Real Madrid News Now, Marca on Friday, Bolt: Bale fastest football player in the world

Bale hoping for a record of hostility
Bolt (the fastest runner in the world) pays tribute to the star Bale
Fastest man in the world is talking about Bale (train Cardiff City)
Bolt: Bale goal so fast like a dream
Bolt: Bale fastest football player in the world
Baku i see myself in Gareth Bell
His Bale against Barcelona will be presented by force against Bayern

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Real Madrid News Now, Florentino Perez: You must win the Cup

Real Madrid News NowMet Florentino Perez and Jose Angel Sanchez athletic director general of Real Madrid players in training today in valdabebas and asked them to achieve to win the Copa del Rey and the importance of the match when he said to them: "You must achieve the cup, you must hold out from the start to finish, "Florentino Perez student players Ancelotti and playing with courage and a good way against Barcelona as it was a way to play against Almeria.

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