Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, PSG dreaming of signed with Luka Modric

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : After the impressive performance offered by the player Croatian Luka Modric in the last period with Real Madrid in the midfield, where is one of the pillars of the team Royal this season, where it became big clubs in Europe are dreaming under contract with the star Luca , led by Paris Saint Germain, who is willing to pay 45 million euros for Croatian Luka Modric.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors
Real Madrid News Now, Real Madrid asked the Spanish federation to change the method of selecting referees

Real Madrid News Now : After the recent events that have occurred in the game between Real Madrid and Bilbao, and the referee had stopped Ayza Gamez and off Cristiano Ronaldo's 3 games, sources confirmed Spanish reliable if Real Madrid asked formally to change the method of selecting referees where he sees the club that the president of the Spanish Sanchez Armero used inclinations and not choose good referees to matches Real Madrid, Real Madrid wants referees selected by lot, not to choose the president of the Spanish Federation.

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Real Madrid News Now, A year ago Newspapers Catalonia's Modric deal failed

Real Madrid News Now : They say that time will reveal the facts, and that's exactly what you should do with naivety Newspapers Catalonia, a year and a half ago signed Real Madrid star with Croatian for Tottenham Luka Modric to the amount of 42 million euros and then headlined newspaper Sport to "42 million euros to cover failure". 

Then it was the third season for Mourinho at the same time signed a Barcelona player with Arsenal Song and then headlined Sport Catalonia as "Star Song" filled the cover in terms of praise for the Cameroonian, while only proved the success of the deals and now Modric proves it one of the best deals Florentino Perez over the presidency of Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, FIFA agent : Falcao - Di Maria - Dante or Luiz

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors : Presence FIFA agent Francois Gallardo El Chiringuito program in Spanish, Gallardo familiar with the news Real Madrid in the transfer window, where the detection of the next ...

Gallardo: Real Madrid wants insurance deal Gondogan.
Gallardo: Falcao will not come after his injury, Real Madrid is his plans.
Gallardo: Real Madrid will bring Dante or David Luiz in the summer transfer.
Gallardo: Di Maria will leave in the summer

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors

Real Madrid News Now, Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview sky sportReal Madrid News Now : Presence Portuguese star best in the world Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview with Italian channel sky, Ronaldo spoke about the tenth and Balotelli and Serie A and Ballon d'Or and a lot of things.

For the tenth says Ronaldo to win the tenth is not an obsession to us, is just a request from the public in order to conquer this title and to achieve and I am absolutely convinced that this year is year the tenth, we have a great team and a great coach Carlo Ancelotti, but we must be lucky, too.

About Ballon d'Or Ronaldo said: I hope to win it again, reaching for the title of best player in the world dream of any player, something unique and for me I want the third Ballon d'Or.

For Serie A says Ronaldo: To be honest, I do not watch much Serie A despite the Italian team is one of the best teams of the world is that Calcio is interesting however is league a strong and has top players.

Ronaldo spoke about Balotelli when he said: I do not want to interfere in his personal life, what I'm seeing that Mario is a great player and can lead the Italian team AC Milan and I think he performs well on the pitch.

League for the best for him, Ronaldo said: For me, the Premier League and La Liga are the best.

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Real Madrid News Now : Declared the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti on the list of the recalled Real Madrid to face Villarreal.

 Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas - Diego Lopez - Jesus
Defense: Pepe - Ramos - Varane - Nacho - Coentrao - Marcelo - Arbeloa - Carvajal.
Midfielders: Bill - Alonso - Modric - Di Maria - Isco - Illarramendi.
Forwards: Benzema - José - Morata.

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Real Madrid News Now, Official: appeal Real Madrid Rejected

Real Madrid News Now : Rejection of the Spanish Federation of appeal submitted by Real Madrid for the red card received by Cristiano Ronaldo in the match Athletic Bilbao, Cristiano Ronaldo will not participate in the match Villarreal at the Bernabeu and Getafe outside the Bernabeu in the match Elche at the Bernabeu and will return in the Derby Madrid Stadium Alvicenta Calderon on March 2.

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Real Madrid transfer news/rumors, Exchange deal between Cavani and BenzemaReal Madrid transfer news/rumors : Said site Fichajes England The club Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain have agreed to exchange deal next summer, the French club wants to collect the international players of the French team and therefore he wants Benzema and depending on the location, the Real Madrid will be the exchange process between Benzema and Cavani before the World Cup will not be there any amounts additional financial.

Real Madrid transfer news/rumors
Real Madrid News Now, Carlo Ancelotti, Press conference,  Real Madrid vs Villarreal.

Real Madrid News Now : Coach Carlo Ancelotti appears at a news conference to talk about the game between Real Madrid and Villarreal.

Carlo : Bale ready tomorrow.
Ancelotti : has no physical problems and will play tomorrow.
Carlo : I am very happy for José, I've grown a lot and got more confidence.

Ancelotti : Khisa is very important for the team, no need to talk about the future now.
Carlo : some players who have played the derby did not recover 100%.

Ancelotti : We will not use them tomorrow, I'm only fit players.
Carlo : We'll see tomorrow lineup, there are players such as ready Iara and Isco.

Journalists asking for José too much and Ancelotti asks them calm.

  Ancelotti : tomorrow's game is complex, we will play against Villarreal is a tough opponent.

Carlo : I hope that the players will be well prepared and we need to win.
Ancelotti : I did not say anything for Arbeloa and Pepe, two experts and played a lot of derbies.
Carlo : proud of the work of Pepe and Arbeloa in the derby.

Ancelotti : I rely on Cristiano game tomorrow and I can rely it up to the Commission's decision.

Carlo : Aiza Gamez? Not my case I do not want to talk.
Ancelotti : I always tell the truth, I said that the Bale is not infected is not already infected.
  Carlo : I said that Bale did not suffer a setback, and this is something real and I decided at rest and play tomorrow.
Ancelotti : You must understand that José still need to develop and we are here to help him.
Carlo : third-party players ready? Pepe, Alonso and de Maria.

Ancelotti : Bale thigh problem and is now ready and will play tomorrow.
  Carlo : I do not think in the derby, we have a tough game tomorrow.

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Real Madrid News Now, Marcelo is exposed to racist statementsReal Madrid News Now : Confirmed Sky News that the Brazilian full back Marcelo subjected to phrases and racially abused at the Bernabeu, the player down for warm-up, accompanied by his son and subjected to racist statements and as stated in the network news, the phrases were included Atletico Madrid confirmed the network that the public was imitate the sound of "Monkey" in reference Marcello's.

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Real Madrid News Now, Del Bosque: José? It is possible to join the national team

Real Madrid News Now : Presence Spain coach Vicente del Bosque in Medicine Conference in Madrid, Del Bosque was asked about the choices of the players in the World Cup and specifically José said: can not be Refine your name, but I want to emphasize that there are many names that will join the national team and José could be those. Also commented on the incident, Diego Costa and Arbeloa yesterday when he said: I know it is football, but these things I do not love it at all, I know that in the interest of the team, but there is a wrong behavior should be avoided.

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News now Real madrid, Stop Ayza Gamez and prevent it from Arbitration over Real Madrid

News now Real madrid : Cadena COPE radio said on Wednesday that the Spanish Federation referee stopped Ayza Gomez full month not to arbitration in any game after mishandling match Atlético Bilbao × Real Madrid at the San Mames, which they will determine the fate of second place.

That suspension came to power after being sent off for Cristiano Ronaldo with a straight red card also confirmed that the Spanish Federation referee Ayza Gomez will be judged not any match for Real Madrid in this season and is threatened with expulsion from the judgment of the jury. Spanish Federation will hold a disciplinary hearing on Friday, and Real Madrid is very confident that the Spanish Federation will remove the 3 games for Cristiano Ronaldo or will be reduced.

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News now Real madrid, Ancelottireal madrid vs atlético madrid [Press conference]

News now Real madridSpoke Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti told a news conference after winning the Derby, the manager was happy to perform the team when he said: I am satisfied with the game, everybody made a big What we did today was absolutely wonderful, the desire shown by the team tonight to prove that he is ready to play any games and II consider it the best game of the season. He also spoke on the outcome of the meeting, and said: It is possible to give us the result of some safety, but we must be careful not going to be easy playing in Vicente Calderón because they are seeking to Rimontada We will play strongly in return leg.

News now Real madrid, Ancelottireal madrid vs atlético madrid [Press conference]

Also talked about Bale and José said: José also teaches All I have become important, he is a young player and a wonderful and score more goals, Bale does not have any injury favored at rest, a day certainly will play on Saturday. Ancelotti also spoke about the differences between the Derby and the league derby night and said: It is significantly different too, the players now more regular and more to drink the tactic and adapted to the new system and today there was a great awareness and we came out with an impressive victory. Ancelotti praised the defensive work for Pepe, Ramos said: No need to talk about him, they were beyond description.

News now Real madrid, Ancelottireal madrid vs atlético madrid [Press conference]

Also spoke Italian for choices center where he said: I see that the current tripartite a more systematic and balanced, Modric and Alonso are impressive with this system, while there are difficulties with some of the players to adapt to this system, including Isco and Illarramendi but I assure that the time will come for their participation. Finally commented on the Italian stop Cristiano Ronaldo and said: There is no one happy with this resolution, 3 games without Cristiano is abnormal.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ibrahimovic: Happy New Year Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid News NowCongratulated the star of the Swedish club PSG Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, a birthday, Ibra wrote via Twitter: Happy New Year Cristiano Ronaldo, I would like to send you a Signed souvenir by me. Cristiano is also a response to Ibra, where he wrote: Thank you Ibra, I'll look better.

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Real Madrid News Now, Butragueño: the plan is to restore Bale to match VillarrealReal Madrid News NowThe Director of Public Relations Emilio Butragueño to channel Canal+  plan the club is the return of the player Bale to be ready for Saturday's game against Villarreal, and asked his opinion about the match today said the team made a game fictional, their best game of the season and the most important is that we have achieved a great result but the match did not end there is still a match in the second leg .

And the level of the team, said: Defense gave a good level in the forward possess the attackers are strong and that the goal of the second José was wonderful and Amazing are pass Di Maria, and the level José : José offers great games and today presented a game good and freed the team by scoring the second goal he lives best moments in this stage, and talked about in the last level of Di Maria said: Di Maria always offers good levels and today gave a fantastic game.

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Real Madrid News Now, Simeone: arbitration did not affect the game, Real Madrid great teamReal Madrid News NowTalked Argentine coach Diego Simeone told a news conference after the derby loss with three clean the game and said: Madrid played a great game too, I think they deserved the result and we will not give the arbitration did not affect the game. And Real Madrid, said his performance Simeone: I have registered the goal since the first quarter hour and reigned match, Real Madrid played much pressure when you lose the ball and I congratulate Real Madrid on this match.

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Real Madrid News Now, Ancelotti in the task of self-assertion

Real Madrid News Now : Will be a derby night arena real of Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti to prove itself and restore public confidence, the Italian coach did not win the big teams in stadiums difficult and he needs to win the derby in order to convince the public, including provided with Real Madrid , defenders Ancelotti began to abandon him because the team did not win yet on any team in the big games or out of the ground.

Real Madrid lost from Alatltico and Barcelona and draw with Villarreal and Osasuna and Bilbao in 3 of the most difficult stadiums Spain and also did not win over Juventus in Italy, but won only in Spain, and although the team Italian coach pulled in a league of 6 points for a point before it becomes 3 points to now that his team did not convince the public wants, and after winning the night in order to restore confidence of the coach.

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Real Madrid News Now, Mission team up to the hotel in order to focus

Real Madrid News Now : The mission Real Madrid arrived to the hotel to focus on the semi-finals of Atletico Madrid tonight.

Real Madrid News Now, Mission team up to the hotel in order to focus 
Real Madrid News Now, Mission team up to the hotel in order to focus 

Real Madrid News Now, Mission team up to the hotel in order to focus 

Real Madrid News Now, Mission team up to the hotel in order to focus

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