Real madrid fixtures, Luis Enrique returns to the Bernabeu Stadium again

Real madrid fixtures : Monday will see the return of the Real Madrid player Barcelona and former Luis Enrique to the Bernabeu, but this time as a coach for the club Siltavaego, passed 10 years on the Clasico famous between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which saw Amshadah between Zidane and Enrique on the pitch and ended Classico 2003 1-1, Enrique play with Real Madrid in the period between 1991-1996 and then moved to Barcelona because of a campaign of Real Madrid fans it and then played 9 classics stadium Bernabeu shirt Barcelona and every time he comes to the Bernabeu gets a lot of indignation by the public Bernabeu, Enrique scored two goals against Real Madrid shirt Barcelona at the Bernabeu and each time the score celebrated Alakhras signal to the public and the public was always Balsefrat reply to him, last Clasico was played in 2003, and witnessed the incident with the famous Zidane second coach for Real Madrid now .

Real madrid fixtures

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