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Ramirez: Real Madrid chelsea

Has been associated with the recent name Chelsea's Brazilian Ramires with the potential for transfer to the ranks of the Royal, the player admitted that he felt flattered by the attention of Real Madrid him where he told the newspaper "London Standard" and said: "I consider the attention of Real Madrid in recognition of my work, which I offer in the Champions League, but I have a contractwith Chelsea and will not be fit to comment on their interest in me, for me this is just rumors no more, I'm very happy here, I feel respected, and I am part of the history of the club, if I am leaving the decision for Chelsea, Chelsea, one of the biggest club in the world and I've achieved my dreamshere. "
Cristiano Ronaldo sad injury Messi 

Confirmed journalist Manu Sainz in the program Punto Pelleta that Cristiano Ronaldo sadness the news hit Barcelona player Messi and staying away from stadiums for two months, the press confirmed that Cristiano Link news while he was with the camp the Portuguese national team and regrets the hearing , adding that the Real Madrid star was his ambition to compete with Argentine in La Liga and for all that it appears the best.
On the other hand occur journalist on the status of the Portuguese now with the team : "Cristiano Ronaldo now feels that he is an important player and that the team leader and Ancelotti trusts him , I've emphasized since his first press conference that Cristiano is the player most on the team, Florentino also comes out and praises , Butragueño and the other players are doing the same thing ... ".
cristiano ronaldo free kicks

Cristiano Ronaldo scored against Real Sociedad 20 th goal from a free kick with Real Madrid and the 14th in La Liga, the ronaldo outclassed the former Barcelona player Ronaldinho, who scored from a free kick 19

Swede Ronaldo best player
Cristiano Ronaldo provides the best start of his career this season, to the extent that a Swedish newspaper "Expressen Sport" chose Ronaldo as the best player in the world "ahead of Zlatan Ibrahimovic" and the back of this poll of newspaper where sound 56.1% of Swedes for Ronaldo, while 43.9% of the needles.

All this happens just days before the crucial match between Portugal and Sweden on Friday, which will be filed one of the two stars of the next World Cup in Brazil.

Bale a discos in Madrid.
Player Welshman Gareth Bale began to get rid of all his problems, physical and psychological, the player began to lead significantly with Real Madrid before going to Cardiff for training camp Welsh, spent Bale last night in a discos in Madrid, Welsh came out with many of his friends and spent last night in a discos in Madrid

cristiano ronaldo best player

The newspaper ABC that Ronaldo will not attend the coronation ceremony the Golden Ball and everyone expects from Ronaldo not going Ronaldo to the coronation ceremony after what happened with FIFA president Blatter, who will be on Jan. 13: "Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players the world and now has decided not to attend the coronation of the best player in the worldfor the year 2014 "and said that the reason for non-attendance Ronaldo will be is Blatter permits against Ronaldo, but this could change the player decided if he sees support from the Department of Real Madrid and permits fell Blatter said.

Figo: "Cristiano Ronaldo golden ball

Legend of Real Madrid and Portugal Luis Figo said he must win Cristiano Balchorh gold and especially this season and should win every season and said: "print must win Ronaldo Balchorh Golden each season for his outstanding performance provided with the team," added the Real Madrid player's former charity concertwho attended on Monday: "I believe that the player deserves to win the award every season and always Maicon there is controversy about the player who gets the prize every season I do not know who to vote Alagbin was honor I got it once and I can not choose between Messi and Ronaldo and Ribery allproviding great performance. "
Wrestler Alberto Del Rio: Real Madrid

Gladiator Spanish "Mexican origin" Alberto Del Rio praised greatly club Real Madrid stadium Santiago Bernabeu, wrestler and his on Twitter said: already visited this morning Stadium Old Trafford in Manchester United, but it remains pitch the best in the world is the Santiago Bernabeu and of course Real Madrida million times better than Manchester United HalaMadrid #.


Cristiano Ronaldo my colleagues.

The back of Cristiano Ronaldo in the notification area and spoke quickly to inform and said: It was a good game and we entered the game quickly and played strong in the first half and scored four goals and then we relaxed broom and we always want to score goals, this season good thanks to my colleagues, I have two crucial withteam and now is the time for the team and strive to be in the World Cup.
AS and Marca after the win today.

Newspapers exponent titles and Marca after Real Madrid win over Real Sociedad (6_1).


Cristiano with Real devastating.


Ronaldo treasure.
 supports Casillas

Many fans showed their support Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas during a league match against Sociedad, where he was, as usual captain again on the bench.
Real Madrid and Gondogan

The newspaper El Confidencial Spanish that the agreement between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund for the player German Cup Gondogan have been, the paper emphasizes that the amount of the transaction will be 20 million euros + transition Nuri Sahin fully for Borussia where it appears that the player Turkish unwilling to play shirt of Real Madrid and preferablycontinue Alsegnal supported us Park stadium, the newspaper went further and confirmed that Gondogan spoke informally with representatives of Real Madrid and stressed his desire to wear the shirt of Real Madrid and the German seems to be first signatures Real Madrid next summer 2014-2015.


كريستيانو رونالدو خرج مصابا من لقاء يوفنتوس وإحتمالية غيابه عن سوسيداد .

The newspaper As Spanish that Cristiano Ronaldo out of the match Juventus infected Web Dmadtan on the ankles, the Portuguese did not train Thursday accompanied by his colleagues and was trained in the gym and the paper confirms that the probability of absence from the meeting Real Sociedad on hold, however, doctors where they will be screening Friday afternoon and will determine the order participation or not, Cristiano Ronaldo was forced to change his shoes in the Juventus match because of his obstruction of Caceres.

The main axis in the ring the Spanish PuntoPelota program was FIFA agent Francis Gallardo .


20131108-122406 PM.jpg 

the Under FIFA Gallardo The clubs Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Real Madrid tried to bring Argentine Leo Messi last summer, Under FIFA confirmed that Real Madrid will return strongly in next summer's brought the Argentine will be with the help of the company sponsoring his Adidas, Gallardo confirmed that Adidas also tried to bring NeymarReal Madrid but could not and now you want at the request of the Peres brought Messi Real Madrid, where it will be a strong competitor with Chelsea and Bayern Munich for the player.

20131108-122503 PM.jpg 

Detection agent FIFA that Real Madrid would give no doubt about the services duo Benzema Woody Maria next summer when he said Gallardo that Real Madrid would leave Benzema and have a full agreement with the Colombian Falcao to come in next summer while will leave Di Maria for the team, Gallardo said: I do not have any doubtthe Real Madrid will relinquish for Benzema Woody Maria next summer, the club has a full agreement with Falcao. One of the journalists in the interrupted program and stressed that Lewandowski is the next striker for Real Madrid Gallardo answered him and said: Leiva has an agreement with Bayern Munich and any prejudice the party agreement pays 20 million euros.

20131108-122543 PM.jpg

The FIFA Under-The Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti business agent met Bayern Munich striker Croatian Manzukich in Italy in order to negotiate it, Gallardo confirmed that the meeting was on Monday before the match between Juventus and Real Madrid and Manzukich, monitored by Real Madrid.

20131108-122618 PM.jpg

Recent news for Gallardo before his departure for the program was from Portuguese Ceontrao where Gallardo said: Fabio Ceontrao, may play at Fiorentina for 15 million euros, the Italian club has a great interest in the player. While speaking about his replacement in Madrid said: Real Madrid is negotiating with Napoli for annexation Zuniga, the player wants Real Madrid and Naples wants 28 million euros to be abandoned.
Real Madrid will get 25 million auspices of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

According to reports close to Real Madrid that will Real Madrid 25 million euros a year from the company , which Petraa Santiago Bernabeu Stadium , and this amount is large , especially that big teams in Europe such as Bayern Munich , which paid him the insurance company Allianz 21 million annually for naming the stadium name, add to that would be $ 25 million a solution to address the amount of 400 million Reloads develop the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium , which could be the end of this season , there are four companies presented themselves to now to manage Real Madrid , the first Microsoft Corp. of America, also two Germanies companies such as Audi cars , and Emirates airline , and the latter is the closest as the official sponsor of Real Madrid.

On the other hand are looking Real Madrid in economic expansion in China , this is an ambitious Florientino Peres to expand into the Asian market, and this ambition would be through dealing with Chinese companies, major , and there will be Chinese companies major will be secondary care to Real Madrid, has been been in the latter officially Afattah days the official product of Real Madrid in China, I also agree with President Florentino Perez in his visit to the Chinese capital of Beijing that is being built Madras for Real Madrid in China in the future.
Real Madrid Olympique Stavia

Friday afternoon withdrew draw for the first round of the Copa del Rey, in the first round will meet Real Madrid with Olympique Stavia Club where the first confrontation will play at home on December 7, while the move for land Stavia and play the second leg at home on 18 of the same month.


 Zidane French team

Confirmed newspaper reports Le10 French that match the French team against Ukraine in Annex Eefa will be the last to coach the current Didier Deschamps, in the case of loss of the French team in the Annex will bring the French team myth of the French team and the club Real Madrid and the first assistant coach Carlo Ancelotti Zinedine Zidane to succeed Deschampsin the team, the paper stresses that the French Union methodology is clear coaching change immediately after the loss supplement and the appointment of a new Zidane as a coach for the team.

Bugba real madrid

Florentino Perez has started to move to contract next summer, according to information coming from Italy, the club president White benefited from his trip to Turin and discuss signing with Bugba, which is the goal of the technical staff in Madrid, President Peres spoke with Andrea Agnelli to see the possibility of transmission of the French player and it seems thatPerez has had a good answer too, as explained Agnelli they do not want to sell Bugba but if there is a good view will study it, Bugba owner of 21 years is one of the promising players in the world he has the quality midfielder flamboyant in addition to attacks very quickly in addition to190 cm long.

Gareth Bale No. 1500 scored

Scored Welshman Gareth Bale Goal No. 1500 coach Carlo Ancelotti in his coaching career , and came most of the goals to coach Italy in the leadership of AC Milan with 708 goals, scored Chelsea led by Italian coach 241 goal , and in the leadership of Juventus team scored 185 goals, has led Ancelotti in the French capital Paris Saint-Germain to score 153 goals, scored in Parma, Italy , led by Ancelotti 124 goal , and the team Reggina Italian 45 goal, and so far scored Real Madrid , led by Carlo Ancelotti 44 goal, was the team led by AC Milan in the registration of 708 target numbers fantastic to score goals , and also shed light on his time with Paris Saint - Germain with 153 goals in a season and one in the training team of the French capital is absolutely amazing .
Cristiano 8

Having managed to score a goal against Juventus in Turin managed Real Madrid star Portuguese Kristano Ronaldo from reaching the record for number of goals scored in the group stage of the Champions League to catch all of : Crespo, van Nistelrooy and Inzaghi , Cristiano Ronaldo can break down this figure as it is there are still two games for Real Madrid in the League group stage to become the top scorer group phase of the Champions League , in addition to that , the Cristiano Ronaldo just Filippo Inzaghi record 8 goals in the first 4 rounds in the group stage , Cristiano was top scorer for the group phase of the first 3 times a year from 2007 to 2008 where he managed recording 5 goals with Manchester United in the group stage , and in 2009-2010 managed to score 6 goals with Real Madrid in the group stage , as he returned last season to score the same number of goals in the group stage , as he scored with Real Madrid 27 goals in this stage.