Cristiano outperform Diego Costa to become the top scorer in La Liga.

Three minutes was enough to make Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first in the game and the first for Real Madrid after a superb defender, at the beginning of the second half gave the Welshman Gareth Bale ball on a plate for Cristiano Ronaldo, who struck the net and has an 13 goal solo top of orderScorers

Gareth Bale passed four assists in three days.

Back Gareth Bale performance fantastically in a matter of three days, beyond which the doubts about its level in the recent period , has emerged as the star Welsh in the stadium Vallecano , has managed to manufacture two goals in the game, the first was for Karim Benzema , and the second to Cristiano Ronaldo , and has Gareth Bale four assists inconclusive so far in the league, and this within three days only, has been able to manufacture two goals in Wednesday's game against Sevilla , also had Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema , and I have returned again Gareth Bale to provide support for both Ronaldo and Benzema in today's game, figures not bad Gareth Bale has scored three goals and making four goals so far in the league consideration to the problems of injuries suffered by a player since joining the Royal team .

أنشيلوتي :” الفريق في حاجة لشخصية أكبر “.

The back of coach Carlo Ancelotti to the media after the win over Rayo Vallecano on the playground Vayikas three goals to two and occur coach for the match : "I think Bonn we need a little change in the method, it is not possible that the group of this quality deals in this way with the game and is an advanced score 0-3, I will talk about the change with the players in the dressing room and not here , I think that when we were 0-3 winners was the match should be settled once and for all , what happened is not good, so things must be managed , it has happened twice ( from before in front of Seville ) and I am confident that this will not happen again , "and added:" We faced particular difficulties and that Alrayoo was pressing well , we played very strongly in the first half and did not suffer , defensive our control the ball well and scored two goals from counterattacks , half second was a disaster , "and for the Argentine says:" di Maria played well in the first half midfielders أبلو well , but they suffered in the second, di Maria was good in the middle , "and for Carvajal : " I think it happened cohesion between Carvajal and player discount , but did not require a second warning shot , was inadvertently block . "

الماركا : الحكم أصاب في قراراته ما عدا لقطة كارفاخال في الشوط الثاني .

Referee Alvarez Izquierdo was in front of a large work in Alvilekas, judgment and according to a Mahlli award for Marca was hit in the lack of a penalty for Nacho on Carvajal in the first half and also hit the abolition of the goal Valcke in the first half for offside because Vieira touch the ball, and hit thealso in calculating the penalty box on Pepe and Marcelo in favor of Alrayoo and but he should expel Carvajal in the second half, the second yellow card.

أنشيلوتي : التراخي بعد تسجيل 3 أهداف حصل مرتين وأنا متأكد إنه لن يحدث مجددا .

The back of the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference after the game between Real Madrid and Rayo , the Italian coach asked about Di Maria said : Di Maria did a fantastic job and carried out the required instructions from him , in half the second half, all midfielders tired It stayed on his effort has done a great job . As for recording two goals against Real Madrid , said : lax progress after a 3-0 won twice and I 'm sure it will not happen again , that it is dangerous , do not want to talk and discuss the game here because talk is between me and the players. He talked about the game and said : Rayo Vallecano play a multitude effort very pressured us in the first half , but the goals did not give them sufficient freedom but then there was a big defensive errors and we received two goals , the first half was good and the second was disastrous.

Real Madrid return to training tomorrow in preparation for Juve.

Real Madrid will not relax after the game on Saturday against Rayo Vallecano , Real Madrid return to work Sunday to think of the Champions League against Juventus in Turin. The session will start at 11:00 and behind closed doors.
As usual , Ancelotti will divide the group into two parts , on the one hand , to play in today 's game , will recovery exercises in the gym , at least while the players have played a train with greater intensity .
It will be the first training of the White two Sejodahma team in preparation for the Champions League. After the end of the training courses , will head the team on Monday morning to travel to Italy, where he will be trained in the afternoon in the court of the opponent .

Goals encounter Real Madrid x Rayo Vallecano 3-2

لاعبوا الفريق تجمعوا اليوم في الفالديبياس بتمام الساعة 11:00 صباحاً .

Due to travel to play the second round match ten in the league, 23 players spent the night in their homes and gathered today in residence Valdabebas in at 11:00 am to focus on the match Rayo Vallecano tonight.

التشكيلة المتوقعة لريال مدريد من الأس ، تواجد راموس وكوينتراو .

Expected Lineups for both teams Real Madrid and Rayo Vallecano newspaper AS seen many surprises


Coentrao, Pepe, Ramos, Carvajal the

Modric, Alonso

Ronaldo, Isco, Bale

ريال مدريد يُقدم عرضه لـ تشابي ألونسو .

Florentino Perez was always said in the past that Xabi Alonso as a player for Real Madrid and will remain so , Real Madrid president is a Basque player from the top model, and set an example in the world of football and must keep him on the team, missed for 166 days because of injuries , but he returned in front of Seville for the post again , today feels Alonso comfortable physically and process to renew his contract may be soon , the player earns with Real Madrid salary of 4.8 million euros per year and ends his current contract in June , the player never did ask the club management to improve benefits of his contract , but it will Showing at least 5 million euros a year - that's according to a newspaper reported "ABC" Spanish , which also reported that the club offered him a renewal for two or three with that guarantee the freedom to leave if he wants in the future if he felt no longer rise to the level required by the Panel noted that the player wants to stay now at Real Madrid and Ancelotti considered for a very important player for the team , and the newspaper reported also that Xavi and in his career with the Spanish team aiming for to play the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and then retire internationally, with the title of world champion if possible ..

بيرلو :” ريال مدريد ؟ بارما أولاً “.

The player Juventus Andrea Pirlo is looking forward to face Parma in the Italian league before receiving Real Madrid next Tuesday in the Champions League, the player told Italian media and said: "In the beginning we have to focus on Parma, and then followed by Real Madrid, so we have to Nottaghz besthow possible to get a result. "
فاسيلييف :” ما قاله فلورنتينو عن فالكاو لم يكن لائقاً “.

Vadim Vasilyev denied vice president of Club Monaco - denied the possibility of transfer of Colombian striker Falcao Radmill for Real Madrid in the coming winter, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez had said in the last month and confirmed that the player wants to play for Real Madrid, but Vasilyev said and replies:"Falcao signed a contract for five years, no value cop let him go, I do not mind that I repeat this phrase a million times, I think that it is non-decent to talk manager at another club for our player in this manner, we have done a great effort to bring him here andhis departure in the winter or in the summer or at any other time is something illogical. "

مانولو سانتشيز :” أنشيلوتي يُواجه صعوبات في إيجاد أسلوب لعب جديد “.
The player former Real Madrid Manolo Sanchez talked about Real Madrid Ancelotti and all the way play the Italian coach and said in his statement to the newspaper Marca : " Ancelotti is facing difficulties in find him playing style, with Mourinho how to play and was very steady , and now the team is paying for the change , the problem is that Things began least effect on this new plan , "and on the involvement of Sergio Ramos in the pivot line in the Clasico Sanchez said : " Ancelotti to imitate what Mourinho has done in the King's Cup final , but things did not go well because the conditions are different now and Barcelona did not longer controls the play as in the past, and this hurt by Sergio at the Camp Nou , "and all the sons of the club says: " This year we can not say that the club did not care about his children , I think that Carvajal and Morata , Jose and Cassimero also will get a great opportunity with Ancelotti and will be useful , the problem of Real Madrid this year and I have mentioned previously , remaining they now have to correct mistakes and find a way to play and clear. "

President Florentino Perez on Friday signed an agreement with the Chinese government in Beijing to open a school football in China, Real Madrid president was accompanied by the Director-General Jose Angel Sanchez and Executive Director of the Real Madrid Foundation Julio Gonzalez Runco, as well as the Minister of Education and Ambassador of Spain in China, Florentino said on this occasion: "Football does not know borders, Real Madrid, a global institution, and we are fully aware that we have to appreciate the passion and support we receive from all over the world."

Conducted striker Liverpool Luis Suarez interview before a full day to meet with his team in front of Arsenal, Suarez talked about Real Madrid and its association with the club of Spain and the probability of his move in the winter and said: I do not know anything at all, the only person who knows such things is my agent and he does not listen for something now because the focus on the games and leave everything that is said outside the stadiums.

The expected assortment of newspaper Marca Real Madrid's match against Vallecano today in thirteen round of the Primera Liga and were as follows:

مورينهو عندما كان في ريال مدريد طلب التعاقد مع أليكسيس سانشيز [ تقرير ] .

Said that Jose Mourinho when he was in the "Real" tried to sign with Alexis Sanchez from Udinese before signing Barcelona with the International Chili moved to the Catalan club in 2011 in a deal that cost 37 million euros and after two seasons is a good starting fluoresce under coach Tata Martino,El Mundo Deportivo published a report this week, although it could have been different for the 24 years after the request Mourinho signed him and the report alleges that the Real Madrid coach had contacts with Alexis during the summer but eventually moved to Camp Nou after he playerhis intention to play for Barcelona


مجموعة مجهولة تتواجد في البرنابيو وأليانز أرينا وملعب يوفنتوس الجديد .

As Spanish newspaper published a picture of a group of fans, the paper stresses that this group antics are always present in the Bernabeu Stadium and the Allianz Arena stadium in Munich, the new Juventus Stadium.

زين الدين زيدان سيتواجد في قرعة كأس العالم 2014 .Thanked the Secretary General of FIFA Jerome Valcke club Real Madrid and assistant coach Zinedine Zidane to agree to attend the Frenchman 's draw for the 2014 World Cup and withdrawn , Valcke spoke to the official website of FIFA , said : I am very happy for that Zidane will be online with the Organizing Committee of the draw where they are working continuously like a bee hive and the arrival of Zidane will raise the level of enthusiasm they have, the gesture made ​​by Real Madrid and agreed on the presence of Zidane is the utmost sportsmanship and we thank them for that. This statement took advantage of the Secretary of FIFA's current situation and thanked Real Madrid for the last issue between Ronaldo and Blatter . The final draw will be held for the group stage of the World Cup on December 6 and then Real Madrid will be busy championship trophy and Zidane will be present in Brazil for the draw .

بعد تدريبات اليوم : بيل يتوقف ويلبي طلبات الجمهور . [ فيديو ]

After training the day the public was waiting outside the club players, everyone left but the Welshman Gareth Bale stopped and answered the requests for the public to sign them and take pictures, but there was much embarrassed Welshman request and refused to be met ...

وفقاً لمجلة فوربس : ريال مدريد صاحب أعلى قيمة مالية لعام 2013 .

Before the end of two months in 2013 Forbes magazine published a list of 40 sports brand in the world, the prestigious business magazine classified divided into four different categories.

Real Madrid in the first place a market value of 450 million dollars, and then comes the clubs follows New York Yankees (443) and Manchester United (433), Barcelona (361), Dallas Cowboys (273), Boston Red Sox (237), Los Angeles Dodkirs (225), New England (223), Bayern Munich (203), Arsenal (162).
مدرب المنتخب الأرجنتيني أليخاندرو سابيلا يستدعي دي ماريا .

Chose Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella four players from the Spanish league for the elected to face Ecuador and Bosnia in the United States in November and will return all of Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano, who missed the team since October in the qualifiers for the World Cup and called also for the Real Madrid player Angel Di Maria and Banega playerValencia but ignored brilliant goalkeeper Willy Caballero and Augusto Fernandez Celta Vigo player.
ريال مدريد يريد تجديد عقد خضيرة .

The newspaper El Confidencial Spanish reliable that Real Madrid is moving to renew the contract of the German Sami Khedira, and ends with a German in 2015, according to the tradition of Real Madrid, the player sitting at the table renewal a year ago and a half from the end of the contract and thus will sit Khedira on the table in January next year and couldraise his salary for 3 or 4 million euros a year

مدرب مانشستر سيتي بيلغيرني مستاء من جو هارت ويفكر في جلب كاسياس .

The newspaper VozPopuli Spanish The coach Manchester City Chilean Pelligrini dissatisfied with the level of the guard England Joe Hart, coach of Chile wants to train Captain Iker Casillas again and will enter the City presentation next winter for Casillas, Manchester City manager spoke today in an interview said: We can not lose points errorsdeliberate and naive, I do not want to talk about Hart, but we must find solutions to it. Everyone knows the economic potential of Manchester City is able to buy Casillas, who wants the center is essential for the World Cup.

فرصة تشابي الونسو.

It seems that Alonso shared key front Vallecano This is what Carlo Ancelotti is a good opportunity for Alonso to return to the flame Alambariaat Tdregin after playing 15 minutes against Apellet Here Carlo will start him and Aray Ancelotti said Alonso is going midfield for the team and Ancelotti said : " Xabi Alonso will enter the starting lineup , " and begins to Alonsoaad time ago not Balqribe but Ancelotti did not want to risk it, but now it's time Alonso seems that Alonso gain confidence after permits Ancelotti was the return of Alonso Khprusar for Ancelotti and all Madridista and can Alonso Play place Modric or May or Khedira and this there will be neither any opportunity for Kasmero to play and it seems that Ancelotti will not change the plan and that Alonso would be 3 important players in midfield.

رونالـدو و غـآريث بيل و بنـزيمآ يتسيدون تشكيلة الأسبوع للـدوري الإسبـآني .

No time to rest. Round 11 of La Liga come to an end on Thursday evening and the next round kicks off on Friday with the Barcelona derby against Espanyol in Barcelona at Camp Nou .

Barcelona beat Celta Vigo 3-0 on Tuesday , while Real Madrid crushed Sevilla 7-3 on Thursday, and Atletico Madrid , who won second place and a hard-fought 2-1 win over Granada .

There was also a win for Almeria , Osasuna and Getafe in the 11TH round of the first division . And await the exceptional performance of the players in round 12 of La Liga.

At the back, and had a fabulous Almeria in a 2-1 win over the Andalusians ' in Valencia scored one of the goals in his team beat Valencia memorable. In place, Dani Alves helped Barcelona to win 3-0 at Celta Vigo, the success of the Catalans ' in Vigo , while Joan Oriol work largely what led to Osasuna beat Rayo Vallecano 3-1.

And Gareth Bale showed in the end what it is capable of making two goals and two and helped Real Madrid to win 7-3 in Madrid to Seville .

While Cesc Fabregas scored two goals against Celta Vigo , and was lucky to get a third goal for the amazing match and struck the ball outside the area hit the crossbar.

My mother on the other hand , Re Cristiano Ronaldo on the irony of Sepp Blatter by hitting a hat-trick in a meeting Thursday in Madrid, which also saw Karim Benzema back to his best wonderful . As for Antoine Griezmann complements ten after the first round continued his brilliance with a double arch with the match ended in a 2-2 draw at Valladolid .

انشيلوتي يستدعي 23 لاعب لـ مواجهة رايو فاليكانو .

Summoned the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti's 23 players to contest the meeting Rayo Vallecano on Saturday.
Goalkeepers: Casillas - Lopez - Jesus.
Line of defense: Varane - Pepe - Ramos - Nacho - Arbeloa - Carvajal - Coentrao - Marcelo.
Midfielders: Alonso - Khedira - Modric - Casimero - Illarramendi - Isco - Bale - Di Maria.
Forwards: Ronaldo - Benzema - Jose - Morata
أنشيلوتي : ألونسو سيبدأ غدا – سأعمل مبدأ المداورة . [ مؤتمر صحفي ]

Carlo: Varane has no problem, just a little tired and will not exist tomorrow .Carlo: tomorrow's game is Derby minibars and we must win .Carlo : We need to win to prove ourselves .Carlo: damage has occurred and show everything. [ Of permit Blatter ] .Carlo : We must be careful to Varane because he suffers from knee problems .Carlo: can not be Refine your selection now.Carlo : For me it is not a problem Ozil 's departure , I wished him luck and left .Carlo: sadness on Ozil here ended are now happy.Carlo: Arbeloa spoke well with Carvajal and they are happy with the team.Carlo: Paran play two tomorrow, will not play because of his knee .Carlo: I will work the principle of rotation tomorrow in order to get a high readiness in Turin.Carlo : Alonso will be essential and I do not know if it will play 90 minutes or not.
ريال مدريد ينهي الدورة التدريبية الأخيرة إستعدادا لـ رايو .

Ended Real Madrid last training in preparation to face Rayo tomorrow, yesterday was Ancelotti had ordered the players who fought to meet Sevilla train in the gym and today returned to train with the group except Paran, who trained in the gym today, Ancelotti had a day 24 player and make the four guards are trainedalone with the coach Vicky while the rest of the 20 players trained together and it was including player Alcastia, Llorente and performed as well as warm-up exercises for the dismantling of the muscles and then trained with the ball.




الماركا : ريال مدريد يتجه لـ تحسين عقد دييغو لوبيز .

Become Diego Lopez is a favorite for Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid convinced Bmaver enough that Lopez is the savior of the goal on several occasions, Diego Lopez signed a few months ago to improve contract terms will continue at the club until 2017 and will have his salary of 4.5 million euros and will continue to be at the club to become old35 years, these changes in the contract has been negotiated for months and will receive a salary of 4.5 million euros from the club only free of taxes and image rights, mostly the Real Madrid will be announced at the end of the season so as not to hold the player matches and competition.

صحيفة AS : رغبة تشابي ألونسو الأولى هي التجديد مع ريال مدريد .
Xabi Alonso returned to work with the team after an absence of 165 days for the team, the Spanish played 27 minutes against Sevilla as he prepares to return stronger, the next two months will be crucial for Spain , where he will be free then and will also GENERAL 32 on November 25, the newspaper As confirms that desire Xabi Alonso first is the renewal of Real Madrid for two years or 3 years where it is believed that it would be useful for the team in the coming period , Alonso talked about the renovated after the match Sevilla and said: I am in touch with the club, I do not like to be these things in public, but what I can tell you do is I 'll be in a place that I want. Xabi Alonso had announced earlier that he will renew if saw himself useful for Real Madrid and if the level is low after the injury would leave the club, the player's agent has received offers from Italy for the player stated he did was " There is nothing new I'm happy in Madrid " Now Xavi Alonso will work to prove himself after an injury in the instep and will try to regain form and Real Madrid has not yet announced his intention , Mourinho wants Chelsea and Juventus want an alternative to Pirlo , but Alonso would not discuss the offers , but after sitting on the table with Real Madrid.
الماركا : فاران مصاب ولم يتدرب مع زملائه اليوم .

In the first quarter of an hour of exercises Real Madrid today opened Ancelotti doors for journalists, Marca confirmed that Varane did not train with his teammates and has the injury and therefore the participation tomorrow in front of Alrayoo doubt, all the players took part in the drills except Varane and Alonso trained perfectly and the presence of player Alcastia Llorente withthe first team.
كريستيانو رونالدو لا مثيل له . [ تقرير ]

Cristiano Not Stop, Portuguese figures in a large surge with a significant level where he has so far in 2013, 56 goals in 50 appearances average of 1.48 per game, Cristiano is ahead of Messi, who has 43 goals in 44 appearances average of 0.97 per game .
Remaining two months of the end of the year , Cristiano Ronaldo can break his record and the goal of recording 63 goal achieved in the 2012 season and Cristiano can access to this number by registering 7 goals in the next two months, which is to be expected too , especially if it continues Cristiano in the Layout upward.
Cristiano is still breaking records on Real Madrid, where he served on Puskas in the scorer Real Madrid throughout history, starring in La Liga where he became has 157 goals in La Liga, Cristiano also owns in total year 219 goals in 213 official games for Real Madrid and has a rate huge reach 1.03 goal per match .
Cristiano response to the controversy over the words , Blatter said : Goals were not a response to a generally ended with this subject and had a fabulous win . Cristiano yesterday to introduce his new collection of underwear company JBS
ريال مدريد لا يخسر عندما يلعب في منتصف الاسبوع.

After Real Madrid win over Sevilla on Wednesday, it seems that Real Madrid will be different when playing in the middle of the week in 6 years Real Madrid do not lose when playing league matches in the middle of the week and this after 19 games in 6 years Real Madrid Aakhosr and this appeared in 2007 then the team played 9 games unbeaten so far and all were at the Bernabeu note that more than two teams face them Real Madrid in midweek two Villarreal and Getafe , where they face 3 times in the past years knowing that another defeat was for Real Madrd in the middle of the week was in 2006 against a team Recreativo was at the Bernabeu in December , after this determination has not lost Real Madrid in midweek 6 years ago in 19 games and scored 67 goals and will accept only 15 goals and even that Ronaldo has scored 24 goals in the games that are in the middle of the week .
خورخي فالدانو : بلاتر أخطأ في تصريحه ضد رونالدو .

Sports Director former club Real Madrid, Argentine Jorge Valdano spoke in an interview with Radio Alcadataseer for permission president Sepp Blatter praised Cristiano Ronaldo when he said: Blatter made ​​a mistake in his statement against Ronaldo , what we do know is that Cristiano is being subjected to a great injustice is a very strong player and unusual and Cristiano deserve to be able to do it a monument . Valdano spoke about the center axis and said : I wish to watch Alonso Together Aaaramendi the , I know that the players will face problems in moving the ball , but everyone was saying that the bilateral Alonso and Busquets in the team , but the plan succeeded and I hope to see Illarramendi and Alonso.
بونتو بيلوتا : وكيل الفيفا يتحدث ” بنزيمة يقترب من الخروج ” .

Undersecretary of FIFA The French striker Karim Benzema is close to going out, Gallardo confirmed that the English club ladder display for Real Madrid, but Real Madrid would leave will not be given except in the summer , and his agent FIFA confirmed by 4 weeks the offer will arrive to Real Madrid after Clasico is what happened , Gallardo said : The query from the English club was to see how Real Madrid susceptibility to sell the player , Real Madrid leave presentation did not respond too is waiting for next summer in order to consider is the French striker , the width is about 50 million euros.

He revealed Gallardo for news of another important Madridista , Gallardo confirmed that there player uncomfortable in Barcelona , one of the players the first row of the team "is not Valdez , who make sure his departure ," but another player, Gallardo said: A Barcelona players wants to leave the club , the player is comfortable at the club and not feel previous stature , I received a call myself and the Spanish international player .
Tiki-Taka : رونالدو يعترف بأن المدرب الأفضل له في مسيرته أنشيلوتي .

Press confirmed the Spanish tiki taka program that Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has communicated in an exclusive interview that the coach is better for him in his career is Carlo Ancelotti although he did not pass them many months, Carpio said: Cristiano told me that Ancelottiis the best among the former coaches, Ferguson and Mourinho and pellegrini are all equal in the eyes of the Portuguese but now he prefers to work with Carlo Ancelotti.
كونتي :” بايل لم يُفاجئني أمام إشبيلية “.

Italian coach Antonio Conte spoke about the Welsh player Gareth Bill and his brilliance in front of Sevilla and said: Bill is a great player, it is not surprising brilliance. As for the news of injuries before facing Real Madrid, Conte said: There are new injuries, Meiserna the is that we are out of the match against Catania without injuries although the pitch was very slippery.
 كريستيانو رونالدو يحتل وصافة ترتيب هدافي الليغا .

After the end of round 11 of the Spanish league and beat Atletico Madrid and that has become ahead of Real Madrid by 5 points, leads the Brazilian striker Diego Costa to list scorer in the Spanish league with 12 goals after his goal against Granada to leave Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo his hat-trick against Sevilla at the Center for Runners with 11 goals , in the third place comes the Argentine Leo Messi, who scored 8 goals and recording crashes in the last two rounds .
1 - Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa " 12 goals " .2 - Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo " 11 Goals " .3 - Barcelona striker Leo Messi " 8 goals ."4 - Sevilla midfielder Rakitic " 7 goals ."5 - Barcelona striker Sanchez " 6 goals ."
كريستيانو رونالدو يصل لـ الهاتريك رقم 22 له مع ريال مدريد .

From his hat-trick in the range of Seville managed Cristiano Ronaldo access to hat-trick No. 22 his shirt Real Madrid from joining the club in 2009, during the 4 seasons with the team record Portuguese 219 goal, scorer historic club Raul Gonzalez took him time 16 years to reach the 323 goal, but Cristiano Ronaldo's eye also on edge over No. Messi in the number of triads with Barcelona where Messi scored 24 hat-trick with the Catalans , note that in La Liga remains a legend of Real Madrid Alfredo di Stefano, the owner of more trios in the history of the tournament with 22 hat-trick, while Cristiano has 18 hat-trick in the domestic championship , also mentions that the fastest hat-trick in the history of La Liga 's David Villa were in the range of Athletic Bilbao and it was only 5 minutes , and Brazilian legend Pele remains is the owner of the largest number of triads in the history of football , the Brazilian scored 92 hat - trick , is not suddenly informed that scored 1281 goals in 1362 games in his career.
مدرب المنتخب البرازيلي سكولاري يستدعي مارسيلو للمنتخب .

Summoned the Brazilian coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, the Real Madrid player Marcelo Vieira, Jr. of the Brazilian squad that will play two friendlies against Chile and Hendoras in the United States, Marcelo would go to the Brazilian national team plays two games on 16 and 19 November.
الماركا : ماهي اللقطة الأكثر شهرة من ناحية التمثيل ؟

Spanish newspaper Marca published vote for their audience via the Internet, the newspaper published videos for months footage in which such players on the referees Among them was a representation of Neymar in the Confederations Cup and the representation of Bale yesterday against Sevilla and also represent Busquets before the Inter and Baby representation before Barcelona.

راكيتيتش :” كريستيانو و بايل ثُنائي رهيب “.

captain Sevilla and best player in the squad in the match yesterday Croatian Ivan Rakitic talked about a meeting between Real Madrid and said: the result was harsh against Real Madrid, the team led Maalih in the game and we were disappointed after this result, there is no any team is estimated to register at the Bernabeu for3 times and we did it and that's a good thing, but if we received 7 goals this is something underwhelming. And Bill and Cristiano Rakitic said: along two very Rhiban.


بنزيمة يستعيد روحه وإبتسامته . [ فيديو ]

Yesterday's game brought Spirit's Karim Benzema, aS newspaper picked up video for the French after workouts with a smile to the audience and captures pictures with them.

نتائج إستفتاء الماركا : كريستيانو هو المستحق للكرة الذهبية .

Showed newspaper Marca Spanish results Asfaúha latter, which asked it all due to the Golden Ball this season, audience Marca believes that Cristiano Ronaldo is due to the Golden Ball by 17.8%, while coming behind Ribery and Messi to 16.8%, while came behind the trio mentioned both: Iniesta and Ibrahimovic and OzilLewandowski and Xavi.

Coca-Cola Company gives all Real Madrid players a special gift.

شركة كوكا كولا تعطي جميع لاعبين ريال مدريد هدية خاصة .