Real Madrid News Now, Carlo Ancelotti: Cristiano will not play "excerpts from the conference"

Real Madrid News Now : Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference to talk about the game between Real Madrid and Real Sociedad.

Carlo : José exposure for fever and inflammation in the knee, will return to Germany in order to sit down with the doctor again.
Ancelotti : Cristiano will not play tomorrow.
Carlo : Cristiano will be ready to fully on Tuesday and will be at rest tomorrow only.
Ancelotti : Real Sociedad of the toughest teams will face strong tomorrow.
Carlo : to win tomorrow, we must provide 100% of our efforts on the pitch.
Ancelotti : Cristiano alternative? We can play with Morata or Isco and perhaps change the Bell Centre.
Carlo : Isco will play tomorrow.
Ancelotti : Di Maria will return tomorrow for the list, but it will be present in the bench.
Carlo : Do not win tomorrow in
Anoeta difficult matters a lot, we want to win tomorrow.
Ancelotti : I do not like to talk about punishment Barcelona, I'm here to talk about football. 

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Real Madrid News Now, Pepe gets more faults in his favor, and at least it

Real Madrid News Now : Player Pepe commits faults are a few of La Liga with an average foults15 fault in 169 minutes while Dani Alves commits 26 fault, after the end of the match against Borussia echoed the masses of the Bernabeu in the name of Pepe and was happy about it and said: "I know I made a good season," and praised him Anceolte saying: "it offers a good level, Not only in front of Borussia, but in all the matches played by "Pepe like a born again and is now going through the best epochs, it is the player most used by Ancelotti, in front of Borussia was fast moving and starting to play the ball well and is due back immediately to deal with any attack and abort this season is great for Pepe.

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Real Madrid News Now, What is the right decision for the participation of Ronaldo ?

Real Madrid News Now : Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo limped out of Borussia Dortmund because of knee problems, and the presence of then Ronaldo exercises marking the need for his presence on the Alonoita, the question raised by the newspaper defensa central Is unable to participate effectively or comfort him? After considering Therefore, we believe that Cristiano player is not worthy of never presence reserve seats.

Ronaldo wants presence in front of Sociedad to support the team, but the condition here that does not mean his participation exacerbate the crisis knee So if overwrought him comfortable, Anoeta Stadium very difficult to Royal team for as long as the team was Basque is easy In the last year he was able to sign the riyal to a draw, but now rial is better than before, but the recent defeat of Sevilla still cast a shadow on the La Liga competition, and the presence of Ronaldo is certainly is important because there is no alternative to him convincingly José suffering from injury as well, so it will be the final decision of Carlo Ancelotti with the participation of Ronaldo or not.

Participatory evaluation or rejection is due to an Italian, what is the appropriate decision. 

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Real Madrid News Now, Falcao Real Madrid has a chance to win La Liga

Real Madrid News Now : FW Atletico Madrid former Radamel Falcao, speaking in an interview with the Abc, the Colombian in this meeting, a man and clear ideas, and talked about the opportunity to win Real Madrid won La Liga this year, saying: "Football is reprinted variable, within a week, it is possible to change everything as has already occurred for Real Madrid, so Madrid could return to the top, is still a long time to the end of the league and will be a real opportunity for Madrid to win the title."

He talked about the goalkeeper his favorite Real Madrid, saying: "Iker Casillas, and Diego Lopez are considered two types Frieden of goalkeepers, but I prefer to Lopez he deals with the pressure it is good," and during his talk about Cristiano Ronaldo said : "Ronaldo gave a great season so full of goals, every year, record more than the previous , although it is impossible for some, is to take the Ballon d'Or because the number one player in the world and the best."

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti: Champions League is our main goal

Real Madrid News Now : Admitted Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti that the main goal for his club this season to win the Champions League .
Ancelotti told Italian radio "Real Madrid dream now is to win the Champions League, However, we will not abandon the title (La Liga), even though we are now in third place."

And about the losses last week, Ancelotti said, "We were in the foreground for a long time, and came losing streak last week, but we will continue to fight and that there will be an interesting end to the season."
Also talked about the current leadership of the team and said: "Real Madrid is the most complete team has trained in my career.

 As well as the remarkable Cristiano Ronaldo, with a lot of promising young players
I want to highlight the fact that this season is not only Gareth Bale arrived for the team, but also there are five players from the youth team. "

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