champions League in the calendar year with 14 goals , and comes after Aomiti 13 goals in the year 2012, has could also equation number Shevchenko former scoring 59 goals in the Champions League , comes in fourth place in partnership with Shevchenko , after both Raul and Messi and Van Nistelrooy , with the aim Ronaldo became Real Madrid first club in the history of the competition, to score in 20 consecutive games twice in the every game outside the stadium , Real Madrid was recorded between 2009 to 2012 in 29 consecutive games in goal every game away from home .

Luka Modric will miss the face Galatasaray picking up a second yellow card.

Will be without midfielder Real Madrid Croatian Luka Modric for the next meeting in the Champions League against Galatasaray in order to receiving a yellow card and third in today's match against Juventus, and thus will be forced Carlo Ancelotti to change the midfield where the Croatian will not be available in front of Galatasaray, will also have toModric to take a break.

Versace brand new Real Madrid.

Madridista getting elegance of this season, players, coaches and administrators dressed in suits Brand Italian "Versace" Clothes and after the agreement revealed by the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport Italian between the club and the Italian company of the world fashion, is a new twist adds elegance to the team both inside and outside the stadiums, the newspaper Italian

Rhiannon Jones is joined by Dermot Corrigan to preview Real Madrid's Tuesday clash with Juventus 

(kick-off 20:45 CET).

Cristiano Ronaldo plays match Champions League

Will play Cristiano Ronaldo today in Turin against Juventus , match number a hundred in the Champions League , has played his first match in this tournament with a team Sporting Lisbon , playing only Ronaldo vs one with Sporting Lisbon in the Champions League , playing 55 matches with Mansstr United of the English , and until now were able to play 43 matches shirt Royal Group , and will play game No. 44 shirt Royal Group , and match 100 with all clubs in the Champions League , and will be striker sixth in the team arrive to match number a hundred in the history of the club, and the second in the history of Portuguese after legend Luis Figo , and will exceed the Real Madrid player Guti , who stopped at the match No. 99 his match in the Champions League , comes in fifth place in the scorer Champions League , after all of Spain's Raul 71 goals, and Argentine Leo Messi 63 goals, and in third place Dutchman Van Nistelrooy comes 60 goal , and in the fourth Ukrainian Shevchenko 59 goals , and in fifth place comes the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo's 58 goal so fa
Turinr Casillas

There is good news for goalkeeper Iker Casillas, is that the date for the Champions League has come and can participate, the news of another, but it bad and it is he will play in Turin, the city that witnessed one of the worst nights in his career European, Turin always disappointed hope Casillas: has had 3 times and lost in all visits to Juventus in the Champions League, a match day a new challenge for the guard Spanish and who had only one goal in the tournament this season and has a ratio Tsidiat 91% and even with Valdes guard Barcelona in the ratio, but it behind the keeper PSG Sereqo His highest, tonight Iker gets a chance to end the nightmare of Turin, in Munich regardless of no city Casillas bad for such Italian city, in 2003, lost the second leg semi-final of the tournament 3-1 and Figo missed a penalty when the score was 2 - 0, two years after he returned to face Juventus and losing 2-0 Alblancos, his third in a season was 2008 \ 2009 in the group stage and lost 2-1 goals from Del Piero and Amauri.

التشكيلة المتوقعة لريال مدريد أمام يوفنتوس من الماركا والآس .

The put my newspaper Marca and ace of the squad which is expected to begin by the Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti match against Juventus today, came the expected selection as follows:


Marcelo, Varane, Ramos, Carvajal

Isco, Alonso, Khedira

Cristiano, Benzema, Bale
أنشيلوتي سيعتمد على ثلاثة لاعبين إرتكاز في تورينو .

The idea clear to the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, Juventus plays a strong and his strength is based in midfield so it will depend Italian coach's plan Altreifut a triple axle to repel the center of Juventus, Ancelotti will choose strong players for this task will play with Modric and Alonso and Khedira While it will be a new selection Back Paranand Casillas them, in the line of defense all indications are that Ramos will be accompanied by Varane in the center of defense, while Marcelo will be on the left side and Arbeloa on the right side, while the attack will lead his trio numbers brilliant Cristiano Bale and Benzema.

 Tottenham Coentrao

Said that Tottenham thought to contact "Real Madrid" in order to contract with Fabio Coentrao on loan in January next Spurs boss Andre Boas has said that he tried to advance lure Portuguese international to move to White Hart Lane in the summer, but failed in his attempts Yetit is known that the north London club will return to the Spanish giants in January to try to bring Coentrao on loan until the end of the season, citing that Coentrao played only three games this season with Madrid.

Cristiano and Bale highest salaries of Real Madrid.

The site Tribal Votbal publish the salaries of the top 10 players Real Madrid, where Ronaldo comes in the foreground is known as the Bale comes after the new player to the team and then the commander of the first team Casillas to you and arrange list.

Portuguese Ronaldo = 17 million euros after the increase after the contract has been renewed player
Bale Welsh = 7 million euros
Casillas Spanish = 6 million euros
Benzema French = EUR 4.5 million
Ramos Spanish = 4.5 million euros
Croatian Modric = 4.5 million euros
Spaniard Alonso = 4.5 million euros
Pepe Portuguese = 4.5 million euros
Diego Lopez of Spain = 4.5 million euros
Argentine Di Maria = 3 million euros

Lewandowski to Real Madrid

Journalist revealed by Spanish newspaper As Stjepan Mohnlite of the news program exclusively for PuntoPelota, the news was all Real Madrid, where he said the journalist: Real Madrid works to close a deal for striker Lewandowski next summer.

Ancelotti LOST

Carlo Ancelotti is still working and looking for his squad favorites, Italian income of 15 different variety for over 15 game of the season , today's game will see a selection of various No. 16 because Casillas and Xabi Alonso will play from the start in front of Juventus , Ancelotti Use all players with the exception of Jesus third goalkeeper , more than Cristiano Ronaldo is participated by 1350 minutes and is the first top scorer with 20 goals .

Rotation conducted by Ancelotti would satisfy Florentino Perez and all the players, the start of the goalkeeper so that plays Diego Lopez in La Liga and Casillas in the Champions League , Ancelotti Atkhadd this decision in order to calm down the situation , also in defense, which is still suffering , where he received the team 16 goals , Carvajal play 8 games at right-back and Arbeloa 7 , on the left Marcelo 8 and Coentrao 4 and Arbeloa 2 and Nacho one game, in the heart of the defense was played by Sergio Ramos and Pepe to the starting rotation with the return of Paran , and even that Ancelotti was forced to involve all three of them at the Camp Nou put Sergio Ramos in the pivot and Paran and Baby in the heart of the defense, and according to the Italian , the situation Ramos in this center was to " find a balance " , but in fact Andalusian lived 8 years without playing in this center.

Then Laos : Khedira and Modric played 12 games, Chiara 7 and Xavi just returned from injury , Casimiro Hidden perfectly ... and the advent of Bale to make the team Carlo in a maze , millions disbursed by Florentino Perez has forced him to change his plan from 4-2-3-1 to 4-3-3 and sacrificed b Isco , who played primarily in 11 games before being replaced, play Kosasa Mbarta later the Levante and Malaga only, " Bale told me that he wants to play on the right , " said Ancelotti before the Clasico , but and put it as expressly against Barcelona striker " I did not want to further de Maria about his whereabouts and implemented this plan ," he told after the game ...

In front of Seville and Rayo Vallecano show that it has been proved to Tri - attack : Pile on the right , in - depth Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo on the left, Ancelotti said : " I preferred to remain Di Maria instead of Ozil for tactical balance " , the Italian made ​​another change and put the Argentine in the middle stadium Vayikas , yet Ancelotti does not have a key , the day the experiment No. 16 this season , that's what he did not do any coach by Real Madrid , Pellegrini took 14 games in the season 2009 \ 2010 in order to prove to the lineup, the squad which played out against Milan at the San Siro in the Champions League (match of 1-1) the absence of Cristiano injury he repeated again in the match Getafe in the ninth round of La Liga stadium Santiago Bernabeu , followed by the Oxamburgo who came to the club in December 2004 and it took it 11 games to find Lineups , his successor in office , Garcia Ramon needed for 10 games ...

Real Madrid will wear orange uniforms in the day Juventus Stadium on the night of the Champions League, Benzema, Bale and Marcelo are the main interface for Adidas announced this shirt

Adidas  Real Madrid kit "orange"

زيـدان عضو في “قاعة المشاهير” في أستاد يوفينتوس .In the stadium Juventus new " Stadium Juventus " exists field studded with the names of 50 the legend of legends Italian club and including Zinedine Zidane , a legend of the club Juventus play with them 212 games and scored 31 goals in the period between 1996 and 2001, was presented with the club in 3 July 1996 and was at the time in the 24 - year - old coming from Bordeaux 3.5 million euros, had appeared for the masses Daily ALBI stadium and play in this stadium for 5 seasons before moving to Real Madrid for 75 million euros in the summer of 2001 .

Prior to joining Juventus Jack Walker, head of club Blackburn Rovers refused to sign with the French and released a statement at the time in which he said : " Why do we want Zidane and we have Tim Sherwood ?" , Played with the number " 21" with Juventus and synchronization in the middle with Conte and Deschamps and Tacchinardi and Davids and di Livio , won Serie A in 1997 and 1998 and Cup Super European and Cup Super Italian and reached the final of the Champions League twice against Borussia Drutmond 1997 and Real Madrid 1998, was the best foreign player in Serie A in 1997 and won in the year followed by the Golden ball after his French team in the 1998 world Cup , also won the FIFA award in 2000.

At the FIFA so general met with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez to Zidane for the first time and handed his napkin reads, " Do you want to play for Real Madrid ?" , Zidane gave a positive response , and a year later joined Zinedine for Real Madrid , despite the insistence of the Executive Director the club's Italian Mugi to remain French and completes his contract , he left Juventus hero and yesterday when the team arrived in Turin received a welcome heroes, has signed Ottogravat the masses more than a reaction to the team , with Real Madrid won Zidane Champions League 2002 and La Liga 2003 and Cup Super European 2002 and the 2002 Intercontinental Cup and 2 Spanish Super Cup 2001 and 2003.

كونتي :” سوف نُعاني أمام ريال مدريد و لهذا سنحتاج لدعم كبير من جماهيرنا “.

Noon coach Juventus Antonio Conte to the media the day before to face Real Madrid in the fourth round of the Champions League in Turin, the coach talked about the importance of the match for his team : "Without a doubt they play a very important , it's important for our future in the Champions League and against a great team , we are looking forward to this match , we must continue in this tournament, must show the field, as we did in Madrid that we are a team worthy of qualifying for the next round , otherwise we will be the first team to fall and cheering on the teams qualifying others , "and completed his speech: " Real Madrid certainly has a supernatural attack , describe this devastating attack, attack , they are already devastating , especially when they can apply their way of playing , Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale , Benzema and di Maria .. They're superheroes , they Egidn and splendor dealing with spaces , we must be careful and to repeat what we did in Madrid to try to avoid the mistakes that we made there, and we should try to harm them , but we recognize that we face an attack supernatural, will be a tough game in front of one of the largest the favorites to win the Champions League and that will be the tenth them , match Juventus and Real Madrid are Classico and a great game , perhaps the atmosphere has affected these games from time to time, I expect our fans to create an atmosphere garrison tomorrow , we need our fans tomorrow because we are in front of a strong team and will be there are moments we will suffer during the match , we have a very big obstacle should be finalized tomorrow . "

الديفنسا سنترال ” كاسياس سيغادر الفريق في سوق الانتقالات الشتوية ” .

Transfer site defensa Central location close to Real Madrid, the team captain Iker Casillas will leave the team in the winter transfer market coming, and this thing is due to two reasons , the first being that leader Real Madrid wants to share a key with the team, and the second wants to defend the logo for his country in the World Cup coming up in Brazil , especially after the renewal of Real Madrid contract goalkeeper Diego Lopez, believed Kabtano that he left Fort Santiago Bernabeu has become closer than ever, and the Web site said the Spanish that Iker Casillas is not satisfied with participation in the Champions League and the cup and incommunicable in the league Spanish , said the site that clubs Mansstr United and Arsenal Alanglaizin interested contract with goalkeeper Spanish Casillas , especially the lack of confidence of both Wenger and Moyes in each of the Harsém browsing , not just Hola clubs interested under contract with the best goalkeeper in the world , there is a club Paris Saint-Germain club AC AC Milan, and became a farewell Casillas of Real Madrid closer than ever .

real madrid dressed in orange

It is possible to show Real Madrid tomorrow attire orange for the first time since it was introduced to the public , there is a meeting will happen between the representatives of Real Madrid and representatives of Juventus, will be decided by the effect that sets the two teams and yet the Real Madrid will attire , orange, and it was planned to show Real Madrid attire orange in a match Turkey in front of Galatasaray , but EU officials stressed that there is overlap between the colors and Alon shirt club Galatasaray , traditions for Real Madrid is the ensemble 's second team in the Champions League does not lose its team in the first game where he won the first season Mourinho crews purple Dinamo Zagreb by a single goal in last season beat Ajax .

Carlos Tevez: Real Madrid

Noon Argentine striker Carlos Tevez at a news conference accompanied by Italian coach Antonio Conte to talk about the game between Real Madrid and Juventus , Tevez began to talk about his team and said: tomorrow's game will be a final for us , you know the situation well because we could not win a game earlier and our loss means to bid farewell to the tournament, the public behind us and I am confident of them. Cristiano Ronaldo and Tevez said : It is a phenomenon and hero of the game is not just me and him , but between the two teams and hope I can offer a good game, the defense unable to stop Cristiano . Real Madrid and Tevez said : Real Madrid in the attack and defense team another team and we will try to exploit mistakes.


Iker Casillas may feel the team with confidence and peace of mind tomorrow.

As is well known that Iker Casillas will be essential tomorrow anywhere Diego Lopez hopes commander first team to have its presence tomorrow is very important for all and after defensive mistakes seen by everyone in the last two matches with that Diego Lopez had given a good level though Lopez team was neutral in front Vallecano , who was close to equalizing in 3 games were against Barcelona and Seville and Vallecano team was received 7 goals this number is not a good -sized team as Real Madrid and this shows that the defense rial suffers معنه strong and apparently that is not income for the goalkeeper in goal this means that all the problems in line of defense , which means at the moment, in tomorrow 's game may feel confidence and Atmininha of defense and Iker Casillas played 3 games did not enter conceded only one goal against Juventus was .

Real Madrid comes to Turin

أنشيلوتي :” يجب أن نجد التوازن بين الهجوم و الدفاع “. [مؤتمر صحفي]

Noon Carlo Ancelotti Real Madrid coach to the media today at the stadium Juventus the day before on the face of the Italian team in Torino, within the framework of competitions the fourth round of the group stage of the Champions League, the Italian coach talked about tomorrow's match anticipated during his appearance media talked first about the principle of rotation between the players:"rotation allows players to be more readiness on the field and keep them away from injuries, Add to this that keeps them motivated, I do not think that this principle is a problem, the problem is we lose the balance from time to time and do not defend well."

real madrid vs juventus

Real Madrid finished the last training in preparation for the face Juventus tomorrow in the new Juventus Stadium in Turin,, Ancelotti Department of the players for the first two were for the three guards who worked under coach William Vicki, while the work of the 19 players under the supervision of coach Carlo Ancelotti.