Real madrid fixtures - Champions League Real Madrid vs Galatasaray

Real madrid fixtures 

 Teams: Real Madrid Vs Galatasaray.
Occasion: the group stage of the Champions League.

Date of meeting: Wednesday, 11/27/2013.
Date for the meeting : 45: 19 GMT.
Referee: not yet determined.

Stadium meeting: the Santiago Bernabeu.

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News now Real madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo equivalent number Hugo Sanchez scorer in Real Madrid history.

News now Real madrid : Managed Cristiano Ronaldo catch up with Mexican player legendary Real Madrid Hugo Sanchez, Cristiano managed day access for goal No. 164 to equal the number Sanchez scorer in Real Madrid history, Hugo Sanchez scored 164 goals in 207 appearances at a rate of 0.79 goals per game, while Cristiano Ronaldo scored 164 goals in 149 appearances at a rate of 1.10 goals per game, Cristiano Ronaldo is now in front of him Santayana "186 goal," Di Stefano "216 goal" Raul "228 goal", and since he stopped recording in the Clasico Cristiano 14 goals in 7 games after Clasico and has in 2013, "67 goal."

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News now Real madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo is suffering from mild contusion and will be present in front of Galatasaray

News now Real madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo is suffering from a bruised ankle, and there is nothing serious and he is ready to match Galatasaray next Wednesday.

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News now Real madrid - Almeria goalkeeper Stadium high 6 inches more than the normal goal

News now Real madrid : During an inspection rule on goal in the stadium discovered that the goal in hand in hand, Real Madrid Almeria high by 6 inches more than the usual length of the goal, and the staff of the stadium immediately rushed to fix errors in the stadium for the game to resume.

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Real madrid transfer news - Coentrao renew his contract with Real Madrid to the year 2018.Real madrid transfer news : The newspaper AS that the Portuguese player Fabio Coentrao renewed his contract with Real Madrid until the summer of 2018, and was held Portuguese player Coentrao expires in the summer of 2017 with the Royal Group, and agreed the club with the Portuguese player Coentrao an increase in his salary, has been reported AS earlier that the Department of Real Madrid are considering improving the contract of Portuguese players all peppy and Coentrao and the renewal of their contract with the Spanish club.

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News now Real madrid - Ribery: Cristiano deserves the Ballon d'Or

News now Real madrid : rench star appeared for Bayern Munich Ribery one of the candidates for the Ballon d'Or in an interview with German magazine Kicker, Ribery spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo and said: We all know that Cristiano is a great player, he deserves the Ballon d'Or . Ribery talked about the vote on the the Ballon d'Or said: Rating is for the whole season, but did not do my work with full-France, people will make the right decisions, and I'm going to my work without relaxation.

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News now Real madrid - Real Madrid squad of Marca, Isco and illarramendi presence.

News now Real madrid : Put Marca squad expected for today's game between Real Madrid and Almeria competition within the Spanish league has seen Isco line presence and absence illarramendi and Xabi Alonso came as follows:


Arbeloa - Ramos - Pepe - Carvajal

Modric - illarramendi

Ronaldo - Isco - Bale


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Real madrid fixtures - Almeria vs Real Madrid

Almeria vs Real Madrid
Date: Wed 23/11/2013
Time: 19:00 GMT
Venue: Juan Rojas
Occasion: round [14] La Liga

Real madrid fixtures
News now Real madrid - Puzzle Ancelotti. Ancelotti tactic in the absence of Khedira

News now Real madrid : Real Madrid will play tomorrow without the injured Khedira, who will miss the end of the season, such injuries cast a shadow on the tactic of the team, especially if the team seemed consistent with the presence of Khedira in a 4-3-3 tactic and that there are many conversations that revolve around the most appropriate alternative for Khedira in tactics "Di Maria or Isco or Kasmero" trio will fight to have an essential place for the end of last season due to injury German.

Ancelotti, according to the conference did not allude to be conducted from a change in the starting lineup in an appearance today at the conference and spoke and said the loss of Khedira makes me think what if I had to change tactics or play a player substitute for Khedira, I have a young team and mature and everyone is ready and tomorrow Sahdd resolutions. With a 4-3-3 tactic would be Brazilian Kasmero is the closest to the main center Neil being similar to a lot with the German Sami Khedira but the basic problem for Kasmero his lack of a sense of where the official games missed to participate for more than two months with the core team.

The presence of Isco or Di Maria will make Ancelotti change their tactic to 4-2-1-3 with the presence of Alonso and Modric in the axis and in front of them playmaker "Isco or de Maria" and the triple offensive cream and Bill and Cristiano, tomorrow will not be present Di Maria in the game because it cumbersome because of travel for long distances with the Argentina team and play friendly matches.Thinking in the presence of Aaaramendi and Alonso is useless and this recognized by Ancelotti, where he said that Alonso and Aaaramendi similarities frequently in technical characteristics it is difficult to passing by together, yesterday spoke Xabi Alonso for the loss of Khedira and appropriate solutions for it and the face of a letter of support for Khedira said:We have been in the case of shock after what happened to Khedira, ago hours and we wait because we did not know how serious the injury, and then report the worst and is a confirmation of the injury, but he German and has the resolve of a great and I'm sure he will be able to return before the deadline, "and for changing the way the team played with Ancelotti said:" the new 4-3-3 plan we adapt them, but whatever the plan, 4 - 2-3-1 or 4-4-2 important thing is to have the players who can adapt to any plan.

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News now Real madrid - Mourinho: Cristiano Ronaldo is working his duty as the best player in Portugal.

News now Real madrid : Admitted Jose Mourinho this Friday in front of the media that he was not surprised qualifying Portugal to "World Cup" in Brazil after their win over Sweden 3-2 coach, "Real Madrid," the former referring to the meeting between the Portuguese national team and the Swedish and especially the performance of Cristiano Ronaldo and said it made the difference Portuguese pointed out that Portugal had to qualify early and not playing Annex qualification, Portugal did what had to be done through the group stage and added Chelsea boss who explained that Ronaldo made the difference and become a better player Portuguese and Real Madrid striker he has the great merit of qualifying Portugal Cup the world on the other hand admitted the Portuguese coach, who had not seen the full game as well as Cristiano Ronaldo because he was watching what they do for their teams players of his team.

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Real madrid transfer news - Aguero will surprise Perez in 2014.

Real madrid transfer news : The Web site Diariogol.com that Argentine Sergio Aguero will be a surprise President Florentino Perez in 2014, and the website said that the player's transfer to Real Madrid will not be easy, especially after the attention of FC Barcelona annexation of the player to their ranks , but Real Madrid would be the closest to the player, especially after the agreement President Florentino Perez with the player Aguero after he refused to Atletico Madrid sell Aguero to Real Madrid, has agreed Perez with the player that he is brought to Madrid from Club Mansstr City, and will provide Real Rmadrid 40 million euros to bring in Aguero, and the player will be Aguero is close to a move to Real Madrid, and especially that the player wants to play at Real Madrid.

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News now Real madrid - Ibrahimovic: did not clapping fo Cristianor, I wanted to stimulate my colleagues.

News now Real madrid : Explained striker PSG team Zlatan Ibrahimovic in an interview with the newspaper Agazitadilosport he does not have applause for Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo in the match, which compiled the star Portuguese, and answered the Swede on the Question Do you clap for Cristiano Ronaldo when he scored the second goal for Portugal, "No, I for applause for Cristiano Ronaldo, I pay tribute to the instigation of my colleagues in the team and motivate them to return to the game and not Atzlmo until the referee's whistle," has been recognized striker Alsosidi Ibrahimovic admiration Bkdart Ronaldo in the exploitation of the counterattack, "he is a great player and fluent counter-attack nicely, and you should not give it space in the game, and I admire his ability to exploit the counter-attack," and you asked about Cristiano Ronaldo the best player in the world, "we can say that he was able to score one goal more than me in the game."

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News now Real madrid - Xabi Alonso: "We were in a state of shock when he was hit Khedira."
News now Real madrid : Said midfielder Real Madrid Xabi Alonso and talked about the absence of his colleague Sami Khedira for the team for months, the next six to injury and said: "We were in a state of shock after what happened to Khedira, ago hours and we wait because we did not know the severity of the injury and then the worst news is confirmation of injury, but he has the determination and German great and I'm sure he will be able to return before the deadline, "and for changing the way the team played with Ancelotti said: "the new 4-3-3 plan we adapt them, but none the plan was 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 important thing is that we have the players who can adapt to any plan . "

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News now Real madrid - Raul "Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world right now."

News now Real madrid : Occur Real Madrid legend previous Raul Gonzalez Blanco and player Al Sadd currently newspaper event Qatar that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player currently, is currently the fifth-highest scorer in the history of Real Madrid with despite the fact that he played for Real Madrid for four seasons just yet is able to break records at the club, and added Spanish legend Raul that followed as far as all counts. Maitalq Real Madrid from Doha, has played a former commander of the Real Madrid side of the player Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid for one season and then turn to the German team Schalke.

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News now Real madrid - Guinea coach gives his vote for Cristiano Ronaldo

News now Real madrid : Said coach Guinean Andoni Goicoechea he given voice for Cristiano Ronaldo, the coach after the game against Spain admitted to the media and said: awarded 5 points for Cristiano and 3 for Messi and one point for Iniesta, Cristiano and Messi are the best in the world and for me Macy's in its natural state to outweighing any player but this year, it was bad luck for granted that my voice for Cristiano and I'm sure that Cristiano will win the vote, Ribery is a great player, but I did not vote for him. He revealed Andoni GOICOCHEA choices for the coaches and said Del Bosque chosen first and then the third and Hynix Ferguson.

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News now Real madrid - Nedved: Cristiano offers better performance than its performance in 2008News now Real madrid : Czech player for Juventus former Pavel Nedved occur for Maikarfonat Radio La Stampa Italian on Thursday evening, the Czech commented on the theme of the Golden Ball said: Cristiano offers better performance than provided in the 2008 season, which deserved its Golden Ball, is a man of decisive and has a big role in victories Real Madrid and Portugal qualified for the World Cup. He asked about his choice and said: Messi is the alternative Ribery as Ribery has achieved everything in the last season, while Ronaldo shine individually, but did not win any title. Finally commented Nedved on the possibility of granting Messi Golden Ball said: That would be unfair, Messi phenomenon, but in this season, there were 3 or 4 players better than him because of repeated injuries done to him, the competition will be between Ribery and Cristiano.

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News now Real madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo: I want to retire at Real Madrid because it is the biggest club in the world.

News now Real madrid : The back of the Portuguese star of Real Madrid 's Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview with the radio program elpartidodelas12 Cadina Cope to talk about many of the developments pertaining to Real Madrid and his or her own personally, radio and at the request of Cristiano Ronaldo has invited children from Aladina organization for children with leukemia.
Cristiano: I'm at an important stage in my career.Cristiano: taken all appropriate for the club and the team.Cristiano: People in Portugal are very pleased to qualify after that lived difficult times.Cristiano: We can help people, we can help each patient without feeling tired.Cristiano: I am always there to help the children.Cristiano: The person who donates will always be happy.Cristiano: Currently I enjoy football, is my profession since the age of 13 years.Cristiano celebration for the Calma: did not plan it, it was in accordance with the course of the game.Cristiano: Barcelona audience was so excited I thought of the words "Ohdoa I'm here."Cristiano: When I say "I am happy", it means I am happy with the team and the club.Cristiano: I feel I am well-liked at the Bernabeu, this is the fifth year and the people in the Bernabeu is something special.Cristiano: I live because I always dream player for Real Madrid.Cristiano: I'm happy in Madrid, does not have a club in the world like this club.Cristiano: I love playing at Real Madrid because it is the best club in the world.Cristiano: I want to stay for many years at the club, I want to retire at Real Madrid because it is the biggest club in the world.Cristiano: Real Madrid must indomitable other teams in order to delight the audience of your team.Cristiano: I am now better prepared, maybe I'm in the best times of my career.Cristiano: I have shown a high level not only in the season, the tastes of these people and they say I am the oldest high level.Cristiano: I try to be always on the same amount of Readiness and try to be professional dramatically.Cristiano: I would like my son to be a football player, that tells me "Dad I'm going to play," I can not refuse.Cristiano: There are people who love me and hate me and others, but I have to please everyone.Cristiano: If I win the Ballon d'Or, should you all my children to attend my party. "There are children present in the studio."Cristiano: I do not know of will take the Golden Ball.Cristiano: I have not decided yet if I'll get you the FIFA ceremony or not.Cristiano: Golden Ball is not an obsession for me, and things do not depend only on me but in the end I will decide.Cristiano: I play 100% and I thank the Lord that I did not touch upon the injury.

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News now Real madrid : PuntoPelota: FIFA agent speaks.

News now Real madrid : Loop program PuntoPELOTA Spanish was exciting all Mathmlh sense of the word, and FIFA agent Francis Gallardo promised followers through Twitter that he will blow up a bomb in the program and this was what happened.
At the beginning of his appearance in the program confirmed Gallardo that his bomb would paralyze the entire world, Gallardo confirmed that Messi sad and wanted to leave Barcelona because he feels betrayed by the club, Messi agreed with the club's renewal salary given, but after weeks Contact Barcelona and told them that he is unable to fulfill contract and the player is preparing to come out.
The second news item when Gallardo was for French bilateral at Real Madrid Paran and cream, Gallardo confirmed that Benzema is likable and desirable lot with coach Arsene Wenger, of course, will try to bring Paran in the process of non-fully, Gallardo confirms that Wenger wants to strengthen his team in the winter and will go strongly for trying to bring the French duo of Madrid, Gallardo said: Wenger will launch a raid on the Bernabeu and will target Benzema and Paran, Benzema certainly would not leave in the winter and Paran impossible to come out of Real Madrid.

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News now Real madrid - [Video] Ramos wins over Fabregas in race cars

News now Real madrid : There was a race between Real Madrid player Sergio Ramos and Cesc Fabregas Barcelona player car Audi R8 a game on your Xbox and Anne, and in the end made by Microsoft Xbox and that the Tour winner Sergio Ramos, watch the video: 

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News now Real madrid - Leonardo: Messi or Cristiano ?

News now Real madrid : Solve the sports director for former club AC Milan Aonadro in an interview with the Italian newspaper Agazita, Leonardo asked about his preference between Cristiano and Messi replied: ask me like Pele or Maradona, currently the best Chris, I've developed a lot of his personality is the opposite Macy's.

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Real madrid transfer news - Ancelotti wants to do an exchange deal between Isco and Aguero.

Real madrid transfer news : According to press reports that the Manchester City striker has become a target for the Giants Spaniards with coach Carlo Ancelotti, who wants to bring him to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Ancelotti is keen to do a deal exchange which include playmaker Spanish Isco City had tried to sign with Isco in the summer but moved to Real Madrid Although he has struggled to make an impact in the team and Aguero recently stated that he has no intention to leave the Etihad Stadium.

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News now Real madrid : Messi: Ronaldo is always on time.

News now Real madrid : Noon star FC Barcelona Argentine Leo Messi in an exclusive interview for the newspaper Marca after being crowned the Golden Boot as the best scorer in the last season , Messi began talking about the brilliance of Cristiano in the recent period and said: I do not know whether it is in the best level or not, this is not important because it is always the date and contribute to his team always win , in a lot of years, it offers great performance and help his team and his team in almost every year is no difference between Cristiano when it is in a high level and Cristiano is level. Messi spoke about the competitors in the Champions League and said : Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are at the forefront of competitors for the title. As for Mesut Ozil Messi said : If I could choose to German player would choose Ozil because he has a very big talent .

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News now Real madrid - Guti: This is the "Cristiano" best 2 or 3 times of Ribery and Messi.

News now Real madrid : Former player of Real Madrid, Jose Maria Gutierrez "Guti" gave a statement to the media published by the newspaper Marca, Spanish Gotti talked about the Golden Ball and said: This is the "Cristiano" best twice or 3 times of Messi and Ribery,they must give the Golden Ball for the best. He spoke Guti for a player new Real Madrid Welshman Gareth Bill and praised him, saying: I have been surprised by the Bell, has arrived without preparation workout in the summer and subjected to a series of injuries muscle but is showing what can be done even with the injury, Real Madrid pay 100 million euros him but if you asked Tottenham EUR 150 million will pay Real Madrid because Bill is a talented player and gorgeous, is adapting well with his colleagues in the attack and we are coming to see the best version of Gareth Bell.

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News now Real madrid - President of the Spanish government prefers Cristiano

News now Real madrid : Said Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to the Spanish Radio Nacional and confirmed that he hopes to win the Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo, the Golden Ball award for this year, Rajoy said: "I encourage Real Madrid, if I had to Rating Vsamnhyour voice for Cristiano Ronaldo. "

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News now Real madrid - World headlines after the performance of Cristiano Ronaldo

News now Real madrid : Led by Captain Cristiano Ronaldo for his country to the World Cup in Brazil next summer, the World Press did not miss the event and highlighted the great addresses for Captain Portuguese.

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News now Real madrid - Adriano Galliani: Ballon d'Or ? Ronaldo deserves

News now Real madrid : Today was the opening of the Assembly of Milan charity and was vice president of AC Milan Adriano Galliani present at the opening ceremony, Galliani appeared in an interview after the opening and asked for Ballon d'Or said: Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player, yesterdayI Mtzmr front of the screen in the follow-up match Sweden, Portugal, Cristiano is the best inthe world today, it is a very great professional. Galliani asked about the team's former coach Carlo Ancelotti said: Ancelotti the best coach in the world because it combines between technical skill and common sense to deal with the players, I'm talking constantly with Ancelotti, but will not tell you about what we speak .

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News now Real madrid - Ballon d'Or winner theme the Punto Pelleta ring.

News now Real madrid : Network Real Madrid Arabic: great performance provided by Cristiano Ronaldo in Annex qualified for the World Cup in Brazil open to talk again about the winner of the Ballon d'Or, put presenter Punto Pelleta Josep Pedrol question is with injury Messi since last year and Allkab Ribery last season, you should win Cristiano Ronaldo Ballon d 'Or?

Roberto Morales: Cristiano does not have a partner help him, Ronaldo should win the Golden Ball not only for his with the Portuguese national team against Sweden.Carme Barcelo: In recent months, the Cristiano wonderful and proves that he is a great player, but the Ballon d'Or should go to Macy's because Cristiano did not win that title this year.Sentinel Argentine Gatti: Leo Messi knows that Ronaldo is now looming on the horizon, and I'm sure that Del Bosque also voted for the Portuguese, to know why Valdano did not admit what he was doing Cristiano which make it the second after Messi injured , now Crecytano the best and there is no debate.Press the French newspaper L 'Equipe Frederick Hirmil: FIFA announced the extension of the vote in the later period of this resolution Are سينفع the Cristiano? Certainly not because 80% of Alosot of got to FIFA and now will only change in recent Alosot that did not arrive until now, I know that there are many of leniency in terms of the date of receipt but I think that sounds This extension Sagier the lot.Jose Luis Sanchez: Messi put that he did not reach the level of Cristiano at the moment and this insulted him, has become a campaign of preventive Crecytano and reduce the level of Messi to win the Ballon d'Or was the exploitation permits Blatter in favor
Voice then says Roberto Morales said: that argument did not work titles, when he won Iniesta and Xavi World Cup, said that the award went to the best and should win by Liu, now say that the award win trophies won! ! .The journalist Hermel returned to speak again and said: Cristiano whenever the unit played a game score three goals.Journalist Lopez Siro: There are campaigns for Macy's in order to win the prize, even Blatter went on to say the words that supports the Argentine to win the Ballon d'Or, however, the Ronaldo Aimah if Avaz or not, we know we that in recent years there are two golden balls did not deserve Messi win.

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News now Real madrid - Cristiano smiled when he learned of the extension of the voting period

News now Real madrid : In a telephone conversation with journalist Manu Sainz program Punto Pelleta who was with the mission of the Portuguese national team in Sweden, there were screams from the locker room to Portugal to celebrate qualification could hear it from the phone, while the journalist said Sainz "Crecytanowere not has an idea to extend the date of the vote on the PrizeBallon d'Or and was surprised when we told him that and draw half a smile on your face, but we left and said, clearly do not want to talk more about thissubject. "

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Real madrid transfer news - News now Real madrid - Daily Star: Alonso closes the door in front of Chelsea and Manchester United.

Real madrid transfer news : According to The Daily Star that the Spaniard owner of the 31 year Alonso had agreed to a new contract with Royal Group and this may have shut the door against Manchester United, which was held with preliminary talks and had hoped to bring to Old Trafford on a free transfer next summer, and his Chelsea manager PortugueseJose Mourinho was also an observer to put Alonso after working with the Spanish international during his three years in Madrid ....

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News now Real madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo "The most important thing is Real Madrid and the happiness of the masses."

News now Real madrid : Spoke Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview in the Real Madrid official when he arrived at Madrid coming from Sweden, and asked for his outstanding performance and the unforgettable against Sweden and recorded four goals for his country against Sweden and I could from which to lead Portugalto the World Cup Brazil, he replied, Ronaldo "It was a tough day for us, but now the important thing by me is Real Madrid, and we have two days in order to be ready for the next match next Saturday against Almeria, andthe only goal now is to delight fans of Real Madrid, they deserve more. "

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News now Real madrid,  - Real Madrid finished third training session this week.

News now Real madrid :  Ended Real Madrid third training session this week, the team trained for the last time without international terms will return Thursday evening, international participation with the team in training in preparation for a meeting Almeria, Training Day saw Seen 11 players oath Ancelotti 's two firstof the three guards and trained Rebekah coach William Vicky while trained Aaaramendi and Kasmero and Isco and Nacho and Bill Khisa and Murata and Carvajal together and Agro training warm-up and then trained the ball, training has seen the return of Murata and Carvajal of theinternational commitment and practice with the team while trained players who have played in a week FIFA at the gym and continued Marcelo program to recover from injury.

News now Real madrid,  - Real Madrid finished third training session this week. 

News now Real madrid,  - Real Madrid finished third training session this week. 

News now Real madrid,  - Real Madrid finished third training session this week. 

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Cristiano Ronaldo - Do You Really Know Who I'm To Judge Me ??? Cristiano Ronaldo - Do You Really Know Who I'm To Judge Me ??? News now Real madrid

Show some respect for the video I dont want to offense Messi or something I just want to know and people See why Ronaldo Is treated like that he Is a great person and I dont understand why people call him arrogant every player has bad and good moments but most of people always judge Ronaldo for something bad not for something good and when Messi do something good they always speak about that just all this is so wrong this is my opinion !!! :)