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News now Real madrid, Spanish Federation could close a Calderon StadiumNews now Real madrid : Atletico Madrid will face the Punishment may be influential because of the incident suffered by Ronaldo in the court Vicente Calderon, where the Spanish Federation is heading to fine Atletico to a fine between 300 to 30,000 euros and the closure of the stadium for a match or two matches, Atletico will provide proofs and evidence in order to reduce the sentence but referee Mallenco has documented the incident in his report.

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News now Real madrid, Stop Ayza Gamez and prevent it from Arbitration over Real Madrid

News now Real madrid : Cadena COPE radio said on Wednesday that the Spanish Federation referee stopped Ayza Gomez full month not to arbitration in any game after mishandling match Atlético Bilbao × Real Madrid at the San Mames, which they will determine the fate of second place.

That suspension came to power after being sent off for Cristiano Ronaldo with a straight red card also confirmed that the Spanish Federation referee Ayza Gomez will be judged not any match for Real Madrid in this season and is threatened with expulsion from the judgment of the jury. Spanish Federation will hold a disciplinary hearing on Friday, and Real Madrid is very confident that the Spanish Federation will remove the 3 games for Cristiano Ronaldo or will be reduced.

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News now Real madrid, Ancelottireal madrid vs atlético madrid [Press conference]

News now Real madridSpoke Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference after winning the Derby, the manager was happy to perform the team when he said: I am satisfied with the game, everybody made a big What we did today was absolutely wonderful, the desire shown by the team tonight to prove that he is ready to play any games and II consider it the best game of the season. He also spoke on the outcome of the meeting, and said: It is possible to give us the result of some safety, but we must be careful not going to be easy playing in Vicente Calderón because they are seeking to Rimontada We will play strongly in return leg.

News now Real madrid, Ancelottireal madrid vs atlético madrid [Press conference]

Also talked about Bale and José said: José also teaches All I have become important, he is a young player and a wonderful and score more goals, Bale does not have any injury favored at rest, a day certainly will play on Saturday. Ancelotti also spoke about the differences between the Derby and the league derby night and said: It is significantly different too, the players now more regular and more to drink the tactic and adapted to the new system and today there was a great awareness and we came out with an impressive victory. Ancelotti praised the defensive work for Pepe, Ramos said: No need to talk about him, they were beyond description.

News now Real madrid, Ancelottireal madrid vs atlético madrid [Press conference]

Also spoke Italian for choices center where he said: I see that the current tripartite a more systematic and balanced, Modric and Alonso are impressive with this system, while there are difficulties with some of the players to adapt to this system, including Isco and Illarramendi but I assure that the time will come for their participation. Finally commented on the Italian stop Cristiano Ronaldo and said: There is no one happy with this resolution, 3 games without Cristiano is abnormal.

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News now Real madrid, Real Madrid wanted to sign with Espanyol goalkeeper Cassilla

News now Real madrid : The newspaper Marca, the Spanish club Real Madrid wanted to sign with the son castilla Kiko Casilla, the guard played in Espanyol and remain on his contract a full season and has a penalty clause of 20 million euros but it would be for Real Madrid preference is to sign him for 10 million euros for the player over the Academy Real Madrid, so it will be a Real Madrid preference to purchase a discount rate of 50% the price of the player.

It is understood the club very well that the current level of Casillas and Lopez does not make them sit the bench so they prepare for the departure of one of them and will re-son castilla team, Castilla attracts the attention of many European clubs because of the level of magnificent with Espanyol and attracts the attention of Barcelona, ​​who wants an alternative to Valdez.

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News now Real madrid Sami Khedira will return at the beginning of April.

News now Real madrid : According to the report in the newspaper AS that the Spanish midfielder "Real" Sami Khedira will return to training at the beginning of the month of April and began His 26 years in the past week to recover from the surgery required on his cruciate ligament with his team in the month of November was the operation successfully, which was in the city of Munich, Khedira is currently working three daily sessions for rehabilitation, including exercise and therapeutic massage.

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News now Real madrid The results of the draw for the World Cup collision Khedira and Cristiano in the first round

News now Real madrid : I was shocked draw for the World Cup, Brazil Portuguese team with the German national team and thus will play Cristiano Ronaldo in front of Khedira, so I picked up the draw a balanced set for the Spanish team, while spared the madridista to face each other and the group came France is very easy terms and put them with Hendoras, Ecuador and Switzerland while the Modric and the Croatian national in the first group with Brazil, Cameroon and Mexico.

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News now Real madrid  Iker Casillas back to play again in the Copa del Rey.

News now Real madrid : Back captain Iker Casillas to play again in the Copa del Rey after the injury suffered by the goalkeeper Casillas January 23 against Valencia in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey, and then Gbab Iker Casillas out of action for three months, but after the return from injury not be involved in games by coach Jose Mourinho, whether in the league or the Champions League or the Copa del Rey and rely on goalkeeper Diego Lopez in the Guardian, but this season with Ancelotti, who did not engage Iker Casillas in La Liga, but the b involvement in the Champions League and the Copa del Rey, and this will return Casillas to defend against Real Madrid in the domestic leagues and seeks Qaid Iker to access to the team to 19 April 2014, and is specific to that Casillas made the tournament once in 2011 against Barcelona was Casillas played a major role for the coronation of this tournament, has also lost two games in this was the final tournament against both Deportivo La Coruna and Real Zaragoza.

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Carlo Ancelotti: Alonso will not play tomorrow. [Excerpts from the conference]

News now Real madrid : Shows the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference to talk about the latest developments in the face of Real Madrid before the cup in front of Olimpic

Carlo: I can not tell you from will play but Alonso will not play.
Carlo: the pitch industrial is not good for injury Alonso.
Carlo: I have 16 players available tomorrow and did not ask for players of castilla.
Carlo: Cristiano fine and well trained, will play on Tuesday.

Carlo: We do not have any problems in the use of a strong team tomorrow.

Carlo: Xavi renewal is important, everyone is talking about and is important for the club.

Carlo: the club is talking with Xabi and we are waiting for his decision.

Carlo: many individual awards at the moment, the task of the players certainly.

Carlo: Players do not think about the World Cup now.

Carlo: I have confidence in José and Casemiro and Morata They compete with Benzema and Cristiano and Bale and others.

Carlo: tomorrow they will have to prove themselves, José and Morata and Casemiro.

Carlo: Varane trained strongly in order to be ready for play in January.

Carlo: Varane, will return to play the beginning of training on Wednesday.

Carlo: Bale better at the moment, is very happy.

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Cristiano Ronaldo: good team without me, even Arbeloa scored

News now Real madrid : Talked Cristiano Ronaldo from Portugal in remarks published by the Spanish newspaper Marca, Cristiano initially spoke about the readiness and said: I am ready 101%, we have two games in the league before Christmas in front of Osasuna and Valencia which is important to us. The good news for the Portuguese come when he said he was pleased at the moment and said: I took the award from Marca di Stefano and I had to go to Portugal for the processing of the museum and I am now is the best moments of my career. And Gareth Bale said Ronaldo: Bale plays very well, I adapt quickly at Real Madrid. And the team said Ronaldo: Back Xavi was important for the team at the same time the team was absolutely fantastic, the team play without me very well even if Arbeloa scored "Imagine." And the Portuguese national team and hopes in 2014, Ronaldo said: I feel that I am in good condition and to focus in order to provide the best levels with Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team, in the lottery tomorrow, I hope to avoid Spain , Germany and Brazil

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Adrian : Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world today.

News now Real madrid : Stressed player Atletico Madrid Adrian Lopez that Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world at the moment, the player said, and he said, "the competition for the Golden Ball will be very close this year, I do not know what will happen, at the moment of His level is better Cristiano Ronaldo, but Macy's Macy's remains and has made things very good and Ribery won everything, is among the contenders who has the most number championships. "

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Real Madrid TV channel will be open starting from January next year.

News now Real madrid : Real Madrid TV channel will be available and open to all free of charge as of next January afterThe agreement between club officials with channel intereconomia famous Spanish channel to run the club and it will beReal Madrid first club in the world owns a television channel is free and open to the world will not need day after Real Madrid fans MiringiSpain anymore to pay a fee or the need for computers to follow the channel that would be appropriate for all ages.The channel will offer the best programs and the headquarters of the best reports and team games basketball games and the first team football in addition to the categoriesSunni Alcastia and Alcantira, in addition to programs historical documentaries, including the current programs that offer such a program La fabricaOr I6, 75 that displays time in the second and eight in the evening news broadcasts in addition to Real Madrid, which will be open.The opening of the channel White did not yet determined and waiting for the confirmation of Digital Terrestrial Television "DTT" but probablyThe opening will be on the first of January 2014 the next, will be the beginning of a happy Almirnga supporters, will not lose EuroNow after one channel to follow their club.

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Paran and Sergio Ramos and Varane, Pepe, Marcelo candidates for lineup of the world by FIFA.

News now Real madrid : Announced the FIFA about the names of candidates for lineup of the world by FIFA, Marcelo, Pepe, Varane and Ramos were selected for the defensive line and therefore are added goalkeeper Casillas, who ran for the prize for the best goalkeeper, while not announce the names of the midfield and attack, and compete Paran, and Marcelo Ramos and Pepe with 20 guns around the world are /

Alaba - Alba - Alvis - Baines - Jerome Boateng - Ashley Cole - Dante - Hummels - Ivanovic - Lahm -D. Luiz - Kompany - Marcelo - Pepe - Pique - Ramos - Silva -
Varane - Vidic - Zabaleta.

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Germany coach Loew refuses to vote in the Ballon d'Or.

News now Real madrid : Confirmed the German newspaper Bild that Germany coach Joachim Loew refused to vote on the Ballon d'Or, the newspaper confirmed that the coach honored presence 5 players in the German race but detect the votes at the end of the announcement of the winner and therefore he does not like he does not want to vote on the award.

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News now Real madrid - Bale beats the Neymar

News now Real madrid : The largest transition in the season for Real Madrid and Barcelona Gareth Bale and Neymar, duo ahead of Madrid and Barcelona as complementary for Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, however, the two are impressive in terms of income Neymar quickly in preparations Barcelona and acclimated with the team , Bale arrived for Madrid physical condition miserable too because he has not trained since 3 months before his arrival and thus suffered a lot in order to play the first official match, Gareth Bell played the Clasico against Neymar and surpasses it Brazilian and Bale was in the process of preparation and the back of the level of average while the Neymar first goal for Barcelona, ​​Neymar playing for Barcelona 13 league appearances, scoring 4 goals while Bale played nine games, scoring 7 goals and also at the level of the Champions League Bale outperform where he played 215 minutes, scoring two goals, while Neymar appeared in 417 minutes and did not score a goal, and on the whole the fencing between the duo in a major development is possibly pave 's face will last a long time as does between Cristiano and Messi.

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News now Real madrid - Atletico Madrid keeper Courtois: Barcelona has more difficulties from Madrid to win the league.News now Real madrid : Guard Atletico Madrid Thibaut Courtois appeared in a newspaper interview after his extradition award for best goalkeeper by the newspaper Marca, and spoke Courtois for La Liga and said: I do not think that the league boring, there is no 3 teams just by playing strong and we played in front of Oleche was stop us and Barcelona stumbled from Bilbao, I think it's not boring. And Real Madrid and Barcelona Courtois said: In my opinion, that Barcelona has more difficulties from Real Madrid to win the league, we must be steadfast in the level and try not to lose any points away from home.

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News now Real madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo trained solo morning.

News now Real madrid : Will continue to be the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo for the cup match against Stavia due to stop, and Portuguese was missed in front of Galatasaray and Valladolid However presence of Cristiano Ronaldo in the morning and train Alvaldabebas solo and completed his rehabilitation.

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News now Real madrid - Zidane: Bale has the time to be better than me he is a player integrated.

News now Real madrid : Record Gareth Bale hat-trick in the 4-0 win at Valladolid and became among the Welsh nine goals in 11 games, Technical Assistant for Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane said that the Bale on the way to the summit, he told reporters: The thing that worries me is Gareth Bale , who will be the best player for Real Madrid and the best me, I was not surprised or anyone at the club about Bale : It's complete player and that's why we paid for him.

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News now Real madrid - Ribery was disappointed because of the support Sakho's Cristiano Ronaldo.

News now Real madrid : Admitted striker Bayern Munich and the French national team in an interview with the magazine L'Equipe that he was disappointed by teammate and defender Liverpool Mamadou Sakho where he voiced his support for Cristiano at the expense of team-mate Ribery, Ribery told the magazine: I was disappointed from Sakho on the Tomb in the last permit, in any case is football and everyone gives his opinion.

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News now Real madrid - Spanish Federation will host the awards ceremony tomorrow and five players from Real Madrid

News now Real madrid : The Spanish Federation will hold a concert tomorrow in Madrid tomorrow at 20:00 Spain, will represent 5 Real Madrid players are Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo and Isco and Illarramendi and José.

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News now Real madrid - Newspaper DailyMail: Who needs Ronaldo?

News now Real madrid : After the hat-trick and superb performance for Gareth Bell in the game between Real Madrid and Valladolid, Daily Mail newspaper headline saying: Who needs Ronaldo? Bale scored a hat-trick in a wonderful game No. 13 with his Real Madrid "Cristiano scored his first hat-trick after 62 games," Madrid cut the gap with Barca.

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