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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Transfer news/rumors : Arbeloa close to Arsenal

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : After the departure of Xabi Alonso, Arbeloa became close to the exit after the adoption of the Carvajal Ancelotti, who gave a good performance and Arsenal became interested in the player, feelings Arbeloa in the first league match against Cordoba is not good, which decides to leave in order to get minutes to play in the Premier League

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors


Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Di Maria: I did not want to leave Real Madrid

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Marca newspaper published exclusively message Argentine Angel Di Maria for Real Madrid fans after the announcement of his departure from the club, Di Maria's joined Manchester United for the next 5 years.

Dear Madresimo,

I've come the end of the sessions at Real Madrid, it is impossible to write down your feelings in these lines, but I'll try to show you some of the things, in these four years I have had the honor to wear this shirt and I was proud to play for Real Madrid, unfortunately today must go and this never not my desire, and I'm like anyone else loves his work and loves that where there are always achieved my dream of winning champions and achieve La Decima and then I went to the World Cup and I went back and found many lies about a future where they wanted to always keep me off the club, I just want to tell you that the reason for my departure is not materially or related to the salary, but for other things I wish I could find it at Manchester United one of the biggest clubs in the world.

 I did not feel affection at the club by the administration probably because I'm not a taste of football to one of the persons in the administration, I had pride in sharing a dressing room club with the best players in the world, and I apologize that caused something bad and I were not I have the intention to abuse never what I can say is I made all I have for the team, I would like to thank Spain for everything, most notably the birth of my daughter at home and my family and I would be grateful for this state always and I want to thank Real Madrid and all its employees, I wish the best for Real Madrid and the achievement of championships and I had moments to forget in the Bernabeu most important when the audience clapped me in the game and time super chill and I felt this moment I will never forget, I do not think that there is a farewell better than this after my absence from the last game.

Hala Madrid Forever!

Angel Di Maria.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors


Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, France: Paris still wants Di Maria

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Words Nasser Al-Khulaifi yesterday had a significant impact on news Di Maria deployed in France, Khulaifi confirmed that the French club no longer wants to contract with Di Maria because of high demands but Radio Monte Carlo French confirmed that PSG still wants Di Maria and will sign him on loan including 10 million euros and will add its purchase option for the next season to 60 million euros.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors


Real Madrid News Now, Falcao very close to Real Madrid

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Said the journalist Josep Pedrol through a program 'El Chiringuito' that Colombian Radamel Falcao shouting very close to Real Madrid, and he will be a player for the White team in the coming days. He stressed that the arrival of Falcao will be directly after the announcement of the transfer of Di Maria PSG. Falcao would be an alternative to the late Alvaro Morata and offset shortages in the attacking Real Madrid, especially in the case of injury or lack of one Triple Bale - Benzema - Ronaldo. Despite the fact that Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that Real Madrid striker will not come because he does not need him, but a program, El Chiringuito insists on signing up with the idea of ​​approaching the striker to strengthen the front line of the team. According to the program, too, the sale of Di Maria will go into the coffers of the club 80 million euros which will encourage Florentino Perez to sign with Falcao. Currently, Carlo Ancelotti has only Benzema in attack, with the possibility of playing James and Isco in center attacker unreal.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Real Madrid wants Mehdi Benatia

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Confirmed reports of Italian that Real Madrid wants Moroccan defender Mehdi Benatia, the Spanish club is expected departure of Pepe in this summer so he wants Benatia as an alternative to him, the dawn of the day there will be an opportunity to observe the Moroccan defender where he plays in front of Real Madrid and will determine Ancelotti desire it or lack thereof, reports the Spanish denied all this confirmed that Ancelotti reassuring to defend the existence of four-wheel Ramos, Pepe, Nacho and Varane.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Transfer news/rumors : PSG offers 80 million euros for Di Maria

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Covered the Argentine star for Real Madrid, Angel Di Maria cover of Marca, confirmed Marca The club PSG offered 80 million euros for the Argentine star would make it the most expensive sale in the history of Real Madrid, the most expensive player Argentinian, Ancelotti did not want to give up on the player, but sources confirm that the Argentine approved a contract for 5 years with a salary 9 million euros and 80 million euros and the good relationship between Khulaifi and Florentino Perez could hasten on completion of the deal.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Seven players could leave the club

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : According to reports from the Spanish site Libertad, there are seven players from Real Madrid could leave the club in the summer transfer current. The well-known names are (Iker Casillas, Diego Lopez, Angel Di Maria and Sami Khedira) and the new names are (Isco and Asier illaramendi), and apparently to strengthen the squad for the mid-field player. For Rafael Varane There Chelsea, who are willing to submit more than 35 million euros to sign him.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Lukaku or Shaarawi are alternatives Morata

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Real Madrid looking for young striker after the departure of Morata and relieve the pressure and competition Karim Benzema, and despite rumors of the signing of Falcao but the transmission Falcao is costly economically and mathematically in terms of his injury, and Real Madrid wants young man will not cost much and the candidates are Lukaku and Hubert. The Real madrid is believed that it is necessary to sign a striker, despite the prospect of the return of José and the arrival of James, and Florentino Perez slowly looking for an attacker needs him Ancelotti not be mad.

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 transfer news/rumors :Di Maria transfer deal for PSG will announce next week

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : L'Equipe newspaper published news about a transfer Di Maria to PSG and said it will announce next week, saluting the deal cost 58 million euros

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors
Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Casemiro transfer to Porto on loan

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Reached Real Madrid and Porto's agreement to moving the Brazilian Carlos Henrique Casemiro for the Portuguese club on loan, the official statement for Real Madrid confirmed that both teams possess the right to purchase after the end of the season.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : James Rodriguez had already left the club Monaco and is heading next Monday for Real Madrid, was published L'Equipe  French newspaper, which said that the player is very close to Real Madrid. And became news confirms he approached the club and the player refuses to attend with Club Monaco in round preparations in Miami told the management Monaco that he wants to play at Real Madrid, after the agreed Real Madrid officially with the player Columbian management has become Monaco looking for an alternative, and the closest to Club Monaco Griezmannand Antonio Valencia Manchester United star.

According to the French newspaper L'Equipe that Monaco stipulated to Real Madrid that offers 90 million to abandon James and Real Madrid is in negotiations to reduce the price and agreed Club Monaco and the club (Real Madrid) to 60 million euros and in addition to Diego Lopez.

At the same time, the price can be Khames 30 million because coming to Real Madrid exit means Di Maria, who has an agreement with the Club of Paris Saint-Germain on the amount worth 60 million euros.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Khedira's agent: There are no contacts with any club

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Commented agent German star Sami Khedira quickly to news linking Khedira Arsenal and Chelsea, and the agent spoke Khedira said: There are no contacts with any club, Arsenal and Madrid Agreement? Sorry There is no such thing and the only thing was I was informed. And the renewal of the contract, said: We are in talks with Real Madrid, is now on leave.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Global site transfer footballzz : kroos players for Real Madrid

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : The site footballzz months sites stats and transitions football ever put Tony lacrosse players for Real Madrid just before, while confirming all the world's media and reliable transmission of Tony Cross of the Royal Club, coming from Bayern, and mentions that the site footballzz does not put any news, but if it was done official, which means that in a few hours will be announced officially for the player's transfer to the Royal Club.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors
  ريال مدريد يضع ماركو ريوس بديلا إلى جيمس رودريغيز .

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : World Cup Mark James Rodriguez asked out of his team and go to Real Madrid, where it's time to sign a player before rising price more than that and the club White wanted to sign with the Colombian for a couple of seasons where he was the World Cup reason for making it is associated with the Spanish team and came Event international Grand in a timely manner because of the desire of Angel Di Maria out of the team this summer, But However, James is not the only player on the agenda of Real Madrid, which will substitute my Maria, where the Spanish team to put another player among the concerns that could come to the team because of the demands of the management team Monaco financial exaggerated making in the end that cares about the club in the German Marco Rios player Borussia Dortmund and is considered German is the other option, which could be arriving at Real Madrid as long as the club can not be contracted with James and the club White knows the capabilities of the German well, where he scored two goals this season against the team and make the tenth in danger and is put Marco Rios easier because of the player's desire to leave Borussia this summer.

Mentions that his agent has made to negotiate a move to Barcelona, ​​but that the arrival of Luis Suarez has been closed idea contracted player Rios Who Aban for their first title at the continental level and the price will be Rios cheaper than James, especially after missing the World Cup due to injury, however, is Colombia is the main goal for Real Madrid, but will be contracted with the German if the contract is with James impossible.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Real Madrid will not sign with Ivan Rakitic

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : In the news publishing site Defensa Central In order to avoid surprises last minute, the Real Madrid pulled out of the process of signing with the player Ivan Rakitic, and not vice versa namely that the player refused to offer Real Madrid, coach Carlo Ancelotti met with President Florentino Perez and asked him not to contract with Ivan Rakitic because the coach does not find a player in the qualities that are needed in his team for next season.

That is why the coach Ancelotti and Florentino Perez left the player negotiates with FC Barcelona because it does not fit with the plans of the team, and names mentioned in the offices of the Santiago Bernabeu Vidal, Verati, and Cross, and those players impressed coach Ancelotti them a lot because he finds their qualities that are needed in order to develop the performance of Real Madrid next season, but what is certain is that Barcelona won the deal, only to withdraw them because the Real Madrid club did not find a player in the style that fits with Real Madrid, no more no less.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Bild: Toni Kroos to Real Madrid salary of five million euros

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Announced the German newspaper Bild that the player Toni Kroos signed for Real Madrid, his agent, "Volker" in Madrid now that Bayern had agreed to complete the deal with Real.

She said that the salary Tony Cruz is 5 million euros, and Sami Khedira will not enter into the deal.

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الأسطورة زيدان : مستقبلي ؟ سأبقى في مدريد .

Real Madrid transfer news/rumorsFrench legend Zinedine Zidane, regaled the public in a game legends Sunday afternoon, Zidane spoke after the game in an interview with the media and was asked about his future he replied: I will stay at Real Madrid, I prefer playing on the training and enjoy more playing, but now I am a coach and I have to implement the tasks.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Varane refuses Chelsea

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : French defender Rafael Varane said that he does not think never transition from Real Madrid in the summer to close the door so the Portuguese coach Mourinho.

The newspaper Marca statements of the French player, who confirmed that win the title La Décima was a dream come true and that the entire team is proud of what has been made.

And for Italian coach Ancelotti said defender: I completely concerted with the coach and wait to get a greater chance that there are strong defenders in the team but things will be good for the future.

And for Title La Décima of the Champions League, said: I respect the coach Diego Simeone is a very great coach has made things great and genius, but the title was the tenth obsession for us we have successfully achieved the dream.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Iker Casillas may leave Real Madrid

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Sources Radio Cadena Ser reliable The commander Iker Casillas will leave Real Madrid, according to the radio is there are three reasons why Casillas leave the club and is said Casillas wants the central position and the second is does not have a good relationship with the coach keepers who prefers Diego Lopez Casillas, Finally the family want to change and move from Madrid Therefore, the radio confirmed that Casillas will move, Perez will not allow the transfer of Casillas and that he would be forced to stay in Madrid and by the radio club PSG and Inter Milan and Arsenal have given their offers for Casillas and Casillas will love the idea of ​​playing outside in Spain.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Barcelona rival Real Madrid on Rakitic

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Confirmed reports that the Catalan newspaper El Mundo Barcelona entered the on-line competition in the Croatian Rakitic, Rakitic has 3 offers in the table a contract renewal with Sevilla or view Real Madrid or Barcelona offer.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors